Many white nationalists and those on the dissident right have rightly pointed out the disgusting hypocrisy of many influential Western Jews. The same people who promote multiculturalism and denounce any manifestations of white identity unapologetically assert Israel’s right to exist as a “Jewish state.”


by Colin Liddell

If not a hard on, I've got at least a soft spot for Rachel Maddow.

Ever since she picked up on my article Holocaust Amnesia Day, and propelled it to undying international fame sometime last year, I've suspected that our destinies may be conjoined in some dark and intimate way. There is definitely a certain synergy between Ms. Maddow's show and the Alternative Right.

I guess we need repellent Liberals like her on the mainstream media to stampede decent people towards us and break the yellow tape that has been strung around our deeply taboo views; while she and her ilk need us to practice their two main skills of pointing and sputtering. In view of her perfectly legitimate sexual preferences and practices, you could even say that we need each other as much as dykes need dildos.


by Colin Liddell

The role of geopolitics and the interests of powerful nations and groups — especially where they coincide or enter into a kind of equilibrium — are constantly underestimated in self-determination, nationalistic, and other political struggles.

The Kurds, for example, despite an overwhelming need and just cause for their  own state, and the apparent divisions of their neighbours, are going to find it extremely difficult to achieve statehood as long as the three dominant groups surrounding them — Turkey, the Arabs, and Iran (along with their superpower backers) — stand to lose equally by this process.


Andy and Colin discuss the various ways in which the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is being interpreted, and how mysteries like this become "Rorschach tests" eliciting subjective responses and a wide array of theories, some far-fetched, some more plausible.


To properly engage with his subject requires both confidence and willing vulnerability on an artist's part. Thus, an artist’s best work is often accomplished when the ravages of age cause him to fear that he may have exceeded his arbitrarily-assignedbut no less real and ever-loomingexpiration date. Cockiness born of the arrogance of youth is replaced by the easier, more graceful self-mastery which can only derive from, and consequently be tempered by, a sobering awareness of one’s undeniable limitations, itself a scarcely-avoidable by-product of aging.

Take the vintage Gen-X band, Bon Jovi. BoJo's most popular fare derives from their glory days in the 80s, when this lite-metal act soared to stadium-packing success, fueled by the singer's good looks and the band's generally formulaic but intermittently catchy brand of radio-friendly pop.


by Brett Stevens

We live in an age of trends. For this reason, people are constantly inventing new "movements" which claim to be different, but are at a logical level identical to the older ones. By "at a logical level," I mean comparing the structure and function or their ideas and not their surface appearance. Appearance is always misleading and geared toward concealing the fundamental sameness of things.

Currently the roiling trend on the internet is movements like the "Dark Enlightenment," "Neo-reaction" and "red pill" as well as various "third way" movements. Each proclaims itself to be a new and untested idea, knowing that its audience craves novelty. And yet, if you dig below the level of appearance and look at the structure of the arguments of each group, you find something very far from new.

However, these groups have a lot vested in not admitting this. First, they are saturated in the media of a time that demonizes certain beliefs as ignorant and bad. Second, they would lose their novelty, and thus their reason to exist as independent profit-producing entities (generally through advertising revenues from blogs). And finally, they'd take an ego hit, and who wants to do that?


Never forget the atrocity of this photo.

Perhaps some of you have seen this picture before. It is a 'class activity' that sees a black man in traditional dress putting a group of White children into a slave yoke and parading them around a classroom. A white male supervisor wearing a shirt that reads "so, so sorry" (not "so-so sorry") stands and watches to ensure obedience on the part of the students.

It is a frightening image, for it shows the radical agenda of the powerful 'progressive' left at their most unguarded. Here we see our children, our future, indoctrinated to hate and destroy the fruits of hundreds, even thousands years of sacrifice and toil. These children are taught that their ancestors were evil slavers, genocidal maniacs, bigots, ethnocentrists, violent hateful monsters, enemies of humanity; anathema to all that is considered, 'good' in our enlightened age.


