In the spirit of George Orwell's famous "List of Leftists," here is a list of prominent people on the Dissident Right, some of them genuine, some of them clearly fakes and troublemakers. As a pun on the encyclopedic Wikipedia and the name of the most notorious Dissident Righter Dick Spencer, I have decided to call it the "DikiPedia."

This will be frequently updated, augmented, and added to. To those who obviously deserve inclusion here, my apologies. I will try to get round to you in due course. 

Note the triple parenthesis ((())) is used here to denote an assumed identity, not Jewishness.


The chief editor and main writer of the notorious "Nazi troll" site The Daily Stormer. Anglin had a past as an SJW and race-mixer before repackaging himself as an uber-Neo-Nazi Jew hater in 2013 when he founded the Total Fascism site, the precursor to The Daily Stormer.

He is one of the most suspicious characters on the internet, and played a key role in normalising Big Tech's deplatforming of people. He should not be trusted by anyone, even his own mother (assuming he has one). Whatever the true story behind the man, he is clearly not what he presents himself as. How could be be, when his closest "Neo-Nazi" associate (((Weev))) (Andrew Auernheimer) is a confirmed Jew? Indeed, Anglin may well be one himself.

Known to be very short and with an appearance that reminds many of a Negro albino, he is nevertheless a talented and industrious writer, although it is also possible that he is merely the front man for a team of writers. Along with TRS, Richard Spencer, and Greg Johnson, he played a key role in turning the Alt-Right from a potent and polymorphous dissident movement to the pathetic, impotent, Neo-Nazi caricature it has become today.

One of these six people is Andrew Anglin. Your guess is as good as mine.


Aurini was a Canadian YouTuber (his channel was shut down in 2018) who was fairly prominent in the Dissident Right around the time of Gamergate (c.2014). His videos, most of which have now disappeared, featured him holding a glass of alcohol and a cigar (I think) talking to camera in long-running, rambling, and often pretentious ad libs. Millennial Woes claims him as a major inspiration. Also, just like with Woes, there are question marks over his masculinity, with on-line admissions of having sex with transsexuals (see also Ghoul, Jayoh De La Ray, etc.) among other things.

Aurini's political and ideological positions show a lack of consistency, and seem more determined by an edgytarian urge partly modified by fears of deplatforming. The last time I paid attention he seemed to be passing himself off (badly) as a Catholic traditionalist. He has frequently fallen out with former associates, but then who hasn't in the Dissident Right?

Typical quote: "What if I told you that red pill you took was just a blue pill with a red coat of paint, and we're still inside the matrix"

(((BAKED ALASKA))) (real name Tim Gionet)

A frivolous and unimportant member of the Alt-Lite, who has been a constant source of comedy for several years. In 2016 he drifted towards the Alt-Right, gained some temporary prominence, and participated in Charlottesville (2017), claiming to have been severely maced in the process. In 2019 he attempted to repackage himself as a "moderate," even calling the Alt-Right a "brainwashing cult." But since then he has completely discredited himself yet again by a number of retarded grifting stunts. He appears to be a close friend of Nick Fuentes, although the current status (2021) of this relationship is unknown. 

In January 2021 Baked participated in the "Stop the Steal" storming of the Capitol and livestreamed from Nancy Pelosi's office. He was subsequently arrested and is awaiting trial. 

Associated acts: Nick Fuentes, (((Catboy Kami)))


The founder of Stormfront. Black is a Paleo-Nazi (i.e. not even a Neo-Nazi). Paleo-Nazis are a considerable group, especially in America, that is of absolutely no intellectual interest because their views are entirely Jew-obsessed and predictable. In fact it would be wrong to view them as part of the Dissident Right, because they offer no critique of anything at all, as any data and logic melt before their one over-riding obsession: Jews!!!!!! Really, in a weird, sick way they are in love with everything Jewish. If only Dr. Mengele were alive today, we could run radical experiments on them to see if there was some way of making them actually think like humans again. They instinctively view any nationalist who does not share all their views as being "controlled by the Jews." The Alt-Right was founded in 2010 to take nationalism away from people like this, but it looks like Paleo-Nazis may have had the last laugh, following the Nazification of the Alt-Right.

What is a "boob man" doing in Asia?
(((BLACK PIGEON SPEAKS))) (real name Felix Lace)

Popular Canadian YouTuber who lives in Japan. He makes videos that typically pick up populist, low-hanging Dissident Right fruit that won't get him kicked off YouTube, although that has happened too (temporarily),  as YouTube becomes increasingly censorious. He is known to incorporate text by others in his well-produced videos.

Before vlogging on Alt-Right speaking points, he ran another channel called "Shinjuku TV" that focused less on White Nationalist material and more on "sexpat" topics, with frequent reports from sex tourism hot spots like Pattaya Beach and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. This suggests, but does not prove, he has difficulty pulling girls in Sendai, where he appears to live. Almost all of these sexpat videos appear to have been removed, no doubt because they clash with his more profitable career as a paragon of White nationalism.


A respectable paleoconservative who later became part of the Alt-Right, but then distanced himself from Richard Spencer after the 2016 NPI "Heilgate" Conference at which he was present. He was born in the UK and still has a strong Northern British accent.

After working in financial journalism and being a senior editor at Forbes, he became more political, serving as a columnist for National Review. Following a purge, he set up his own site VDare in 1999 to push a strong anti-immigration message.

In 2020 he purchased, through the VDare Foundation, an actual castle in which to hold conferences. This was after countless experiences of having conferences cancelled due to antifa interference. Brimelow is also known for starting a family rather late in life. His wife appears to be around 40 years younger than him.


Incoherent but oddly popular Alt-Right Twitter comedian. Author of the strangely popular Bronze Age Mindset, a collection of his largely incoherent thought with a title that parodied Mike Cernovich's book Gorilla Mindset


A talented and likable YouTuber who has been through several YouTube incarnations (starting as Aryan Spring then Devonshire Fascist, before becoming Brutus of Troy, and then just plain Brutus. Also did a podcast (with Sven Longshanks) that was hosted on Morgoth's blog until they fell out in the "Thot Wars" of 2017. 

Before becoming Alt-Right, Brutus claims he was a member of the Hare Krishna cult and even lived in an Indian temple for several  years. Now (2020) he lives in England and works in a factory. He presents himself as a sensible British nationalist, but has a more radical and "extreme" past. Up to 2019 he was a big fan of the Daily Stormer approach and a critic of "optics cucking," praising Nazitards like Emily Youcis and Evalion for being "genuine." A few months later, however, he started to favour "Bulldog nationalism," a rejection of Nazi-themed nationalism, while continuing to share "Nazi-esque" views regarding the Jews (i.e. blaming Jewish power for the problems of the modern world and seeking to exclude Jews from a future society). 

He is part of the "XXXVII Movement," a group of English chauvinists who espouse British Imperialism as a "counter-meme" to the Nazi-friendly views favoured by Alt-Right British Nationalists like Mark Collett and Millennial Woes.


Not really a Dissident Rightist, but often cited as one, and referred to as "far right." His background is libertarian, PUA, and Gamergate with a few spicy takes that got taken out of context. Built up a large following on social media and supported Trump in 2016. He continues to do podcasts, videos, and books that stay safely in boomertard Trump territory. Born in 1977 in the Midwest. He is often mocked for his lisp and boasting about marrying a "hot" Iranian woman.

David Cole
"DAVID COLE (AKA David Stein)

Born in 1968, David Cole became famous initially in the 1990s when, following the fall of the Iron Curtain, it became possible to challenge certain parts of the Holocaust narrative by accessing Soviet Bloc records and visiting historical sites. Because of this, Cole was incorrectly labelled as a "Holocaust denier" when in fact he was a data-driven Holocaust revisionist. Cole's work presented a particular challenge because he was Jewish himself. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to think of a more characteristically Jewish person than the wisecracking often self-deprecating Cole.

Through his work, including visits to Auschwitz, he came to the conclusion that it was not an extermination camp, and that most of "evidence" that it was one was fabricated by the Communist authorities who ruled over Poland for several decades during the Cold War. Instead Cole believes that most of the active work of the Jewish genocide was carried out by mobile SS Einsatzgruppen ("task forces") suppressing dissent in German occupied territories.

What should have been a scholarly debate, however, soon led to violent attacks and death threats against Cole by terrorist groups like the Jewish Defence League, leading him to falsely recant his views. 

In 1998 Cole changed his name to David Stein and eventually began a new life as a GOP insider in Hollywood. However in 2013 he was outed by an ex-girlfriend and was again subjected to unwarranted attacks, and was kicked out of the "Friends of Abe," a Hollywood GOP group that he was extremely active in. This effectively aligned him with the then "Big Tent" Alt-Right, and led to Cole getting a writing gig at Taki's magazine. As the Alt-Right became increasingly Jew-obsessed, Cole, like many others, distanced himself from the movement. He also was an early Trump sceptic. In fact, apart from his views on the Holocaust, which place him firmly in dissident territory, Cole is merely a Libertarian Conservative.  

