In chronicling the ongoing anti-White, anti-male, anti-heteronormative ideological full-court-press of our judicial, media, and governmental overlords, it is all-too easy to find oneself flogged into a perpetual state of spluttering outrage, or thrust towards a inveterate inclination to indulge in gloomy-doomy prognosticatications.

Such reactions are, in a way, understandable. After all, the campaign afoot to criminalize and/or stigmatize the most innocent, healthy, and normal of human impulses – such as the preference for one's own culture, heritage, or traditions – is indeed an outrageous, obnoxious, and nefarious assault on decency. That said, however, one should take care not avoid the snare of becoming an angry, snarling – but ultimately impotent – curmudgeon, compulsively soaking up the latest ridiculousness, blared luridly from various right-wing scandal sheet tabloids, which record all of these malefactions and atrocities with grinning, almost obscene relish.


The world is changing. We are slowly reversing two thousand years of decline.

Like most decline, ours has not been absolute. It happens in stops and starts, in little increments, working inward from the details. It’s like getting the flu during a busy work week: on Monday, you sneeze (once). Tuesday the eyes water. Wednesday morning you feel a little off, but have a sudden burst of energy. Wednesday afternoon it looks like a cold. Thursday you’re a wreck.

Despite the relative density of most people, more and more of the people who make crucial decisions are noticing that a wrong turn occurred in the past. When you take a wrong turn, you re-trace your steps and go back to where you made the wrong decision, and then fix it, preferably without undoing anything positive you’ve done since that time.

We live in a society of people drugged on the progressive vision that says greater year numbers and greater permissiveness go hand-in-hand, and mean that we’re getting somewhere. These will try to tell you that changing anything we do to a version from the past is a defeat, but they’ve obviously never trailblazed any woods. When you take the wrong course, the sooner you fix it and get back to the old course, the more you win.


In my recent review of Ann Sterzinger's novel Nowhere, I observed that we now now live in an age when most social and intellectual movements with any sort of momentum and enduring traction are essentially negative in orientation, "anti-" in temperament. Sterzinger's book highlights one of the less visible, if most radical of these anti-ideologies – that of "antinatalism," the belief that life itself is a misery best avoided.


The subject of European Colonialism is arguably one of the most important historical topics in the modern world, because it is heavily intertwined with contemporary issues of morality, globalism, indigenism, religion, economics, ethics, etc. Whatever your opinions may be about it, European Colonialism is clearly one of the most important epochs in human history and still very relevant.


The result of the elections of May 6th in Greece was a stunning defeat of the bipartisan system with the main parties of New Democracy (conservative) and PASOK (socialist) suffering major defeats. New Democracy still managed to come first, with 18.85% of the vote and 108 seats in the parliament (50 bonus seats go to the winner according to a quaint Greek electoral law). This is certainly a Pyrrhic victory compared to its previous showings: 33.47% (2009) and 41.84% (2007). PASOK finished 3rd with a shocking 13.18% and 41 seats, plummeting from 43.92 % (160 seats) in 2009 and 38.10% (102 seats) in 2007.


by Andy Nowicki

I give mad props to Thomas Sowell. His book The Vision of the Annointed helped bring me to a huge intellectual epiphany years ago, assisting to a great extent my departure from the plantation of politically-correct Liberal-Leftist lunacy.

Now Sowell has written with clarity and insight about the media's general unwillingness to cover Black-on-White crime, and his work has been published in National Review Online, of all places!

That Sowell and Youth for Western Civilization's Kyle Rogers (see below article, "The Color of Crime") are arguing essentially the same thing isn't too extraordinary, I suppose. The fact that Sowell is himself Black probably explains why Rich Lowry felt he was safe in running the piece two weeks after canning Derb for the latter's racial insensitivity. Still and all, it's a fine piece: indisputably true, and worth a look.


by Andy Nowicki

In a delicious piece of "gotcha" reporting (of the very best kind), Kyle Rogers exposes the disengenous hive-mind of the media establishment when it comes to their (non-)reportage of Black-on-White violent crime:


I’m going to tell you ladies something that will upset and anger you and cause you to call me all sorts of names, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s the truth.

If he wanted to, any man could rape and/or kill you and there’s nothing you could do, on your own, to stop him.

I don’t care if you work out every day and have a BMI in the normal range. He can overpower you because nature has endowed him with a bigger frame and superior musculature by the mere virtue of being born a man. Those women's self-defense classes you took at the community center? Completely worthless. I can defeat any "self-defense method" by simply uppercutting you in the jaw.


The trouble with European politics is that the so-called “extreme” parties are not really extreme enough. This is especially clear from the case of France, where the comparatively mild policies of the Front National have been described throughout the campaign as “extreme” and “far right-wing.”

Like most people, I am not a fan of extremism. But we live in an era when extreme things are happening all around us, so to act with conventional moderation is the equivalent of turning down the heating when the house is on fire.

Centuries of history, including scores of major wars, dozens of invasions and revolutions, and tens of millions slaughtered in battle, have not sufficed to change the ethnic and cultural character or France. However, mass immigration and differential birth rates threaten to do what the likes of Attila the Hun, Moslem Crusaders, English longbowmen, French Revolutionaries, and German panzers failed to do: i.e. change France in its very essence.


The Way of Men
by Jack Donovan
Dissonant Hum, 2012

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin

Manliness rated high on ancient lists of the virtues; indeed, for the Romans, virtus designated both the general concept of virtue and manliness in particular. Today, as author Jack Donovan remarks, if manliness gets mentioned at all, it is usually made a vehicle for selling us on something else: “real men love Jesus” or “a real man would never hit a woman.”

How might we arrive at an objective understanding of manliness? The Way of Men looks to Homo sapiens’ environment of evolutionary adaptation, viz. life in small hunter-gatherer bands struggling for survival both with nature and with other similar bands. Civilization has not lasted long enough yet for us to become fully adapted to it.


Pepe Bowden
by Lars Holger Holm

To hear Jonathan Bowden speak was like witnessing Pallas Athena emerge clad in armour straight from the godhead. I only met with the man once, but that was quite recently and I vividly recall the event as a rare privilege—for me. Last September we had both been invited as speakers to a discussion forum in London, held in what had once been the Edwardian board room of the Hongkong Bank, nowadays part of a ubiquitous pub chain, hence our presence on these prestigious premises. Of the four speakers that afternoon he appeared last. How wise this was on the part of the organizers, I only realized when he finally opened his mouth to announce the theme of his lecture: “The history of the Western feminist movement.”


Seven months later Spencer shut down

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Over the past, six months, I’ve reached a point of professional crisis. NPI, Radix, AltRight, Washington Summit Publishers, Vanguard, additional writings… Unfinished projects pile up. Emails go unanswered.  More funds need to be raised. My desire to do all of these projects is preventing me from completing any of them.

Something’s got to give.


by Andy Nowicki

We live in a time in which all positive ideologies of the past -- be they Right- or Left-wing; good, bad, or ugly -- are swiftly spiraling towards the chopping block of "the end of history." It seems impossible, in today's post-modern climate of perpetual intellectual suspicion, to sustain a rigorous attachment to any point of view without eventually betraying an impulse to succumb to irony and flippant mockery of concepts once considered sacred and profound.