A week is a long time in politics, and the last one has been one of the longest and strangest in US history. One culture war ended with the sudden imposition of gay marriage by the Supreme Court, while another began. In the wake of the Charleston Church Shooting, a major effort was made to consign the beloved symbols and heroes of the Confederacy to the "dustbin of history."

Andy and Colin look out over a political landscape suddenly bedizened in rainbow hues and dotted with defaced monuments and consider what's really going on.


According to certain accounts of the communications of some customers with Amazon.com employees, two of which are saved in screenshots seen below, the recent decision of the company to stop selling the Confederate battle flag was apparently made under coercion from the federal government.


Ian Smith
by Colin Liddell

The Charleston Church killer, Dylann Storm Roof, set up the blog The Last Rhodesian. It was on this site that his “manifesto” appeared, as well as some of the images that have since been splashed across the media. The first photograph that appeared in the aftermath of the massacre showed him wearing a jacket with the flag of Apartheid South Africa and the White-ruled state of Rhodesia, which survived from 1965 to 1979.


The phrase "Death from above" has just taken on a whole new meaning, after it was announced that an abortion-facilitating NGO plans to use drones to deliver abortion pills to women in Poland who wish to "terminate their pregnancies" (Orwellian Newspeak for "murder their unborn children").

Motivated by its Catholic faith, Poland is one of the few White countries that still clings to reasonable restrictions on flushing embryonic human life down a toilet, a conservative position that the pro-abortion forces of the EU and the international West seem intent on chipping away at with every weapon in their arsenal. 


The "Rainbow" flag, a symbol of anti-white hatred to many Afrikaners.

In response to the brutal murders of thousands of white farmers and their families which have taken place all over South Africa since Nelson Mandela's election in the mid-90s, high ranking African National Congress officials announced Tuesday that the country would outlaw the famous "Rainbow" flag, which has flown over the Parliament building in Pretoria for the past 21 years.

The country will return to the so-called Prinsevlag, the official flag it flew prior to the ANC's ascension to power in the historic election that signified the end of Apartheid in 1994.

This step will be taken out of deference to the numerous white victims of black violent crime since the majority-black country became a full democracy two decades ago.


In the aftermath of the Charleston Shooting, a truly remarkable video has emerged, featuring an interview with the black friend of the supposed racist killer Dylann Storm Roof. (By the way, doesn't that name just strike you as all too apt given what happened?)

In the video a reporter from the BBC talks to two of Dylann's friends, one Black and one White. Dylann's Black friend does most of the talking as the reporter, apparently a lady of Indian extraction, is mainly interested in finding corroborating evidence for the main media narrative that Dylann was a hate-filled racist psychopath.


by Dota

This video says it all. Somehow I’m not surprised to see these South Asians beginning to use their wealth to buy political clout; what’s shocking is their naked tribalism which they make not even a token attempt to conceal. Indians and Pakistanis both fundraising for Hillary Clinton, and somehow I doubt it’s because they support radical feminism.


The facts about Dylann "Storm(front)" Roof speak for themselves:

At twenty-one years old, introverted, withdrawn, a loner and a drug user, looking like an emaciated Macaulay Culkin, Roof had exhibited deviant social behaviour and was twice arrested, once for trespassing and once for a drug charge (Buprenorphine was the drug listed in some accounts). Roof came from a broken family; he was unemployed, and probably from a low-socioeconomic background. He seemed to lack a proper support network and social circle – which caused him to feel isolated, hopeless, lonely, frustrated, and daunted by an uncertain future.

From the testimony of friends and survivors of his homicidal "lashing out" at an AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, and from other sources of information – including photographs of him wearing apartheid era patches – Roof apparently espoused ‘white supremacist ideology.’ Reportedly he told one of the survivors, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over the country.”


Sweden has become proverbial for its ethnomasochism, Orwellian thought-crime laws, and all-round leftist, liberal cuckoldry. En Arg Blatte Talar (an Angry Blatte Speaks) is a Youtube vlogger of Balkan extraction, who came to Sweden, as so many people do, as a political refugee. Here he gives a hard-hitting run-through of the usual insanities that we now associate with the "Swebola Nation."