In the aftermath of his "outing," he published his view of his story in a witty and well-written book Republican Party Animal: The "Bad Boy of Holocaust History" Blows the Lid Off Hollywood's Secret Right-Wing Underground (recommended). From around 2016 or possibly 2017, he also participated in the Savage Hippie Podcast, along with co-hosts Edwin Oslan, a fellow Jew, and Ann Sterzinger, a novelist. Cole and Oslan later fell out after Oslan moved to Los Angeles, leading to the end of an enjoyable show.

In 2020, following Jim Goad's departure from Taki's Mag, Cole was promoted to a more active role, writing The Week That Perished column in addition to his own weekly column. According to Cole, most of the people who distanced themselves from him in 2013 are now reconciled with him.


Born in 1980 in the North of England, Collett is an extremely short man with a strangely Jewish appearance for someone who mainly blames the Jews for the ills of the world (sometimes nicknamed "Marco Colletti" and "Mark Cohenlet").

He is best known for his professionally produced and relatively successful YouTube channel on which he attacks the usual low-hanging fruit of Leftist insanity in a droning monotone, but puts in enough anti-Jewish dog whistles to keep his audience on the anti-Semitic plantation. This channel was launched in October 2016, soon after the Alt-Right became mainstream news. It quickly gained tens of thousands of subscriptions in excess of normal organic growth, especially at a time when YouTube was already heavily shadowbanning Alt-Right content. This suggests that it may have been artificially boosted.

Before the launch of his channel, Collett already had a long and extremely compromised history in British nationalism, but had been pretty dormant for some time beforehand.

He first rose to prominence as a BNP youth leader, when Russel Brand made him the main focus of a documentary he was doing on the so-called "far-right" in 2002. During what was obviously a hit piece, Collett was quoted saying a few things that were relatively normal for young, working class, White kids to say. But this was used to present Collett in as negative a light as possible, forcing the BNP to temporarily kick him out of the party.

In 2004 Collett was in trouble again after an undercover BBC crew filmed him saying more "bad words" at a BNP meeting, leading to a trial alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin at which he was acquitted. Around this time, he also started to do graphic design on the BNP's monthly magazine Identity, then edited by John Bean. In 2010, as the BNP started to implode, Collett fell out with Griffin and was therefore left high and dry as an unemployable "ex-Nazi."

Although there is as yet no hard proof that Collett has been "turned," his circumstances and trajectory raise a few red flags. His obvious lack of prospects outside of politics from 2010 onward, along with his late arrival in the Alt-Right (2016), pushing a brand of nationalism designed to seem "moral" and "respectable" to Alt-Righters while seeming toxic, anti-Semitic bilge to normies is troubling, as is this extremely well-known photo of Collett.

Because Collett has effectively been branded as "Nazi Boy" by the British media, his recent attempt (2019) to start a political party "Patriotic Alternative," must be viewed as doomed from the start and therefore serving only to waste and dissipate nationalist energies, which may indeed be its entire purpose.  He is very bad at history.

In April 2020, Collett broke with Millennial Woes after it emerged that Woes had been behaving in a "degenerate" manner and had been accused of sexual assault by one young lady. This reminded those of us with longer memories that Collett also had his own little "sex scandal" back in 2006, when he and another member of the BNP were disciplined by the party for bringing underage girls back to their hotel rooms during a BNP conference in Blackpool.

Associated Acts: Millennial Woes, Laura Towler, David Duke, Dangerfield etc.

(((COMPUTING FOREVER))) (real name Dave Cullen)

Successful Irish vlogger coming out of the "Skeptic Community," who occasionally takes "soft nationalist" and "low-hanging fruit" positions. Started as a tech commenter, hence the channel name. Not sure why he has so many followers (456,000 subscribers on YouTube as of October 2020), as his content is a bit "cookie cutter" and bland. He may be low IQ or else a high-IQ cynical grifter, because he often pushes lazy paranoia and absurd conspiritard content that resonates well with a certain gullible type.

His video Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase of the Agenda, "leaking" a self-evidently absurd "Great Re-Set" scheme, is a revealing example of his schtick. Often uses terms like "globalists," "banksters," "New World Order," etc. Had a little "drama" with Sargon of Akkad in 2016. 

(AKA (((Greg Ritter))))

Conte was part of Richard Spencer's inner circle, so much so that at one time there was even a widespread rumour, which may or may not be true, that he once caught Spencer with his wife, leading to a schism between Spencer and Conte. A counter-rumour had it that the first rumour was a fake put out by Spencer to counter his image of sub-optimal masculinity. What is certain however is that Conte lost his job as a teacher at a girl's high school—something that must seem like a real blow to many of the incels in the Alt-Right—thanks to his association with Spencer.

Yes, Conte was one of many prominent Alt-Righters forced to live a double life because of the toxic hue given to the movement by its incompetent leadership. But it also seems that Conte was happy with Spencer's Nazi-signalling ethnostate imperialism from the get go. This was evident in much of his pre-doxxing content, which he produced under the name Greg Ritter.

He cut his Alt-Right teeth on the Atavistic Intelligentsia blog, with close friend Vincent Law (not his real name), with both going on to work for Spencer's Alt-right.com website, founded in early 2017. He also co-hosted Spencer's Alt-Right podcast and served as Spencer's factotum at the National Policy Institute, Spencer’s "think tank," as Spencer was clearly too lazy to do the work.


Australian dissident nationalist and body builder born 1989, well known for his "chad" physique and general good looks. He is associated with some people who can only be described as Neo-Nazis, and the groups he has been active inthe United Patriots Front and the Lads Societyeven attracted the attention of Brenton Tarrant the Christchurch shooter. Cottrell has a violent past not associated with politics. In 2012 he was imprisoned for four months for arson and stalking directed at a love rival. He also admitted on video intent to kill or cause serious bodily harm. 

Cottrell's own "deep views" are not entirely clear, but it is possible that he shares some Neo-Nazi views based on various, apparently sincere comments he has made on social media in the past, but all-in-all Cottrell is a sitting duck for hostile media wishing to portray sincere nationalists as Nazi nutcases. 

Australians have a number of characteristics that make nationalists there highly susceptible to the "Hitler Trap." Firstly, they have a culture that is more macho and working class than most Anglo nations, and, secondly, there is a strong tradition of being against the British establishment that is only to be expected in a country founded on convict labour. This is also often associated with Catholicism (the "Mel Gibson Effect"). Both of these elements make them more likely to adopt offensive, in-your-face Naziist poses and rhetoric that can only weaken and undercut their nationalism. Sensible Aussie Nats have to be extremely aware of these potential weaknesses, no matter how much iron they pump.


Since around 2019, Joseph Cotto has been a presence in the Dissident Right. This is due to his regular podcasts with Paul Gottfried and occasional interviews with Dissident Right figures. However, he is not a true Dissident Rightist himself. In terms of his actual expressed political positions, he is a centrist mainstream Republican and mild Trump supporter with some rather LARPy views about monarchism.


Nathan Damigo is the diminutive founder and ex-leader of Identity Evropa (IE). He is also an ex-marine and former convict (5 years for actual armed robbery!!!). Conveniently he blames his criminal behaviour on PTSD suffered from his tours of duty in Iraq. He founded White activist group Identity Europa in 2016 but was removed as leader in August 2017, following Charlottesville. This was because he was seen as being too close to Richard Spencer, whose popularity plummeted after that event. Damigo was successfully sued in a civil action law suit connected to Charlottesville, but declared himself bankrupt in what critics claimed was an attempt to escape paying damages.

KEVIN DEANNA (AKA (((Gregory Hood))) and (((James Kirkpatrick))))

A key figure in the pre- and early Alt-Right. DeAnna was the founder of the on-campus activist group Youth for Western Civilization (defunct). He was, and probably still is, one of the writers most respected by Alt-Righters, publishing articles in Radix, Counter-Currents, and American Renaissance under the pen name "Gregory Hood," and articles in VDARE under the by-line (((James Kirkpatrick))).

He excels at extremely lucid, mid-brain commentary pieces generated by the hamster wheel of the American news cycle, rather than deeper and more profound essays. DeAnna's role in the early Alt-Right has come under the SPLC spotlight thanks to his relationship with top doxxer Katie McHugh, with whom he had a romantic connection for several years. This has revealed that DeAnna once had connections to various more mainstream Conservative sites and organisations. 


Sits on the advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly, Devlin is regarded as a leading Dissident Right intellectual on the question of sexual politics thanks to his book "Sexual Utopia in Power." He spoke at the 2016 NPI "Heilgate" Conference and denounced the Nazi salutes that took place there, but he also has close links with Greg Johnson and the Counter-Currents clique.


