The Witch-Cult in Western Europe 
by Margaret Alice Murray
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Reviewed by
  Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Seeing as Halloween (Sam Hain, Winter Nights, call it what you will) is upon us, I feel that it is the perfect time to review a book that has been a standard[1] of the Craft since its original publication in 1921. There are — honestly — dozens of reprints of The Witch Cult in Western Europe out there. The book has long since passed into public domain, every real publisher, every indie publisher and every would-be publisher can legally and freely reprint and distribute it, and in these days of Amazon.com and CreateSpace, everyone seems to be doing just that.

So, should you, the reader, be interested in any one particular modern publisher’s particular reprint of this classic tome of Witchcraft? Yes, you should.


A head looking for a body and vice versa.

by Brett Stevens & Ashton Blackwell

A singularity is coming: the mainstream right and the underground right are converging, but they need to do it faster. These groups share a worldview of realism which no other parts of the political spectrum possess. Both realize that Western Civilization is hurtling towards a catastrophe at the hands of the dictatorship of public opinion, and that this same force destroyed the great civilizations of the past.

As Walt Kelley wrote long ago, “We have met the enemy and he is us”: public opinion denies common-sense realism because people prefer sugar-coated and flattering illusions. Gossip about the Speakership nomination, or Malia’s college party beer pong antics, dominates the headlines to hide the grim reality that we are literally fighting for our survival as a civilization.


"Wir schaffen es!"

by Colin Liddell

After allowing several million young male Muslim migrants to swarm into Germany (like an enormous rape-shaped dildo), Angela Merkel, according to rumours, is now thinking of quitting her position as Chancellor before her term expires.

This desire to quit was mentioned in several stories last year, but that might merely have been political posturing, with Merkel affecting a little false humility in order to screw the crown tighter on her own head. But this time the rumours should be taken more seriously as the "push factors" are much more significant. Germans are now extremely dissatisfied with her actions and incidents of “local democracy” have been breaking out across the country.


René Guénon (1886-1951) is mainly acknowledged on the Right for having had a deep influence on Julius Evola. Though both thinkers could disagree on small issues, the latter held the former in a sufficiently high esteem to praise him as “a teacher for modern times”, something he would never have said about any philosopher or post-Enlightenment intellectual.

Beyond Evola, Guénon also had an important legacy in religious and comparative studies. His detailed works on Hinduism played a crucial role in shaping research of the so-called Oriental world. Despite the fact that some of Guénon’s reflections are far from politically correct, his books are still sold by the prestigious and over-the-counter Parisian publisher Gallimard. The religious historian Mircea Eliade, whom one may hear about if he opts for comparative studies today, also held a deep interest in Guénon’s views – at a time when he was also close to Corneliu Codreanu.

Even though he achieved success through his works, Guénon always rejected the labels of “philosopher” or “intellectual.” Such labels, he wrote in The Crisis of the Modern World, correspond to men who pursue innovation or originality at all cost, by “put[ting] their name to a ‘system’, that is, to a strictly limited and circumscribed set of theories, which shall belong to them and be exclusively their creation.” Rather than that, Guénon merely aimed to be a messenger, someone who gives to others a renewed access to a long-forgotten transcendence.


"Yay! We've arrived in a continent that hates us,
but still hates its hatred more than it hates us."

Thanks to the misguided maternalism, surreptitious Stasiism, and corrupt conservatism of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Europe has been going through some notable changes. The continent has been washed in a brown tide of fake refugees, and there has even been talk of a wave of rapes (actual or anticipated) not unlike that carried out by Germany's last wave of invaders, the Red Army in 1945.

Now, of course, we know the Germans are a stoical and even masochistic bunch, who enthusiastically embrace "Muh holocaust guilt," alongside being world leaders in scatological porn, as ready substitutes for the desiccated remnants of their dour Lutheran religion, but even they have their limits with regard to being dumped on, and it seems that Frau Merkel has found them with the publication of the latest "hate maps" of Europe.


Inspired by Dota’s old post on 1984, I recently finished reading George Orwell’s dystopian novel. This won’t be an extensive review, as he already covered the book’s most pertinent points; I will likewise presume that readers are already familiar with the main plot, so I won’t provide much context.


Anti-Racism is the unilateral nuclear disarmament of today

by Colin Liddell

In recent months, thanks to the migrant crisis, it has become increasingly apparent that Racism is not some sort of elemental and supreme evil, as the Left would have us believe, but rather a defence system that encompasses many options from the mild to the extreme.

Those countries that wisely deploy Racism – from Japan with its almost zero intake of refugees to Switzerland where voters recently strengthened the power of the anti-immigrant Swiss People's Party – stand a better chance of preserving their ethnic and racial characters (and cultures), while those that don’t are doomed to be colonized, genocided, or divided in racial conflict, as their earlier ethnomasochism inevitably switches to defensive racism.


