Recently a former actress by the name of Ashley Judd, who incidentally appeared nude in each of her remotely memorable roles, was on social media and accused opponents of her alma mater’s basketball team of cheating. While such verbiage is the common and even expected grousing during such matches, reaction to her general mantra “We wuz robbed!” came swift and withering.

Apparently several users of the Twitter messaging system were unconvinced Miss Judd was qualified to determine whether unsportsmanlike conduct had occurred and proceeded to let her know so using a variety of colorful metaphors. Her emotions in tatters, she appeared on national television to pan for cameras and unambiguously state in her sassiest tone, “…and by the way I am pressing charges!”

Throughout the land a legion of millionaires from Fox’s Bill O’Reilly to MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart nodded in agreement; they being the types who can afford free speech protection even absent that explicitly granted mere plebeians by the Constitution.


Encapsulating his view of the essence of politics, Vladimir Lenin famously asked “who, whom,” that is to say, what matters in power relationships is who does what to whom. Under the elaborate trappings of abstract, supposedly universal morals, this brutal and obscene maxim has long been the West’s primary operating principle in international affairs.

This week’s Washington-backed Saudi attack on the country of Yemen is a reminder of this cynical practice. Saudi warplanes, supplied with US intelligence data, began bombing Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, in an effort to dislodge the Shiite Houthi militias from their positions. A few weeks earlier these tribal mountain fighters had ousted Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Yemen’s puppet president, and seized control not only of the capital, but also of large swathes of the country.


It Follows, a brilliant new horror film by director David Robert Mitchell, has a curious distinction: it may be the most “sex-negative” movie ever made.

Self-aware yet irony-free, bathed in atmospheric dread, It Follows treads a careful course between the “slasher” films of the 70s and 80s, its most superficially obvious forebears, and the distancing, overtly “post-modern” spoofy self-referentialism embraced by Wes Craven’s Scream series. In the final analysis, however, It Follows belongs with a more elegant breed of cinematic pedigree, deserving to be considered among classics like Fred M. Wilcox’s Forbidden Planet and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, eerie films in which the source of the terror is never finally understood in an intellectual sense, but is rendered so primordially palpable on an emotional level that it haunts the viewer for days afterwards.


Pedophile politician and panderer to Pakistanis

Last week, the flag of Pakistan was raised at Rochdale Town Hall to celebrate Pakistan Day (held every year on the 21st of March, apparently.)

The flag was raised by the Mayor of Rochdale and the ceremony was attended by various local councillors and the local Labour MP, Simon Danczuk.

The Pakistani organiser of the event, Ghulam Rasul Shahzad, said: "It is about our heritage and providing information to the local community. It is also about our youngsters as well because they are the future." In response, the Labour MP said: "It is great that we have so many people of Pakistani origin in Rochdale."


In nature, one of the most numerous classes of organisms is that of parasites.

These creatures, instead of producing their own sustenance, draw it from others. They range from viruses to monkeys who steal food from others.

Parasitism can be observed in manipulative behavior as well. In city parks across the earth, grackles have learned a simple trick: pretend to have an injured wing or missing leg, and humans will take pity on you and toss over more food.


The worst act of Islamic terrorism was committed by America

Sixteen years ago today, the worst Islamic terrorist attack in history began, when a series of bombs exploded across a Christian European nation, causing billions of dollars of damage and killing several thousand people (more than died on 9-11). What is surprising is that this Islamic terrorist atrocity came from the launchpads of NATO missiles and the bellies of US and allied bombers.

Yes, sixteen years ago, the attack on Yugoslavia began. 

The declared reason was to stop "genocide" in Kosovo, a part of the Yugoslav state, and a complete lie as it turns out. Also, it should not be forgotten that in places where genocide actually happens – Rwanda, Darfur, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tibet, Palestine, and indeed parts of the West itself – the West does nothing. No, the terrorist attack on Yugoslavia had other reasons.


Affirmative Right chief editor Colin Liddell is joined by our Philippines-based contributor Siryako Akda to discuss the life and legacy of Singapore's founding father Lee Kuan Yew, who recently passed away at the age of 91, after presiding over a successful "fascist inspired" version of multiculturalism for several decades.