Butch gay writer on male identity politics, famous for his classic work, "The Way of Men." He is unquestionably one of the best writers in the Dissident Right. Also a practising pagan. One of the original contributors to AlternativeRight.com, he has close links to Richard Spencer, but has sensibly distanced himself from the Alt-Right in recent years.

Born in Connecticut in 1959, Doolittle worked on a series of technology projects before moving to Kiev in 2012. He has been married and divorced 3 times. 

Doolittle is mainly associated with the idea of Propertarianism, an idea with a long pedigree in Libertarian circles, which views most of the problems of the World as stemming from a poor understanding or an infringement of "property rights." It is essentially an anti-political ideology that appeals to a certain kind of "autistic" mindset. With the rise of the Alt-Right around 2014 Doolittle's brand of Propertarianism soon became associated with what passes for Fed-posting (i.e. the promotion of "terroristic violence" to disempowered right wingers in order to legally compromise them). This is clear both from Doolittle's own words and statements and from those of his mysterious motorcycle-helmeted acolyte John Mark. 

In July 2020 Doolittle attempted to take his movement IRL with a public signing of his "Declaration of Reformation," but the attempt ended in failure when he was confronted by some BLM activists and appeared to piss his pants. Making this even worse, the incident of incontinence happened just after Doolittle tried to placate the BLMers by complimenting them on the purely hypothetical size of their sexual organs. 

This shitshow immediately led to Doolittle's "movement" imploding and disappearing in a puff of libertarian smoke, with even the slavishly loyal John Mark denouncing his guru and deleting all the videos he had made promoting Propertarianism and prophesying the imminent boogaloo. 

DDD, not KKK

Usually he likes to be introduced with the title "Doctor" as in "Doctor David Duke," which gives a sequence of three alliterative words, or "DDD." Gee, I wonder what that invokes? The doctorate was from the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management in the Ukraine, and is not generally recognised. More troubling for Dr. Duke, Ukraine's first Jewish Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman is also an alumni of the same academic institution.

Duke was born in 1950 in Oklahoma and grew up in Louisiana, at a time when the South was going through a lot of externally enforced changes and race relations were deeply strained. Not unnaturally he became involved in White identitarian politics, but, like so many starting out with good intentions, he ended up getting involved with toxic elements, like the remnants of Rockwell's American Nazi Party and the KKK.

Like many mid-brained Americans, he may have been unable to understand the complex socio-economic and geopolitical forces that were shaping America and changing the South, without recourse to the all-embracing Semitic Panotheory.

Accordingly, Duke became increasingly Jew-obsessed and "anti-Semitic" in his views, believing that "all powerful Jews" were running and ruining his world. His anti-Jewish views were so strong that he even developed relatively positive views of other racial groups, especially Palestinians. Although his supposed "affinity" for the poor oppressed Palestinians may at least have been partly determined by the need for convenient moral cover for his less socially acceptable views on the Jews.

Duke was moderately successful as a minor politician, even serving in the Louisiana House of Representatives for a few years (1989-92). However, he achieved little except perfecting an oleaginous speaking style and optics approach perfect for a grifter preying on his less sophisticated brethren.

In 2002, he was found guilty of filing a false tax return and hiding donations, getting a 15-month stretch in federal prison. This case also revealed that he begged his supporters for financial help then misused the funds over a period of years on such things as gambling trips. Some of the money may also have been used on the large amount of plastic surgery that he seems to have subjected himself to. This focus on personal "optics" gives off a weirdly sub-masculine vibe, reminiscent of Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson. This is significant as it suggests that people like this are recurring type in racial politics.

Although Duke represented the kind of "Palaeo-Nazi," grifter type that the Alt-Right was initially keen to avoid when the new movement emerged in 2010, Duke soon became something of a meme, thanks to the highly dubious efforts of The Daily Stromer and TRS. The result of this was that the Alt-Right was viewed as interchangeable with Duke's form of Jew-obsessed, Klan-tainted politics. This was also underlined by Duke's attendance at the now notorious "Unite the Right" event in Charlottesville in 2017, which was then weaponised to demonise, demonitize, and deplatform (DDD) much of the Dissident Right.

Duke also played a notable role in the fall of British nationalism, after Nick Griffin's associations with him were used to stigmatize the relatively successful BNP in 2009. Following this, he also served as a mentor for former BNP youth leader Mark Collett and a template for his recent rise to prominence among the online Alt-Right.

In his old age, Duke has acquired a certain amount of negative power, in that he can have a withering effect on any political candidate just by endorsing him or her. The latest example was the Democratic Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, whose campaign never recovered after it was reported in the mass media that Duke backed her.

Associated acts: Mark Collett, Don Black, etc.


A long-term contributor to several Alt-Right and Dissident Right sites, such as Counter-Currents (since 2014), Unz Review, etc. He is probably a French Canadian, but I couldn't be bothered to nail down this data point, as Durocher is not well known enough to produce good search results.

Much of his writing consists of English translations of French right-wing or New Right content, but he also pens his own essays and participates in podcasts. 

From his content, he appears to be an "intellectual Fascist" with a lot of empathy and emotional attraction to Hitler and the Third Reich. Often posts "Nazi nostalgia" images on his Twitter account. In physical terms he is, not surprisingly, a most un-Aryan-looking specimen. Those with an interest in the Aryan archetype often fit into this unprepossessing category (see Weev, Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, and Striker for further reference).


Typical Southern racial realist and host of The Political Cesspool, a podcast/ radio show founded in 2004. He also sits on the board of the Council of Conservative Citizens, and is a director of the American Freedom Party.

The 43-year-old Joomer
(((MIKE ENOCH))) (real name Mike Peinovich)

Born 1977, a self-confessed Jew married to a Jewess (possibly divorced), Peinovich is the founder of the extremely influential Alt-Right hub The Right Stuff and co-host of The Daily Shoah (TDS) podcast. The fact that TDS trades in K-word and N-word White Nationalism despite Peinovich's Jewish background and having a Black adopted brother is extremely suspicious and a major red flag.

Peinovich started The Daily Shoah podcast in 2014. The participants—Peinovich, Jesse Dunstan, (((Ghoul))), Alex McNabb, etc.—presented themselves as edgy libertarians and 4chan kids who were mainly interested in breaking taboos and "triggering" liberals, but then, in following podcasts, they claimed to be gradually radicalised by reading Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique, becoming outright White Nationalists and aligning themselves with the highly suspect and also Jewish-led Daily Stormer site (see entries on Anglin and (((Weev)))). Both of these processes were major red flags and brought them into conflict with Colin Liddell, with whom they broke ties in 2016.

In early 2017, the members of TRS were doxxed, with Peinovich being unmasked as a Jew LARPing as a Nazi. The sudden vacuum this created at the centre of the Alt-Right caused both Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson to move in fast, offering their support to Peinovich in an attempt to pick up the remnants of TRS and dominate the movement. Oddly this had the effect of limiting damage to the totally compromised TRS brand and ensuring its survival. The retarded ironic sensibility of our age also helped, as well as Enoch's enormous skills as a commentator and humorist.

After things had stabilised somewhat, anti-gay feeling in TRS—or possibly the tactical considerations of their handlers—led Peinovich to side with Spencer more than Johnson, although Spencer is far from the epitome of masculinity. The New Yorker magazine wrote a lengthy feature on him in 2017 as part of the establishment's attempt to anoint him as one of the leaders of the Alt-Right.

More recently (2018-19) Peinovich has moved TRS in a less LARPy but still Jew-obsessed, and reductionist direction. In 2020 Peinovich founded a built-to-fail Nazi-style political "party" called the National Justice Party, which Trad News parodied as "The National Jewstice Party."

Associated acts: Andrew Anglin, (((Weev))), (((Ghoul))), Jesse Dunstan, etc.


Originally emerging in the libertarian-to-Neo-Nazi pipeline of TRS, Faulk is one of the brightest brains in the Dissident Right, epitomising the Alt-Right notion of "weaponised autism." He produces tightly argued content that makes the case for nationalism and race realism.

In 2016, along with fellow TRS alumnus Sean Last, he founded The Alternative Hypothesis website, which he originally wanted to call Alternative Right, even though the name was already taken. In August 2018, as a reaction to the negative trends in the Alt-Right, Faulk made a video distancing himself from Neo-Nazi-style White nationalism, signalling a break from TRS.

He freely admits that he is gay, part black (1/16), and autistic.


A controversial but highly talented figure in the Dissident Right, Forney is now chiefly famous for his opposition to the Alt-Right and its failed leaders, especially Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson.  Earlier he was a leading figure in the manosphere and closely associated with Roosh V, but now takes a more trad-Catholic approach to politics and rejects "wignat" nationalism. Has written for Daniel Friberg's RightOn.net.