In any complex situation, like that in the Ukraine, it is important to look at things from a variety of perspectives. As usual, the cartoon-like Western narrative is horrendously over-represented, but thankfully the Russian narrative is not entirely neglected, not least through Russia Today, a host of sympathetic nationalist websites and Facebook pages, and even metapolitical gimmicks like the Natalia Poklonskaya internet meme! The Ukrainian nationalist viewpoint, however, remains almost totally obscured, except where it happens to coincide with that of the West.

Recently, to counter this information vacuum, the UKRAINIAN NATIONALISM/THIRD POSITION blog was set up, supplying information in English. Anyone who wishes to have a more rounded view of the situation is recommended to at least to follow this blog, bearing in mind, of course, that it will probably have some of its own understandable biases.


by Henry Dampier

The West is in a crisis surrounding a general collapse in social trust. Rather than focusing too much on the macro political situation, I would rather explore the consequences of this at the personal level.

Unlike when my grandfathers were working, or when my father worked, it is common for employees to distrust their bosses and their co-workers. There is no sense that the company exists for the long term benefits of its stake-holders. At a far lower level of technology and gross profitability, employees even at the lower level could expect to advance their careers within the same corporation for their entire lives. My grandfather was not an executive — he was a simple accountant at General Electric — but his retirement package ultimately made him a multimillionaire. He lived modestly for most of his life, did not work long hours, and raised two children.


Sympathy for him? No way? Way.
by Andy Nowicki

Ding, dong. Fred Phelps, leader of the notorious Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, is dead.

The demonically devout hyper-Calvinist who, with the help of his sadistic minions, gleefully taunted many an AIDS victim’s family with placards reading “God hates fags,” will not be missed by many. Indeed, Phelps—whose tiny denomination took such ghastly relish in assailing grieving Army widows with the news that their deceased husbands now dwell in Hell—occupies a unique position on the contemporary landscape; for the last decade, he has enthusiastically played the role of uber-troll, one whose very raison d’etre was apparently to alienate, enrage, and upset as many people as possible.


UKIP - the image is sharper than the reality.

by Jack Buckby

I know this title sounds a little far fetched for someone on the right of politics, but I absolutely believe that it is true. By no means am I suggesting that the Labour Party is good for Britain – quite the obvious actually – but what I am suggesting is that UKIP’s presence on our political landscape is adding to the problems of multiculturalism, political correctness and self hatred that have largely been implemented under Tony Blair’s Labour government.


Writing for Cato Unbound, Mark Weiner, author of The Rule of the Clan, recently made several correct observations about the problem of reconciling statelessness or “small government” with American conceptions of individual liberty.

Many of my readers tend toward libertarianism, and I favor libertarian ideas by default. As a natural-born American, it’s in my DNA. You know what I’m talking about.

However, I also think it’s important to look at how the State makes this swaggering self-conception of the romantic one-against-all rugged individualist possible, and how this modern anti-clannishness actually makes the individual more dependent on the modern State.


There are many theories about Racism-as-intended-stigma. Many on the nationalist side view it as part of an evil conspiracy by a shady bunch of hook-nosed gentlemen to weaken a competing ethnic identity. Others see it as part of a selfish conspiracy by business leaders to boost globalism and immigration with a view to depressing the wages of the White working class.

Both of these explanations, as well as others, have elements of plausibility and may even be true at a certain level, but attributing the motive force of Racism to these is rather like believing a car's power comes from its wheels rather than its engine.

To understand Racism you have to step outside it – pretty hard to do because in the modern West it now envelops us – and look at it in its entirety and historical context.

To understand Racism you also have to also step inside it: open up the word and delve inside – also pretty hard to do because in the modern West the word seems to have an obviousness that makes deeper explanations seem willfully pedantic.


Matt Forney

Naiset, aion kertoa teille jotakin, mikä järkyttää ja suututtaa teitä ja saa teidät nimittelemään minua vaikka miksi, mutta ette voi kiistää sen paikkansapitävyyttä.

Halutessaan kuka tahansa mies voisi raiskata ja/tai tappaa teidät, ettekä mahtaisi sille yksinänne mitään.


