As soon as the Left recovered from their shock over the “Leave” vote, the tongues started wagging with a clever and canny strategy: Brexit, they said, was the “triumph of our democracy.” It showed the process working, you see. Even if all of us clever people hated the result, look, the system is great!

What Brexit actually shows, to anyone with a consciousness beyond “what do others think of me,” is the usual pattern of democracy: while the sensible people are busy living their lives, democracy creates crises that then require mass mobilization and massive losses to fix. There is a good reason that democracy is the graveyard of empires; unless carefully counteracted, it destroys society bit-by-bit with the seemingly gravitational movement of a moth drawn toward flame.


Princess limbering up with a few 'Slav squats' for her appearance on the #1 TRS podcast.

Colin Liddell

There seems to be a lot of confusion and retardedness among Alt-Righters about the nature of Scotland and why it voted REMAIN in the recent Brexit referendum. I have encountered quite a few examples in the last few days. A prime example of such stupidity was given by that anonymous individual known only as "Cathedral Princess," a stuttering Slav with a patina of Anglo-English, who recently appeared on the Fash the Nation podcast and made such crapulous comments as:
"They just really, really hate the English"
"They love the immigrant."
"I think Scotland is just a big black hole of gibsmedat."
...which drew some sad, simpy, beta orbiter comments, such as "It’s like a child suing for emancipation from their parents," from the show’s usually balanced and sensible co-hosts.


To the really deep thinkers of the human race, nothing is ever a coincidence. Events and movements separated by oceans and cultures are intricately intertwined in ways that mere logic and data cannot adequately explain. In their light, we are forced to abandon reason and resort to intuition, belief, and emotional engagement. Only in this way do we catch a glimmer of what is going on. Nothing highlights this better than the incredible meme-magic and success of the Trump and Brexit phenomena, celebrated in this video by Can't Stump the Trump. 


Well, you can't say they didn't try. Over the course of an anti-Brexit campaign based solely on scaring people with the prospect of losing money, the political establishment in Britain pulled out all of the dirty tricks that have worked so well for it in the past: vastly outspending the opposition, doing their best to gerrymander the voting, rallying the global plutocracy to aid them in their scaremongering, decrying the opposition as xenophobic morons and whipping up "anti-racist " persecutions against them, and even pouncing on the still-warm corpse of a murdered woman to make a final attempt to sour the public mood against nationalism.

Even so, the public told them to get stuffed.


The Lion’s been missing these many long years
In his absence the country has sunk to its knees
Its people, once proud, are brought down so low
by false-hearted villains who don’t seem to know
that Britain is great by its culture and race
not the influx of strangers and their dissonant ways
that have nothing to do with our land and our soil
the nation we built with our blood and our toil
and defended so bravely for a thousand years straight
This is the reason that Britain's called "Great"


The killing of MP Joe Cox has thrown the BREXIT vote into a final spasm of doubt and confusion. For many people in the Alt-Right, this death, regardless of whether it happened at the hands of a madman or a Manchurian Candidate, has been a major black pill, demonstrating the power of the establishment and its media to still control the narrative and get the result it wants – through the evocation and manipulation of trite sentimentality and maudlin cant.

Despite the tremendous achievement of the BREXIT campaign in taking things this far, it would clearly be a bitter and demoralizing defeat if Britain votes to stay. But until the result is declared sometime on Friday, I think there are plenty of grounds for optimism. So, sit back and suck on the white pill.


There is a subtle irony in the title of Love and Friendship—Whit Stillman's caustically glib and delightfully insouciant cinematic adaptation of the obscure Jane Austen novella Lady Susan—in that the film's protagonist appears to be uninterested in love and incapable of friendship.

Lady Susan Vernon (Kate Beckinsdale) in fact reveals herself in short order to be a loathsomely self-interested woman: manipulative, scheming, and cunning; the sort of individual who might today be labeled a "sociopath." Like most sociopaths, she possesses a high degree of intelligence, always masking the diabolical cadaverousness of her soul behind a sweet, soft voice and lovely smile. 