In the past he has feuded with Jim Goad, sparked off by Goad's attempt to carry water for Forney's ex-girlfriend, novelist Ann Sterzinger. (Sterzinger disputes that Formey was ever her "boyfriend" although there was clearly some sort of intimate relationship between them.) Although a relentless critic of "wignats" he has generally positive view of Andrew Anglin and Weev.

Forney generally lives in poor European countries and now edits Terror House Magazine, a outlet for fiction and poetry, but remains active on Dissident Right livestreams, including his own.

Associated acts: Roosh V, etc.


Leader of the Groyper Movement (aka "America First"), a form of pan-racial, Catholic-infused American nationalism that espouses soft "anti-Semitic" or merely "counter-Semitic" positions. Fuentes is a much younger and more intelligent version of Richard Spencer.

Like many of the more "telegenic" leaders in the Dissident Right, there are suspicions about his masculinity (see his association with Catboy Kami), but, so far (2020), Fuentes has managed to avoid major scandals and idiotic gestures and positions, although he still has connections with embarrassing individuals like Baked Alaska.

On January 6th, 2021, Fuentes attended and spoke at the "Stop the Steal" demonstration/riot in Washington DC, but appears to have avoided breaking any laws. In February, he had a major break with Patrick Casey, his "Number 2" in the America First movement 


A former scientist, this pudgy, little French-Canadian is one of the oddest characters in the Alt-Right. He is highly intelligent, but not enough to get rid of his atrocious French accent, which, however, serves as a useful gimmick to make him sound more interesting to Anglos than he otherwise might do. He first came to prominence in 2017 and 2018, through his association with Andy Warski's live stream channel and the so-called "blood sports" debates.

He has strongly Judeophobic views. For example, he believes the frankly retarded White Nationalist theory that the Jews literally started WWII and that Hitler was an innocent victim. Despite this he has also boasted of receiving funding from notorious "pedo island" billionaire  Jefferey Epstein, who is Jewish.

One of Gariepy's oddest aspects is his interest in mentally retarded women with the mental age of children. In fact he makes this a central feature of many of his live shows as he knows this drives traffic to his show. His relationships with these women—there have been at least two—effectively makes him a "virtual child rapist," as these women are incapable of adult consent.

As a man with no obvious attraction for women, sexual resentment seems to be one of his main motivations, with ridiculous claims of sexual prowess adding an additional comic touch to his live streams. His atypical appearance has also led to rumours that he is Jewish or partly Jewish, but he explains this as being due to his Basque origins.

Associated acts: Richard Spencer, Andrew Warski


Goad has long been a presence on the Dissident Right, writing for and editing Taki's Magazine. Essentially an "edgytarian" Boomer with little or no moral compass, he is generally considered an Alt-Right figure now thanks to his recent (2019) appearances on Richard Spencer's YouTube channel. He is a self-confessed wife beater, drug taker, and bisexual, and has an autistic son.

In 2020 Taki's Mag pushed him out because of his uncomfortably close connections to the Rump Alt-Right, and he started writing for Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents. As a consequence he has been forced to adopt a more obviously anti-Semitic viewpoint.

He is also known for a rather ridiculous, long-running feud with Matt Forney, in which Formey is now well ahead on points following this hilarious Luke Ford live stream.

"Listen to me. I have muscles"
(((The GOLDEN ONE))) (real name Marcus Follin)

Swedish nationalist vlogger and bodybuilder. Started his YouTube channel, The Golden One, in 2013 focusing on nationalist issues and self-improvement/ body building. Has written for Daniel Friberg's RightOn.net. Not sure if he is gay (loves hanging out in the gym, etc.) but he has a daughter (2019) so maybe not.


The son of a Jewish immigrant form Hungary, Gottfried was born in 1941 and grew up speaking German at home, preparing him for his later career as an academic specializing in Central European politics. He is a paleoconservative who is generally credited with coining the term “Alternative Right” after being shunned by the wider Conservative movement.

He was once quite close to Richard Spencer, although that relationship has faded in recent years. In 2008, he founded the H.L. Mencken Club as "an organisation for independent-minded intellectuals and academics of the Right." He is the Chief Editor of the paleoconservative magazine Chronicles. Since August 2019 he has been the co-host of the Cotto-Gottfried livestream show on YouTube. His wife is from a Catholic background.


Elderly Irish-Welsh Canadian curmudgeon, well known for his bitter boomerism and looking like a less masculine version of Joe Biden. Got his big break late in life by co-hosting the Luke Ford Show, but he now has his own show on YouTube, where he basically moans about "low-hanging fruit" news stories, mixed in with pretentious and occasionally incisive pontifications on films and literature. He has often had accommodation problems in the past, leading to frequent grifting and cries for help. 

(AKA (((Hunter Wallace))))

Editor of the Southern Confederalist Occidental Dissent blog, which he founded in 2008. Hit pieces on Griffin usually mention that he has a history of mental illness and obesity, but to his credit he appears to have overcome these challenges and is now a comparatively normal family.

His site Occidental Dissent is one of the most well-known sites in the Dissident Right, producing nationalist news and commentary from a Southern White identitarian perspective. On the JQ he is a conventional anti-Semite ("Wignat"), promoting the ideas that Jews are incompatible with White or American society, and that Jewish organisations are responsible for many of the West's problems.

In recent days (2019) Griffin has been at war with The Daily Stormer, accusing it, basically, of being a Fed operation designed to discredit White Nationalism, although there is also a long-running counter-theory that Griffin himself is a Fed. 


Heimbach is the deeply discredited co-founder and ex-leader of the now disbanded Traditionalist Workers Party (TWP). He is essentially a socialist nationalist who admires National Socialism and promotes a strongly anti-Zionist and anti-"ZOG" approach. In 2018 he became a figure of ridicule after an illicit affair with the wife of Matt Parrott, his second in command and father-in-law. In 2015 Heimbach was banned by Richard Spencer from the NPI conference, but by 2017 the TWP was providing security on Spencer's failing university lecture tour that was being harassed by antifa. Also spent time in prison for violating the terms of a two-year probation for a shoving incident at a Trump rally. Was also briefly in the National Socialist Movement in 2019.

(((THE ICONOCLAST))) (real name Daniel Atkinson)

A British Alt-Rightist YouTuber with an unusually large following (218K subscribers) for his eloquent but not especially inspired take on things. Emerged relatively recently and freely associates with Nazi-signalling Alt-Righters like Laura Towler, Mark Collett, and the TRS-affiliated The Absolute State of Britain podcast. He also runs an eponymous mail order publication. This single fact alone makes him highly suspect. Anyone on the Dissident Right whose operation requires the gathering of names and addresses should automatically be presumed to be working for the government, or some other sinister group, until there is overwhelmingly evidence to the contrary.

In June 2020 he was apparently doxxed by the Guardian as Daniel Atkinson, a "former media student." In January 2021 he announced on his BitChute channel that he was retiring as the Iconoclast due to being deplatformed and "burnt out."


Born 1971. The co-founder, along with Michael Polignano, of the wordy and rather dull Counter-Currents website and book publishing label. Johnson comes across as an initially impressive intellectual and communicator, but most of his positions ultimately boil down to the peculiar nature of his homosexuality and his deep antipathy towards Richard Spencer, which has sometimes been compared to a bitter gay crush. Alt-Right critic Matt Forney coined the nickname "Grindr Greg" to describe him.

One of Johnson's more revealing aesthetic choices was the cover for his latest book.
If I may be permitted to indulge in a little cod psychology, Johnson, although a Liberal or Leftist by most other metrics, has been transformed into a Jew-hating, Neo-Nazi Hitler apologist by what appears to be a deep erotic fascination with the Third Reich and the Nazi party. This would not normally have been a major problem, but unfortunately Counter-Currents was, along with TRS and The Daily Stormer, among the most influential parts of the Alt-Right in the key period 2014-2016, and played a major role in pushing the movement in the toxic direction in which it went. 

In 2013 Colin Liddell attacked Johnson's fetishization of Hitler in an article called "When You're Covered in Shit." Later Liddell and Johnson collaborated to some degree, in particular joining forces to attack Andrew Anglin for what Johnson described as his Vantardism. But they fell out over Johnson's failure to similarly critique Mike Enoch's attempts to nazify the movement. Instead, following Enoch's doxxing, Johnson "defriended" Liddell to ingratiate himself with the TRS group, most of whom continued to despise him for being a homosexual.

In 2017 Richard Spencer's AltRight Corporation fought a "turf war" with Johnson, attacking him mainly on the basis of his sexual proclivities rather than on his Naziism, which should have been the focus of the critique. This was spearheaded by a number of essays by Jew obsessive Andrew Joyce titled "The Alt-Right and the Homosexual Question." Johnson weathered the attack, while the AltRight Corporation, under Spencer's leadership, predictably fell apart.

