The Chechens or possibly their fellow Muslims from other parts of the Caucasus have been at it again: committing "cowardly" acts of suicide terrorism and, in the process, emphasizing the contradictory nature of a Russian state that, despite the breakup of the Soviet Union, still extends far beyond its demographic boundaries, yet somehow tries to pretend that it doesn't.


Machiavelli of the modern age: Saul Alinsky

by William Solniger

(continued from part 1)

It is perhaps more difficult now than ever before to offer white Europeans new (or restored) values, identities, flags, causes, and heroes. Radical traditionalists who try to do this soon find themselves battling upstream – against the decadent Western “culture” that breeds apathy, irony and inertia; against the mass media that rushes to stigmatise any rightist cause that seems to be gaining momentum; and, significantly, against the leftist discourse of critique (taught in some form to every one of the legions of young people on the humanities-degree conveyor belt) that exists to “deconstruct”, ridicule, and otherwise smear shit over everything traditionally European.


For the second part of my review of Alexander Dugin’s The Fourth Political Theory, I will focus on the more esoteric and abstract aspects, and attempt to relate it to real political concerns and issues. Although such ideas may seem irrelevant to a lot of people, they do have significance in the sense that they allow us to trace the trajectory of Dugin’s ideas, as well as their implications on the political sphere. In other words, they can tell us where Dugin is “coming from.”


Due to the complexity of the The Fourth Political Theory and the wide array of ideas presented therein, I considered it prudent to divide my review into two parts. The first part will deal with Dugin’s political and geopolitical theories, while the second part will deal with the more abstract aspects of his thoughts.

Discussing Alexander Dugin's latest book, The Fourth Political Theory is in many ways a difficult task, mainly because the book itself is extremely abstract, and also because it attempts to address various complex issues simultaneously. So I think it’s best to start my review by stating that I have read many of Dugin’s translated articles and have watched many of his videos online, many of which are too arcane for my intellectual faculties.


by Dave Stevens

There is no doubt that Nigerian Immigrants Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale killed Drummer Lee Rigby. They boasted of doing so and have rightly been convicted of murder. They deserve the martyrdom they seek at the end of a hangman’s rope, and if Britain was really a democracy in which the will of the British people was done that is what they would get. In fact they cannot be sentenced at all until a panel of senior judges tell the trial judge what sentences the "European Court of Human Rights" will allow him to pass on them .

But Adebolajo and Adebowale are not the ONLY people who killed Lee Rigby.


The two-faced Roman god Janus

As we reach the end of an old year and anticipate the start of a new one, it is appropriate to reflect on what has come to pass and to look ahead at what’s likely to come.

We find ourselves at a temporary virtual home right now, there being no room at the proverbial inn following the events of the “Christmas Day Purge,” described in an Alternative Right Facebook status update that I authored, which was posted on December 26:


Andy and Colin are joined once again by Charles to take a look back at the "Year of the Snake" as it starts to slither out of sight. Among the talking points are MSNBC's attack on NPI and Alternative Right, the steady growth of Euro-nationalism, the suicide of Dominique Venner, the superpower showdown over Syria, the rise of Bitcoin, the successful NPI Conference in Washington, the death of Margaret Thatcher, and Miley Cyrus's over-active tongue.

Originally published on the 28th of December, 2013, and then hosted on our SoundCloud page until August, 2017, when SoundCloud shut the page down without any communication with us. Boycott SoundCloud.


The extension of China’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) recently generated a lot of not so subtle butthurt in regional geopolitics here in Asia, so it is prudent to examine this particular issue within a broader context.


by Andy Nowicki

Phil Robertson, the embattled patriarch of TV reality show Duck Dynasty, recently committed the tactical error of being sincere and forthcoming.

A smart, articulate, clever man, the backwoods multimillionaire business mogul nevertheless badly squandered what could have proved to be an opportunity to exercise Christ’s injunction to be “innocent as a dove, but shrewd as a serpent.”


Like many people, I was largely unaware of the "blogosphere" until 9-11.

