"Hello? Yes, let me tell you something about this Andy Nowicki fellow..."

Note: I composed the missive below after it came to my attention that fellow faculty members at my college were receiving phone calls from a supposed "reporter," who, in addition to asking probing questions clearly intended to uncover dirt on your humble—and exceedingly virtuous and remarkably dirt-free correspondent—was also eager to "out" me as an undesirable sort of person, obviously unfit to collect a salary at any self-respecting institution of higher learning, based upon my writings at this site and elsewhere. 

I don't at present have any further information concerning this caller's identity, or the group he represents. For reasons I won't go into here, I have no real fear concerning my continued gainful employment (though one never knows... and if anyone is inclined to pray for my family in this regard, I certainly wouldn't object!). At the same time, I feel it is important to expose the low, treacherous methods of those who would blacklist everyone who begs to differ from the enforced beliefs of the age, forcibly marginalizing, terrorizing, and impoverishing all those who find themselves "on the wrong side of History." 

It was with these considerations in mind that I addressed my colleagues thusly in the following general email:  


"I'm a Belieber" – Justin Bieber pays his respects.

by Colin Liddell

April is a big month in the calendar of Yasukuni, the shrine in downtown Tokyo dedicated to the souls of all those who have died in the service of the Japanese Emperors since the Meiji Revolution. It is therefore also a big month for making a fuss about the enshrinement of a group of men, who since the post-War trials carried out by the US occupation forces, have been called "war criminals."

Aside from the quaint notions that war should be some kind of sport played by gentlemen and that "war criminals" can only come from the losing side, Yasukuni Jinja never fails to create major misunderstandings between Japan and the West, misunderstandings that are quickly latched onto by interested parties in North East Asia who probably know a lot better.


Dear Children of the Cathedral, gather around and hear my tale.

Thus begins the camp-fire story of many a post-Enlightenment father, waving a flashlight under his chin while teaching his adopted Haitian children the evils of latent European "racism".  With every spooky vibrato he instills in them the prejudice and conviction of a new religious order:

"Once a year, when the moon is right, evil phantoms descend onto a Tennessee State Park, to utter their wicked incantations and pray to the long-dead gods of their ancestors..." 


Some people wonder why the "YES" campaign for Scottish independence is fast gaining ground, even though all the newspapers oppose it, and why even the Cornish want to be recognized as a separate nationality. But the sad truth is that "British" and "Britain" are terms now held in such deep contempt and loathing that you might find yourself sneering, spitting, and laughing all at the same time when you hear the words.

The latest news out of the absurdistan of the modern multicultural UK – "by appointment to Third World colonization," Royal and Ancient poodle of America, and septic isle set in a silver sea of EU regulation – is that you can now be arrested for the evil, satanic thoughtcrime of...wait for it...quoting Churchill.


If the likes of John Robb, Martin Van Creveld and William S. Lind are correct about their predictions about 4th Generation Warfare and the declining fortunes of the nation state then it’s only a matter of time before modern mass society will undergo certain changes as well. Should their predictions come true, then, it's important to consider how such changes might affect existing perceptions about politics and power.

Among the most important of these perceptions, I think, is how people look at mass movements as instruments of political and social change. Mass movements are one of the most defining characteristics of modernity, liberal democracy, and egalitarianism.


In the latest installment of the Alt-Right Podcast, Andy and Colin tackle the latest Hollywood scandal, involving allegations of pedophile homosexual rape made against "X-Men" director Bryan Singer and a number of other Hollywood insiders.


A young Ralph Vaughan Williams 

April must surely be the most English of months. Not only is it the month when our countryside, our gardens and public parks seem to burst into life, April also witnesses the festival of the patron saint of England, St. George as well as the anniversary of the birthday of the worlds’ most famous poet and playwright, the English Bard himself ; William Shakespeare.

There is another factor which one might interpret as being a significant contribution to the undying spirit of the English nation; a piece of music which is simple in its composition but stunning, almost divine, in its performance.


In my previous dispatch, I attempted to connect the dots between the sexual revolution, rampant feminist-based societal misandry (that is, man-hatred), and the PUA “Game” culture. In such circumstances, I argued, the only self-respecting choice is to opt for celibacy, or at the very least, for defiant chastity. The nature of the human male is now commonly understood to be naught but low, base, and oversexed; men are regarded as piggish and bestial when it comes to carnal matters, and while this perception admittedly often corresponds with reality, I wonder how much of it is due to the fact that we have been trained to be just such pigs, that we have been willfully debased by the overseers who rule the gynocentric dystopia we currently inhabit.