Because of the obvious problems that being openly gay would cause to his influence in the Alt-Right, Johnson endeavored to remain out of the public eye as long as possible. But the need to network and attend conferences led to him being secretly filmed and photographed in 2017 by a "honeytrap" operation using a young male journalist. Then, in early 2019, undeniable proof of his homosexuality leaked to the public in the Pilleater Tapes. These recordings also revealed his membership of a gay clique that apparently targets impressionable young White nationalists for "gay grooming." 

This, combined with the banning of Counter-Currents books on Amazon is likely to present a serious existential challenge to Counter-Currents. in the future. But, despite his many character flaws, Johnson is one of the most intelligent and disciplined people in the Alt-Right. He is good at networking, fundraising, and a competent and lucid writer. It would be true to say that while his rival Richard Spencer is liked but not respected in the Alt-Right, Johnson is generally respected but not liked.

One of the most interesting points about Johnson is that, even though he is a substantial figure in the Alt-Right, the establishment and mainstream media do not try to hype him up as "one of the leader's of the Alt-Right" in the same way as they do Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, or Andrew Anglin. This is probably because of the influence of the gay lobby, who work extremely hard to downplay the historical links between Neo-Naziism and homosexuality, as well as Johnson's awareness of optics and relatively strong self-control.


Host of the long-running "Our Interesting Times" podcast. He is a palaeo-conservative with "old-school" Trad-Catholic, originally with "soft" or "Christian-derived" Anti-Semitic views. Andy Nowicki has often guested on his show. More recently (2019) he has started to move in a more obviously "1488" direction with such guests as ex-Daily Stormer writer and Nazbol Eric Striker and TRS's (((Borzoi Boskovic))).


Kessler was the original promoter of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, which he says he wanted to be a much broader-based event. Instead the rally was largely taken over by the supporters of Richard Spencer, with Kessler pushed to the margins. Since then Kessler has denounced Spencer for Hollywood Naziism and says he is working towards detoxifying White identitarianism—a Herculean task!


An important figure in the early Alt-Right with strong "Naziist" leanings. Richard Spencer promoted him to co-editor at the original AlternativeRight.com site in 2011 following his “Masters of the Universe” speech, which was well received at the 2011 NPI conference. However, the two appear to have fallen out in 2012 during the work on the much-delayed first issue of Radix Journal. Kurtagic's Nazi leanings were also opposed at the time by Liddell and Nowicki. Kurtagic has been largely inactive since his break with Spencer.


Probably the most sensible person in the entire Dissident Right, Liddell is Scottish and lives in Japan. He is the second or third most prolific writer in the Dissident Right after Andrew Anglin or Brad Griffin, having written and edited thousands of articles for many sites in the Dissident Right. He is the chief editor of Affirmative Right and Trad News. He occasionally appears on The Luke Ford Show.

In May 2012, Richard Spencer made Liddell, along with Andy Nowicki, joint chief editor of the original AlternativeRight.com site. When Spencer unilaterally decided to shut the site down on Xmas Day 2013, Liddell and Nowicki immediately reestablished the site as a blogspot. Liddell has a long track record of opposing the Stormertard and Naziist leanings of the Alt-Right, but finally disavowed the label in April 2018 when he changed the site's name to Affirmative Right.

He attracted mainstream criticism in 2012 for his article "Is Black Genocide Right?" Less often mentioned is the article published at the same time "Is White Genocide Right?" Both articles oppose genocide. He also attracted mainstream criticism in 2014 for his article "Holocaust Amnesia Day," an attack on the weaponisation of history and tragedy. Both Spencer and Greg Johnson broke ties with Liddell in 2018 mainly due to his friendly but relentless criticism of negative trends in the Alt-Right that they chose to associate themselves with.

Liddell is often accused of being "soft on the JQ" because he does not think "The Joooos!" are a monolithic group of omnipotent supermen who control every aspect of the World, as the Jew-obsessed Rump Alt-Right apparently does.


The founder of Vanguard News Network and its interminably boring forum. Linder is a Paleo-Nazi (i.e. not even a Neo-Nazi). Paleo-Nazis are a considerable group, especially in America, that is of absolutely no intellectual interest because their views are entirely Jew-obsessed and predictable. In fact it would be wrong to view them as part of the Dissident Right, because they offer no critique of anything at all, as any data and logic melt before their one over-riding obsession: Jews!!!!!! Really, in a weird, sick way they are in love with everything Jewish. If only Dr. Mengele were alive today, we could run radical experiments on them to see if there was some way of making them actually think like humans again. They instinctively view any nationalist who does not share all their views as being "controlled by the Jews." The Alt-Right was founded in 2010 to take nationalism away from people like these, but it looks like Paleo-Nazis may have had the last laugh, following the Nazification of the Alt-Right.


Kevin MacDonald is a leading intellectual in the Dissident Right. He is mainly famous for his theory of Jewish identity as a "group evolutionary strategy." Over the years, however, his tone has become decreasingly academic and increasingly partisan, making it easier for his opponents to paint his theories as "pseudo-scientific antisemitism."

MacDonald runs the webzine The Occidental Observer, founded in 2007, and the print journal The Occidental Quarterly. Now retired, he had a long academic career, earning a PhD in biology in 1981 from the University of Connecticut, and teaching at California State University Long Beach from 1985 until 2014.

His trilogy of books, A People that Shall Dwell Alone (1994), Separation and Its Discontents (1998) and Culture of Critique (1998), are regarded as classics by many Dissident Righters. Interestingly, the publisher of these works was Jewish.


Born in 1971, Martin is a "Palaeo-Nat," i.e. a contemporary racial nationalist whose style harks back to an earlier bygone era. Nowadays he pops up occasionally on the Luke Ford show, where he takes relatively nuanced anti-Semitic positions that are reminiscent of old Wignats and Palaeocons. Like the former group he also has a interest in and liking for Nazi Germany.

Martin is symbolic of a particular demographic of American nationalists who rose up parallel to the Alt-Right but remained alienated from it and critical of it because of its apparent gay-friendly nature, anti-Christian tendencies, and offensive meme culture. This distaste was compounded by the Palaeo-Nat tendency towards in-fighting, racial purity spiralling, and "conspiritard" thinking.

Martin claims to be a veteran (Somalia) with a large family, which he says is "racially pure," but, as is unavoidable in the Palaeo-Nat world, there are others who dispute this. In particular, it has been pointed out that his wife is an Eastern Cherokee, although Martin denies this. Due to this allegation, Martin's detractors have mocked him with the nickname "Wounded Knee."

He ran a podcast, All Nationalist Network, and a blog, both of which are now largely dormant.

Not surprisingly given the typically suspicious and curmudgeonly attitude of Palaeo-Nats, he is not particularly sanguine about Nick Fuentes and the America First movement either. In February 2018 he referred to Fuentes by racial slurs and called him a "Jew Agent." This was despite the fact that Fuentes is pro-Christian and rejects bad optics—the exact opposite of the very points that Palaeo-Nats like Martin found fault with in the Alt-Right.

(((MICHAEL McGREGOR))) (real name Scott Greer)

A writer and managing editor for Richard Spencer's ill-fated Radix Journal when it was launched in 2014. In the same year he was also writing for the more mainstream and conservative Daily Caller, founded by Tucker Carlson in 2010. The fact that the latter was a better payer than the extremely unreliable Spencer meant that (((McGregor))) soon decided to go mainstream, focusing entirely on his Daily Caller work. He left Radix in 2015. However, in 2018 (((McGregor))) was doxxed by the Atlantic as Scott Greer, leading to the Daily Caller breaking ties with him. Now he is mainly active on Twitter. Has written a book.

(((MILLENNIAL WOES))) (real name Colin Robertson)

A personable and skillful communicator with a past history of mental illness, Robertson achieved some success with his YouTube channel, which he started in January 2014, inspired by the example of Davis Aurini. Robertson's emotive and sincere videos struck a chord with many young alienated White males. Also, constrained by UK hate laws, he pushed a version of sensible White nationalism that was very effective. He then started to give speeches at Dissident Right conferences and speaking events.

However, in 2016, following his appearance at Richard Spencer's notorious 2016 NPI "Heilgate" Conference, the Scottish antifa and media made a big push to dox him, even tracking him down to his family home in Linlithgow. This forced him to flee Scotland for the Continent. Since then, Robertson, who is at least partly gay, has fallen under the influence of Greg Johnson and become increasingly Jew-hostile and Nazi-friendly, even apologising on behalf of Britain to Germany for "starting WWII" at one of his speaking events.

In 2018 he was kicked off Twitter for posting factual rape statistics. This caused him further stress and led to depression, greatly reducing his output, which now seems mainly focused on the year-end Milleni-yule interviews he does with people he approves of in the Dissident Right.

In early 2020 he was caught up in a "sex scandal" when he was kicked out of Mark Collett's "Patriotic Alternative" party for "ungentlemanly conduct." In early 2021 his YouTube channel with around 50,000 subscribers was deleted by YouTube.


Most of what we know about Stefan Molyneux comes from one of the most "reliable" sources, Stefan Molyneux himself.