Like virtually all of the cookie-cutter conservatives I know, I was initially swept up by the Neo-Conservative agenda, and wholeheartedly supported George W. Bush's declared intention to bring democracy to the world... even if that meant down the scope of a predator drone.


From the Dissident Right
by John Derbyshire
Vdare Books, 224 pages
Available for purchase at

Reviewed by Gilbert Cavanaugh

I would be surprised if there was a single AltRight reader that was not familiar with the sordid tale. After writing the now infamous The Talk: Nonblack Version for Taki’s Magazine. John “The Derb” Derbyshire was summarily fired from The National Review. Shortly thereafter Peter Brimelow hired him full-time at Vdare and he has now become a bit of a celebrity among we who dare speak of race. Last April, to mark the one-year anniversary of said brouhaha, Vdare released a collection of The Derb’s writings and talks.


by William Solniger

In a previous essay entitled “Resisting Egalitarian Humbug,” I introduced the concept of ‘kakistocracy’ (rule of the worst) to describe the type of elite which rules under the political formula of universal egalitarianism, and is commanded by both the logic of that formula and its own self-interest to incessantly attack its host society. I identified the modern “secular church” of progressivism with this type of elite, and noted that it shares a significant degree of common purpose with the more formal power- and wealth-holding elites of government and business.


In the very first Alt-Right podcast, Andy and Colin are joined by John Morgan of Arktos Publishing and the mysterious "Charles," whose identity remains a closely guarded secret to this day, to talk about the passing of two men who died on the same day, Nelson Mandela and Colin Wilson.

While one was lauded by every outlet of the mainstream media, the other was practically ignored. We also plug Andy's new book Lost Violent Souls and alternative history novels.


I suppose I should be used to it by now, but there are times I just hope beyond hope that I won't be let down again. Hollywood, you've left me bruised and spat upon too many times to count. Just give me my Tolkien unspoiled and I'll be good. Please!


My position has been consistent since 1997: diversity doesn't work.

This is different from dislike or fear of the elements of diversity, such as "I don't like black people" or "I think Caucasians are inferior." It is not a critique of a specific aspect of diversity, but diversity itself.

It applies uniformly to diversity of religious, ethnic/racial, cultural, linguistic and even caste distinctions. The rule is that the less variation you have in your society, the healthier and happier it is.


Lucien Freud or the Elephant Man?

A triptych by the Irish-born British artist Francis Bacon was sold by Christie’s in New York for the record sum for any artwork at auction of £89 million this month.

Bacon’s three depictions of Freud seem sketchy indeed. Each shows him seated within a framework of lines that look like aids to drawing perspective. Freud’s foot escapes from this framework cage in some sort of symbolism. The artist breaking the boundaries of art?

Freud’s face is a distorted blob, as if, instead of Freud as a sitter, Bacon was in lurid fashion painting the Elephant Man. Actually, if one had not been told, one would have no idea who the sitter was. It could have been almost anyone – a stranger off the street. And here we have the key to this work. For who tells us that this is Freud? It is Francis Bacon, the artist.


Andy and Colin are once again joined by Charles to discuss the "The Knockout Game" a spate of random attacks by Blacks against non-Blacks that seems to be motivated by racial hatred. Colin also explains the role that Whites play in this game with their own "Blankout Game," in which they foolishly feign race blindness, leaving themselves open to these attacks.


by Brett Stevens

Logical fallacies are not the be-all and end-all of logic. In fact, they’re just a handy shorthand for recognizing common mistakes made in argument. However, if you find one present in an argument that someone is making, like “we should all be liberals,” you should proceed with caution.

Where the basic assumptions are logical errors, more are sure to follow. And worse, those who accept logical errors can’t tell the difference between insanity and sanity, so you’re in for a rough ride.


In three months of campaigning, New York City Public Advocate and presumptive mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has accomplished the impossible: making Mike Bloomberg look good.

Given that the diminutive Jewish billionaire has managed to piss off just about everyone during his decade-plus reign as the Big Apple's Il Duce, that's no small deal. Between his fascistic anti-gun policies, his war on sodas and other fattening foods, neutering the city's term limit law in a blatant power grab and using the NYPD as his personal Praetorian Guard, it's a wonder that Gracie Mansion hasn't been torched by an angry mob yet.