Vladimír Putin – krizový manažer
Autor: Colin Liddell

Události posledních dní na východě Ukrajiny vyvolávají záplavu otázek. Co se děje a proč ruští nacionalisté s neoficiální podporou Moskvy obsadili vládní budovy v řadě měst a vztyčili v nich barikády? Plánuje Putin anexi východní Ukrajiny?

Budeme snad – století od šílenství 1. světové války – znovu svědky série drobných eskalací vedoucích na cestu, po níž chce jít jen málokdo?


"I'm ready"

by Gilbert Cavanaugh

As is often the case with my writing, this will start with John Derbyshire. He introduced me to the concept of writing a column "just so you can forever after refer people to it. ‘Oh, that subject/ point/ complaint/ theory/ argument? I tackled/ countered/ responded to/ exploded/ demolished that back in July '11—here’s the link." Although it is not even close to the summer of 2011, this piece will serve the exact same function as The Derb described.

Is it all going to end?

Will the "hate bubble" burst? Will American military hegemony finally collapsedisintegrate because of something happening somewhere? Or maybe monetizing the debt over and over again coupled with an overblown welfare state will be what causes a collapse of America. Perhaps the flood of non-White immigration – combined with the low birthrate of Whites and the general dysgenic state of the US – will do it. There are of course environmental concerns as well: global warming, peak oil, all that stuff. And of course the outside chance of nuclear war, perhaps brought about by a well-timed terrorist attack.


Of the various forms of far-rightist, a personality type keeps emerging. It is not inherent to rightism, but rather to any marginalized belief that is also messianic.

In this personality type, the mind becomes fixated on a perceived truth, for example the notion that The JewsTM control the world and are behind the downfall of the West. What becomes important then is bringing this idea to others. So important that all conversation must relate to the idea.


Mr. Gudenus, you are considered as an Russia expert and a friend of Moscow. Where does this new – perhaps old – fear of Russia come from?

Gudenus: The fear is still based on the stereotypes of the Cold War, sometimes even on the experiences from the Second World War.

The Second World War ended in 1945 and the Cold War in 1989...

Gudenus: But the anti-Russian sentiments are still very easy to reactivate, as we can see. It is interesting that especially the liberal and left media is currently agitating loudly against Moscow. And they are precisely the ones who like to accuse others of being prejudiced or xenophobic...


A Swede in the advanced stages of Swebola.

by Colin Liddell

You’ll have heard of Ebola, the deadly African virus that constantly threatens to break out and sweep all before it on the Dark Continent. Less well known is an even more deadly virus that is already sweeping across the continent of Europe and the West in general. It is deadly because it is still little understood. Indeed, this article represents the first time that anybody has even bothered to give it a name –Swebola.

Just as the symptoms of Ebola are terrible – severe abdominal pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, unbearable headaches, multiple organ failure, mucous membrane haemorrhaging, and necrosis – so the signs of Swebola are equally horrifying. These include a complete loss of self-respect combined with smug arrogance, severe masochism, intense gender confusion, deep loathing for one’s own race and culture, a self-destructive urge to pay heavy taxes in order to be surrounded by the most dysfunctional elements of the Third World, and a psychopathic horror of free speech. In particularly severe cases it may even manifest as an urge to be gang-raped, murdered, and set on fire, followed by a wish to ‘forgive’ the perpetrators from beyond the grave.


The video posted above will function as a kind of vividly colorful Rorschach blob. Your reaction to it will, I'm afraid, prove to be utterly predictable, regardless of who you are—at least in the vast majority of cases. As with all Rorschachs, what you see is what you get; which is to say, what you "get" is limited by the ideological horseblinders you have chosen to wear.


Are Europeans turning into Elois?
by Paul Weston

Britain is a very odd place these days. We are being subjected to what amounts to a racial and cultural war against us, yet our politicians refuse to talk about it, and the overwhelming majority of the indigenous population seem too cowed and fearful to force the politicians to not just recognise the problem, but to actually do something about it.

Consider the story regarding the rapist Mawawe Ibraham Karam and what it tells you about the cultural and social fabric of England. Karam is an illegal immigrant from Sudan who attacked and raped a drunken indigenous English girl in Nottingham earlier this year. Despite the clear distress of the girl, any number of passers-by ignored her predicament, as did local taxi drivers.

