Colin and Andy are joined by Alt-Right stalwarts Richard Wolstencroft and Alex Fontana to take a long look back at the "Current Year" that will soon be no more. Among the topics discussed are Bowie, Brexit, Trump, the Alt-Right, and the nature of Capitalism. Will Trump live up to the hopes placed in him, or will he disappoint? All this and more in the final Alt-Right podcast of 2016, a remarkable year. 


If you have not seen the video of MTV News’ “New Year’s Resolutions for White Guys”, here it is (prepare to be triggered!).

MTV News has deleted the video from their Twitter, but numerous copies are circulated, in order that this nauseating bit of anti-white agitprop may be preserved for future generations. The video went pretty viral last week and generated a lot of attention; but not for the reasons that MTV News had hoped it would. It was actually a disaster for them.


"If he ever hurts you, true love won't desert you!"

A while ago, I wrote about the species of pop song, known as the "Zowie, You're Awesome in the Sack!" number, in which a (male) lover's sexual prowess is remarked upon and celebrated with ardent, ingratiating, slightly unbecoming and overly-affected reverence by a sensually-wailing waif. 

In that article, I summarized the ways in which this type of tune--while seemingly male-praising--can in fact be doubly toxic to the cause of masculinity, as it simultaneously boosts certain less desirable elements of contemporary feminism ("Go ahead... Betray your loyal husband and fornicate with the sexy bad boy....You go, girl!") while also having the baleful effect of keeping men in a state of undignified sexual subjugation ("Zowie, she thinks I'm awesome in the sack! My sated hunger to be on the receiving end of flattery regarding my ostensible sexual prowess has now rendered me helpless to manipulation, by gosh!”) 


Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in "Moon"

In many ways Christmas is a highly cinematic season. The feelings that surround the holiday are finally ineffable, better expressed in images than words. Language, wonderful tool of communication though it is, sometimes fails us when it comes to conveying the glory and beauty of truly profound occasions.

That is why, when pondering the "meaning of Christmas," one often thinks of movies: Miracle on 34th StreetIt's a Wonderful Life, the many and varied cinematic incarnations of Dickens's A Christmas Carol, and so forth. Highly as I regard these and other explicitly Christmas-themed films, however, they were not the formative movies of my youth. I grew up in the '70s and '80s, and from an early age imbibed and internalized the science-fiction ethos of that time. The original Star Wars trilogy and the Indiana Jones movies thus appeal to me with more immediacy than countless, no doubt superior films from previous eras and separate genres.


The sight of blood is a well-known economic driver

 Berlin and the "Quantum Economics"
of a Semi-Islamized Europe

by Colin Liddell

After each terrorist outrage, like the recent Muslim twist on German Xmas, we see the usual social, cultural, and political repair mechanisms kick in. The Establishment is the Management, and the Management think they can manage things. After all, they have all the resources, from the mass media and the financial system to the security and surveillance services, at their command. All they seem to lack is a coherent view of how the World works and what's round the next few corners. Their guiding principle seems to be The Blind Leading the Blind. But is it?

Right now, the media is doing its job of muddying the waters with its various narratives and talking points; steam is being released, pressures dissipated. The whole lovely mess is being framed in a hegemonic holding pattern of tolerance and atomized NAXALT individualism. After all Xmas is all about "Love" isn't it, and we wouldn't want to return to the dark old days of the 1930s, would we? Go on, light another candle, put it next to a flower, and say an atheistic little prayer to go with your mindless thought. You'll feel better for it.


Pepe at 2 o'clock

by Dave Yorkshire

We are of course concerned here with the 1973 classic of British cinema and not the 2007 remake, which should never be mentioned by anyone ever again. In fact, the only noteworthy aspect of the remake was Nicolas Cage's performance, as only he had realised the film was a parody.

The original was largely the vision of three men: writer Anthony Schaffer, producer Peter Snell and actor Christopher Lee, who clubbed together to buy the film rights from the author of the novel Ritual David Pinner. The three were joined by director Robin Hardy, who also had a hand in the film's writing.


Nigel Farage attacks Hope not Hate as "extremist" after Merkel terror spat with dead Labour MP's husband

Nigel Farage has branded the pro-Labour front group, Hope not Hate, an "extremist" organisation during a radio interview. The accusation follows an online spat over Angela Merkel's support for open borders after the recent terrorist attack in Germany, with the husband of a murdered Labour MP.

Hope not Hate received funds donated by the public after the murder of the Labour MP, Jo Cox, earlier this year, and her husband, Brendan Cox, is a friend of the group's current director, Nick Lowles. Hope not Hate is now threatening to take Nigel Farage to court for libel, and is asking for funds, as a result, on its website.