There are three types of people in the world: People who haven’t heard of the paleo diet, people who have tried the paleo diet, and people who can’t wait to tell you how stupid it is.

People in the last group want to tell you how we’re still evolving, how different groups evolved differently, how you couldn’t live like our ancestors even if you tried, how the paleo diet isn’t sustainable for the world’s growing population, how SCIENCE! can produce superior health and athleticism, and how all that meat and fat will make you obese and give you a heart attack.


Journalists employed for the express purpose of writing hit pieces are immediately in an unenviable spot, rhetorically speaking.

The person or group of people they’re assigned to smear, ridicule, and deride is obviously considered loathsome and contemptible by their bosses, which is why the journos in question have been sent to do their hack jobs in the first place.


by Albert Brenner

I have been asked many times to write a column about Afrikaner identity. It's a task I have always dreaded, for it will need to also involve examining questions like: can an atheist be an Afrikaner? Similarly, can an English-speaking white South African be an Afrikaner? Can Afrikaner political parties not supporting self-determination still be called "Afrikaner"? Or even: can non-whites be Afrikaners? Any honest elucidation of (the) Afrikaner identity must also include the less savoury aspects of said people. But then; nobody is perfect. That said, here goes…

Afrikaner identity, like all others, is comprised of three distinct, yet intimately intertwined aspects: the individual, the collective and the nation.


Rihanna: three orifices held together by an intermediate biomorphic mass.

I've never really seen what all the fuss is about Rihanna, who is apparently the world's biggest pop star or thereabouts. Her music is...yawn! But she's a chick, so the quality of her choons is probably a matter of secondary importance. Her success must be based mainly on her looks and vibe, but even here I can't quite see it. She has a juvenile-looking face that probably appeals to paedos, plus what looks like a serious underbite and rather too capacious a forehead for her chosen profession.

It's very hard being a pop star of colour, especially if the "colour" is Black, due to White privilege and racism. No, don't laugh! It's true! ...At least if you're a pop star.


The following is the conclusion of my interview with Juleigh Howard-Hobson, whose book I Do Not Belong to the Baader-meinhof Group and Other Poems is now available from
Part 1 can be read here.

Nowicki: "Or Forever Hold No Peace" is a stirring poem about WW2 veterans, apparently from both the Axis and the Allied side of the war. The poem seems to reflect on a "bright time when/ Hope stood gladly with you, Europa's men." Talk about the inspiration and context for this poem, as well as your reference to the "black sun" (which is also referenced in other poems of the collection). “What is history but a fable agreed upon?” said Bonaparte.

Howard-Hobson: “Or Forever Hold No Peace” wanted to be written, it came as an image in my head: old grizzled men standing in a line, waiting for a memorial parade to begin. Which memorial, which parade, which men....those things didn’t matter.... all that mattered, as far as the poem was concerned, was that the men were together and they were old and they knew something and they knew that what they knew was not what they were supposed to know—not the official story, not the sanctioned truth, not, perhaps, even the legal truth anymore...but still, they knew it. The poem comes from the frustration of knowing that these grand old men might take something precious to their graves because they don’t know that their truth won’t only fall on deaf ears. That some of us want to know what they knew. On both sides.


Juleigh Howard-Hobson, poetess

The following is the first part of my interview with Juleigh Howard-Hobson, whose new book of poems, I Do Not Belong to the Baader-meinhof Group and Other Poems, is now available from Counter-Currents.

Nowicki: As a poet, you have achieved significant success, both inside and outside of "the movement." It is safe to say that many non-alternative rightists/ WNs/ ideological heretics nevertheless enjoy your work. To what extent is your poetry an expression of your beliefs, and to what extent could it be called non-ideological?

