Monday, 18 June 2018


It's an article of faith here in the Affirmative Right that the main reason the Alternative Right fucked up was Richard Spencer. In short Spencer is death.

I could get into some arcane theory about why Spencer could be a Fed, etc., but under orders from my Chief Editor, who has a fair degree of insight into Spencer, this is a non-starter.

Whatever his faults and notwithstanding his poisonous effect on the Alt-Right, Richard Spencer is just not the sort of thing that the Feds would ever come up with. But really, whether he is or not, is simply irrelevant, as there is that old adage about judging a tree by its fruit, and while some might claim Spencer is a bit "fruity," it is obvious that his tree is about as fruitful as a patch of desert.

Let's look at that great track record, giving stars out of five for every one of his big projects.

From 2005 to 2007: PhD Student at Duke University
Failed to get a doctorate. Two years wasted and then he just thought, "Aw, fuck it!" I guess that's what having rich parents and a trust fund behind you is like.

2007 (March-December): Assistant Editor at the American Conservative ★★☆☆☆
Fired. This was the start of Spencer's lifelong hatred of the Conservative movement and gave him the impetus to "do his own thing," so it's hard not to see some merit here. But again the time span—9 months—suggests a degree of flakiness and failure to see things through on Spencer's part. I mean, it's called the f**kin "American Conservative" for a reason. Don't tell me he didn't know what he was getting himself into.

January 2008 to December 2009: Executive Editor of Taki's Magazine
Fired. This was a pretty long run for Spencer, almost two years. But it seems he was fired mainly because the magazine was stagnating and failing to get more readers. Nevertheless this is what gave him most of the contacts he needed to start his next and most successful venture.

March 2010-July 2012: Founder and Editor of Alternative Right
Resigned after two years in charge and then killed the site 17 months later. The three-month gap between this project and the previous one may have been a prolonged skiing holiday spent in Whitefish. 

False meme: sometimes you don't even
need to pay people to be this stupid.
This project is the reason any of us know of Spencer at all. But it was very much a case of being in the right place at the right time and fortuitously having the right people around him, as most of the writing was done by Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki, with Spencer squeezing out an occasional article with great difficulty.

He also had a very "hands off" approach to editing, with each "contributing editor" free to publish whatever he wanted without editorial oversight. From around 2011, he elevated Alex Kurtagic to co-editor to share his already light burden, and then in the middle of 2012, when he had fallen out with Kurtagic, he appointed Liddell and Nowicki to run the site. 

By 2012, the term Alt-Right was already catching on—for example TRS were already identifying with the term, as were many others. Despite this, Spencer, driven by his snobbishness and hatred of the Conservative movement, was moving away from it as fast as possible, pouring his rather limited energies into his new toy Radix Journal before closing down on Xmas Day, against the wishes of Liddell and Nowicki, who immediately refounded the site as a Blogspot. Indeed this very site, which has now evolved into Affirmative Right, is the same site.

2011-2014: Chief Editor of Radix Journal
This was a print journal written by other people, yet it took Spencer approximately two years between announcing the project and collecting subscriptions, and the journal actually being sent to subscribers.

The ever-popular "Spencer is gay" meme. No comment.
Also, it was originally envisaged as a kind of quarterly or even monthly, yet only two editions have appeared to date. Although both good productions, there is simply no excuse for such horrendous delays and playing fast and loose with people's faith and investment. Spencer is clearly not cut out to be a publisher of anything as labour-intensive as a book, a journal, or even a leaflet on poodle grooming.

2012-Present: Chief Editor and Founder of
This was the site that Spencer originally founded as the online presence of the paper version of Radix Journal. After the paper journal went up in a cloud of smoke, apathy, and intense low energy, this became Spencer's main outlet, and it published some surprisingly good pieces. But once again it was fatally hamstrung by Spencer's Jeb-Bush-like low energy and trust-fund baby tendency to be easily distracted. 