Among the topics discussed are Lee's Hakka Chinese background, his time in the UK, the history of South East Asia, Singapore's attempts at positive eugenics, the thalassocratic nature of South East Asia, and the influence of Confucianism on Lee's political outlook.


"Ever had the feeling you've been cheated?"Johnny Rotten

I have written about the internecine war between white youth of the 80s: “punk” vs. “metal.” That earlier article, this subject functioned as an as introduction to Duran Duran’s 2011 “neo-retro” album All You Need Is Now, summarized the differences thusly:
If you were a youth in the ‘80s—as some of us may be old enough to remember—you simply weren’t allowed to like both Metal and Punk at the same time. The sort of kids who were into Metal (who had the rest of us outnumbered, it always seemed) tended to be less thoughtful or reflective, and more swaggering and macho, while we “Punk” kids liked to style themselves as intellectual and artsy.

Ο ρατσιστικός φυλετικός πατερναλισμός των αριστερών «αντιρατσιστών»

του Keith Preston

Ένα πρόσφατο άρθρο από τον αριστερό ακτιβιστή και ερευνητή «ειδικό» σε θέματα «αντιφασισμού», Spencer Sunshine στο ‘Political Research Associates’ (που έχει επικεφαλής τον «πρώην» σταλινικό Chip Berlet και χρηματοδοτείται από το Ίδρυμα Ford, εκπρόσωπο της αριστερής πτέρυγας του καπιταλισμού) αξίζει να διαβαστεί γιατί είναι ένα άριστο παράδειγμα της παθολογίας, της παράνοιας, και της υποκρισίας που κυριαρχεί το συγκεκριμένο σκέλος της αριστεράς που ο «Sunshine» αντιπροσωπεύει.


"...trousers wide as the Black Sea..." - Nikolai Gogol 
Russia is an imperialist entity. By its very nature it is forced to be. By the way, an empire, in case anyone has forgotten, is a state that does not recognize boundaries. All the great empires have had this in common, an obliviousness of boundaries, especially when their "vital interests" are concerned. They will continue to grow until they became overstretched or face opposing forces, whereupon some attempt to establish "defensible boundaries" will be made.

The Roman Empire, for example, after being taught a lesson in manners by the fierce German tribes, fixed on the two greatest rivers of Europe as its boundaries. But behind those two front lines, which endured for hundreds of years, lay hundreds of other boundaries that had been trampled underfoot and forgotten. Yes, there are boundaries and boundaries, and, as with anything else, not all of them are created equal.

But back to Russia, a country that has never been able to sit quietly within a given skin. Where does this constant cracking and stretching of its husk come from? The most obvious cause is its geography. It has few if any natural boundaries. Its mountains are in the wrong positions and almost all its rivers flow in the inappropriate direction, being better suited for facilitating transport – and therefore invasion or expansion – than serving as useful limits between states.


This recent video of a mentally disturbed Black man being shot and killed by police on his own doorstep in Dallas is the latest SJW snuff movie to be doing the rounds. This kind of video is becoming increasingly common, not just because wherever you go people can instantly film stuff like this on their smart phones, but also because police are increasingly being required to wear body cameras. This trend towards greater surveillance is driven by the belief, widespread among Blacks and Leftists, that America’s police are acting in a “racist” way, and by the desire of police and Conservatives to show that they are “not.”

But the idea that a little surveillance and disclosure will clear things up is at best touchingly naive. No matter how White police act when arresting Blacks, Leftists and most Blacks are never going to be satisfied that there is a lack of “racism.” Racism is too nebulous and elastic a concept to ever be vanquished, even by the prospect of police officers arresting people nicely and respectfully, while smiling into the camera.


Apparently there’s been a thing much discussed on some manosphere sites lately, known as the “no fap challenge.” The animating conviction behind this campaign appears to be, put succinctly, that wanking is for wankers.

Satisfying oneself by one’s own hand causes one to lose needful ambition, it is asserted; spanking the monkey monkies with one’s manly vigor; jacking off jacks with one’s sense of proper determination and resolve; flogging one’s log saps a man of juice, leaving him a mere sap, devoid of substance. For the chronic masturbator, perpetual satiation leads to inescapable lethargy, which in turn keeps him mired in his loserific habits, stuck in a vicious cycle of interminable solitary self-loathing when he should be out slaying fierce dragons, rescuing foxy princesses, and otherwise getting busy.