A sparse tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox.

by Kevin Scott

The murder of the Batley and Spen Labour MP, Jo Cox, a forty one-year-old mother of two, and a professional campaigner from her student days, who was shot and stabbed in an altercation in Birstall, near Leeds, is a profoundly tragic event, which has halted organised political debate across the country following her death last week.


Novelist and translator Ann Sterzinger joins Andy and Colin to catch up on a "smorgasbord" of topics, including the UK's BREXIT vote, the assassination of MP Jo Cox, the Orlando gay-club massacre, Ramadan attacks on Radiohead and Disneyland, and much else.


Assassination and British politics are not normally two things that go hand-in-hand. Although it is quite clear that this could change in the future, as the country comes to increasingly resemble Iraq or Somalia through the "enrichening" process that is currently under way. For this reason, one has to be very skeptical about the recent supposed assassination of the EU-supporting British Labour MP Jo Cox.

Ms. Cox was stabbed and shot to death by a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient named Tommy Mair, who very allegedly shouted “Britain first!” – also the name of a small but very active nationalist party. How very, very convenient!


In my previous dispatch, I attempted to connect the dots between the sexual revolution, rampant feminist-based societal misandry (that is, man-hatred), and the PUA “Game” culture. In such circumstances, I argued, the only self-respecting choice is to opt for celibacy, or at the very least, for defiant chastity. The nature of the human male is now commonly understood to be naught but low, base, and oversexed; men are regarded as piggish and bestial when it comes to carnal matters, and while this perception admittedly often corresponds with reality, I wonder how much of it is due to the fact that we have been trained to be just such pigs, that we have been willfully debased by the overseers who rule the gynocentric dystopia we currently inhabit.


The following article was originally written as a comment to the Google Hangout that featured Colin and Andy. I ended up writing more than I intended, so I thought I might as well post this as a full article.

The purpose of this article is to argue against the thesis that the discovery and subsequent colonization of the New World is what caused the Great Divergence, which ultimately led to the industrialization of Western Europe and the rise of the Modern World. In contrast to this theory, I would argue that the Great Divergence was already well underway during the high and late middle ages when Western European countries were experiencing a period of steady and sustained growth in technological and economic development.


One of the dankest places on Facebook for pro-Alt-Right and pro-Trump memes is God Emperor Trump. In this excellent interview, YouTube vlogger Citizen Analyst interviews the man behind the page (sadly not the God Emperor himself).


Orlando's Pulse Nightclub on an average night.

by Colin Liddell

Being Dissident Right means being more or less right all the time. I'm not saying I knew where and when what happened would happen, but I definitely knew that it would happen—to such an extent that I was actually somewhat bored when I heard the news that an Islamic gunman had gone into a gay club in Orlando and gunned everybody down. More worryingly, what I know I still know, and something like it will definitely happen again. Maybe quite soon. Right now those attending the European Football Championships in France have to be more than just a little concerned.

But, rather than dwelling on how right we are, what about the other side? What was the large, amorphous blob that is the Non-Dissident-Right thinking? It's not like Orlando was the first time an "unexploded Muslim" suddenly went off in a public place.


Contemporary Media seen from the Right

by Richard Wolstencroft

High-Rise is a brilliant piece of cinema by English filmmaker Ben Wheatley, who, with this film, is now established as a major new auteur. It’s a pretty faithful adaptation of the infamous 1970s novel by the dystopian author J.G. Ballard. The film itself is actually set in a retro-futuristic 1970s, which is a nice touch, and he even uses the paperback's 70s font for the opening credits, as well as the Brutalist architecture described in the book, revealing his attention to detail.

Ballard’s novel is about a chic multi-rise housing estate, falling into disrepair, turmoil, and a civil war of sorts between floors. It was a cult hit and is bound to be a cult hit as a film. More importantly, from an Alt-Right perspective, it is also a clear metaphor for Western Civilisation today and the way things are heading.


Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell join Todd Lewis and Keith Preston at the Praise of Folly podcast for a round table discussion on the nature of the alternative right. Among the issues raised are the movement's intellectualism, race realism, attitude to religion, and troll culture. 