Unlike, where he actually chose potent and energetic writers like Kurtagic, Nowicki, and Liddell to keep the juicy content flowing, with he instead picked people like Hannibal Bateman (obvious sock name) and the academic Andrew Joyce, who were unable to maintain the project's momentum. basically became a zombie site in early 2017, when he founded his next hobby horse

2017-Present: Co-Editor of
As usual, this project was launched with the usual Spencer fanfare of big trumpets and bullshit, but soon ran out of steam. An early source of comedy was the Jason Jorjani "affair," where the Iranian exile apparently promised Spencer a limitless supply of fool's gold which then failed to materialise. Obviously. 

Friends for life: Spencer with Jorjani
For a time the efforts of Daniel Friberg kept this project going. Indeed, the site was essentially just a repackaging and "Spencerisation" of Friberg's earlier site Right On. Friberg was also able to attract Liddell back as a contributor. 

But there was no way that the site could survive the deathly touch of Spencer in this his Charlottesville Year—his annus moronicus!

Instead of keeping on board good writers like Matt Forney, who had been the mainstay of Right On, he got in Daily Stormer rejects like Vincent Law (sock name) and published pieces actually calling for murder.

Spencer was well aware that this would create a backlash, especially when his other activities included cosying up to Nazitards like Anglin and Enoch. But he thought this "backlash" would include sexy interviews on mainstream media, with Anderson Cooper or someone slapping his knee and saying "Oh Richard, you are a devil!" He was signally unprepared to deal with the actual backlash.

First of all, even though he was signalling hard to the Stormertards, he kept his site on GoDaddy, which had earlier shut down the Daily Stormer. Then, when GoDaddy, as expected, shut down his site, he took ages to get it back up. Now it is up again, but just like it is a zombie site, with no new content in months—a fitting tribute to Spencer's necrotic touch.

Check back in a few months. There might be new content. No promises though.

2011-2017: Conference Organiser
For a time the NPI Conferences that Spencer organised were a great hit, but he pissed it all away with the now notorious "Heil Hitler Trump" 2016 conference. This was a major own goal and made it incredibly easy for antifa to shut down future NPI gigs.

Sometimes people try to defend Spencer, saying he was the victim of a hostile media, but the fact is he was the one that drew the road map for the hostile media to attack him. Before the famous "Heil heard around the world," the conference was also distinguished by triumphalist Nazi imagery and music—think Arno Brecker artwork with Wagnerian strains—while close Spencer associates like the Jew Michael Enoch were literally sieg heiling from the stage, not to mention what the Vietnamese Nazi cosplay nutter Tila Tequila was doing.

Maybe the deplatforming of the Alt-Right was equally ironic. Maybe not.
None of this would have made any difference if it was just some stupid, little, private party thrown by Spencer for his degenerate friends so they could circle-jerk to Nazi imagery, but the fact was that several distinguished figures of the Dissident Right, including Jared Taylor and Dr. Kevin MacDonald were in attendance, and what Spencer did helped to have all of them deplatformed, banned from Twitter and Paypal, or, in the case of Millennial Woes, utterly doxxed. 

The one plus side is that since NPI 2016, Spencer has had extreme difficulty organising conferences, which naturally limits the amount of stupid harm he can do to the wider Dissident Right.

2017-2017: Founder of Operation Homeland 
In December 2017, after Spencer's goons had been kicked out of Identity Europa, "America's Fuhrer" decided to set up an alternative and "identical" identitarian group called Operation Homeland. The only problem was that he forgot to do any work and provided no funding. Beyond the name and a few mentions in the press, the "group" had practically no existence and was soon forgotten.

2011-Present: Podcaster
As a podcaster and livestreamer, Spencer has had more success than in anything else he has done. Despite his many faults, like his lethargy and extreme lack of wisdom, he has a certain sociopathic charm and humour that can at least be entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking. Although often his egoism and lack of moral nuance undermine his positions.


Based on all this, the conclusion is obvious: Spencer is best suited to be a minor YouTube celebrity instead of a suitable vessel for the "World Historical Spirit."

If America ever wakes up and becomes a White identitarian country, it would be well advised to steer clear of this low-energy, tinpot wannabe Fuhrer with a Bond villain complex and the naughtiness and tactical sense of a spoiled trust fund baby.

The destiny that Spencer has heroically struggled against.