This article by Spencer Sunshine of Political Research Associates (led by “former” Stalinist Chip Berlet and funded by the Ford Foundation, representatives of the left-wing of capitalism) is well worth reading because it’s an excellent illustration of the pathology, paranoia, and hypocrisy that dominates the particular strand of the hard left that “Sunshine” represents.

This guy is specifically arguing that “progressives” (whatever that means) should exclude from their midst not only the “far right” (presumably everything from moderate conservatives to Nazis) but also anyone from the left, libertarians, “people of color,” presumably gays, LGBTs, etc. that do not toe the leftist party line, or who are judged guilty by association. Sunshine puts his cards on the table to a much greater degree than most leftists. This actually works to our advantage because he’s allowing the “totalitarian humanists” to be seen for what they really are. The implicit racial arrogance of white leftism is also exposed. This guy is essentially taking it upon himself to decide how minorities should go about being minorities, and what is an appropriate range or mode of thought for “people of color.” This is standard white leftist racial paternalism.


It started off innocently enough, with a Matt Damon quote used by Richard Spencer to extol the beauty and tragedy of America's former WASP elite in his article Kiss Me I'm WASP Why I Can't Stand St. Patrick's Day.

But, unfortunately, those of Irish descent – and other non-WASPs – in the Radix comment boards kicked off and started breaking the internet furniture over the tricky questions of White identity and whether St. Patrick’s Day was a celebration of the underdog and manifestation of the untermensch.

Disturbingly for Spencer, this little tiff, by showing the fractiousness of Whites over something as basic as identity, calls into question the vision of a grand White nationalism that Radix and NPI favours.


The path of individualism (image courtesy of AllRiot).

In a West that declines as surely as the course of the sun, opponents of the incipient World State often define the modern situation as a dialectical struggle between collectivism on one side and individualism on the other. Usually "collectivism" is meant to define any manifestation of state power, be it fascism, communism, the liberal managerial state, or globalist technocracy, though many would expand the classification to include traditional religious institutions and even the family.

What is less clearly defined is "individualism," a slippery term that means different things to different people. Popular opinion holds that "individualism" is the ability to choose and follow one's desires for self-expression, be it spending one's money how one prefers or something more trivial such as dying one's hair blue.


"An angel came to me and said: ‘O pitiable foolish young man! O horrible! O dreadful state! Consider the hot burning dungeon thou art preparing for thyself to all eternity, to which thou are going in such career’ I said: ‘perhaps you will be willing to shew me my eternal lot & we will contemplate together upon it and see whether your lot or mine is most desirable"
—William Blake
We—as a people—have no spiritual identity. Not that pan-Europeans lack spiritual impulse, or spiritual distinctions—we have all that, from New Age to Calvinism—what we lack is an identity of ourselves as a cohesive group of mutually respecting believers: a spiritual identity that encloses all of us as members of our Folk. And it has been to our detriment—it took a long time coming, granted—but we now face a withered future. Shriveled in spirit, shriveled in self-respect, shriveled in unity. We are decaying, spiritually, and have been doing so for a long time (almost 2000 years)—what’s more, it is just getting faster and faster—take the last 60 years as a mere foretaste of what’s coming.


A cup of tea, how very British!

You'll probably have heard the expression "two cheeks of the same arse" to describe the false political dichotomy of two "centrist" parties offering themselves up to the electorate and producing the usual effluence.

This is almost always the case in US elections, and it has certainly been the case in UK elections, where the "centre right" Conservative Party and the "centre left" Labour Party typically contest power. Except that it's not really power, because whichever party gets in, only gets in by twisting itself into whichever awkward shape conforms best to the dimensions of the crucible of power.


Buddy Holly: a nerdy knight of faith.

A corrupt age views innocence as an essential absence; that is to say, as a state of being “not guilty.” Since all ages are corrupt, to varying degrees, we never quite apprehend innocence for what it truly is: a positive presence.