Connected Articles: No (European Country) for White Men, Swedish Sheep, Winning and Losing in Scandinavian Politics, Swedish Girls, and Swebola.


This one slipped through our fingers. Sorry, SPLC.

Dylann Roof, the young man who shot and killed nine relatively decent Black people in a Charleston church, used a gun (obviously) and was motivated by White nationalism (apparently).

Because of this there will be talk of banning guns and clamping down on White nationalism.

But banning guns in America is simply not doable. This is because gun ownership is embedded in American culture and society, and the continuing threat from the criminal classes will mean that White Americans will continue to support it.


I have repeatedly emphasized elite perfidy; more than anything else, venal and avaricious traitors are the primary culprits of the West’s demise. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that most white elites and talking heads do not hold most of their fellow whites in high esteem. Occasionally, some will even drop the pretense and openly display their utter contempt for the little white people. One such example is this execrable, vomit inducing article by a white Brit named Doug Saunders (Ht: Heartiste):
"The English are more prone than other groups to drop out of school early, to live on welfare benefits, to become unhealthy and to engage in crime. In measures of alcohol abuse, 'trouble with police while drinking' and lawbreaking, they outrank any other ethnic group in Britain (except the Irish). Riots led by ethnic English youths tore the cities of England apart in the summer of 2011, while ethnic Turks, Bangladeshis and Africans guarded shops and became heroes for rescuing people from the riots. There is a constant sense that the poor English are about to break out in violence."
While this article is rather old (and some think the author is simply being ironic), it nevertheless touches upon an issue that I’ve long pondered but never discussed: the notion that immigration is a boon on account of white indolence and pathology. This open display of ethnomasochism most explicitly promotes the idea that tireless, hustling immigrants are needed to temper the decadence of slothful whites.


About to blow?

America used to be known as "The Land of the Free." After recent weeks, and the total dominance of the news narrative by the transgenderism of Bruce Jenner and the transracialism of Rachel Dolezal, this may have to be amended to "The Land of the Freak," although the freakery is at least partly the result of the freedom.

But just how significant are these recent cases and their attendant phenomena?


She's just not that into you, Rick!

In 1981, Australia-born soap opera star Rick Springfield first burst to the top of the American pop charts with Jessie's Girl, a tune that combined irresistible hooks with raw, emotional ferocity and unexpected pathos.

Given the singer's chiseled good looks and teenybopper fan base, Springfield's songwriting talents tended to go unnoticed; even today, the song is often regarded as a kind of 80s "guilty pleasure," devoid of substance and only fit to be appreciated with a dollop of ironical post-modern smarm. Yet Jessie's Girl has endured through the decades for much the same reason that it first became a hit; in addition to being a catchy-as-hell power pop anthem, it also effectively catches the angst of the alpha male hellaciously hoisted by his own petard, in a manner that elicits both amusement and pity from the listener.


The Oriental Mysticism at the Heart of our Passivity

"If you describe yourself as 'spiritual but not religious' you might be a Taoist." 
"Here, I would like to make myself absolutely clear: I do not think that the present vague spiritualism, the focus on the openness to Otherness and its unconditional Call, this mode in which Judaism has become almost the hegemonic ethico-spiritual attitude of today’s intellectuals, is in itself the ‘natural’ form of what one can designate, in traditional terms, as Jewish spirituality." – Slavoj Zizek 
"Saving one's soul may be of interest in a system, but in ignorance of that system... your Xtian examination degenerates into mere cerebral onanism." – Ezra Pound 
"All knowledge rests either on authority or reason but that whatever is deduced by reason depends ultimately on a premise derived from authority." – Charles Peirce
When you ask ordinary people about the economy, multiculturalism, or about immigration, they often give vague answers. Rather than identifying a specific historical trajectory that won a military and ideological victory, and is continuously pushed by NGOs, think-tanks, capitalist cabals, ivory tower academics, the mainstream media, and a certain ethnic group, they instead allude to how it is all just the “natural course of events.”