Finest Mainstream Tears®

A recent surge of Alt-Right optimism, prompted by increased mainstream media attention as a result of the Trump campaign in the U.S., has apparently led some of us to believe that memes, trolling, and shitposting will pave a path to our political victory. Without wishing to spoil anyone’s fun, I think we should plan for a bumpier ride. Those tempted to place their eggs in virtual baskets should study the current affairs of China, particularly its proposed “social credit” system, and remind themselves that the internet requires only minor tweaking to go from a haven of free speech to a Matrix-like system of surveillance and coercion. 


After the Austrian Freedom Party politician Norbert Hofer nearly won the presidential election with 49.7 percent of the vote, we are witnessing a flurry in the right-wing press. Each person tries to analyse this unique success and seek guidance from it for the patriotic movement in his own languishing nation. But I am afraid it is not so easy to just copy the concept of Mr. Hofer and the Freedom Party and apply it precisely in the same way to your own country.

Matt Parrott, in his article The "Prole Gap" in White Nationalism expresses the view that parts of the American White nationalist movement is too intellectual and elitist to appeal to the uneducated masses and that it therefore needs to change in order to do so. His opinion might be based upon a disputable poll that circulated soon after the election, claiming to prove that more people with higher education voted for the leftist candidate Alexander Van der Bellen, while the majority of the working class chose Norbert Hofer. This seemed to suggest that metapolitics and Gramscianism are less important for our victory, than the Alt Right likes to point out.


There is no binary for intelligence, although there are different plateaus, which operate in a method similar to a binary when a specific task is considered. At 120 IQ points, there is a threshold which determines the ability of people to understand complex political issues, and another exists at 125 IQ points.

But to see these issues clearly also depends on having a certain spirit that is capable of leadership. That is a warlike spirit, a gut instinct of what is right, and an awareness that, without being forced to do otherwise, people inevitably drift back into the usual narcissistic oblivion that turns great civilizations into degenerative stupidity.


This article was originally published at Counter-Currents in October 2012. It is republished here to serve as an introduction to Andy Nowicki's upcoming review of Stillman's latest film, Love and Friendship.

In a previous life, before I pledged fealty to the art of the written word – a pursuit for which I have subsequently won fame, fortune, and unbounded acclaim – a different calling beckoned for a time.

I enjoyed reading as a kid, but I also loved the cinema, while at the same time generally detesting everything savoring of "Hollywood" glitz, glamour, and celebrity; by my late-teen years, I'd found a number of films with which I felt I could identify, which spoke in a unique way to my restless young heart.


The concept of a Right-Left spectrum of political ideas contains a measure of truth, but is all too easily spun into a justification of established power. As most people are naturally inclined to reject extremes for compromises, they are led to think of those in power as a “Goldilocks option” between those on the far ends of the spectrum, whose exclusion is rationalised as a consequence of their own extremism. 

Since our European Goldilocks presently finds herself gagged and shackled to her chair, poisoned by her ideological gruel, and assaulted by foreigners in her bed, we can surmise that it is these so-called “moderates” who are the true extremists. To make sense of this, we must move away from the judgementalism of the “political spectrum” towards a concept based purely on the facts of hegemony and marginalisation, namely that of the centre and the periphery.


(Anti)social media

by Colin Liddell

Those with an interest in the history of economics will be familiar with the Malthusian Trap. According to this theory, in the period before the Industrial Revolution, any advance in technology or new discovery failed to permanently improve living standards. This was because any gains produced were soon wiped out in greater population growth, whereupon living standards more-or-less fell back to where they were before the advance.

This model is interesting because it can be used to explain why positive factors fail to produce positive results, and – by inversion – why negative factors fail to produce negative results, including those cases where 'negative' results could ultimately produce positive results, as in a process of cyclical regeneration and rebirth. The prevention of these healthy 'negative' effects is the essence of the gruesome symbiosis between leftism and conservatism that has defined the last several decades.