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Liddell: I read your biographical memoir, Many Shades of Black. That was a fascinating account of political struggle from a very human perspective. However, to my mind, there seemed to be a bit of a gap between your fascinating description of life in post-Independence India, where you briefly worked in the chemical industry, and your active involvement in the Union Movement, following your return to the UK. What was the deciding moment or chain of events that turned you onto a nationalist course of action?


by Colin Liddell

Much of what happened in the recent US presidential election – ethnic minorities swinging the vote, the continuing lack of White consciousness and growing apathy – is perfectly understandable and fits well within what we already know.


(In a breathless, gushy, ingratiating voice): 
"You like this! You REALLY like this!" 
I am not stoical by nature, by temperament, or by habit. To my everlasting exasperation, I find that I continue to crave the applause, admiration, and approval of my fellow man. Horrifically enough, I still have hope for the future. I still cross my fingers, hold my breath, and get butterflies in my stomach when I anticipate the possibility of obtaining some manner of temporal success or victory in life. When someone pays me a compliment, I find my inner Sally Field – "You like me; you really like me!!" – annoyingly asserting herself. (Yes, the part of me that gushes in such a manner is unquestionably a woman.)

I have long held hardy, unyielding stoicism in the highest regard, but Epictetus I ain't. I talk a good game, and perhaps even project a convincing image, but deep down – well, not really even that deep down – I still cannot resign myself to reality with manful resolve. I find myself more often raging against the inevitable than accepting it.


Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell discuss the aftermath of the 2012 US Presidential Election, before (41 minute mark) moving onto the much more important topic of the latest Bond movie.

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Creating new states on the template of the old
will lead to the same problems.

by John Maelstrom

There’s a lot excitement right now about the recent outbreak of petitions on the White House website calling for secession. The latest news says there are petitions now for all fifty States, with Texas already collecting over 100,000 signatures. Wow!

On the surface this is fine. It’s even harmless fun. Nothing will come of it from this White House and it’s good to see people mentally moving in the right direction, according to my worldview.


The classic moronic gurn of the habitual teleprompter addict.

It is often remarked that Communism did the White race a major favour, helping to preserve it in its Eastern homelands, and that since its fall in 1989, those areas have become subjected to the same destructive tides of feminism, low-birth rates, and multiculturalism that have overwhelmed the West. At the same time we are supposed to be saddened that America has just returned an essentially Communist president. Is there not perhaps something of a paradox here?


"We have a moral debt to our ancestors, who bestowed upon us our civilization, and a moral obligation to the generations who will come after us." ~Russell Kirk

Vladimir Lenin is alleged to have said, "The worse, the better." The worse that socioeconomic conditions became in Russia, the more likely the people would be to turn against the Czarist regime and support the revolution. Something analogous may be occurring in the Western world today. Whites are facing the harsh reality of a shrinking living space, diminished economic opportunities, and higher taxes to support an ever-growing number of minorities. The material costs Whites endure now and in the decades ahead will increase their racial consciousness, but this alone will not arouse our people with revolutionary spirit. A true awakening demands far more than the recognition of the problem. It requires the will to implement the solution.

Solutions are fashioned to deal with problems, but if the solution is more expensive than the problem, then the problem simply remains the preferred outcome. It is with this mindset that Whites have observed the downfall of Western civilization. We deny the evils we face because every real solution necessitates great suffering for ourselves and for those who stand in our way. The path of deliverance is unacceptable to Whites and shall remain so until we acquire the virtue necessary to prioritize the interests of our people well before the interests of the Self and well before the interests of non-Whites. Only then will the solution cost Whites less than the problem and only then will we have the resolve to implement the solution. For a moral transformation of this magnitude to occur, we must reconnect our souls with eternity by vanquishing the false prophets of individualism and multiculturalism.