Like many major events, the riots in Ferguson MO have roots in a thoroughly messy human situation. Drunk on victimhood, weeping with self-pity, and yet willing to blame others and so lash out in rage, the protesters first complained and then accelerated to full retribution: steal – ruin – destroy.

99% of media and commentators will use this incident to find a scapegoat. They will blame the police, or the militarization of the police, or blame the cop who shot Michael Brown, or blame Michael Brown, or blame African-Americans.


The "Rotherham child-sex-rape-grooming case" – for want of a better term – has broken like the dams of the Ruhr when they were bombed in 1943, and we are now being inundated with a flood of revelations, followed by an even bigger deluge of outrage and moral posturing.

"1,400 victims"..."eleven-year-old girl"..."raped"..."doused in petrol and threatened"..."turned a blind eye to"..."afraid to be called racist" – are the sound bites and tag lines that are bobbing around like bits of debris on this mainstream-and-social-media-generated tsunami.


After plenty of booze, skag, and beatings these men start to resemble the members of One Direction

The latest case to emerge of sexual grooming and abuse by Pakistani gangs committed against English children in the Northern town of Rotherham has finally pushed the issue to national breakthrough and media saturation level, but in essence this is nothing new. It is only the magnitude – 1,400 victims (conservative estimate) in a town of a quarter of a million over 16 years – that is different.

It is a horrifying thought, but if the entire UK were like Rotherham, we could project a national total of 336,000 child sex abuse victims. Thankfully, not the whole of the country is cursed with Pakistani immigrant communities.


The following passage is taken from Andy's new intellectual autobiography/philosophical treatise, Confessions of a Would-Be Wanker, now available for purchase.

But what does the pitifully slobbering soul do when deprived of Gods much-wanted and much-needed blessing, for reasons which remain forever unclear? How, under such tragic and abysmal circumstances, can a man really be expected to refrain from indulging in a pastime which brings a kind of peace to his weary soul? Masturbation is a sad and pitiful act, but then God-forsaken man is a sad and pitiful creature, and indulgence in such an act can in some way be seen as entirely worthy of just such a being.


In this era where we are all assailed from all sides by more reading material than ever before, yet seem to act upon almost none of it, it is a rare and welcome occurrence when an article on the internet actually changes some small part of one’s philosophy of life. Thus it is with high distinction indeed that I credit Theodore Dalrymple’s article, Slobbery as Snobbery, for changing my mind on the subject of clothing.


The arts and entertainment staff of Alternative Right would like to solicit our readership's take on a question that is currently vexing us.

Posted above is a preview for Unbroken, a new movie being released on Christmas Day. The film tells the inspirational true story of Louis Zamperini, an American Olympic athlete who served America as an airman in the Pacific during WWII and eventually became a Japanese prisoner of war, enduring severe abuse, but emerging unbroken. (Hence, presumably, the title.)


Zohak and his serpents
by Colin Liddell

For the first time since 1815, Britain and the US are effectively at war, although rather than the bayous of Louisiana or the forests of the Canadian borders, the battleground is the deserts of the Middle East, where a “Brit” with a London accent — dubbed by the ever inventive and alliterative UK press “Jihadi John” — took fanatical pleasure is hacking off the head of an American journalist after US forces bombed Islamic State forces advancing on Kurdish positions.


"I'm with stupid": the magic 
ingredient of all revolutions.

I’m not much of a number cruncher; life is too short. Also, most of the things that detailed statistical analysis can 'reveal' are as clear as the nose on your face. But that doesn't stop overfunded think-tanks like the Heritage Foundation trying to drum up numbers to back up self-evident truths, in this case the negative effects of continuing mass immigration.

It is obvious that if America opts for "amnesty" – a nice-sounding word for open borders – that the country will be trapped in a "dysgenic cycle" of ever lower IQs, higher and higher fertility, and greater and greater welfare.


