Tim Tebow: no fucker (and no homo)

It's true that celebrity behavior is usually a matter of little or no account; hence the term "celebrity," with its attendant connotation of overweening glitz and general absence of substance. It is also a verity that what gets called gossip is often based on an unfounded rumor and always none of our business; hence the term "gossip," suggestive as it is of snoopily vicarious prurience and unwarranted intrusion.

Still, there is something of value in noting what "ordinary people" are talking about with regard to the rich, beautiful, famous, and powerful, because it tends to reveal the underlying collective psyche of the times. We not only relish the notion that even celebrities have problems; even more, we thrill to the idea that their problems aren't totally unlike our own. And yet, somewhat contradictorily, we find their problems so damned glamorous that we actually wish we had them too. No matter how totally effed up a celebrity may be, his or her total effed-up-ness has an aura that draws us in and makes us perversely envy them all the more. The fact that such a response is silly doesn't make it any the less real. It is simply a part of our programming to be attracted to the trappings of perceived glory and fame.


They come not just to change our societies but our vocabularies.

Once upon a time, two words met and fell in love. One was called immigration and the other was called invasion. They had a common interest in large groups of people moving around, and on the basis of this they decided to get married and settle down, quickly producing an offspring called immivasion. This young child naturally shared characteristics of both parents, and seemed to have a bright future describing the demographic confusion of an increasingly over-globalized world.


#BlackLivesMatters as it appears to French people.

By now, people of myriad ideological persuasions have weighed in on the latest tragic attack to rock France. Liberals exhort us to not give in to hatred and embrace Islamophobic rhetoric, lest we play into ISIS’s hands. Just about everyone in the alt right – as well as mainstream conservative pundits and politicians – has criticized Islam, Muslim immigration, or even multiculturalism itself. Certain individuals have been less than thoughtful, with one Israeli rabbi asserting that this tragedy was payback for European anti-Semitism. Just thought white American conservatives who slavishly worship Israel should know just whom they’re subsidizing.


An essential concept for understanding the Old (or fake) Right and its inability to defeat the Left is "fragility" – normally defined as the quality of being easily broken or damaged. It has been noted that such right wingers are people who either want to ignore momentum and impose a status quo, which means being Conservative, or LARPers, who yearn for some previous unobtainable moment in history. Many of the disagreements on the right basically boil down to "My LARPing doesn’t line up with your LARPing."

But the essential point about those on the Old Right is their sense of fragility, a feeling that any change or shift will make them lose out in terms of income and social status. This inevitably pushes then to the wrong side of the System. Rather than their defended position, it is this fragility and the fears it generates that comes to define them.

They effectively act like people with osteoporosis fearful of any knock or bump. This is why you see New York Conservatives hobnobbing with Democrats – and submitting to their anti-White agenda. Also, many millennials move to the Left against their better inclinations simply because it gets them a job, money, and social recognition, while people on the Right live in fear of SJWs and "social shaming."


Blogger Matt Forney discusses his frightening experience reporting on the #Black Lives Matters protests in Chicago, culminating in threats against his life and physical well-being by the #BLM crew.


The good thing about using proxies is that when things f**k up, you can throw then to the dogs and pretend you never knew them. That is more or less the correct attitude to have towards Turkey at the moment, after the hair-trigger shooting down of a Russian aircraft after it zipped into a tiny sliver of Turkish airspace for a few seconds.

A few facts:

According to the Turks, the Russian plane crossed 1.7 miles of Turkish territory before it was shot down. That would have taken a few seconds for a supersonic Russian jet, giving the lie to the other part of the Turkish story that they had repeatedly warned the Russian plane about intruding into their airspace.


South Africans, the light at the end of the tunnel
is actually an express train coming towards you.

Julius Malema is on his way to England and when you look who he is going to meet and address there, then it certainly raises a few eyebrows…Royal Institute of International Affairs, Oxford Union, Pan African People’s Movement in Tottenham, and attend the African Enterprise Awards at the London Capital Club…all affiliated or connected to Rhodes/Milner’s Round Table Group.
Malema’s UK visit “sends a message”
Just exactly what message would that be?


The Slavonic Epic by Alphonse Mucha.

by Ryan Andrews

In my recent piece arguing that European ethnonationalists ought to think seriously about secession, especially in the face of Germany’s reckless immigration policy, I regret that I was not more explicit about one point: the idea of a Central European Union.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at least understands, and is willing to say so publicly, that Germany’s immigration policy is an existential threat to the European people. The governments of The Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland (where the governing center-Right party was recently defeated at the polls by a more Right-wing party) seem to agree. That is a start, but words must be followed by action, and for that to happen, ethnonationalists in those countries need to force the issue.