The problem with Whites is that we are way too intelligent. Intelligence can doubtless be defined a million ways – a sure sign of intelligence in itself – but, in essence, it is the ability to overuse the brain so that it doesn’t function properly; and by “function” I mean support the very simple purposes for which it was evolved: socialize, group-bond, maintain identity, resist aggression, breed, protect, survive, and expand. Of course intelligence makes us feel good about ourselves, but, also, as opposed to wisdom, it is the enemy.


Lucidity's task: to attain a correct despair, an Olympian ferocity.
Emil Cioran
Understanding the role Tradition could or should play in the modern era is a central topic in the study of philosophy. Today, in a world where God is almost, but not quite dead, how can we translate traditional beliefs into an appropriate form suitable for the people of the present age? To answer this question we must examine the nature of spiritual experience itself and look at different approaches to the divine in antiquity. Surprisingly one of the best starting points for developing a rapport with Tradition suitable to the modern West emerges not from Traditional texts themselves, but from Nietzsche. Despite Nietzsche’s overt denunciation of Christianity and the often proclaimed consequence of the ‘Death of God,’ Nietzsche’s work penetrates very deeply into the core of religious philosophy and this area of his thought is usually misrepresented. A substantial amount of Nietzsche’s writing can be seen not as wishing to break Tradition, but instead wishing to reinvigorate it by introducing elements of what he believed was a stronger model for religious belief — a vital form of spiritual thought that would prevent cultural decay.


A comely and brainy Mormon housewife and mother of five rehabilitates the much maligned Christopher Columbus and refutes today's tiresomely ubiquitous anti-white ideologues.

Connected content:

Radio 3Fourteen interview


Theme: Diverse racial friends (including one gay Asian male) of female surgeon married to unemployed, fat, drunk white beta loser cuck want her to "liberate herself" with the handsome, brilliant, muscular, black head of surgery, but she holds on to her marriage despite physical and emotional abuse because she thinks that's what God wants.

Character arc: after an episode of racism/homophobia displayed by the priest, the doctor leaves her boring, oppressive, white-majority traditional Church in the suburbs for a hip, progressive inner-city one where – GASP! – the hot black doctor is also the minister, doing outreach toward strangely angelic inner-city diverse children.


Someone else in the household watches a lot of cooking shows on the weekends, so I’ve been seeing this ad for California tourism a lot lately.

Having lived in California for a little while, I’m familiar with the places and visions they’re promoting. What’s interesting about this is that there’s not a single non-white person in the ad. And that makes sense, because the upper middle class California has virtually no interaction with non-whites. One of the chief reasons why they love shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s is because of what kind of person operates the check-out.


The Political Dimensions of Crowley’s Thought

The fame of Aleister Crowley is principally derived from his reputation as a notorious occultist. It is this reputation that has made his name legendary in numerous counter-cultural and youth culture circles, ranging from contemporary enthusiasts for witchcraft of varying sorts to purveyors of certain shades of heavy metal music.

Yet for all his status as a legendary figure, Crowley is not typically regarded as a political thinker. To the degree that his ideas are considered relevant to political thought at all, Crowley is frequently caricatured as a shallow nihilist or merely as a debauched libertine. Extremist political subcultures of varying stripes have attempted to claim him as one of their own. Whether they are neo-fascists, egocentric individualists, or nihilist pseudo-anarchists, many with an extremist political outlook have attempted to shock the broader bourgeois society by invoking the name of Aleister Crowley. This state of affairs regarding Crowley’s political outlook is unfortunate, because an examination of the man’s political ideas reveals him to be a far more profound and insightful thinker on such questions than what is typically recognized.


by Daniel Barge

In the same way that the shattered bones of the Unknown Soldier were selected as a symbol of the millions of similar young men who died tragically and wastefully in World War One, so for this month’s “Idiot of the Month,” we have selected the relatively anonymous Bex the Tumblrista for this classic but not uncommon piece of contemporary stupidity picked up by the ever-vigilant Shit Tumblr Says Facebook group.


The Machiavellis of the North

by Colin Liddell

It’s that time of year again, when a few forgotten scientists, a largely unread writer, and some organization or individual that may or may not have done something for World Peace are given Nobel prizes. The actual awards ceremony usually comes in December, but just so the winners have enough time to book a flight to Stockholm and rent a tux, the announcements are made round about this time. But is the Nobel Prize what it seems, or is it the manifestation of something a lot more sinister?

Most people take it at face value, seeing it as a fitting conclusion to some presumably worthy scientific (or other) career – although most remain oblivious as to why this or that individual should win it over their peers. Most also remain decidedly foggy on how the prize winners are actually selected, both officially and with regard to the behind-the-scene string pulling and other factors that no doubt tip the scales this way or that.

But to see the Nobel Prize merely as an innocent award is to take it on its own terms, and thus to have your perceptions framed and shaped by it. This means you accept its projected image: as a fair and objective expression of "the progressive spirit of mankind" (a nebulous concept with admixtures of other nebulous concepts: 'science,' 'peace,' 'excellence,' 'univeralism,' etc.), and you also accept the implied association of this "positive" image with Scandinavia in general and Sweden in particular, without giving it too much thought.

