Every year Counter-Currents, which is regarded as an important Alt-Right site, puts up a little "virtual shrine" to Hitler on his birthday. This is a great chance for Greg Johnson, to make a little money selling books to Nazi LARPers (real Nazis no longer exist). This is just one of the ways the Alt-Right allowed itself to be conflated with Naziism. In April 2013, I saw this crap yet again and wrote the following article at AlternativeRight.com to make the point that this was not the way for the Alt-Right to go. Three and a half years later, Richard Spencer was heiling Trump.

When you’re covered in shit – whether your own or something you just trod in – what do you do? There are a number of strategies. I don’t want to leave any of them out so here is a list:
  1. Head straight for the nearest tap or bathroom to wash the shit off.
  2. Ignore your own shit and instead divert the "shit narrative" to other people’s shit.
  3. Pretend that the shit isn’t shit (and even wallow in it).
  4. A combination of any 2 or 3 of the above.
There, I think that about covers it.


The Boston terrorist attack proves one thing: Americans are sheep. For years I've heard them banging on about how they don’t have real democracy, how they are effectively living under a tyranny, how their communities are being destroyed, their country colonized, how the frog is being boiled, genocide unrolled, how Obama is the "Communist-in-Chief" preparing the totalitarian death camps of the future, etc., etc.

Like sheep, it seems, you can move them halfway round the world and park them in a field and they'll just go on passively chewing till its mutton time, with the occasional idle bleat to add a rustic note to the scenario.


If the Boston Marathon bomber had a Facebook avatar, his picture would be a Rorschach blob. The authorities, who are surely “pursuing all leads,” as cops always are, nevertheless still appear to know little about him at this point (though most of them, like me, presume that the person in question is indeed a “him”), so the American public can only project our fears and fantasies upon this so far reclusive mystery man with no discernible agenda, whose murderous motives are as yet unexplained.


Jack Buckby is founder of the National Culturists, an organisation dedicated to "making anti-egalitarian and socially conservative politics accessible to younger people". The Culturists' outlook and beliefs are much influenced by the American writer and academic Dr John Kenneth Press, author of the book Culturism, though the basic concepts are much older. 
Curious to know more about Jack Buckby and the National Culturists, I approached him for an interview, and he kindly agreed.


Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, outlined a program to achieve political hegemony that came to be termed the “long march through the institutions.” Our goal is to embark upon a secession from the institutions.


Scotland now has more pandas (two) than Conservative MPs (one). This is just one of the many legacies of Baroness Thatcher, the ex-Conservative PM, who passed away yesterday staying free-of-charge as the guest of millionaires at the extremely ritzy Ritz Hotel in London, a city, by the way, that is now majority non-British – something that is also partly her legacy.

The predominance of pandas to Scottish Tory MPs probably has something to do with the deal Thatcher’s government came to with the Chinese to hand back Hong Kong, as pandas are always a sign of Beijing’s divine favour. This reminds us that the Iron Lady, despite her reputation for never compromising, was not adverse to the odd sleazy arrangement. In fact, weighing up uncompromising stands against sleazy deals by the good lady, the sleazy deals come out well ahead.

Yes, she regained the Falklands from the corned-beef packers of Argentina, and packed 323 of them to the bottom of the South Atlantic in their own tin can, but it was also Thatcher’s government that presided over the death of Rhodesia and handed the lives of hundreds of thousands of White Rhodesians into the hate-filled embrace of the “Black Hitler” Robert Mugabe. A bit of quid pro quo no doubt to keep the world from coming down too hard on South Africa so that her friends in the City could disinvest or diversify their holdings down there, in preparation for the exciting times ahead when her government liberalized Britain’s financial sector and privatized nationally owned industries. The City boys loom large in any review of Thatcher’s reign. In fact, she was “their bitch,” as the rappers say.