Michel Houellebecq: a boon to spellcheckers the world over.

by Brett Stevens

With Michel Houellebecq in the news for his novel, Submission, it makes sense to remember his roots. He has made his name writing about the tedium of modern life and fleeting glimpses of beauty, truth, and purity that tempt people from it. His usually tragic characters cannot realize that beauty because of their broken psychologies and neuroses.

Houellebecq burst onto the scene in 1997 with Whatever, a cynically humorous book — think Louis-Ferdinand Celine or William Burroughs — about the failure of modern life. The characters struggle through pointless and boring jobs, alienating sexual relationships and dysfunctional families, all while wandering through a 21st-century dystopian wasteland that is both beautiful in its ruin and crassly plastic in the assumptions through which most people survive.


The old cloud/silver lining metaphor.

by Colin Liddell

The first point that has to be emphasized is that we don’t live in a humanist society, that is a society defined by what we like to think of as human characteristics – sentience, foresight, willpower, transindividualism, etc. We live in a society that is more bee-like, frog-like, or sheep-like – the blind hive mind and unthinking herd – that reacts without consciousness, without vision, without leadership, hierarchy, and direction.

This means that we are incapable as societies or as a civilization of doing our own thinking, therefore actions and events have to do our thinking for us – reconnecting us to the realities we constantly stray from.


Alternative Right's intermittent "Idiot of the Month" award is clearly much coveted in the world of politics. Only this could explain why so many politicians – people normally cleverer than their voters – try so hard to act ridiculous or make the most moronic statements possible. As the prize is a cashless one, with no financial reward, it is heartening to see such competitiveness in pursuit of mere honour, especially when the political class have been fiddling their expenses and taking bribes since as long as anyone can remember.


The Bataclan minutes before the terrorists struck.
Andy and Colin are joined by Ann Sterzinger to discuss the Islamist terrorist attack on Paris, and whether the West's negative culture of "freedom" will ultimately submit to the crude positivism of Islamism, or whether Europe will start to define itself positively and fight back.

Also discussed are Michel Houellebecq's novel Submission, about an Islamicized France of the near future.


Old story, new picture.

The internationalist Leftist elites that have ruled Europe since World War II have failed. They have failed not just by our high and exacting standards, but by their own low and sloppy ones. They have created the very world that they most feared, and generated a situation that even they are now coming to realize is unsustainable and impossible.

If they don’t realize now, then it won’t take too many more years to enlighten them. All that they hold dear – gay rights, women’s lib, abortion-on-demand, the moral free-for-all, welfarism, gender equality, and even racial equality – now hangs by a thread, all because their great game plan is coming unstuck.

They thought that the way to win total victory in the great cultural and ideological war with the old conservative order was to destroy it with multiculturalism, a perfect strategy because it was something that could only be fought against with racism, parochialism, and a rejection of the global economy – all things that had been stigmatized beforehand. The old order was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The more they fought back the more the Left could screech the dreaded R-word and their other incantations and intimidate their naive and befuddled opponents. Fish being shot in a barrel would have put up stiffer resistance.


Richard Spencer

OCTOBER 31, 2015, 10 AM — 9 PM

I had the good fortune of being able to attend my first NPI conference, which took place on this last All Soul’s Eve, or Halloween—a fact cheaply exploited by liberal media hacks.

According to NPI’s President and CEO, the charming and mild-mannered Richard B. Spencer, the media reported attendance at upwards of 175, including a rather unprecedented number of Millennials (those under 30). It was refreshing to see so many young faces, who, despite the mass pressure from the politically correct, the education system, and social media, have apparently developed a healthy skepticism of what they have been told, something that favors dissident modes of thought. It is heartening to see this group developing a modicum of self-interest that looks towards a post-capitalist and post-liberal America. In short, they have been "red-pilled," which was one of the themes – or memes – of the conference. Happily, there were also many women in attendance.


by Colin Liddell

One of the most interesting and original political movements to arise in Italy in recent years is CasaPound Italia (CPI). Depending on which point you view them from in the old political spectrum, the group either repackages Right-wing extremism for a younger generation or simply beats the hard Left at its own “revolutionary” game but in pursuit of traditionalist mainstream objectives like securing family, community, and nation against the forces of unrestricted globalism.


"Howdy!" says the lone white veteran in this unlikely gang of seven.

November 11 is Veteran's Day in the United States of America. According to a recent study conducted by the Veteran's Administration, a full 85.4 percent of U.S. military veterans are white males. God only know how many of those testosterone-afflicted, melanin-deprived "Ice People" were killed or maimed in the various conflicts in which America has seen fit to embroil itself since its Founding.