Viewed in isolation, this is just a drearily predictable end of a night out in the modern Britain built around liberal/ left values. “Empowered” girls too drunk to control their own lives; predatory third-world immigrants taking advantage of them and a mass of timid, cowardly Brits too scared to confront a rapist — and so lacking in basic decency they would not help the victim even after the rapist had fled the scene.


by Ave Maria

The Indian tradition has handed down us the knowledge that we are living in the Kali Yuga, the most degenerate age where the world is on the verge of collapse. What will happen in the final stages of this Yuga? The Mahabharata, the ancient Indo-Aryan epic known as the largest book ever written, contains several well-known prophecies, for example, "shudras will expound the scriptures" and "people will without compunction destroy trees and gardens." These prophecies are widely available in essays and books about the Kali Yuga. Less well-known are the object-lessons given at the end of the Mahabharata's fifth book, just before the great war that transitioned the world from the previous Dvapara Yuga to the current Kali Yuga.

A teacher of mine, who has read the entire Mahabharata in Sanskrit, once remarked that parts of it seem to have been written with the modern reader in mind, notably the monologues of the low-caste character Karna. This may sound somewhat unlikely, given the age of the Mahabharata, but a close reading of the end of the fifth book shows a remarkable relevance to the modern condition that gives the ring of truth to my teacher's statement. Although it portrays conditions at the end of the Dvapara Yuga, I think it is meant to reflect on what conditions will be like at the end of the Kali Yuga.


by Balaclava Dog

"Greetings from New Republic of Slaviyansk-Dogtopia! We have seized control of local dog pound from forces loyal to evil cat-loving Kievan Junta, namely dirty squirrel called Boris.

We assert sovereign right of local Russian dog to piss on fire hydrant and stick head out of tractor window on freeway. We also demand right of unification with other Russian dog near Stravinsky sausage factory. Western media is to criticize for us by pissing on fire hydrant, but fire hydrant symbol of evil Atlanticist alliance that want to replace us with poodle and other gay sex pet, like octopus.


by Colin Liddell

The events in the Eastern Ukraine in the last few days have raised many questions. What is going on and why have Russian nationalists with covert backing from Moscow seized public buildings in various cities and erected barricades? Is Putin aiming to annex the Eastern half of the Ukraine?


Z perspektivy etnonacionalisty jsou
skutečnými nepřáteli Evropská unie a USA
Autor: Colin Liddell

Role geopolitiky a zájmů mocných národů a skupin  – zejména když se navzájem dostanou do konfliktu nebo naopak rovnovážného stavu – je v národně osvobozeneckých, nacionalistických a dalších podobných politických zápasech trvale podceňována.


This report by Dale Hurd from Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network details the problems of ethnic and Islamic colonization and violence in France, and how the French are responding. Among the facts presented are that one in five French people have been subjected to racist attacks and that 93% of Muslims in France voted for the Parti Socialiste candidate Francois Hollande at the last Presidential election, demonstrating the close links between the New Left and Islam. The report also interviews Max, a member of Génération Identitaire, which encourages its members to learn self defense.

The report limits itself to presenting the facts, but suggests that France may be heading ultimately towards a situation of ethnic anarchy similar to that of Lebanon. The inescapable conclusion that arises from this is that the only possible solution is "exigration," namely the resettlement of the Muslim population, whether born in France or not, to countries where its racial, cultural, and demographic characteristics won't threaten those of the French. On the road to this inevitable conclusion, even the election of a Front National government would only be a small step.


A strong belief in borders.

by Bay Area Guy

I recently saw the film Cesar Chavez. As expected, the hagiographic film about the legendary Latino labor activist who organized exploited farm workers and promoted the boycott of grapes depicted Chavez as a borderline saint. Aside from his strained relationship with his son, Chavez’s actions were purely heroic.

Despite enduring countless attacks and abuse from racist and greedy growers, Chavez remained committed to non-violence. When his fellow Latino activists began to grow angry and resort to violence on account of the abusive tactics of the growers, Chavez fasted for about a month on behalf of non-violence. Continuing to persevere, the strike and grape boycott eventually brought the growers to their knees and forced them to negotiate with Chavez and the United Farm Workers (UFW) union.

The film ended with Chavez delivering a triumphant speech and writing an impassioned letter to his estranged son. Words on the screen then educated the audience about how Chavez’s efforts allowed farm workers to secure bargaining rights.


Amanda Marcotte recently wrote that “White men, as a group, vote Republican because they vote their resentments.”

The New York Times article she cited didn’t say or even imply anything about resentment. It did say that straight, working-class white men vote Republican because the Democratic Party has devoted the majority of its resources to appealing to women, gays and the various groups of less-white men who are nostalgically referred to as “minorities.” The Democratic Party has been on the opposite side of issues that working-class white men have cared about for decades, and according to the Times piece, many strategists within the party think it’s a waste of time trying to win them over.