"Too many bureaucrats with guns, too many laws, too many regulations, too many prisons—all designed to protect the state. The people’s liberties are forgotten." Ron Paul
No one is innocent. Whether or not Michael Brown was shot dead in an arbitrary manner, it is clear that he wasn't entirely blameless despite the postmortem effusions about what a wonderful human being he was.

No one is innocent. So, whether or not Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown eight times (according to one witness) and was justified in doing so, the bottom line is that the violence that the police use and their right to exercise it flows directly from the State. The death of Michael Brown cuts straight to the heart of just what the police are – the embodiment and sometimes the enactment of violence in order to maintain order.


In my previous article The Dumbest People Ever: the Nazification of Whiteness, I outlined one of the presentational problems for so-called ‘Nationalism': that in certain pockets of the broader white-conscious movement, a perception is often encouraged in the public's mind of rather weird and scary people who are more interested in nostalgia for historic National Socialism, neo-Nazi chic and the memory of an Austrian-born German who shot himself nearly 70 years ago, than in the promotion of white identity and civilisation as something positive and beneficial in society.

The article has attracted a lot of comments on the site. So far almost-all, I am glad to say, are positive about the general message and show an understanding of what I was trying to say: that Nationalists need to find a way of staying true to their core ideals and values while at the same time avoiding the self-inflicted presentational trap of ‘nazification’, which ghettoises us.


A local resident presumably stocking up on medical supplies.

by Phil Colum

Residents of the sleepy town of Ferguson, Missouri, were in a state of panic last night following the sudden, mysterious death of a young, aspiring college student Michael Brown.

The 18-year-old, who had recently taken up rapping and smoking, was found dead in the street after he experienced serious hemorrhaging. This followed a visit to a local store, where the brilliant young student inexplicably took some cigars without paying and then proceeded to disrupt traffic.

Erratic behavior and the sudden loss of blood and other bodily fluids are well known symptoms of Ebola, a disease that has been known to afflict people of African origin in the past.


by Dota

I know I’m a little late on this topic but I’d be remiss if I didn’t impart a few thoughts on this oh so auspicious occasion. India’s evil twin just turned 68 and continues to teeter along a fine line between existence and oblivion. Like a brain dead patient on life support, Pakistan doesn’t stand a chance of recovering; yet disconnecting this nuclear powered failed state from its life support system terrifies the world.

Pakistan has skillfully leveraged it’s existence as an elaborate protection racket where failure to comply threatens global destruction, with the possibility of its nuclear arsenal ending up in the wrong hands. Thus the world’s foremost beggar state sustains itself on the charity of other states while contributing virtually nothing to human civilization.


Race mixing – the perfect way to create a standardless world 

by Brett Stevens

For years they kept it under wraps by accusing anyone who mentioned the topic of being a "racist." Simultaneously they concealed their own intent toward topics regarding race by giving them pleasant names. But now the leftist agenda stands revealed as it becomes clear that their policy is exclusively racial, and aims to replace the American white population with a third-world group.

But this is not new. Leftist movements since the Enlightenment have sought to obliterate national boundaries and make people "citizens of the world." Leftists for decades have advocated world government and the free movement of citizens. Under its most tyrannical dictators, the Soviet Union expanded its multicultural policy to include not just non-Christian religions (Christianity was demonized) but other races. The pursuit of racial equality, a proxy for racial co-mingling, has been a leftist policy since the birth of leftism.


The Western media: Panoptica of veracity or jittery claymation?

by Daniel Spaulding

With yet another bout of violence erupting between the Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza the world is once again being subjected to massive amounts of propaganda, political rhetoric, and sentimental pleading by each side in a perpetual effort to rally popular opinion to their cause. More often than not the propaganda from both sides reaches hysterical and preposterous proportions.


The following is an excerpt from "Welcome Back Chaos," Andy Nowicki's upcoming memoir/manifesto.

My mind also flashes to a different memory, of events which took place during the school year which followed the summer of WarGames.

