Broad strokes: Painter
by Kevin Lamb

In the orbit of academic research, books tend to fall into two broad categories: the landmark synthesis, a carefully argued, meticulous masterpiece that reflects years, even decades, of research and distilled analysis; and the ideological tract, the slipshod collection of essays that rests on a flimsy mix of distortions, omissions, dubious conjectures, and questionable use of secondary sources, which passes for scholarship in contemporary academe.


Following last year's multiple sex scandal, Tiger Woods has now finally come out and apologized in what looked like a heavily scripted and intensely rehearsed performance before a select audience of sympathetic friends and media for the benefit of his corporate advertising profile. After all that has happened, it will certainly be an uphill struggle to re-launch the golfer's shattered career and image, and save his marriage.

While the lurid details of this scandal have held a fleeting interest for the general public, this case is worthy of more serious consideration because it reveals a great deal about the shortcomings and contradictions of the multicultural globalism that we are opposed to.