Friday, 8 June 2018


Adam Parfrey
by Richard Wolstencroft

As many of you know, Adam Parfrey from Feral House publishing passed on last month. I was very saddened to hear of Adam's passing. He was a one-of-a-kind and a truly unique fellow.

I met Adam around the time I met Boyd Rice, and the two friends have always been linked for me. I have worked with and spent private time with both as friends.

I met up with Adam a few times over the years and we chatted online a bit through FB and email.

He was always interested in the New Right over the years, and was a pivotal figure in its resurgence in my view. From his legendary 8.8.88 concert with Boyd Rice and others to publishing writings by Michael Moynihan and many others, along with the many books he published on right-wing, far right, and conspiracist themes. For example, a recent book was "The White Nationalist Skinhead Movement: UK & USA, 1979-1993." As David Cole pointed out in his touching tribute at Taki Magazine, Adam was a man who let people speak for themselves and for the various aspects of the Dissident Right. He certainly allowed faciltated that in his vast and various publications, including the famous Apocalypse Culture Vol 1 and 2.

The last time I saw him in person was in 2012, after my last Denver visit with Boyd Rice, and Adam and I spoke often about life and politics in great spirits over dinner and often with accompanying drinks. We also touched on our varied exploits and past adventures in a mischief-enjoying way.

It was special to have that time with him one-on-one. He recorded a cameo for my new feature cycle in two parts The Second Coming 1 and 2 as a Koch-Brothers-type financial figure to Boyd Rice's "mysterious political figure" Bill Cuchalainn. He was very generous with his time and with letting me raid the Feral House and Process stock library archives to fill out my own collection.

We walked Loki, his beloved dog (you get a glimpse of it in TSC2) after a hearty breakfast, and we had some nice quiet poetic moments hanging out. He played me his 90's pro-cop album, SWAT, made with Jim Goad (who also has a lead in TSC2) and The Sabbath Assembly's "Restored to One" album. Both are amazing, and I was not aware of them until he played them for me. Hunt them down online, you will not regret it.

He was a deep and special person, and we got along famously for those three days and over the years. We watched a Castro documentary on the last night I was there. He loved it, and then counterintuitively went into rhapsodies about "The Beard" as a kind of left-wing fascist. We both had dialectical minds that think on our feet.

We fell out a bit on FB over Donald Trump. As many of you know, Adam was not a fan. But we made up after Trump won and settled in a bit at The White House. I got him to do his podcast with the alt-right figure and podcaster Robert Stark, though he insisted it not be called an alt-right interview. Adam was fine with Neo-Nazis or the extreme right site, but mention Trump or the Alt Right and he got a bit skittish. Not entirely sure why to be honest. Anyway, here is the interview: Robert Stark interviews Adam Parfrey.

But anyway to mourn Adam's loss I have decided to make "The Second Coming Volume 2" FREE here at this site for six weeks to late July - so that fans of him and the New Right can enjoy it. Volume 1 is also online again FREE for six weeks, then after that I will doing the DVD version with extra features, deleted scenes, commentary and such.

So enjoy this two-feature cycle on Yeats and The Apocalypse—partly inspired by the feral House texts Adam published. Vale Adam Parfrey (1957-2018). As Boyd Rice said "We shan't see his like again."


Richard Wolstencroft is a filmmaker, writer, bon vivant, and the Festival Director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival (MUFF). His next film will be a documentary on the New Right. If you are interested in supporting this project contact him through his Facebook page.

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