There was a girl in my seventh-grade class named Suzanne, a skinny, beady-eyed girl who always faintly repelled me. I had no idea why I felt this way at the time, but looking back now, I think it was because she was, in general, a pretty scary child. In today's parlance, one might call her “psycho,” or perhaps more benignly, aver that she “has issues.” I do not mean to be unkind in my assessment of Suzanne, who perhaps was the product of a broken home, or the victim of child abuse. Some trauma had surely warped her psyche, to the point where now, on the brink of young womanhood, she had become prone to bizarre fixations and obsessions which would take root suddenly, as if from out of nowhere.


The latest emotional spasm in the media over Gaza is nothing new. The matter of Israeli brutality (which is largely beyond doubt) and the resultant, predictable outrage from the usual quarters, is so recurrent and predictable that it has practically become a Western tradition in its own right, with its own coded language and ritual and putative ‘outsiders’ who ‘don’t get it’. Criticism of Israel and Zionists is of course perfectly understandable and, if I were required to make the choice, Anti-Zionism is the only position I would be prepared to take. However, I have found that there is an additional, third option, which is simply to accept that each side, the Jews and the Arabs, have a right to fight for their existence. This is what is known as neutrality.

It normally involves not making any outward assumptions about the legitimacy or moral superiority of one side or the other and simply letting them fight it out. Some people may be persuaded to reject neutrality in this matter on the basis that ‘our’ governments are aiding the Israelis with military technology and what not, but these are not ‘our’ governments. Western governments are largely under the influence of the Zionist lobby. If they wish to supply and lend favour to their client, Israel, that is a matter for them, but no imperative arises from this for white people to take one side or the other.


Mass immigration – Neo-Liberalism's poisoned panacea

The Economist is one of those smug, know-it-all publications that think they've got the inside track on the way the world works but in essence know nothing, or even worse than nothing, existing as veritable black holes of anti-wisdom.

You can tell they know nothing because in any given situation, regardless of differing circumstances, they invariably repeat the same message. I notice this particularly in their Japanese coverage, which I had a chance to peruse again in a recent article "Why the Japanese are having so few babies" prompted by a Japanese public official's suggestion that the country could boost its low birth rate by issuing secretly punctured condoms.


I have written before about the outrageously hypocritical antics of the anti-bully brigade, whose self-appointed members constantly puff out their chests and pound their proverbial podiums ad infinitum these days, constantly getting in our faces, and all but stealing our lunch money and throwing us into trash cans and slamming us into lockers as they hector and bluster and demand all the while that we need to STOP BULLYING!!!!
Of course, to a large extent, those who denounce “bullying” the loudest don’t really care about bullying qua bullying. For them, the War on Bullies is but a proxy battle, through which they intend to vilify anyone opposed to gay marriage and any type of concerted gay-normalization effort. When such folk speak spitefully of “bullies,” what they mean are “(white) Christian conservatives,” who in their prejudiced perception just can’t be anything but bullies, since they’re so closed-minded and bigoted… (and so very gauchely white, too...)

In this way, too, the supposed anti-bullies are the biggest bullies of all, seeking as they do to shame, harass, and intimidate nonconformists into compliance. They commonly jeer at, mock, and insult—and at times even physically attack—peaceable and prayerful people, and they justify their own repugnant behavior by claiming that hate is great so long as one hates “haters,” and that tolerance for “intolerance” (meaning “viewpoints in opposition to our own”) must never be tolerated.


The Islamic State: keeping ahead of the situation.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and will often work overtime and at the weekends to fill one. In the Middle East it has pushed productivity to new heights with the creation of the Islamic Caliphate, a fully-fledged monstrosity that has leaped to life in a comparatively short time span, filling the vacuum left by the West's vetoing of the system that emerged in the post-Ottoman Islamic world as a tentative step from medievalism to modernity.

