George "Pink" Floyd

As May gives way to June, a switch appears to have been flipped, having the effect of ripping the populace from the maw of one psy-op and flinging them headlong into the teeth of another.

Indeed, the "lockdown" paradigm seems practically to have disappeared overnight, making way for a massive and well-funded campaign of orchestrated street agitation in multiple cities in the wake of George (aka "Pink") Floyd's apparent street execution by murderously overzealous cops in Minneapolis.

In the days which followed Floyd's death,, thousands of people showed up to protest (and for some, "protest" was clearly a euphemism for "riot"), gathering in close proximity and in numbers clearly verboten under "lockdown" protocols. Yet nearly all lockdown proponents and enforcers--including numerous governors who instituted particularly draconian "stay at home" rules — abruptly became supporters of these demonstrations, with many even enthusiasticaly joining in.

Michigan's Gov. Whitmer (second from right) violates her
own "social distancing" orders
After months of authorities outlawing public funerals and barring worshippers access to church services, George ("Pink") Floyd was granted a massive mourning ceremony, which gave the painfully feckless Minneapolis mayor a chance to kneel before the coffin and affect a bout of copious sobbing, an unspeakably egregious display of grief-grandstanding for the cameras.

The blatant hypocrisy showcased by these shame-free politicians has been noticed by many. It highlights a certain nagging question that lingers in many people's minds. Namely, if this virus were truly so deadly that everyone needed to hole up in their homes indefinitely, until that happy day arrived when our Lord and Savior Bill Gates conjured up a vaccine to save us all, then on what grounds was this dispensation granted for hordes of people to violate the repressive tenets that had been so avidly, doggedly, rabidly enforced for nearly three months' time?

Of course the lockdown protocols have not technically been rescinded; they are (in writing anyhow) still in effect across much of the world, and it is unlikely that this circumstance will change anytime soon. Now, however, a conspicuous crack has formed in the lockdown promoters' already shaky foundation of bogus rhetoric, dubious assertions, and outright lies.

From this time forward, that is, it will become increasingly difficult to take the virus psyop seriously, since our rulers' supposedly zealous concern for our health and well-being can be so blithely cast aside, without even anything resembling deliberation.

One almost suspects that this latest orchestrated crisis might be designed to inject the willfully compliant with an even larger, possibly lethal dose of cognitive dissonance.

For now, such people as these find themselves thrust into a truly intellectually untenable double-bind. Those very authoritarians who claim the right to rule us have thoughtlessly violated the principle of non-contradiction. After mandating that everyone must stay indoors and keep apart from one another, else be castigated as grandma-killin' ne'er-do- wells, they then immediately rushed out of their homes and into large, tightly-packed crowds of people for the sake of obtaining a virtue-signaling photo op, thus rendering themselves, according to their own rhetoric, irresponsible, disease-spreading miscreants guilty of "grandma-cide" by proxy.

For those who fully bought the virus hype, and obediently guzzled down the corona- Koolaid, it must be deeply flummoxing to witness the most ardent upholders of these dogmas suddenly behave as though they were, all along, predicated upon a meticulously-crafted scam.

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