Howard-Hobson: Everything any artist does comes from inside the artist and nowhere else. There’s no escaping that. So, it’s absolutely true that everything I write is from inside of me—informed by my beliefs, my ideologies and my own experiences. I’ve lived in 3 nations, and two opposite coasts of one of them—my outlooks, my thoughts, my personal expressions, every word I put down on paper, are all the result of conclusions (some even unconscious ones) that I’ve come to after seeing what I’ve seen of the world, and knowing what I know of people, of culture, of how history is interpreted and even distorted, what the air smells like in London’s suburbs, what ANZAC Day means in Sydney, how to grow spring gardens in the Portland rain, how holiness is experienced....


While scientific work in the West continues to be constrained by the dogma of human equality and therefore focuses predominantly on relatively expensive surgical and medicinal therapies to retrospectively improve the condition of individual humans, the Chinese, free from such dogmatic constraints are employing state-of-the-art-gene sequencing technologies as part of a state sponsored eugenics programme aimed at achieving significant advances in the quality of their future generations.

BGI Shenzhen, known as the Beijing Genomics Institute prior to 2008, is one of the world’s premier genome sequencing centres and was created in 1999.


So, out of fifty hot pieces of ass, they went with the swarthiest, most foreign-looking ass of the bunch.

Mighty white of them!

Yes, that's right... In case you hadn't heard, Miss America has gone out of its way to acknowledge the "ethnic other" this year. Out of the typical bevy of beaming babes putting themselves on display last Sunday night in that inimitable, adorably pre-feminist manner – widely grinning, regally waving, strutting their formidably sexy stuff in sparkling evening dresses and curve-hugging bikinis, and guilelessly delivering vapid answers to stupid questions from judges, in the best beauty pageant tradition – the assessors of the 2013 event (which included out-of-the-closet NSYNC-er Lance Bass; what the hell does he know about girls, anyhow?) chose the one from New York; the exotic, masala-flavored chickadee of the litter, a 24-year old named Nina Davuluri.


Young Syrian girl rapidly approaching "rape age."

With some kind of attack on Syria apparently imminent, it’s heartening to see the high moral fiber of the “freedom fighters” that America would like to shed its cruise missiles to support.

While most marauding gangs of thugs would be happy to use their fleeting local ascendancy to murder, rape, and steal as they pleased, the noble “freedom fighters” to whom John McCain and now President Obama have taken a such shine to, prefer to do things strictly by the book. Too bad that the book in question just happens to be the Koran – an epilepsy-and-sun-stroke-inspired work, written in a milieu of dark age desert warfare and age-insensitive gang rape.


An interview with Alexander Dugin on the Syrian crisis.

Prof. Dugin, the world faces right now in Syria the biggest international crisis since the downfall of the Eastern Block in 1989/90. Washington and Moscow find themselves in a proxy-confrontation on the Syrian battleground. Is this a new situation?

Dugin: We have to see the struggle for geopolitical power as the old conflict of land power represented by Russia and sea power represented by the USA and its NATO partners. This is not a new phenomenon; it is the continuation of the old geopolitical and geostrategic struggle. The 1990s was the time of the great defeat of the land power represented by the USSR. Mikhail Gorbachev refused the continuation of this struggle. This was a kind of treason and resignation in front of the unipolar world. But with President Vladimir Putin in the early years of this decade, came a reactivation of the geopolitical identity of Russia as a land power. This was the beginning of a new kind of competition between sea power and land power.


With a sly, knowing wink to Martin Niemoller. What follows is a contemporary reworking of his famous dictum about life in Nazi Germany, as it might be spoken by a typical weasel-faced, mainstream American conservative establishment-lapdog, as a sort of soliloquy/confession uttered in an unguarded moment.

Don't worry about the encroaching totalitarian dystopia... it's football season, baby!

First, they came for the Holocaust deniers.

I didn’t have a problem with this at all. After all, as a mainstream American conservative, I pledge fealty to the state of Israel and obediently fetishize Jewish historical suffering as uniquely horrific. To compare the Jewish Holocaust to any other instance of mass murder is offensive to me, because (as I have been told, and as I quite unthinkingly repeat, good little goyboy that I am) to do so inexcusably trivializes the Shoah, making it seem like just another case of man’s inhumanity to man, which it certainly wasn’t, because… well, because that’s what I’ve been told! By whom, you ask? Well, by sources that are surely knowledgeable, sources that one doesn’t question if one knows what is good for one—and I, for one, surely do!