By Andy Nowicki

(Note: the following excerpt is from an upcoming autobiography and literary treatise, which concerns the artist's moral responsibility to challenge our debauched Zeitgeist and to spit aesthetic defiance into the faces of his would-be cultural controllers, in as exquisitely compelling a manner as possible... see also Alt Right Art.)

And now, being a happily married middle-aged man with two lovely children, I find myself more perplexed than ever concerning my native-born antisexualism. As a writer, I am compelled to explore sexual themes in a manner that takes seriously their appeal while at the same time rejecting the rampantly “hedonistic,” relentlessly pro-sexualist perspective one finds so ubiquitously in our current state of aesthetic and cultural degeneracy. How does one pick one’s way through this sweaty swamp, finding a balance somewhere between sterile and irritatingly ironic distance on the one side and prurient debasement on the other? How can sex become an aspect of a writer’s aesthetic, complete with an acknowledgement of its undeniable allure, without this concomitantly leading to a seeming out-and-out endorsement of what one portrays? How can one write erotically, eschewing prudery and rejecting cringing, cowardly euphemism, without one's prose becoming unseemly and pornographic as a result?


There have always been doubts about just who Laibach are and what they are up to. First who are they? The band is a collective so it is never too clear where “who” ends, although it seems to begin with Milan Fras, the doom-laden vocalist who chants and growls rather than sings most of their lyrics.

Next, what are they up to? This question often crops up as the Slovenian collective often plays with Communistic and Fascistic imagery. This might seem a little edgytarian to those of us from the more Beatlesque or Miley Cyrusy parts of the cosmos, but let’s not forget that Slovenia, the band’s homeland, was, is, and has been perched much closer to the great Fascist/Communist fault line that ran through Europe for most of the 20th century. Any musician from those parts who doesn’t reflect that in their music and style is probably making a conscious effort not to.

Given the fact that the Western music industry and media have always been hard liberals, Laibach have needed to hedge their bets when operating outside their local area by throwing in a little bit of cognitive dissonance – e.g. taking the piss out of NATO (a low cost solution for them) – and by allowing everything they do to be taken ironically.

But what if they actually were . . . ulp . . . evil fascists?!

Well, that wouldn’t matter too much, as they are officially “weird and foreign.” I guess you could call this taking advantage of their “Slovenian Privilege.”

From this unique niche, over three decades they have been able to follow their ominous jack-booted muse down a dank, electro-industrial passage that has by default increasingly come to echo the dissonant hum and sense of foreboding that lies at the heart of the Neu-Europa, a much troubled continent, where the past glowers with increasing anger at the present, and where the future hatches dark plans of its own.

Their new record Spectre is a further development of this dynamic. Jaunty opening track The Whistleblowers has been interpreted as a reference to the Snowden affair, but is much more an evocation of the kind of teamwork, toughness, and group-mindedness that seems like a nostalgic yearning in the present atomized age. This is highlighted in the excellent and inspiring video for the track.

This interpretation is strengthened by the second track, the squalling electro of No History. Over a cacophonous swirl, Fras and a female singer – possibly Anja Rupel – chant and sing lyrics like, “Use the wisdom of ancient sages/ Call out for heroes/ Who will be the creed/ Of a new political faith.”

The only disappointment is when they throw in a mention of Occupy Wall Street, but even this is left hanging ambiguously by the next line – “And judge the intentions of those we don’t trust.”

Having pointed the finger in this way, Laibach switch back into obfuscation mode with the next track, the industrial computer game pop of Eat Liver! a frenetic, ugly creature that scuttles and buzzes like a radioactive cockroach on amphetamines. Never mind who controls Wall Street. What about the rampant promotion of the ass-munching antics of lesbians, gays, and, yes, straights that the title phrase (possibly) refers to?

While you’re still disoriented by this and starting to think, in some deep, dark nebulous way, that, yes, Liberalism really is an irredeemable evil, the title of the next song Americana, allows a negative association to form, although the gothicky pop, laced with choral and string effects, is pure “Europeana,” like a lost soundtrack from a spaghetti space Western.