Anglin's attack on Luciana Berger set a
precedent for kicking people off Twitter.
by Colin Liddell

When it comes to banning people and groups, and shutting down points of view, precedents are important, and so is moral justification. Powerful as the anarcho-tyrannic state governments and corporate social media companies of the West are, they realize that to overuse their power is to lose their power, and so, when they clamp down, they like to grease the wheels with a little moral unguent and emotional manipulation.


A transcript of a speech presented by Andrew Brons at the Yorkshire Forum Meeting on the 26th of November, 2016.

You might think that even use of the word ideology—let alone devoting a whole talk to it—is about as pretentious as you can get. But as the comedian Bob Monkhouse might have said: “When did I ever say that I was unpretentious.” That might be the only time that Bob Monkhouse has ever been quoted at a Nationalist meeting—a first and I suspect a last!

Is ideology just a pretentious word for policy? Emphatically not; but the two are necessarily connected. Ideology—a system or discourse of ideas—contains the necessary roots of policies. The ideological roots of policies are as essential to their health and well-being as the roots of trees are to the health and well being of trees.


Pizza Kate: Katy Perry models a pizza-print onesie 

Many have derided the current #pizzagate conspiracy craze, calling it a sham, a "trap," a hoax, a "psy-op," and other, similarly dismissive epithets.

Among the establishment press—better known these days as the “Mockingbird media” or by the colorful German handle Lugenpresse, (“lying press”)—the true scandal of #pizzagate has nothing to do with elite child sex trafficking allegations, but with the promulgation of so-called “fake news,” a new and quite obnoxious meme hypocritically pedaled by the very gaggle of well-paid phonies and flatulent frauds whose rampant dishonesty has been so savagely exposed of late.


Over the past few months, it has become apparent that social media and real life are increasingly diverging. The proof of this is that people in real life — a wide range of classes, backgrounds and outlooks, but generally effective people and not mouth-breathing attendees to the civilization process — are interested in the stuff that social media ignores, and vice-versa.


There has never been a year like 2016—Brexit, Trump, and in Italy a movement that goes beyond conventional party politics, ideology, and organization. YouTube vlogger State of the Nation attempts to explain Beppe Grillo:s Five Star Movement, a revolt against the endemic corruption of Italian politics and a truly radical attempt to harness the internet and social media to cut out the party political middle man of politics. Is it just a flash in the pan or will its populism overthrow the EU and prepare the way for a more nationalist Italy?


The Last Judgement

by John K. Press

Twenty-five years ago Camille Paglia cured me of veganism.  Her amazing art history book, Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertitti to Emily Dickinson, argued that art criticism needs passion, violence, and sex, not PC censorship.  In a side note, she said vegetarians are out-of-touch with nature because they work for a clean, sinless world; real nature worshippers feel its cruelty. I love Camille Paglia.

However, this article will harshly criticize Paglia’s newest art survey book, Glittering Images. And you may be thinking, "Who cares? I'm into politics, not art." But, appreciating art is central to Western survival. Multiculturalists tell us that the West has no core traditional culture to protect and promote. Western art refutes that, and can serve as a guide to our cultural revitalization. To make this point firmer, the article will contrast Paglia's work to Kenneth Clark's marvelous culturist 1969 BBC survey of Western art, Civilisation.


A Spenserian Tribute to the
Making of the Male Feminist

In modern times, when all is parody,
And knights and ladies few and far between,
One sighs to see the fall of chivalry
And courtship turned to purposes obscene;
But still the noble sentiment is seen
(Although, reciprocated, maybe not)
In youthful fellows, virginal and green,
Just like the hero of our present plot:
Though Duncan he was born, we’ll call him Duncelot.


Note: This article was published shortly after Richard Spencer's Heilgate fiasco which pushed the Alt-Right into the toxic zone of Neo-Naziism, although that did not become apparent until later. (CL, 2020)

All Alt-Right sites get emails like this nowadays:
"For an article in my college journalism class, I am righting (sic) about the new movement of the Alt Right and what they stand for, not how the media depicts them. For this I was hoping you could answer a few questions about the Alt Right. This would be seen by my teacher only. It won't be published anywhere. This is just for my final."
Usually I am too busy to answer them, but occasionally, if there are not too many questions and things are a bit quiet, I sometimes shoot back some quick answers:


This is a comment made by RamZPaul's in the debate kicked off by Greg Johnson's latest article "Punching Right." Its particular subject is RamZPaul's suspicions regarding Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, which are worth keeping in mind given the history of identitarian movements and the tactics used to subvert and ghettoize them.

It is my opinion that Anglin is either a Fed informer and/or funded by the ADL. Anglin acts as the front man for the Daily Stormer (DS), but most of the site is updated with anonymous writers. I had a female acquaintance who is friends with one such ghostwriter for DS.