Well done, Miley. You've finally done it. I was trying to ignore you, like all the rest of the dross and mulch that is forced through the rotting intestines of the frankly dead music industry, but your latest little vid seems to have snaggled onto the broken shards left by the departed consciousness of Western civilization and has gone viral, so you must be doing something right, you little minx!


Folks have reportedly been shocked and shattered by the aesthetic grotesqueries displayed by Miley Cyrus’s full-throttle sexed-up meth-bimbo act at the MTV Video Music Awards last Sunday. But the onstage schtick she stuck in the nation’s face during her performance of the vacuously generic party-anthem We Can’t Stop isn’t anything new; I caught the dubious scent a few days ago when I came across the bizarre video for this inexplicably chart-topping single, which, far from being sexily hedonistic, is downright creepy in its unsparing depiction of youthful degradation. (See also Colin Liddell's useful analysis of the video.)

Gone are the Daisy Duke shorts, the lustrous locks and the winsome eyes of Miley in her Party in the U.S.A. teen-tease phase. Even the smokin’ hot jailbait seductress look of Can’t Be Tamed is nowhere to be seen. What we have here is an entirely different vibe from anything that preceded it in the Miley canon, from Hannah Montana's premiere episode through to the present.


Recently, I was sent to a workshop at a Labor Department office to test its usefulness in helping the unemployed find work, helping to determine whether taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely. This was in a certain county in upstate New York that I’m not at liberty to disclose, other than to say that it’s in a rural area and it has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state.

It also has one of the lowest literacy rates in the state. I’ll call it “Methlab County.” The particular program I sat in on was “Internet Job Search,” about using the web to find work. You might be wondering, in this age of 4G smartphones and ubiquitous Internet access, precisely who would have difficulty applying to jobs online. The answer: fifty- and sixtysomething white ex-factory workers who don’t own computers, don’t even have email accounts. In fact, the second half of the three-hour(!) workshop was devoted to teaching us how to open and use email accounts with Yahoo! or Google.


My faith teaches, or rather holds it as self-evident, as an outgrowth of natural law, that suicide is a sin. I understand and fully accept this tenet, and wouldn’t dream of dissenting from it, or from any other legitimate, duly-held Church doctrine.


by Dan Roodt

Is it not astounding that so many people are criticising the outcome of the Zimbabwean elections, when that country went through an official poll in which ZANU-PF won a clear majority?

In addition, Robert Mugabe’s view of democracy is entirely commensurate with that of most western leaders, especially those of Britain and the US. There exists a dichotomy between the spectacle of campaigning and voting – the soap opera of elections – and the real business of power that is normally settled outside of public scrutiny, in proverbial smoke-filled rooms.


by Cecilia Davenport

There has been an interesting discussion lately over at Counter Currents, stemming from an article written by Gregory Hood, entitled “Why Christianity Can’t Save Us.”  Hood’s essay was followed by one from Matt Parrott, entitled “Why We Should Save Christianity.”


Recently, I was interviewed by someone from a major news outlet, working on a story about the manosphere. It went better than I expected, but midway through, the reporter asked me about the level of “hatred” and “vitriol” in the manosphere and what I think of it. My answer ran along the lines of the Private Man’s recent arguments that masculine anger is a necessary and transitional aspect of the manosphere; men who have been screwed over in more ways than one over the course of their lives have every right to be angry, and that with the exception of the MRA/MGTOW permavirgins, men get over their anger eventually and move on.

But from a more practical standpoint, what do men have to lose from being angry and confrontational?


What follows is the speech delivered on June 29th by Philippe Vardon, a leader of the Identitarian movement in France and Europe, during the fifth edition of “Identitär Idé,” a yearly conference organized by Arktos Publishing in Stockholm, Sweden. The central theme of this conference was “Identity Vs. Globalism.” This speech was translated from French into English by Roman Bernard with edits by Colin Liddell.


