Word choice matters
by Andy Nowicki

If the aim of the lockdown psyop is to usher in a "New Normal" or "New way of life," then one is logically compelled to ask just what sort of culture the architects of this emerging dispensation are intent upon willing into being.

Insight into this question may be gleaned from scrutinizing their use of language. I have already noted the buzzwords and catchphrases they have injected into the vernacular ("Stay home," "Shelter in place," "Practice social distancing," etc.) and the willful usurpation of constitutional liberties and common sense in the name of illegitimately seized "emergency powers." Yet one term has been used in a manner that requires more attention: namely, the term "essential."

In the opening essay of this collection, I observed how the establishment's frequent lauding and heaping of praise upon the so-called "essential worker" is disingenuous at its core, since it asserts what it never deigns to define. For just what, pray tell, counts as truly "essential" work? What makes one occupation necessary and another expendable? Nearly every job, from the most prestigious to the most banal, serves a purpose that is relevant to human activity. Yet during the lockdown, we have been instructed that only "essential" people get to work, while the mass of men are deemed "inessentials"; such unfortunates as these must forfeit their livelihoods and "stay home," hope their stimulus check will arrive soon, and hope against hope that these funds will sustain them and their families through the indeterminate period of time until their rulers graciously allow them to return to their jobs.

A different term could easily have been used to designate this group, a term less exclusive-sounding, which reflected importance without connotatively suggesting that those not belonging to the group are in essence "useless eaters." But again it must be kept in mind that our ruling claque are dedicated eugenicists, with a stratified conception of humanity, dividing us all into two distinct camps: wheat and chaff. "Quality" people are those belonging to the correct bloodlines or those possessed of attributes worth passing down into succeeding generations,  while the "teeming masses" of presumed untermenschen are worthy only of being forced into animal-like subservience, if not prompt extermination.

In training us, then, to think in terms of "essential" and "inessential" people, as well as supposedly "inessential" activities and practices (such as leaving one's home or engaging in ostensibly superfluous commerce during a time when a "lockdown" order has been mandated), it is likely that our rulers are attempting to achieve a transformation in our overall mindset concerning how we regard ourselves and others.

For centuries, the predominant telos in the West held that each human soul was a being of eternal worth, having been fashioned in the image and likeness of his Creator. But for roughly the past two centuries, this telos has been challenged by the first emergent, now thoroughly mainstream notion that man is but an animal, of no real intrinsic or ontological value in and of himself; rather, those with power and wealth are now posited, through some arbitrary calculus, to possess legitimate authority over those bereft of either power or wealth.

The formulation of such a divergent calculus-- between supposed "wheat" and ostensible "chaff," between valuable, worthwhile beings and "useless eaters," between godlike ruling class paragons of majesty on the one hand and filthy goyim who are little better than livestock on the other-- is instanced in the egregiously conspicuous designation of certain workers as "essential," a term with altogether sinister connotative consequences.

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Andy NowickiAffirmative Right "editor at large" is the author of eight books, including Under the NihilThe Columbine PilgrimConsidering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page and his YouTube channel