Has the NAACP come full circle?

Liberals and Leftists claim that race is a social construct, but what they really mean is (a) race is not important and (b) it does not exist. The recent case of Rachel Dolezal, a White woman who has been pretending to be Black for years, gives the lie to this.

Race was certainly important to her, and more fundamentally it was her actual race – White – that no doubt gave her the relative intelligence vis-a-vis more authentic Black NAACP members to rise up in the organization to the point where her identity has now become an issue.


Europeans brought order to Africa, something that Africans can only get now by coming to Europe.

At independence, 50 years ago, optimism for the tropics was high. No one could have dreamed that half a century later, a massive movement for re-colonization would be afoot – led not by Africa's leaders but by her masses.

We have looked at some of the reasons that the global South wants into Teutonic countries. But the real appeal is broader. Globally, tropical peoples are trying to migrate to lands run by temperate peoples.


Two theories explain what is happening in the West, and ironically both use variants of the same metaphor.

The first and most popular theory describes the principle upon which our current government operates. The broken window theory states that a broken window adds value to the economy because a replacement must be purchased and that puts money into the economy. Under this type of theory, politicians “create jobs” with regulation, and welfare money grows the economy. It is the basis of our new hybrid of socialism and capitalism that relies on re-financialized debt, or the selling of obligations as if they were of positive value.


Aristotle: the original shitlord.

For Aristotle there were always two vices for every virtue. This was because of his belief in the “Golden Mean.” For example, the virtue Courage existed between a vice of deficiency (Cowardice) and a vice of excess (Rashness).

To emphasize the metapoint: Aristotle saw all vices as existing on a continuum with all virtues, with no wall between them. This is very different from the Manichean morality that later poisoned the West through Judaic theology.

What happens, however, if we apply this Aristotelian analysis to the major “vices” of the modern day, namely “Racism” and “Sexism”?


The unfolding sex scandal of Dennis Hastert, a former wrestling coach, ex-Speaker of the US House of Representatives, and–until recently–prominent lobbyist, serves as a point of departure for a wide-ranging discussion between Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell on the the eternal synergy between politics and perversion. Other sex scandals touched on include Jeffrey Epstein, Cyril Smith, Lord Janner, and Clarence Thomas.


Commander Shepard being a race traitor

Not too long ago, TRS had a rather awkward time answering the question of a half-black, half-white commenter about his relationship with a white girl. His question had been so triggering that it had caused long time TRS pokemon, Bulbausaur to ragequit the site, and abandon the rest of the Death Panel.

Now, the commenter’s question intrigued me, and I do think that the Death Panel could have done a better job of answering his question. So I decided to add some of my thoughts on what is probably a very old issue. I doubt I’ll say anything new about this subject, but it’s always important to update our perspectives on important, or at least controversial, topics whenever the opportunity presents itself. So hopefully everyone here will not be too critical of my views.


 The fatal flaws of Classical Liberalism 

by Charles Jansen

The Classical Liberal – as opposed to the contemporary statist-favoring one – was, deep within, a saintly creature. The same can be said for his current heir, the Libertarian. The quest for equal rights embodied in both arises from a search for a compromise between equality and freedom, in short, a carefully crafted synthesis between the two. For the Classical Liberal and the Libertarian, liberty is sacred, but it has to be bestowed on everyone in order to avoid absolutism or unfair domination from the State.

But, of course, a major flaw in all this, is that any remaining difference can be conceptualized as an inequality, so equality has to be stopped somewhere. Rights shall be equal, but individuals' property and social status shall remain beyond the pale of state intervention – as much as possible. Every citizen shall be a right-bearer, but his rights shall not intrude on other people's rights, nor shall he be forced to do anything for them beyond minimal social intercourse. As libertarians say, “we want to take over the world, and then leave you alone.”