Journalists employed for the express purpose of writing hit pieces are immediately in an unenviable spot, rhetorically speaking.

The person or group of people they’re assigned to smear, ridicule, and deride is obviously considered loathsome and contemptible by their bosses, which is why the journos in question have been sent to do their hack jobs in the first place.


Absolutely, bloody fascinating!! Two stories crop up at the same time and they dovetail beautifully. They both involve Africans, boats, and the "nastiness" of Whites, but in such odd, interesting, opposite and complementary ways that one can only rock back in one’s chair and let the wind whistle slowly between one's teeth.

The Daily Mail reports that fourteen Caribbean nations are attempting to sue Britain, Holland and France for the transatlantic slave trade; while over in the Mediterranean the main news is the terrible drowning of hundreds of immigrants sailing from Africa in the waters off Malta.


by Albert Brenner

I have been asked many times to write a column about Afrikaner identity. It's a task I have always dreaded, for it will need to also involve examining questions like: can an atheist be an Afrikaner? Similarly, can an English-speaking white South African be an Afrikaner? Can Afrikaner political parties not supporting self-determination still be called "Afrikaner"? Or even: can non-whites be Afrikaners? Any honest elucidation of (the) Afrikaner identity must also include the less savoury aspects of said people. But then; nobody is perfect. That said, here goes…

Afrikaner identity, like all others, is comprised of three distinct, yet intimately intertwined aspects: the individual, the collective and the nation.


Rihanna: three orifices held together by an intermediate biomorphic mass.

I've never really seen what all the fuss is about Rihanna, who is apparently the world's biggest pop star or thereabouts. Her music is...yawn! But she's a chick, so the quality of her choons is probably a matter of secondary importance. Her success must be based mainly on her looks and vibe, but even here I can't quite see it. She has a juvenile-looking face that probably appeals to paedos, plus what looks like a serious underbite and rather too capacious a forehead for her chosen profession.

It's very hard being a pop star of colour, especially if the "colour" is Black, due to White privilege and racism. No, don't laugh! It's true! ...At least if you're a pop star.