The Korean Crisis may blow over or it may not. But even if it does you can be sure that it’ll blow up again sometime in the future. The Kim Jong-whoever show is set to run and run, and not just for the entertainment of fans of James Bond, Thunderbirds, and Fu Man Chu. Underneath the absurdity of the fat kid with the bad haircut waving nuclear missiles about and demanding to be loved, there is a mother lode of realpolitik of the kind that would make the most ruthless American Neocons look like Mother Teresa.


The recent case of Steubenville high school students callously making a video of the rape of a classmate is an excellent case study of Liberal brain damage – how the Liberal’s pursuit of a pacifistic, r-selected society produces an atrophy of the very brain structure needed to fight evil. This purposefully created Liberal brain damage produces a surreal abandonment of values and traits that we would normally hold dear, if left to our own devices.
In this case, a group of high school students carried an unconscious, drunk girl, from party to party, while repeatedly stripping her naked and sexually assaulting her. While this was going on, other students watched, texting updates on the attack and posting videos to social media. Nobody stood up and tried to stop it. Two of the perpetrators have since been convicted.

These are the rabbit people which Liberals create, all of them exhibiting the fundamental trait of the Liberal – Liberal brain damage. All of these guys have been raised in a nation where Liberals have made a conscious effort to atrophy the critical brain structure required for flagging immoral material, and driving opposition to it – the amygdala. This is purposefully inflicted brain damage, designed to produce a human that is so lacking in honor that they are incapable of standing up and fighting for anything.


by Alain de Benoist
Translated by Roman Bernard, edited by Colin Liddell

Translator's note: What follows is a selection I made from Alain de Benoist’s responses to an interview on the French Right that appeared in the quarterly review Éléments at the end of 2005 (#118). Benoist talks both about “the Right,” which refers to all the individuals and movements right of center, including the mainstream Right, and the “real Right,” which in an Anglo-Saxon context would be called the “Old Right.” The failure of the mainstream Right is well-known, and often commented on. But the failure of the “Old Right” is more difficult to deal with, as the men concerned (one thinks of Enoch Powell in Britain or Robert A. Taft in America) were most of the time well-meaning, courageous men, yet they failed. I removed most of the references to French history so as to make it understandable to a Pan-Western audience. Benoist's arguments are not without flaws — far from it. His call to go beyond Left and Right is contradicted by the fact that he goes far to the Left in this interview. But I believe this aspect is secondary. This text, thanks to a remarkable psychological analysis of the “right-wing mind,” is first and foremost a way for us to question our own way of thinking, thus making us more “fit and brisk” for the battle of ideas. It is the ideal complement to William Pierce’s “Why conservatives can’t win.”
The Right has never been fond of intellectuals. Little wonder then that the phrase “left-wing intellectual” has for a long time been a tautology. For many right-wing people, intellectuals are just unbearable. They visualize them sitting on a chaise longue, of course, and view them as “sanctimonious types” who sodomize flies, split hairs and publish books invariably described as “indigestible” and “boring.”


by Rachel Haywire

Faithful members of the far right fringe, do not despair!

You think it’s game over. You’re losing hope. You just can’t ride that tiger anymore, and your entire movement has been infiltrated by hipsters and libertarians. This is more than the death of the west—it’s the death of your personal achievements. What in the dying world are you going to do when someone named Rachel fucking Haywire is writing for Alternative Right?

I’m here to tell you that it’s not over yet. In fact, the battle has only begun. Cheer up, cynical white man! Let me hand you a lollipop against liberalism! The counter-revolt is now as trendy as Williamsburg and this is not a bad thing. The Internet is full of neo-reaction, and tonight we go to war.


The lupine grace of footballer and now manager Paulo Di Canio is entirely appropriate to the present unlikely situation in the UK, where he was recently appointed manager of Sunderland AFC, a major soccer team in a large Northern town. The wolfish mien of the 44-year-old manager is appropriate because Di Canio is playing the part of the wolf in the age old story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” you know the one that finally turns up at the end of the story when the cries, screams, and – perhaps in some versions – death agonies of the silly little boy go unnoticed.