Image courtesy of the Daily Stormer.

This is going to be a serious article about The Daily Stormer and much more important related issues. No, really! It is. Of course, any article about what is in fact just a troll site is going to have to struggle to be serious, but I have steeled my heart and girded my loins for that struggle.

First off, let’s deal with my previous article, as it managed to trick most people. It was—in case you hadn't realized—a deferential tribute to the actual style of The Daily Stormer. Imagine my surprise and trollish joy when not only the low-tier supporters of the Stormer, the famous troll army, but the Anglins and the chief Anglin himself reacted with the same kind of buttchappery that they try to inflict on their own targets.


by Colin Liddell

The recent intervention of the Russians in Syria raised hopes among many in the Dissident Right that ISIS (a.k.a. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) would be swept away like dune dust, and President Assad restored to his adoring people. Since the Russians got involved, however, not much has really changed. Assad may be looking a little more stable and one or two villages may have changed hands, but the country remains a chaotic mess. Why, one wonders, is this the case?


Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader.

During my first interview with Robert Stark, Robert and I concurred that the best ideological platform would be an eclectic mix of Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader’s beliefs. We further discussed this stance when hanging out in SF, and Robert even requested that I dedicate a post to this issue. On account of the presidential campaign heating up, I figure that now is as good a time as any to honor his request and expand on this topic.


Andrew and the Anglins - the new anti-White trolling group.

Back in the wake of the Dylan Storm(er) Roof shootings, Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist Stephanie Saul contacted me because she was doing a hit piece on White Nationalism. Except it wasn’t a hit piece. Because the trouble with good things is that you can’t do hit pieces on them.
"Here are a bunch of White people who don’t want to be disempowered, turned into a minority, and then abused into extinction. How terribly, terribly evil!"
See how that works?


The following is an excerpt taken from a soon-to-be-published longer work by Andy Nowicki, tentatively titled Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance. 

So what are the makings of a true Reptilian, be he scaly-skinned in his authentic body, or merely cold-blooded in spirit?  

We must make distinctions. Not everyone said to possess “sociopathic” traits can be called a full-fledged Reptilian. It is not enough merely to be cruel, conniving, and empathy-deficient; one must also be smart, well-connected and utterly ruthless to qualify. To be sure, it helps to be born into a powerful bloodline, but failing that, there must be other ways to opt into the ruling reptoid caste. Of course, I must plead ignorance regarding how such matters fall out in their finer details; I have not had even the remotest brush with this phenomenon. Yet I comprehend, I think, the manner by which a person can grow overfond of the prospect of possessing something that he was previously sure he had to do without. In fact, even temporarily possessing something desirable, which one had forever previously felt destined to having to do without (and in the process, finding that one didn’t necessary have to do without it in the first place, as one had previously believed)can have a plainly intoxicating effect upon one’s soul.


One of these small, cute, furry creatures 
 is now Prime Minister of Canada.
by Alex Fontana

This Wednesday, November 4, 2015, Justin Trudeau became Canada’s 23rd Prime Minister, replacing the Cuckservative Stephen Harper, after a landslide electoral victory. The win restored the Liberal Party to its position as the prevailing political force in Canadian politics (they’ve governed Canada for roughly 70 percent of the last century), as the electoral swing towards them was the largest-ever numerical increase in Canadian election history, with the Liberals moving up from third position before the election (36 seats) to a dominating first (184 seats). 


One of Donald Trump's campaign claims is that he would make much better deals for America. Colin and Andy are joined by Alt-Right contributors Siryako Akda (Philippines) and Daniel Spaulding (Korea) to look at America's latest deal – the Transpacific Partnership, a major new trade treaty that aims to lower tariffs and impose common standards on a culturally diverse group of nations.


Bibi using his magic powers to turn Angela Merkel into Adolf Hitler.

As I have mentioned before (at least eight years before), Israel will lead the way in restoring Nationalism, which is a world order where boundaries are defined by the simultaneous shared ethnicity, culture, and values of a population.

Now to the dismay of liberals everywhere, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formalized that statement. In a brilliant act of statecraft that flew over the heads of mainstream media, Netanyahu both re-legalized the defense of an indigenous ethnic majority by a state, and announced his plans for Palestine:
Mr. Netanyahu said in a speech to the Zionist Congress on Tuesday night that "Hitler didn’t want to exterminate the Jews at the time, he wanted to expel the Jews." The prime minister said that the mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, had protested to Hitler that "they’ll all come here," referring to Palestine. 
"So what should I do with them?" Mr. Netanyahu quoted Hitler as asking Mr. Husseini. "He said, 'Burn them.'"