Working-class white men vote Republican because the Democrats have made it clear that they care about representing the interests of everyone but working-class white men. These guys vote Republican because Republicans actually make an effort to tell them what they want to hear.

Basically, white men vote Republican because they’re suckers.


John Derbyshire - not as dotty as he seems.

by Gilbert Cavanaugh

Who would have ever guessed that John Derbyshire, a mild mannered Brit with a Chinese wife, and two kids by her, would become the face of white supremacy in the eyes of the left? Well, so it goes, and today marks the two-year anniversary of Mr. Derbyshire’s expulsion from the ranks of National Review, and polite society as a whole. Although it is seductive to commemorate this by providing a list of other thoughtcrime martyrs who have sprung up in the last twenty-four months, I propose something a bit more productive. Let us consider what has improved since “The Derb” so unjustly received his two minutes of hate two years ago, after all, our mothers were right when they told us, “God opens a window every time he shuts a door.”


These gentlemen may have perfectly legitimate economic grievances.
Try to understand.
by Colin Liddell

Thanks to Leftists and Liberals, we have been blessed with the wonderful, comical, tautological, and Orwellian concept of "The Hate Crime."

Traditionally it has been associated with crimes of violence, but important research, now under way, is looking at the possibility of extending it on a permanent basis into other areas, such as writing, social media, conversation, and even our innermost thoughts. The results of this research still hang in the balance, so for the present it is still largely associated with acts of violence.


The White race, despite its many achievements and admirable qualities, is paradoxically the race most prone to self-loathing or intraracial (as opposed to interracial) hatred. This characteristic, in its many forms, from outright racial self-loathing and idealization of "the Other" to racial apathy, is also at the heart of the decline of Whites in the modern world.


by Brett Stevens

They tell us we are reactionaries. Against what are we reacting?

The obvious answer is liberalism, since its mental lock on the population of the West is used to exclude any common sense that might limit the license of the mob.

But I think it goes farther: We are also reactionaries against hubris.

The modern definition for hubris is "excessive pride," but the original definition — the one that sent thousands of editors with liberal sympathies scurrying to erase, obliterate, and destroy — is more complex.


Good news from France, as the Front National continues to make impressive progress in establishing itself as the new third force in French politics.

Less than two months before the European elections, in which the Front National is expected to run neck and neck with the establishment right UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire), leaving the ruling Socialist Party (Parti Socialiste – PS) a poor third, the FN has taken control of twelve town halls under a voting system much less favourable to it than the system which will apply in the Euros on 25th May (France votes on a Sunday, as do most continental countries, who view our tradition of holding elections on a working day as eccentric!)


The "high level" of debate within nationalist circles.

by Dimitrios Papageorgiou

In banking jargon, a stress test is an analysis conducted under unfavorable economic scenarios, which is designed to determine whether a bank has enough capital to withstand the impact of adverse developments.

Stress tests focus on a few key risks to banks' financial health in crisis situations – such as credit risk, market risk, and liquidity risk. The results of stress tests depend on the assumptions made in various economic scenarios, which are described by the International Monetary Fund as "unlikely but plausible." Bank stress tests attracted a great deal of attention in 2009, as the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression left many banks and financial institutions severely under-capitalized.

Many in our movement (however they decide to call it) detest banks. Anyway this is not a piece about banks, but about the way this movement failed its own first "stress test" in the Ukrainian crisis. This was the first serious problem that our movement faced that had to do with a real world situation, rather than the usual problems of old-style nationalism. The situation in the Ukraine was not a bickering between philosophical approaches. It was not personal stuff being turned into political. It was not colliding dreams. Instead it was a real problem in the real world, which called for us not to take sides but to choose wisely.


"It's gonna rain..." Noah (Russell Crowe) guards the Ark against raiders.

As audacious, ambitious, heterodoxically-conceived Biblical epics go, Darren Aronofsky’s new movie Noah somewhat recalls The Last Temptation of Christ, Martin Scorsese’s 1988 adaptation of the controversial Nikos Kazantzakis novel.
Both films were subjected to a pre-release drubbing by conservative Christian groups, who in each case complained of disrespect for Scripture and overall theological untenability (though the deluge of condemnation rained down upon Temptationwhich featured a doubt-plagued and carnally-tormented Jesuseasily drowns out the contemporary Noah imbroglio, a fact which I daresay ought to demonstrate to right-wing pagan critics that Christianity, far from being a radically “egalitarian” monstrosity, is hardly without its hierarchy of heroes).