I am doubly happy to be with you today, and I would like to thank the organizers of this conference, chiefly Daniel Friberg of Arktos Publishing.


Shock n' paw

Over at Taki’s, Pat Buchanan is lamenting the Pentagon’s latest kowtowing to the gender equality extremists by agreeing to integrate women into front-line and special combat units, like the Rangers and SEALs.


Guns, Crime, and Freedom
by Wayne LaPierre
Regnery Publishing, Inc., 263 pages
Available for purchase from Amazon here

   Reviewed by William Cavanaugh

"Arguments, whether political or philosophical, are like ammunition – you should stock up on them before the trouble starts." That is what I told a friend of mine when he expressed surprise at my idea of writing a review for a book now almost two decades old. The friend in question is rarely impressed with my little aphorisms, so I spelled it out in more concrete terms.

Wayne LaPierre wrote Guns, Crime, and Freedom in 1994 when the country was quite divided on countless issues: immigration, gun control, gays, a new era of foreign policy, and a Democratic president who had come out of nowhere. Sound familiar? I always find it strange when people talk about the "Culture War that was" – when did it end? Maybe for a chunk of time after 9/11, but since at least the 2004 election all the old debates have been raging and are far from stopping. If they were not, Richard Spencer would not still be talking about Peter Brimelow's 1995 book Alien Nation, and Obama would not be interested in keeping the Clintons so close to his administration.


As a gesture, French ex-paratrooper, veteran right-wing activist, and all around macho badass Dominique Venner’s gunshot-through-the-head self-snuff in the cathedral of Notre Dame sends a powerful message, though I’m not entirely sure what that message is.

One reads Venner’s final words summarizing the rationale for his act, and he truly sounds like a man of sound mind, with a clear-headed notion of aesthetic intent regarding the ramifications of his messy, bloody, brain-splattering final exit at the altar of the historic Paris church. Still, it isn’t easy to discern just how news of an elderly comrade’s suicide is meant to rally the European New Right to fight mass immigration and demographic displacement with any greater determination or ferocity than before. News of a mentor’s auto-annihilation, after all, does not typically have the effect of firing up his pupils or inspiring them to risk their own lives for the cause. Suicide is not martyrdom; whatever we may think of self-slaughter, it cannot be conflated with self-sacrifice. One doesn’t give one’s life for a greater cause, at least not in any obvious way, by directly and deliberately ending it.


Not as extreme as he looks

A near Orwellian police state with bans on weapons, bans on words and thoughts, and an incessant flow of PC propaganda is no defence against the insanities created by “multicultural Britain.” We saw this yet again in London, where we were recently ‘treated’ to an iPhone clip of a Sub-Saharan Muslim lecturing us, his hands freshly crimsoned with the blood of an off-duty British soldier that he and an associate had just slaughtered on the streets of Woolwich in South East London.

The basic problem here is not the nature of Sub-Saharan Africans or the nature of Islam. These have been well-known for a long time and are what they are for a variety of reasons that it is superfluous to go into here. No, the real problem is one of politics and ideology, and, in short, of the systemic dislocation of the political spectrum.

In the wake of such horror, we can expect to hear the usual cries for “tolerance” and the throb-in-the-throat pleas not to let the “extremists” win  by becoming "hateful" ourselves. But the trouble is the real extremists won long ago. What other word can you use for political parties like the Conservative and Labour Parties that have been creating cultural chaos and enacting genocide and race replacement on a massive scale?

The real extremists are those holding the reins of government, as they have been doing for the last 60 years. But they would have you believe that they are the “moderates,” the reasonable ones, and that the extremists are the "unrepresentative" Muslims who committed the Woolwich atrocity and the "Far Right" parties and organizations that have opposed mass immigration and the kind of multiracialism that has Sub-Saharan Muslims living cheek-by-slashed-jowl with troops serving the interests of America and Israel.

Lets be very clear here: the Muslims who committed this atrocity are not extremists. They are following one of the broadest roads in a major world religion, a religion that grew up among a band of desert cutthroats and expanded by conquest, violence, intimidation, slavery, and mass rape; a religion that tolerates nothing but itself and drives its more logical adherents to acts of violence.