In short, the Nobel Prize is subtle, under-the-radar, positive brainwashing for Sweden.


If whitey moves out of a black neighborhood—“white-flight”—he is racist. If whitey moves into a black neighborhood—“gentrification”—he is racist.

If whitey doesn’t give welfare to blacks, he is racist. If whitey does give welfare to blacks, he is “keeping them on the plantation” and is racist.

If whitey doesn’t let in non-white immigrants, he is racist. If whitey does let in non-white immigrants, he is subjecting them to “white privilege” and is racist.


Integration and the Jewish Solution to the ‘Jewish Problem’

by Alex Fontana
"We must work superficially and in large groups, altering the conditions of life and improving the rules of the game." – Louis Wirth
Integration – the attempt to place large numbers of Blacks in White living space – is typically and naively seem as an issue that just concerned Blacks and Whites, but the dirty little secret of integration is that it was mainly about Jews.


Traditionally there are two pills – the Red Pill and the Blue one. The Blue one means you stay in the “matrix” of conventional opinion and delusion, you stay comfortable and warm, and you no longer concern yourself with the bigger picture or the long term future. That has all been taken care of for you. The Blue Pill represents a kind of infantilism.

The Red Pill represents a rejection of all that, and an awakening to the underlying realities. It is the pill people take just before they become race realists, neo-reactionaries, anti-democrats, or dissident righters. Far from being sugar-coated, it is laced with the bitter taste of total cynicism about all the myths that have been pimped at us 24-7. But ultimately it is not a negative pill, but a positive and even progressive one.


Europe's burly and increasingly defiant doorman, Viktor Orban.

by Bay Area Guy

Despite the best efforts of Western elites to morally browbeat Hungary into accepting Syrian refugees, the obstinate Eastern European nation refuses to budge. Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban – with the enthusiastic support of his people – has steadfastly refused to bow down to Germany’s “moral imperialism” and accept Angela Merkel’s refugee quotas. Insisting that Hungary lacks the resources and cultural infrastructure to accommodate thousands of outsiders, Orban’s spokesman then cited the failure of Western multiculturalism as reason to seal Hungary’s borders.


In what can only be deemed a miracle, the peoples of earth have managed to pass through a fourth blood moon this year without the apocalyptic events predicted by the all-you-can-eat buffet fiend and supposed Christian evangelist John Hagee.

The nuclear accord between the United States (and the rest of the world) and Iran has not ended in some sort of global conflict, nor has Iran used the opportunity to “wipe Israel off the map,” as the neocons and their Christian Zionist sycophants have continuously been predicting. Gog and Magog must have spent the entire duration of the blood moon saga playing Angry Birds on their iPhones and drinking their Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, thereby missing their cue to invade plucky Israel and initiate the Battle of Armageddon.


Did he really do it? Did he ever even exist?
Can the media ever be trusted?

As scribblers scramble to find out the "actual factuals" concerning the hideously horrific act of Chris Harper Mercer, a reclusive, mixed-race "conservative republican" who fetishized the Irish Republican Army, loathed Christianity, adopted a Nazi-sounding username and professed a cryptic adherence to the "left hand path," (i.e. a man whose online persona seems to resist all convenient pigeonholes, yet also to conjure up various "loner-loser-pyscho" archetypes all at once, checking many boxes simultaneously including but not limited to (1) comic book nerd, virgin, and pornography addict, (2) unemployed misfit who lived with his mother, (3) avid gun collector, (4) generally Aspbergers-ish, autistic weirdo)... some, a mere day later, are already adamantly refuting the notion that the massacre at Umpqua College ever even took place.


Selfish, Whining Monkeys
by Rod Liddle
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Reviewed by Kevin Scott

The latest book by caustic newspaper columnist, Rod Liddle, who also writes for the Spectator magazine, called Selfish, Whining Monkeys (subtitled: 'How we ended up greedy, narcissistic and unhappy') is an entertaining read for all those who want an offbeat (and sweary) alternative to the politically correct, sterile left-liberalism that currently dominates modern British political and social life.

Liddle, who previously worked for the Labour party and the BBC, intertwines autobiographical reminiscences with pointed observations about the unravelling of British society since the Second World War, some of them amusing, others quite touching, particularly about his parents, and laments the decline of the working class, blaming, among others things, mass immigration, Mrs Thatcher, the Frankfurt School, and left-liberal elites (of all political parties and none!), most of them public-schooled educated and predominant across society, particularly in the legal system, media and politics, for the current abyss.



According to early internet rumors, it seemed as if the alleged Umpqua Community College spree killer was another Elliot Rodger knockoff, fuming over being rejected by women in a gynocentric culture in which "genetically inferior" men like himself are sure to get the shaft.