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The Retard Right, by which I mean scum like the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((TRS))), which both happen to be Jewish controlled, only exists to provide the Left with the means of shutting down genuine nationalists and sincere Right Wingers.

The massacre of eleven Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue by some nutcase spouting Stormer and Daily Shoah talking points on his social media is exactly what the Left needs to push the case that all and any talk by sensible nationalists or even common sense conservatives is "hate speech," and to get Big Tech to indulge in another round of deplatforming.

Right now, in the aftermath of Pittsburgh, moves are under way to shut down Gab, which is a free speech alternative to Twitter.

Recent Tweet by Gab CEO Andrew Torba
Already Joynent, Gab’s new hosting provider (they already got kicked off their last one) has just informed Gab that they will pull their hosting service and have given the social network until 9am on Monday to find a solution. Gab will likely be down for weeks because of this. Also financial services platform Paypal have banned Gab.

The "justification" for these Orwellian acts is that the synagogue shooter had an account on Gab. The fact that he also posted on Twitter and Facebook is merely regarded as an "irrelevance."

This action, as with the badly organised Unite the Right march at Charlottesville last year and Andrew Anglin's death threats against a British MP back in 2016, have all been used as ammunition to attack the Right and start deplatforming people who simply don't deserve to be deplatformed. In fact, nobody deserves to be deplatformed who isn't calling for immediate acts of violence.

The killer's Gab account with the usual TRS/ Daily Shoah 1488 reference
While the massacre in Pittsburgh appears to been carried out by an unhinged "lone wolf" radicalised by the Stormer/TRS subculture into a psychopathic hatred of all Jews, the former cases were carried out by people—namely Andrew Anglin, Mike Enoch, and Richard Spencer—that many people in the so-called Alternative Right mistakenly regarded as "leadership figures," even though both the (((Daily Stormer))) and (((TRS))) are clearly controlled by malicious Jews whose agenda seems to be to discredit American nationalism.

Although Jewish organisations have played a leading role in promoting mass immigration to the West, being woke on the JQ does not mean the following:
  • Hating all Jews
  • Desiring to ethnically cleanse all Jews
  • Thinking the Jews are non-Whites
  • Thinking the Jews control everything
  • Thinking the only the Jews are responsible for promoting mass immigration and multiculturalism
  • Believing the Russian Revolution and the Soviet Union were Jew controlled
  • Blaming the Jews and no one else for the Holodomor
The Retard Right's constant pushing of these memes to an alienated, emotionally unstable, and ill-informed audience is scientifically certain to produce incidents like the Pittsburgh Massacre and thereby give the Left the ammunition it needs to shut down more and more of the Right.

How is this kind of moronic stupidity not connected
 to the killing of 11 Jews at a synagogue?
If you are reading the Daily Stormer, if you are listening to The Daily Shoah, if you are nodding in agreement with people like Greg Johnson and Richard Spencer as they talk charmingly about a White ethnostate in which all the Jewish Whites have been removed to Israel, then you are right where the globalist, anti-White Left wants you, and you should stop immediately.

Really, for sincere and genuine White nationalists, the Affirmative Right is the only game in town.

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