A so-called "moderate" Muslim is nothing more than a bad Muslim, someone who probably drinks alcohol and eats pork as well. A good Muslim is one who acts within the genocidal dictates of the religion’s founder. Needless to say, the rest of us should avoid good Muslims like the plague and be wary of bad Muslims in case they start taking their religion seriously.

The so-called “racists” and “fascists” who oppose multiracial Britain and wish not only to stop mass immigration but also to start the necessary process of "exigration" – the removal of the unassimilatable immigrant population – are not the extremists either. These people are common sense moderates, who, despite the lies of their higher and betters and the endless extremist propaganda of the “multicultural” state, realized at some gut level that the ruling elites were creating a madhouse.

Jimmy Savile, the infamous paedophile, with
one of Britain's extremist prime ministers.

The extremists are David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major, Margaret Thatcher, Jim Callaghan, Edward Heath, Harold Wilson, Alec Douglas-Home, Harold Macmillan, and Anthony Eden, the prime ministers who facilitated the process by which Britain has been transformed into the Bedlam it is today.

The extremists are the media, the BBC and the newspapers of the oligarchs, who have bandied about the word "racist" in an attempt to suppress any opposition to the Third World colonization of Britain, in effect creating a society whose every second thought is now race.

The extremists are the academics, who have used their intelligence to blind themselves for the pleasures of sneering at lowly common sense and basking in the glow of a false moral smugness, while furthering their lie-driven careers.

But the extremists are also the majority of the British people who have voted for these politicians, listened to these journalists, and respected these academics, all the while feeling that something was deeply wrong. To be out of touch with your true feelings and interests is an act of extremism.

Extremism viewed neutrally

Things like the increasing imposition of multicultural totalitarianism and the Woolwich atrocity that it pathetically failed to stop are not accidents. They are the symptoms of a deep disease of the political system. But it is not extremism per se that is the problem. Extremism exists naturally at the extreme ends of any system. Think of it like a bell curve. The left and right sides of the curve – the ‘extremes’ – taper to nothing, while the centre bulges to the highest point and contains most of the mass.

The fact that extremes exist in any system is not a problem in itself, and, in the grand scheme of things, may even be necessary. The problem we have in the West, however, is that “the bulge” – with all its conformism – has been dislocated so that now the weight of opinion and power has been dislocated to the extreme Left for the last 60 years.

What is 'centric' or moderate about the ideas on which modern Britain is based? Nothing! The viewpoint that race is a construct, that blood exerts no pull on the human heart, that loyalty to your own kind is evil, and that we are all blank slates is self-evidently an extremist Leftist one, but it is one that has become displaced towards the centre of our society, and therefore enshrined with the certainty that the centre always accrues to itself, rather than the tentative quality that all extreme ideas should be treated with.

"Extreme" and "extremist" are instead used as pejoratives and means for limiting correction back to the center. But what is remotely "extremist" about the wish to prevent your country being colonized and your race sunk in a flood of Third World immigration, degradation, and animalistic violence? This is self evidently a centric notion, but in today’s insane world this is given the name "far-right," "fascist," or "racist," other words signifying "extremism," which has become debased into a mere synonym of "evil."

The Great Displacement

Sensible common sense, the traditional outlook of the vast majority, is now regarded as right-wing extremism. But what has caused this dislocation of the political spectrum? The causes are many, but essentially it is the switch from a society characterized by structure, ties, and values to one based on fluidity, nexus, and price. This shift requires a change in the basic concept of humanity from a static notion based on essence and being to a dynamic notion based on function and interaction: algebra instead of numbers, synapses instead of neurons (and therefore dementia).

This results in the cult of “androidism,” where anything man-shaped is considered equivalent and connected to every other thing that is man-like, with the ability to acquire money the only distinguisher.

The cult of androidism cannot exist without
a consciousness of what it is destroying.

This is how multinationals, super states, and global elites see the world, and it creates the fluidity and interchangeability required by late-period global capitalism to facilitate more economic interaction, be it Keynsian or Austrian, public sector or private. To revert to a world of structure, ties, and values would cause an economic meltdown (actually much to be desired), so we are forced to live outside our mental comfort zone and fall down before the Golden Calf of multiculturalism.

