Anybody ready for some baseball?
by Andy Nowicki

Note: I have refrained from posting any images of the design to which I refer in this article. This is a deliberate choice, taken for the purpose of encouraging conscious non-compliance in the face of ubiquitous fearmongering on the parts of our "betters" surrounding their use of this design.

From the very inception of this largely contrived Covid-19 virus "crisis," I noticed something singular and strange in the manner with which the promoters of hysteria punctuated their doom-soaked prognostications.

It seemed that every report on this increasingly all-encompassing public health panic was accompanied by a picture of a certain unsettling design. This ubiquitous pic was, of course, the "Covid ball," a microscopic image of the ostensible agent of mayhem.

That ball had a look of odd menace, with its spindly obtrusions jutting out in geometrical precision from its conical center. In some renderings, these tentacle-like obtrusions grew to a gathered point, like a golf divot; in others, they were portrayed as pointed and spiky, as if threatening to prick you and inject you with their deadly viral venom.

Try as I might, I cannot recall a prior instance of media coverage of a contagion in which the germ, microorganism, or other ostensible vector of disease was pictorally featured so prominently. I have no idea what HIV looks like under a microscope, nor cancer, nor bubonic plague, nor Ebola, nor any number of legitimately potent and deadly human afflictions.

Articles and features produced about these diseases don't tend to use their microscopic likenesses as an emblem. Yet the hype which surrounds the selling of this particular virus seems to have been invariably paired with a visual depiction of the pesky little "bug" ostensibly so destructive that it required the shutting down of every "inessential" occupation and the resultant destruction of the economy.

What can be made of the visual marketing of this "Covid ball"? Why has this image been emblematized to such an extent that its sight is as recognizable as the name of the virus itself?

The matter does indeed, in the argot of the courtroom, "call for speculation." Yet one suspects that the relentless posting of the "Covid ball" pic has indeed been part of a deliberate strategy, the purpose of which is to force the public into an altogether uncannily unpleasant sense of intimacy with a remorseless and ghastly-looking entity, the better to raise their sense of trepidation, which in turn will coerce them into succumbing to a state of incohate, barely conscious terror, tending to render their minds infinitely more suggestible and thus more compliant to the dictates of some external authority.

Thus the image of this weirdly protuberous sphere with innumerable flailing limbs seems to have been employed as a species of assisting in a massive campaign of consciousness control, which of course, one gathers, was the aim of this psyop from the very beginning.

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