The "Rainbow" flag, a symbol of anti-white hatred to many Afrikaners.

In response to the brutal murders of thousands of white farmers and their families which have taken place all over South Africa since Nelson Mandela's election in the mid-90s, high ranking African National Congress officials announced Tuesday that the country would outlaw the famous "Rainbow" flag, which has flown over the Parliament building in Pretoria for the past 21 years.

The country will return to the so-called Prinsevlag, the official flag it flew prior to the ANC's ascension to power in the historic election that signified the end of Apartheid in 1994.

This step will be taken out of deference to the numerous white victims of black violent crime since the majority-black country became a full democracy two decades ago.

The so-called "Prinsevlag," symbol of Apartheid, will fly again in SA.
According to ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa, who spoke to reporters this morning, the time for this transition was long overdue.

"Really, the insensitivity we have shown to the families of these farm murder victims-- many of whom were raped and tortured in the most horrific manner imaginable before they were killed-- is just reprehensible," Kodwa said. "These were not isolated events, either. Nearly three thousand people – men, women, and children – have been killed by roving gangs of black thugs in the last 20 years. Yet through all that time, the ANC refused to remove the flag that symbolized black violence in the minds of the embattled white minority."

But now it's a new day for the Rainbow nation, Kodwa indicated.

"Change is never comfortable, but in this case, it is necessary," he said. "We cannot simply ignore the feelings of our fellow citizens and human beings. If our white brethren feel discriminated against and threatened, we ought to listen to them with an open mind, and do what is proper to ensure that they know that they are welcome in the country that we all share, black and white together. Quite simply, this is a teachable moment."

According to Kodwa, President Jacob Zuma was inspired to make this change upon hearing that the American state of South Carolina planned to take the Confederate battle flag down from its capitol building following the fatal shooting of nine black churchgoers by a young white man last week.

"It only makes sense," Zuma reportedly told Kodwa. "If the mass murder of nine people necessitates such a change for them, then isn't the mass murder of three thousand people an indication that we ought to make a similar change?"

Zuma also reportedly apologized for singing the anthem "Kill the Farmer" at a recent public event.

"I can see how some people might have gotten the wrong idea there," Zuma said. "And I guess it might have been a little tacky to celebrate the murder of farmers in the midst of a time when farmers are getting murdered left and right... Sorry about that!"

Zuma: now repentant about promoting the murder of white farmers.

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