The mass media, taking its cue from organisations like the ADL and the SPLC, calls him a "White supremacist" and a leader of the "Alt-Right." Anybody who is or was in the so-called Alt-Right knows this is bullshit. In fact, in the Jew-obsessed Alt-Right, Molyneux is believed by many to be a Jew, although there is little evidence for this as well.

The only evidence that Molyneux is Jewish is some rhetorical point he made in this 2013 video in which he said that his mother was "Jewish":
"My mother was born in Berlin in 1937 to, y'know, a pretty Jewish clan, and this was pretty much the worst time to be born in the culture you choose to be born in. She went through the war as a young girl...she went to Dresden...my mother and some relatives fled the city when they heard the planes approaching, but my grandmother had to stay. She had to go to work the next day...and when my mother and her relatives went back to try and find her mother, they could only find the clasp from her purse."
Very pithy, very poignant, but according to this, Molyneux's so-called "Jewish" family was openly and freely living and working in Nazi Germany all the way up to 1945, without being fired, arrested, or put in camps. Really, this narrative is about as believable as Mike Enoch claiming he is Norwegian and Serbian after admitting that he is a Jew.

The most charitable explanation is that Molyneux's grandmother was only partly Jewish or had some Jewish background, but not enough for the actual Nazis to regard her as Jewish, which means that Molyneux himself and any Alt-Righters banging on about his "Jewishness" are literally more "racially purist" than the Nazis, LOL.

This clip should however warn us that not all information about Molyneux originating from Molyneux should be taken as hard fact. According to the Molyneux narrative of Molyneux, it appears that his mother moved to the UK through marriage to an Ulsterman ("the other half [of my family] comes from England and Ireland, and not the part of Ireland that sat out the Second World War..."), sometime in the 1950s or 60s, and lived in the Republic of Ireland where Stefan was born in 1966.

Sometime in the 1970s, the Molyneux family moved to Canada, where his parents appear to have divorced, leaving Molyneux with a mother who was impoverished and abusive. This is highly important as it plays a large part in Molyneux's justifications of his views on women and his socially conservative position, which emphasises the importance of the traditional family and rejects the welfare state and debt-driven government. Molyneux appears to be married in a couple that is reproducing well below replacement level. It seems he has one daughter.

After apparently being successful in tech and selling his company, Molyneux began a podcast called Freedomain Radio in 2005, benefiting from the "founder effect" of getting in early.

His podcasts, which soon moved to YouTube, built an enormous following—he now has nearly a million followers—focused on personal problems, in which he stressed the need to distance oneself from dysfunctional family relationships ("deFOO" - disassociate from family of origin). This, as well as his frequent calls for donations, led some to view Molyneux as a kind of cult leader.

Around 2011-12, people actually in the Alt-Right started to notice Molyneux, mainly because he did not shy away from scientifically backed up HBD positions. Over time, his emphasis on IQ and racial differences has become stronger, although Molyneux is expert at presenting these touchy subjects in an entirely rational, scientific, and moral manner.

Since around 2018, however, he has been edging into more radical territory, engaging in frequent Twitter spats with feminists and commenting on higher Jewish representation and influence in certain areas of modern life.

This seems to have occurred at least partly because Jewish-funded hate organisations like the ADL and the SPLC have put Molyneus on their hate lists for the "crimethink" of politely discussing IQ differences in his shows and having on occasional guests like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow. This has led YouTube to shadow-ban his channel and cut into his revenue stream.

Will Molyneux mellow with age or will he become ever more radicalised by the madhouse of the internet? Only time will tell.


Mainly a book editor, the cherub-faced Morgan also writes a little and podcasts. In 2006, he joined Integral Tradition Publishing, a publisher distributing the works of Julius Evola and Alain de Benoist. When this merged with Arktos Media at the end of 2009, Morgan began working for Arktos, serving as Editor-in-Chief until July 2016, when he unsuccessfully tried to take over the company from the owner Daniel Friberg with the the help of Greg Johnson. Since then Morgan has been associated with Counter-Currents.


Dubbed "Bore-goth" by his less charitable critics, Morgoth is an anonymous and, as yet, undoxxed Alt-Right YouTuber from the North East of England. He has a "down-to-earth," working-class image due to a heavy "Geordie" accent. His views appear to be basic post-2015 Alt-Rightism, i.e. straight-forward White nationalism with a heavy dose of "inverted Jewish Supremacism" and some conspiritardism. Often referred to and boosted by other Alt-Righters with similar views, such as Milennial Woes, etc. A fan of Counter-Currents. Morgoth made his first appearance on The Daily Shoah podcast, with its K-word and N-word spouting cast of regulars on April 19th, 2019, and has also appeared on several other TRS podcasts confirming his association with the Nazitard wing of the Dissident Right.

(((ELI MOSLEY))) (real name Eliot Kline)

(((Mosley))), whose real name is Elliot Kline, is mainly famous for lying about serving as a Marine in Iraq. He was one of the mob of low-grade Nazitards that Richard Spencer surrounded himself with in 2016-2017. He replaced Nathan Damigo as leader of the Identity Europa group (now defunct) shortly before the "Unite the Right" protest in Charlottesville in August 2017, and was a key player in Nazifying the event. He also worked behind the scenes to undermine the original organiser, the relatively moderate and sensible Jason Kessler. Check the text messages submitted to the US District Court for Virginia revealing this (scroll down to page 18 of the document). Kline dishonestly claimed Kessler was Jewish, despite Kline's own Jewish-sounding name and association with the Jewish-controlled Daily Stormer site. In Novermber 2017, he had to step down from Identity Europa when it was revealed that he had lied about his military record. He was later successfully sued in a civil case arising out of Charlottesville and declared bankrupty in an apparent attempt to protect his meagre assets.


One of the key writers from the original AlternativeRight.com site, Nowicki is proof of the "big tent" character of the movement before it was hijacked by shills, Neo-Nazis, and Jew obsessives. Nowicki is a Catholic traditionalist who does not support White Nationalism, although he does not oppose it either.

In 2012, Richard Spencer handed over editorial control of AlternativeRight.com to Nowicki and Colin Liddell. The pair edited it for a year and a half before Spencer unilaterally shut it down, whereupon Nowicki and Liddell refounded the site as a blogspot on Boxing Day 2013. Nowicki continues to serve as assistant editor of the site, now renamed Affirmative Right. In recent years Nowicki has concentrated mainly on his YouTube channel and writing books.


Along with his wife Lana Lokteff, Palmgren runs Red Ice Radio, Radio 3Fourteen, and Red Ice TV. Red Ice was founded in 2003. Palmgren, who is Swedish, was also "Media Director" for the short-lived AltRight Corporation in 2017. Red Ice deal in a mix of Alex-Jones-style conspiracy theories and Alt-Right White nationalist content, some of it of a dubious nature. Excellent production values. In late 2019, they were kicked off YouTube.

Parrott helping some NSM "frens"
carry their giant burnable swastika.

One of the wittiest and most likeable intellects in the Dissident Right. Also a relatively good writer. He is often accused of being a Fed for reasons that may or may not be legitimate but are too tedious to detail here. He is mainly known for his work with his son-in-law Matt Heimbach in Trad Youth Network (TYN) and the Traditional Workers Party (TWP). The two fell out in 2018 after Heimbach was caught having an affair with Parrot's wife, but in 2020 they seemed to have reconciled. Like Heimbach, Parrott is a "socialist nationalist" with strong anti-Zionist and anti-"ZOG" leanings. In 2013 he was closely associated with Greg Johnson, but later fell out with the gay Johnson, which was more in keeping with his espoused Orthodox Christianity. In 2019 he returned to online activism on Twitter and YouTube but then quickly retreated to the Dark web only to resurface on DLive and BitChute, where diehard Parrott fans can enjoy his NazBol fringe politics on Radio Free Indiana.

(((RAMZPAUL))) (real name Paul Ramsey)

A boomer nationalist with a well established YouTube channel. Although often seen as an Alt-Lite figure, Ramsey has some quite hard-edged opinions on White nationalism and the JQ, but manages to skilfully present them in a normie-friendly way.

In 2014, he attacked The Daily Stormer for supporting the Senate candidacy of Neo-Nazi Robert Ransdell, who later gained a "massive" 53 votes. This led to a long-running feud with Andrew Anglin. After Spencer's "Heilgate" speech in 2016, he disassociated himself from Spencer, saying, "You don't want to tie your brand to something that's ultimate evil." Since then, however, he has had an obvious change of heart, even appearing on The Daily Shoah podcast, which is a lot more "Nazi" than Richard Spencer ever was, while also doing a video with actual "Hollywood Nazi" Harold Covington and inviting TRS's Alex McNabb onto his YouTube show Happy Homelands.