The extremists who control the West see androidism as a means to facilitate short-term economic interests – their own and also that of the wider society (hence the widespread support for this stupidity) – but they also see it as a solution to the problems that it creates. Not only does androidism broaden markets, enlarge the labour pool, and create marketable stresses and problems, but it also promises the solution to the chaos it unleashes in the vast reprogramming of the human race.

Be the subjects Sub-Saharans with markedly lower IQs or Muslims with a deeply incompatible culture, the androidist extremists who control the West believe that they can use "education" (the most inefficient sector of the economy) and "culture" (the most despised aspect of modernity) to maintain the status quo in their vast game of demographic musical chairs. Sub-Saharans can be educated to replace hard-working and therefore low-breeding Europeans, and Muslims can be culturally reprogrammed by the potency and insidiousness of Western non-culture.

In this view, the great multiracial cities of West are educational laboratories doing what has never been done before, or vast deculturing concentration camps, exterminating the awkward culture of the incomers in a flood of porn, feminism, consumerism, individualism, and sheer godlessness.

Credit where it’s due: This is a titanic theory and astounding in its scope – if it works. But the great flaw with extreme ideas is that they are extreme for a reason, and this reason is their more tenuous connection with reality. This is how you know they are extreme. This is the case with androidism. Just because someone has two arms and two legs, and walks upright, doesn’t mean that he is equivalent to all the other two-armed and two-legged creatures walking upright. The atrocity in Woolwich is what happens when a society is built on such flawed foundations.


Every year Counter-Currents, which is regarded as an important Alt-Right site, puts up a little "virtual shrine" to Hitler on his birthday. This is a great chance for Greg Johnson, to make a little money selling books to Nazi LARPers (real Nazis no longer exist). This is just one of the ways the Alt-Right allowed itself to be conflated with Naziism. In April 2013, I saw this crap yet again and wrote the following article at to make the point that this was not the way for the Alt-Right to go. Three and a half years later, Richard Spencer was heiling Trump.

When you’re covered in shit – whether your own or something you just trod in – what do you do? There are a number of strategies. I don’t want to leave any of them out so here is a list:
  1. Head straight for the nearest tap or bathroom to wash the shit off.
  2. Ignore your own shit and instead divert the "shit narrative" to other people’s shit.
  3. Pretend that the shit isn’t shit (and even wallow in it).
  4. A combination of any 2 or 3 of the above.
There, I think that about covers it.


The Boston terrorist attack proves one thing: Americans are sheep. For years I've heard them banging on about how they don’t have real democracy, how they are effectively living under a tyranny, how their communities are being destroyed, their country colonized, how the frog is being boiled, genocide unrolled, how Obama is the "Communist-in-Chief" preparing the totalitarian death camps of the future, etc., etc.

Like sheep, it seems, you can move them halfway round the world and park them in a field and they'll just go on passively chewing till its mutton time, with the occasional idle bleat to add a rustic note to the scenario.


by Andy Nowicki

If the Boston Marathon bomber had a Facebook avatar, his picture would be a Rorschach blob. The authorities, who are surely “pursuing all leads,” as cops always are, nevertheless still appear to know little about him at this point (though most of them, like me, presume that the person in question is indeed a “him”), so the American public can only project our fears and fantasies upon this so far reclusive mystery man with no discernible agenda, whose murderous motives are as yet unexplained.


Jack Buckby is founder of the National Culturists, an organisation dedicated to "making anti-egalitarian and socially conservative politics accessible to younger people". The Culturists' outlook and beliefs are much influenced by the American writer and academic Dr John Kenneth Press, author of the book Culturism, though the basic concepts are much older. 
Curious to know more about Jack Buckby and the National Culturists, I approached him for an interview, and he kindly agreed.


Italian Marxist, Antonio Gramsci, outlined a program to achieve political hegemony that came to be termed the “long march through the institutions.” Our goal is to embark upon a secession from the institutions.