Whites supporting Whites: the wave of the future?

by H. Millard

It was recently announced that State Senator Marty Block, (D-San Diego), started the Legislative Jewish Caucus and that this caucus will also form a political action committee to raise money for Israel-friendly candidates. Block told the press that the Legislative Jewish Caucus "isn't a religious based organization. We see this as an ethnic organization." This statement was presumably made to both forestall Muslims from starting a Muslim Legislative Caucus and also to head off complaints that the Legislative Jewish Caucus is breaching the wall between religion and state.

At any rate, the Legislative Jewish Caucus, as an ethnic/racial organization, now joins the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus, the Legislative Black Caucus and the Latino Legislative Caucus.


Interviewed by Ryan Andrews

The intention of this series is to provide the reader with thumbnail introductions to a variety of Dissident Right personalities and their ideas. The three main questions—which are straightforward and aimed at revealing the core—will be the same for each interview. (The lightning-round questions will vary somewhat.)

The subject of this interview is James Lawrence, who is a contributing editor to this website.


Many of those of a contemporary “alternative Right” orientation blame Christianity for bequeathing the dogma of egalitarianism to the modern world. Such people claim that the attempted abolition of natural hierarchies and the destructively “leveling” momentum of democracy and campaigns of enforced “equality” derive from the Christian doctrine that all human souls are equal before God, a notion which finds its most famous formulation in the words of St. Paul from his New Testament epistle to the Galatians: “In Christ, there is neither slave nor free, Gentile nor Jew, male nor female.”

I have written elsewhere on this subject; here it will suffice to observe that in the two millennia since Jesus Christ walked the earth, social, gender, and racial hierarchies have, prior to the cultural revolutions of the last few decades, generally remained untouched.

William Shakespeare, Christendom’s greatest playwright, lived at a time of great intellectual ferment and cultural tumult, yet even in his time both Protestant and Catholic alike affirmed the prudence of continued social stratification. If all men were equal before God, this in no sense mandated any presumption of equality of title or status between individuals, cultures, races, or sexes. If the serious Christian of the Reformation era took seriously Paul’s declaration regarding the absence of distinctions between different groups of humanity, he also acknowledged the divine origin of Biblical passages commanding slaves to obey their masters and instructing wives to be subservient to their husbands.


A FB friend recently asked me to provide a definition of “political correctness.” Here’s the definition I would use...

I would define “political correctness” as the common term for the institutionalization and enculturation of progressive moral norms in such a way that their transgression generates ridicule, disproportional feelings of outrage or indignation, ostracism of the supposed offending party, an inclination towards persecution on the part of the offended, and the possible imposition of social, economic, professional, institutional, or legal sanctions against the alleged offender, perhaps accompanied by mendacity, dishonesty, hypocrisy, or double standards on the part of the offended.


Nationalists do not like to think of identity as malleable, invented, constructed by myths, determined by personal choice, and so on. This is natural enough, because such ideas – taken to their most ridiculous extremes – are used by our anti-nationalist establishment to garland the absurd superstition of magic borders, by which non-European foreigners are conjured into "British" and "French" so as to conceal the reality of an aggressive race-replacement policy.


Greenblatt and Spencer

by Basil Benton
"The two most precious things this side of the grave are our reputation and our life. But it is to be lamented that the most contemptible whisper may deprive us of the one, and the weakest weapon of the other."~Charles Caleb Colton
It was with some trepidation that I arrived in Washington D.C. for the NPI Conference, expecting demonstrations and protests, especially since Trump had won the election. Unfortunately, between the brashness of demonstrators and the fallout from the media after the conference, little attention has been paid to its actual content. Indeed, I was eager to read Matt Forney's piece for RightOn, but this almost exclusively addressed confrontations with the demonstrators. Nevertheless, I thank him for doing so, as their "deplorable" behavior was completely ignored by the mainstream media, which managed to pick only the pits from our bowl of cherries.


The NPI logo on the hat had me fooled for a few seconds—was this an attempt to make amends for Heilgate? But this is actually an attempted "comedy" video by the publicly funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The message is twofold: (1) Whites (and other races) are going to be mixed down into a deracinated beige mass, and (2) This is incredibly funny because it'll piss off Alt-Righters, ha ha!

Of course, the humour doesn't work on any level. Even if one is a White-hating leftist liberal, who fully endorses the message, the only laughter evoked is the unfunniest kind, namely the harsh cawing of derision and scorn. What it boils down to is crass, unfunny propaganda exulting in White genocide, and you, the still largely White Canadian taxpayer, is supposed to pay for it.


Lately a chorus of admonitions has arisen amongst some in the alt-right commentariat, to the effect that that a loyal adherent to right-wing ideals ought never "punch right." 

By this, they seem to mean: 
If someone else who shares your essential viewpoint makes a tactical mistake or even does something that you consider to be gravely wrong, keep your negative opinion to yourself. By all means, share your concerns in private with other loyal soldiers of the cause, but defend the wrongdoer publicly because he is your comrade in arms, and because you don't want to give aid and comfort to the opposition by exposing dissension in your ranks.