We Are Millions And Millions Are One is a duet between the unlikely couple of Fras and his female comrade, and the closest thing to a love song on the album. It brings things almost to the banal, setting the stage for Eurovision to unleash its glacial menace and apocalyptic message of European disintegration. This is clearly stated – “Europe is falling apart” – and reiterated over a track that noticeably develops a little Middle Eastern swagger and truncates the last line to Europe is falling!

With lyrics like “In the absence of war/ We are questioning peace/ In the absence of god/ We all pray to police” you would literally have to be a wilful moron or simply a Liberal music journalist to miss the fact that this album is a serious and sincerely felt critique of Europe and modernity, and not some post-modern joke by a bunch of Slovenian pranksters. But even if it were, the fact that it resonates tells its own story.

Walk With Me and Bossanova show the outfit’s musical amplitude, throwing out a range of angular and unconventional sounds and lyrics larded with sinister references. In live shows Walk With Me is performed with marching feet on the screen behind the stage; while Bossanova has lyrics like: “Feed my hunger with poverty/ Feed my anger with children/ Feed my lust with bikini food/ Feed my ego with luxury/ I’m having a good time/And I want my nation to break down,” which almost reads like a haiku (or more correctly a tanka) of disenchantment with modern materialist society.

After hamming it up and plugging themselves into the electro pop of Resistance of Futile, Laibach make something of a statement by ending with a track called Koran.

The album’s title Spectre of course evokes the spectre of Communism from Marx and Engels’ 1848 The Communist Manifesto, but now, of course, Europe faces quite a different spectre, that represented by multiculturalism and the tolerance of demographically asymmetrical systems within the same state, namely the secular materialism, sexual egalitarianism, and anti-natalism of the West and the demographic dynamite of Islam and other Third World systems.

Again, one would have to be a complete moron or Liberal to avoid the simple logic of racial replacement that this entails. The track frames this dichotomy with a naive female voice mouthing the kind of feelgood platitudes on which liberalism is based over an aromatherapeutic music track: “I believe in a better world/ I believe in a better place/ I believe in brotherhood, equality and freedom/ I believe in happiness for all.”

Fras then undercuts this with his trademark growl as the music spirals into a darker place, intoning “Words are substance for tomorrow/ They are weapons of our mind/ Words can take us far away/ They will leave us all behind.” The duet is not so much between opposites as between one who is fully deluded (the typical Liberal) and the other, who is only half deluded but starting to awaken. Needless to say, such lyrics could only have been written by one who was fully awake.


The League of the South has put up a starkly striking billboard in downtown Tallahassee, Florida with a one word message: SECEDE.


The USA is becoming a bone fide police state, albeit a superficially benign one which retains many of the trappings of what is traditionally known as “freedom.” Though the vast majority of citizens (or more properly, subjects) of these United States (make that this United State) have no power to restrain their rulers’ rapacious appetites for plunder, graft, and outright murder, they are nevertheless permitted to criticize these propensities of the ruling class, with as much vitriol as they see fit, and with overall legal impunity. Indeed, pretty much anyone can mouth off about pretty much any major issue, brazenly taking the anti-establishment side, and can pretty much get away with it, after a fashion.


Traditionalists of the Alternative Right, or New Right, often find themselves bewildered when trying to explain how it is they consider themselves right-wing given what most people think when they think right-wing. There’s a feeling somewhere inside of us saying, “These are our people. With just a little nudge they might see the light.” But at the same time we embrace causes associated, for decades now, with the Left, such as: drug legalization, environmental concerns, anti-globalization, and crusades against factory farming that likely drive them away.


Aristokratia II
Edited by K.Deva
Manticore Press, 322 pages
Available for purchase from Amazon here

Reviewed by Colin Liddell

I haven't read the entire contents of the latest edition of this intellectual and deeply esoteric journal. It's simply not that kind of book – i.e. the kind you race through and then dash off a quick review.