On his YouTube channel his theme music ends with a "ching" sound, denoting the sound of a dropped coin. This is used by Neo-Nazis and Alt-Righters as a code for "Jew," and, whether you regard this as a problem or not, is clearly meant to dogwhistle to that audience.


A "big tent" dissident, whom it would be hard to describe as even right-wing, Ethan Ralph came to the fore through the Gamergate movement and his regular podcast "the Killstream." As that trajectory suggests, Ralph has some of the typical characteristics of the gamer -- overweight and a cynical but fun outlook on life (Chan mentality). Ralph appears to lack an ideological centre, typified by his personal behaviour -- leaking a sex tape, etc. -- but has nevertheless bought into many dissident right ideas over the years simply because of his associations in the Dissident zone. Was married to an Indian woman for some years but divorced in 2020. 


Richard Spencer's main donor in the early years of the Alt-Right. He bankrolled the largely ineffective Spencer-led National Policy Institute (NPI) and founded the Charles Martel Society (CMS), which launched The Occidental Quarterly and The Occidental Observer webzine. Like many people he has edged away from the one-man disaster zone that is Richard Spencer.

Regnery (Now, where have I seen that look before?)

(((ROISSY in DC))) (real name James C. Weidmann)

Weidmann started one of the earliest manosphere blogs Chateau Heartiste, focusing on PUA, anti-feminism, and men's rights, but also touching on many other subjects. One of the most important articles to appear there was the "The 16 Commandments of Poon," which puts forward the theory that "chicks dig jerks."

In May 2019 Wordpress, which hosted the site, shut down Chateau Heartiste. Weev then made Roissy a highly suspicious offer to help get the site back online. This was possibly an attempt to gain data on subscribers and donors.

(((ROOSH V))) 
(real name Daryush Valizadeh)

(((Roosh))) is of Iranian origin. He started out on the manosphere as a writer on PUA, but has been moving towards more patriarchal and conservative ideas after becoming disillusioned with PUA. In 2015 he started to align himself with the Alt-Right, leading TRS and Greg Johnson to attack him as a "non-White" raper of White girls, based on a passage in his book Bang Iceland, where he claims he had sex with an intoxicated woman.

Due to the various attacks on him by the media, he has become one of the more "counter-Semitic" members of the Dissident Right. He now presents himself as post-PUA and someone on a "spiritual quest." Since 2019 he has moved closer to the non-racial, theological "anti-Jewishness" of E. Michael Jones.


Sailer is a former National Review writer who now mainly writes for VDare, Taki’s Mag, the Unz Review, and his own blog. He specialises in data-driven articles written in a dry, unemotive style. He is credited with coining the term “human biodiversity" (HBD) in the mid-90s and has promoted what is now known as the "Sailer Strategy," the idea that the GOP can win elections more easily by appealing to its White base than by reaching out to minorities. He is a big fan of the early 80s British group The Jam.

Lauren trying to be Southern

The Dissident Right is no place for women, although there have been quite a large number of prominent ones over the years.

Thanks to the beta-orbiter effect, any reasonably attractive woman entering the Dissident Right can be assured of a mass following. At a rough guess I would say that a female gains around 50-100 times as much attention as an equally intelligent and verbally dexterous male. However, much of that attention is malicious so that, after enjoying the "spotlight" for a while, most sane females are repelled by it.

Like meteors they burn brief and bright.

So too with the career of Lauren Southern, perhaps the most popular Dissident Right female until she dropped out of online politics in June 2019, just shy of her 24th birthday.

Southern, who is apparently partly Jewish, got involved in the "big tent" movement that the Alt-Right was back in 2015. Like many at the time, she came from the libertarian side, running as a candidate for the Libertarian Party in the 2015 federal elections in her native Canada. She got less than 1% of the vote, but her campaign attracted attention and support from Breitbart News and Rebel Media. She then worked for Rebel, before branching out on her own, doing activism and videos, and raising considerable amounts through social media, when it was still easy for popular "Alt-Righters" and "Alt-Liters" to do so.

Following the election of Trump and the subsequent crackdown on Dissident Righters, things became harder for Southern, and she found herself deplatformed and demonetized in various ways.

The fact that she then bailed out of the Dissident Right soon after suggests that she was mainly a gifted grifter, with only a minimal commitment to the principles she espoused in her short career. Other positions that she adopted, such as elements of White nationalism, were probably taken up in order to "fit in" with the Alt-Right and identitarian crowd.


The Alt-Right's number one "Chaggot." Spencer is a SWPLy Gen-Xer with a fratboy arrogance and a camp voice, who sometimes thinks he's a Bond villain.

Born into comparative wealth, he built his fame in the Dissident Right by founding the seminal website AlternativeRight.com in 2010, persuading William Regnery to fund his NPI conferences, and by instigating the notorious "Heilgate" incident in 2016, in which he reduced a successful "wide tent" movement to a mere cipher for J-obsessed Neo-Naziism. This persuaded a hostile media to make him the "face" of the Alt-Right, while serious Right wingers and identitarians, like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow, immediately distanced themselves from the Spencer disaster zone.

His attempt, in cooperation with Daniel Friberg and Henrik Palmgren, to centralize what was left of the Alt-Right in 2017-18 was a major disaster, as are practically all the projects he has been involved with. More recently (2019) he succeeded in helping to get the Heel Turn Network defunded by Streamlabs, leading to its disintegration, although this was mainly because his involvement attracted undue attention from certain anti-White organisations.

While claiming to be the "founder" of the Alt-Right, it is probably more accurate to say that Spencer is its "unfounder," as not only did he shut down the original, successful Alternative Right site, which launched the movement, on Xmas Day 2013 (after diverting the money raised by the site for his own personal use), but his tactical and strategic stupidity in 2016-18 effectively killed off the Alt-Right as anything more than a slur word.

He is well educated and is undoubtedly an interesting and charismatic speaker, with a good sense of humour and plenty of comedic flair, which stems from his essentially "gay" sensibility and narcissistic nature. Although, it should be pointed out that people laugh at Spencer much more than they laugh with him. I know I certainly do. Indeed, I can't even think of the man without a smile or a chuckle.

Although once married and with two children to his name (who mainly live with their Russian mother), bisexual rumours continue to abound about him, fuelled by his narcissism and affectations. Such is his lack of confidence in his own masculinity and heterosexuality that he has even accused other men of fathering his children (check the relevant divorce court records if you wish to know more).

According to the Pilleater Tapes, he is allegedly a heavy cocaine user, which is easy to believe in the light of some of his speaking performances. Anyway, he is extremely fond of "white powder" of another sort, as he is an aficionado of skiing, a sport which mainly involves going downhill under the influence of gravity.

He currently lives in his mother's basement in Whitefish, Montana, which is a shining testament to the calibre of his leadership, as no true leader should ever ask his men to do something he is unwilling to do himself.

Yes, this is Spencer's favourite pop group.


Talented and relatively well-circulated Alt-Right cartoonist with 132,000+ followers on Twitter. Some of his cartoons are extremely well-known and effectively attack the low-hanging fruit of clown world. He also frequently dogwhistles Alt-Right/Neo-Nazi JQ positions, i.e. promoting the idea of "ZOG," namely the notion that the Jews control America's politics and its media, and have an agenda of promoting mass immigration and degeneracy, implying that none of these things would be happening without Jewish influence. His content is thus rather blackpilling, which is, of course, a means of subtly depressing and demoralising nationalists and dissident righters, or else pushing them into self-defeating extremism. Like many other Alt-Righters pushing this kind of narrative—Mike Enoch, Weev, etc.—would not surprise me if he turned out to be Jewish himself or at least "sub-White."


Taylor is probably the most respected figure in the Alt-Right. Starting out as a race-realist paleoconservative in the 1990s, he has always dealt extremely sensitively with the complex and highly emotional issues raised by the subject of race. He founded American Renaissance in 1990 as a monthly print magazine, later converting it into an online site, and he has a long history of organising conferences.

Taylor supported the rise of the Alt-Right in 2010 but distanced himself from it following Richard Spencer's notorious 2016 NPI "Heilgate" Conference. Taylor is also known for his position on the JQ, viewing Jews as Whites who have interests in common with other Whites. This position triggers many Alt-Righters and Neo-Nazis.

However, despite a carefully cultivated image of "sane and moderate" race-realism, Taylor has foolishly allowed himself to be associated with more overtly Neo-Nazi characters, like Greg Johnson, Mark Collett, and Frodi Midjord in recent years, by attending "harmonious" joint conferences, like the Scandza forum, where the unavoidable implication is that everyone is in general agreement with the not so faint stench of Naziism.


A former Counter-Currents writer of apparent Italian ancestry and probably a late Boomer of early Ge-Xer. His name is believed to be a pen name derived from a Marvel comics character. Unluckily for him, he was too straight for Greg Johnson's online journal, and fell out with Johnson on the gay question sometime in 2016. His writing can now be found at his rather dull blog EGI Notes


Gay-sounding Counter-Currents writer attracted to the Alt-Right by its edgy Nazi aesthetic. Started writing for Greg Johnson's site in 2018. Some people suspect that he is merely a pen name for Greg Johnson. 