Philosophy, after all, teaches that man’s telos is the Good; if this is so, then the condition of innocence can’t simply be dismissively consigned to the silly naivety of childhood, while “knowledge” and “wisdom” get to be associated with an individual’s embracing of the corruption that invariably attends maturity, thus demonstrating his complicity with that which spoils his innocence.

In truth innocence is wisdom, and corruption is folly, NOT the other way around.


I have never visited CasaPound myself. What I know about that Roman movement was learnt through books, articles, but also through friends’ testimonies who have had the chance to go to Rome and experience first hand this movement. More importantly, what I am writing on today is based on two interviews I carried with authors linked to CasaPound (Gabriele Adinolfi and Adriano Scianca) and the lecture and subsequent meeting with CasaPound’s French spokesman Sébastien.

On February 28th, Sébastien, along with two leaders of the student association Blocco Studentesco gave a lecture in Montreal about CasaPound, its goals, its methods. After the lecture, I had the chance to speak at length with Sébastien to explicit some points his lecture had not answered.

The purpose here is not to discuss CasaPound’s ideas or objectives. This neofascist group defends ideas that are rooted in Italian history and would seem out of place in North America. The focus of this essay is on the methods used by CasaPound to achieve the success it is now achieving and to highlight the ones that could be imported here in order to build a strong alternative movement.


I don't know if anyone else noticed it, but there was a hint of desperation in the tone of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's recent speech to Congress. It was as if he could sense a chill wind blowing through the Middle East, and see what it portended for his precariously perched state.

To many, the speech may have looked like an act of imperiousness or paranoia, America's "Jewish overlord" accepting the fealty of his AIPAC-trained minions – US Congressmen, no less – while calling for the same kind of American (and allied) overkill that reduced Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan to basket cases.


With the latest news reports out of the UK, Feminists across the West have yet another reason to denounce the evils of "manspreading," the practice whereby men sit on public transport with their legs somewhat apart. This is because it has been revealed, yet again, that hundreds of English girls have been groomed, drugged, raped, branded, tortured, and abused by Muslim gangs in yet another English town, this time Oxford:
"Such was the nature of the sexual exploitation and abuse suffered by the girls, who all had backgrounds in care, that it was likened to torture. The abuse took place in Oxford, in a guest house or in parks and churchyards, and the girls were plied with drugs and subjected to gang rape and sexual atrocities for more than eight years between 2004 and 2012."


Not too long ago, Stratfor released one their usual forecasts on long term trends and possible events affecting the entire world. With regards to Europe, this is what they have to say:
“The diversity of systems and demographics that is Europe will put the European Union's institutions under severe strain. We suspect the institutions will survive. We doubt that they will work very effectively. The main political tendency will be away from multinational solutions to a greater nationalism driven by divergent and diverging economic, social and cultural forces. The elites that have crafted the European Union will find themselves under increasing pressure from the broader population. The tension between economic interests and cultural stability will define Europe. Consequently, inter-European relations will be increasingly unpredictable and unstable.”
And then for the United States:
“The United States will continue to be the major economic, political and military power in the world but will be less engaged than in the past. Its low rate of exports, its increasing energy self-reliance and its experiences over the last decade will cause it to be increasingly cautious about economic and military involvement in the world. It has learned what happens to heavy exporters when customers cannot or will not buy their products. It has learned the limits of power in trying to pacify hostile countries. It has learned that North America is an arena in which it can prosper with selective engagements elsewhere. It will face major strategic threats with proportional power, but it will not serve the role of first responder as it has in recent years.”
Conclusions, like these, are certainly interesting, and may even be greeted with joy and enthusiasm by nationalists and dissidents from different races and backgrounds. However, it is important to remember that such predictions are also often associated with notions of Western decline by ordinary people. An increasingly isolationist Western World is usually interpreted as one that is stagnating or going downhill.


"Democracy in decline" or "Democracy is decline"?

by Brett Stevens

If you listen to the usual voices for (leftist-slanted) news, you will hear the beginnings of a disturbing refrain: democracy is in decline. Those voices are arguing this so that they may claim to be the underdog, because victimhood is the only justification for power recognized by liberalism, and so they can return to the argument that worked for them so well from 1861-1969, which was that they were bringing democracy, freedom and equality to a world under the control of evil blue meanies who opposed such things from fear, hatred, and other surrogates for inherent evil.