No, if you want to dash off a quick review – and I do because this journal deserves wider attention – the only way to do it is to glean what one can from a partially digested reading of this rich psychic and intellectual feast and then string a few sentences together, which is what I have done here. To read it fully and properly will be the work of several years, many rereads, and much contemplation.


It's often said that war brings out the best and worst in people. But just supposing there's more worst than best, what can we expect to happen?

Now, as the Crimean crisis moves through its second week, there is tough talk aplenty and with the talk come the gestures – troops moved around like pieces on a Risk board, ships sailing nearer.

Can any of this mean anything?


TradYouth's Matt Parrott joins Andy and Colin to discuss "The Dark Enlightenment" and the way that the internet is radically changing our intellectual culture and views of the World.

By creating multiple fronts of attack, the Dark Enlightenment is successfully undermining Liberalism, the Progressive Paradigm, and the established media's "contained narrative."


Not quite as clear-cut as this.

by Max Musson

In recent days I have published two articles attempting to explain what is going on in Ukraine and the implications for White nationalists worldwide.

Events have since appeared to be spiralling out of control and following the realisation that back in 1994, Britain and the USA had signed a treaty with Ukraine guaranteeing her territorial integrity, there was a period over last weekend during which we were possibly on the brink of World War Three.

Thankfully, it appears that despite the bombastic rhetoric not even Cameron and Obama are stupid enough to declare war on Russia and all they have so far threatened Russia with are trade sanctions and political isolation. This moderate line reflects two things: firstly, that Western leaders have no stomach for a war with a country as well armed and economically powerful as Russia; and secondly, in their hearts they know that Putin has acted in a measured way to the growing crisis, taking only the minimum steps necessary in order to protect Russia’s vital strategic interests.


by Manuel Ochsenreiter & Natalya Bazhenova

An interview with Gennady Sivak, head of the "Social Patriotic Assembly of the Slavs" on the situation in the Crimea

Mr. Sivak, since in Kiev the so called “Maidan Movement” took power, the people in Eastern and Southern regions of Ukraine started organizing to defend themselves against the new pro-Western government in Kiev. What can you tell us about the situation in Crimea?

Sivak: Citizens of the Crimean Republic will never recognize the violations of the Constitution of Ukraine, the result of which was that the armed bandits came to power. On February 27 the Supreme Council of the Crimean Republic voted for this statement. Crimea does not recognize the Verkhovna Rada (National Parliament) of Ukraine.


The modern West is like a person whose brain lobes have been severed. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, and the two have different personalities. The right hand tries for health, but for every move it makes, the left hand moves more quickly to destroy.


by Andy Nowicki
In this video, a PSA sponsored by Planned Parenthood and geared toward the teenage set, a chirpy young woman named Laci Green mentions the kinky bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, and enthuses about the activities pertinent to BDSM—that is to say, “bondage, domination, sadism and masochism”—but hastens to add that there “certain rules” which ought to obtain when one chooses to partake in such frisky role-playing (i.e., “safe words” and such).


"Okay, I'll accept the charges"

by Colin Liddell

With the unfolding situation in the Crimea, we have now passed beyond polite diplomacy to the point of power projection. In nature this is equivalent to the moment when two alpha males cross each other's paths and start to square up. In those first few moments how each animal displays his power and confidence may be key to deciding the fight.

In the realm of international geopolitics, this projection naturally takes place through the media with the release of carefully worded statements and equally carefully selected imagery.


Taking a double-barreled approach

by Colin Liddell

What seems to be happening now in the Ukraine is one of the worst outcomes possible. Russia seems poised to take very risky action merely to maintain its dignity and status as a great power. This situation has come about frankly because Putin misread the situation and ended up investing his political capital in Yanukovych, who turned out to be the worst type of corrupt oligarch.

Perhaps it was impossible to find a virgin in the whorehouse of Ukrainian politics, which ties Nigeria for corruption, but perhaps something more could have been done.

The other mistake was alienating the ultra-nationalist and traditionalist forces in the Ukraine, as these provided the revolution with its spearhead. With them on his side, or at least neutral, Yanukovych would still be installing his gold toilets and diamond chandeliers in his latest palace.