That system, typified by the likes of Kemal Ataturk, Saddam Hussein, Muammar al-Gaddafi, and the Assads – and to a lesser extent by Gamal Abdel Nasser and the Shah of Iran – was a secular-leaning, trans-tribal nationalism, often with a socialist tinge, overlaid – thanks to a brief period of Anglo-French control – on areas with badly drawn borders. In Iraq and Syria it went by the name of Ba'athism, but it could also be more generically (and oxymoronically) referred to as Secular Islamic Statism (SIS).


by Daryl Withycombe

Those who want a prediction for our future as a species that is both positive and plausible often turn to the term “singularity.” This refers to a moment when our technology reaches such an advanced stage that it changes human nature and magically creates a new Utopia from our wiser, more advanced selves. Technologies commonly mentioned include human biological enhancement, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces and transhumanism. But how likely is this singularity, given larger trends?


by The Editors

What happens when the predominant misandric narrative concerning the alleged preponderance of "creepy," violent, and abusive men in our society conflicts with the predominant narrative concerning the supposed "ickiness" of guns and the immediate need to confiscate all such horrible instruments of death and transfer them immediately to where the belong; that is, to the hands of enlightened representatives of the protective, paternal United State?


English Witness to Their Darkest Hour
Edited by Pat Scrivener
Athelney, 174 Pages

Reviewed by David Hamilton

English Witness to Their Darkest Hour is a compendium of experiences and insights from ordinary people and some commentators in the media. It is not so much controversial as shocking: but not shocking in the conventional sense of, say, porn on TV, but the revelation of a situation that is not officially admitted. Even followers of patriotic sites who are aware of the move to totalitarianism will be affected by the impact of so many examples of injustice and oppression. The oppressors, are what I call the "Ideological Caste," which is based not on birth, blood or land, but on expressing the correct ideological thoughts.


Any civilization can carry a fair proportion of freaks and weirdos, but the West is clearly overdosing on them. With a culture that leaches out the conventional components of identity – race, nationality, age, religion, personal achievements, etc. – people are increasingly left with an "identity vacuum," providing a strong growth medium for particularly outlandish forms of "identity construction," such as the growing trend towards celebomorphic plastic surgery.


Sexualization and assholia: bosom buddies?

(The following is an excerpt from "Welcome Back Chaos," Andy Nowicki's upcoming memoir/manifesto.)

At the age of 12, I still clung to my own innocence with a desperate tenacity. Still, I knew on some level that it was a lost cause. During the summer of 1983, as a rising seventh grader, I recall one incident at the neighborhood pool which somehow put things in a queasy sort of perspective.

Earlier in the day, my friend and I had taken in the summer popcorn flick WarGames—featuring young, mop-topped Matthew Broderick and stern, middle-aged, mustachioed Dabney Colemanin which a cocky teenage genius manages to hack into a national security computer system, and in so doing nearly sets off World War III. The movie, with its fantastic premise, appealed to our still-childlike sense of wonder, while also tapping into a certain budding anxiety, wherein adolescence is synonymous with chaos and catastrophe. 


by Dota

The brutal rape that occurred in Delhi two years ago was followed by unprecedented national outrage and demands for legislature reform. They were also followed by a spike in sexual assaults including the shocking rape of 2 peasants girls whose corpses were hung on trees. India is but one country in the global tapestry we know as the third world. Why does the third world reject feminism? I will for the sake of clarity attempt to answer the question by using India as a case study.


Buy a vowel?

Given the endless coverage by FOX news and Bill O’Reilly of poll after poll after speculation with Charles Krauthammer over whether Hillary can win, will Hillary run and can Rand Paul beat Hillary, I am going to assume the 2016 election has already begun.

Of course in line with this excessively premature hysteria about Hillary Clinton, conservatives, libertarians, populists, Tea Partiers and Christian fundamentalists are all in a twit over the future prospects of Hilary Clinton become the next president of these states united.


Andy continues his discourse on Jews, discussing double standards, ethnic skulduggery, and the proper and improper applications of racial pride.