TFM is an anonymous YouTuber associated with the online MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement, and seems to have been active from 2016 or earlier.

MGTOW, btw, is a movement made up of men who feel that there is little point in trying to appeal to women, due to the negative effect of feminism on women and their own unattractiveness. In place of normal male-female relationships they seek substitutes in prostitutes and dolls, while also cultivating an edgytarian cynicism as an attempt to project "masculinity."

Little is known of TFM, but he claims to be in a relationship with a sex doll that he shows off on an instagram account. He is a prime example of what Colin Liddell calls "The Asianisation of the West," with Western men adopting attitudes and behaviours of Japanese otakus. Despite his obvious weirdness, he also makes very good and informative videos on many serious subjects.


Jeremy Bedford-Turner is the founder of the Forum Network. He has an army background, which raises several red flags. There is a high possibility that he is a UK government asset. Turner claims he was forced out of the military for attending a British People’s Party meeting in 2008. He set up the London Forum in 2011, after a split with the London New Right and Troy Southgate. The London Forum has spent thousands of pounds to create events that mix respectable Dissident Right speakers (Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald, etc.) with out-and-out loonies (Nazi fetishists, National Action shitheads, rent-a-skins, etc.). In 2018 he was jailed for twelve months for "hate speech," possibly in an attempt to revamp his much tarnished credibility.

(((RICKY VAUGHN))) (real name Douglass Mackey)

A highly suspicious character, who seems to have been part of some scheme to manipulate the then "big tent" Alt-Right into getting fully behind Trump in 2016.

Through his online Twitter sock account—based on the character played by Charlie Sheen in the 1989 movie Major League—Mackey was credited with having an enormous impact on the 2016 election. His tweets mixed MAGAtard talking points with Alt-Right memes.

His story at the time was that he was just a libertarian kid who was "red-pilled" by the Chateau Heartiste blog and the works of Steve Sailer.  This actually sounds just like what it is—namely a fake cover story. The truth is that Mackey was part of a Trump-GOP psy-op designed to boost support for Trump among Alt-Righters and identitarians. At this time Mackey was working for Smartcheckr—now (2020) Clearview AI—a company that has pioneered facial recognition and data mining apps that can trawl social media and build up politically useful data on large numbers of people.

In 2016 Mackey pitched Smartcheckr's services to Paul Nehlen, who was then challenging Senator Paul Ryan as a normie Republican. In April 2018, Nehlen, who had by now become a rabid Neo-Nazi, doxxed Mackey, causing him to effectively disappear. The most convincing explanation of Vaughn's meteoric and short trajectory is that he was an entirely insincere shill who was doing grunt work for people higher up in Trump's extremely questionable 2016 election campaign.

In 2021 Vaughn was arrested and charged with interfering with democracy for his memes and trolling in the 2016 election.

(((VOX DAY))) (real name Theodore Robert Beale)

Vox Day is a Gen-X game designer and writer with clear insights on how the media works. He is one of many "near white" individuals in the Alt Right whose interest in White identity is no doubt intensified by their relative lack of Whiteness. He is believed to have Mexican and Red Indian blood and certainly looks the part.

His 16 Points of the Alt-Right was a decent attempt at presenting a normie-friendly version of the Alt-Right to a wider audience. But, as someone who spends too much time online engaging with a Dissident Right audience, he can be cranky and eccentric at times.


Waters is a Dublin-born (1977) British nationalist and the leader of the Culturist (i.e. anti-Islamic) "For Britain Party," which she founded in October 2017. From 2010 to 2014 she was a member of the socialist Labour Party, and from 2014 to 2017 a member of UKIP, which she left after a highly suspicious leadership contest. She is a lesbian in a civil partnership.

For Britain bases its opposition to "Islamism"—and therefore, implicitly, mass Third World immigration—on cultural issues like gay rights, feminism, and animal rights. In early 2020, following the assassination of top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, like many in the counter-jihadist right and Alt-Lite, she supported a regime change war in Iran, which is anathema to all true nationalists, as such wars are typically used to flood Europe with refugees and fake refugees who never who back. To her credit in 2018 she opposed war with Syria. This suggests she is driven by an over-emotional focus on opposing Islam, based on her pet loves—gays, feminist women, and animals.


An anonymous, "late to the party" Alt-Right YouTuber with a large following (107K)—his earliest vids date to Feb. 2018. WotW produces sleek but morose videos that either attack low hanging fruit (e.g. feminist lunacy) or "Nazi whisper." These are always presented in a pathetic blackpilled voice against a backdrop of depressing music. He is also active on Twitter, where he frequently laments the fact that Hitler didn't win WWII.

(((WEEV))) (real name Andrew Auernheimer) 

Internet troll and tech guy at The Daily Stormer and TRS, among other sites. Despite promoting K-word and N-word Neo-Naziism, Weev is actually Jewish or part Jewish. He certainly looks Jewish.

Meme highlighting Weev's ethnic origins and nefarious behaviour. 
In 2011 he was involved in the Leftist Occupy Wall Street movement. In 2013 he was jailed for three years for computer fraud after stealing the personal data of 100,000 iPad users from AT&T’s website. Suspiciously, the conviction was overturned on a technicality in 2014. This is a red flag that suggests Weev did a deal with the Feds to become a controlled disruption agent. This also points the finger of suspicion at those closely associated with him, like Andrew Anglin and Mike Enoch.

Due to the irrefutable nature of his Jewishness and suspicious early release, Weev should have lost all value to his handlers years ago, but because of mutual support from fellow Feds and shills in the Alt-Right and the credulity of actual idiots in the movement, including many at the top, he continues to be taken seriously by many Alt-Righters. As recently as 2016, when most of the red flags were plainly in sight, both Spencer and Johnson were taking Weev and Anglin at their word and associating their destructive brand of "troll-Nazi" White nationalism with the Alt-Right.


Ebullient Australian independent film maker and organiser of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. Known for his Trump-positivism, he has been a regular contributor at Alternative Right/ Affirmative Right since 2015. But long before that, he was making edgy Dissident Right films, like the excellent Pearls Before Swine (1999), with Boyd Rice. He has also worked with Jim Goad in The Second Coming Vol. 2. More recently he has started making YouTube videos for Affirmative Right and the Australian right-wing site The Unshackled.


First impression (Jan. 2020): a dull-voiced, over-intellectualised "Oirish" YouTube personality and philosophy nerd, who basically believes the main tenets of Nazi-flavoured White nationalism, as well as all the conspiritard memes about "muh globalists," the Frankfurt school, etc. With such simplistic "intellectual outputs" one wonder why he bothers with all the pseudo-intellectualism. The fact that he is a fan of Savitri Devi says it all. Tedious to listen to.

Woods made his first appearance on The Daily Shoah podcast, with its K-word and N-word spouting cast of regulars on February 19th, 2020, confirming his association with the Nazitard Alt-Right.


Born Milo Hanrahan (Irish name), Milo acquired his unpronounceable Greek surname from his mother's next husband, his stepfather. He also claims he is part Jewish on his mother's side.

A flamboyantly gay Alt-Liter, he had a huge following back in 2015 and 2016, when he was directly associated with Breitbart and was receiving generous funding from the Mercer Family. He rose to prominence during the Gamergate controversy, and for a time became the most public face of the Alt-Right, causing much jealousy from Richard Spencer who felt that place rightfully belonged to him.

In 2016 Milo was permanently banned from Twitter for comments made about the feminist Ghostbusters remake. Along with Anglin's ban from Twitter, this set an early precedent for social media deplatforming. After losing this vital social media outlet, Milo gradually started losing prominence. He was fired by Breitbart soon after, and then lost his main sponsors. The chief blow to Yiannopoulos, however, came in Feb 2017, after recorded comments were released that the media unfairly claimed condoned pedophilia.

In 2019 he started to reposition himself for a comeback, hitting back at old rival Richard Spencer by releasing embarrassing audio of Spencer ranting like Adolf Hitler in the aftermath of Charlottesville. Sadly for Milo, the old energy and excitement of a few years ago seem a million miles away now.


Anonymous blogger who somehow became associated with a "race realist" Alt-Right position in the mid-teens. He is actually closer to paleoconservatism and, since 2020, writes for the rather tame Taki's Mag. But despite this "respectability" he is strangely afraid of being doxxed, hence his closely guarded Z-man persona. My guess is that he is of Italian American background, as he rather overreacted to an article that cast aspersions on Italian valour in WWII. Born in 1966, he started his blog in 2013, after a history on comment sections and message boards. Relatively sane and nuanced on the JQ and other racial issues, he produces worthy but dull content with a strong streak of fatalism that makes him sound a lot older than he is.