by Andy Nowicki

Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has proven to be a death-stalked series. Heath Ledger died under mysterious circumstances mere months before the release of The Dark Knight in 2008, lending his now-legendary performance as The Joker both a transcendent sense of menace and a certain ghostly (and ghastly) allure.


The second of the Vanguard Podcasts featuring the original "triumvirate" of Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell discusses the significance of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy.


This year sees America engaged in a titanic political struggle between two radically different systems.

You already know that I am not referring to the policy differences of the Republican and Democrat parties, which are microscopic at best. Nor is the contest between the differing outlooks of the candidates, as both of them view the world from the same tiny, myopic eye. No. The real contest will centre on the methods used to secure a majority of those who can be bothered to vote. What makes this doubly interesting is that what is happening in America is not just confined to the States, but can also be detected in other political systems in the so-called 'advanced democracies' of the World.


Of the various manifestations of the egalitarian cultural revolution that has transpired in the Western world over the past half century, none have been quite so enduring or become so deeply rooted in the culture of modern society as the so-called “sexual revolution.” Indeed, it might well be argued that even the supposed commitment of Western cultural elites in the early twenty-first century to the ethos of racial egalitarianism is not quite as profound as their commitment to the preservation and expansion of the victories of the sexual revolution. The sexual revolution itself brings with it many of its own manifestations. These include the now prevailing feminist ethos, the liberalization of both popular opinion and public legislation concerning sexual conduct, abortion and contraception, divorce, the normalization of homosexuality accompanied by the growth of powerful homosexual political interest groups, and the identification of an ever-growing list of “gender identity” or “sexual orientation” groups who are subsequently assigned their position in the Left’s pantheon of the oppressed.


Vanguard Podcast marked a vital step in the evolution of Alt-Right podcasting. Its format of a regular team with occasional guests discussing issues of the day—"a conversation amongst friends"—established a highly successful template that many other Alt-Right podcasts later followed. This is the first of these podcasts to feature the "original triumvirate" of Richard Spencer, Andy Nowicki, and Colin Liddell. Originally uploaded on the 16th of July, 2012, topics included Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign, the politics of Japan, life in South Africa, and why young people should avoid higher education.


My previous articles at Alternative Right and Counter-Currents, analyzing and and critiquing the manosphere and its attendent pick-up-artist "game" ethos, provoked a wide variety of responses. Commenters chimed in with much to say about what I had to say, and their feedback ranged from the highly complimentary to the lasceratingly scathing and epithet-intensive.


The case of footballer John Terry has once again brought the issues of racism and political correctness into the media spotlight. As these pustulent entities sit there baking in the glare, they emit a miasma of side issues and discussion points that the mainstream media dutifully spins in appropriate ways.

This time Terry got off with calling opposing player Anton Ferdinand a "fucking Black cunt." Apparently his lawyers were a lot better than those of Emma West. But he's not out of the woods yet. The Football Association, which got egg on its face when they prematurely removed him from the captaincy of the English national team, is set to reopen its own investigation into the incident, with possible sanctions and stigma beckoning for Terry.

The main reason for Terry's acquittal may have been his actual innocence. It is obvious that the man who has successfully captained the multiracial Chelsea team for several seasons can’t be what most people understand to be a "racist." But since when has the thoughtcrime industry been interested in innocence?


Repentance: once a means of righting your wrongs before God, now a mechanism for the savages of our post-Christian society to publicly humiliate anyone who goes against the grain.

If you’re a rebel and the masses can’t kill or silence you, their fallback is to try to convert you. Castrate you, lobotomize you, make you as mindless and suppliant as they are.


Not overly concerned with the issue of his own "hotness."

by Jack Donovan

Ego-inflating rhetoric is everywhere. At work, at school, and at the mall, Americans expect everyone to tell 'em how special, talented and important they are. In our inverted world, the weak are somehow strong, everyone who survives a hangnail is "brave," and every bean-counter who works for the Department of Defense is a goddamn hero.


A typical example of "diversity"-inspired artwork.

One of the mantras of our time is "diversity" or, in other words, the urge to transform a homogenous society through governmental interference into an indefinable mixture.

Ethnic homogeneity is considered by the politically correct main-stream as deeply repugnant and dangerous, and is considered synonymous with "isolation," "parochialism," "racism," "superiority," "regression," among others terms. For the so-called opinion-formers, people who normally live in multicultural cities, homogeneity is outright offensive. A mixed couple, or a party with people of different races and creeds, is what makes opinion-formers and most journalists feel good. A community that lives according to its traditions creates immediate distrust, especially if it is a white community (in the case of traditional African tribes or Indian communities, lesser condemnation applies).


by Colin Liddell

We naturally feel a great deal of sympathy for the 'embryonic ethnostate' of Orania, but at the same time most of us know that it simply isn’t going to work. This is because it is involved in the paradox that the more it works the less it will be allowed to work. If it flourishes – and being staffed by Whites it is pretty sure to work – it will just provoke more Black envy, greed and hatred as South Africa slides further into overpopulation, poverty, tribal chaos, and scapegoat-hungry tyranny. Imagine a bourgeois village in Stalinist Russia, a "Jew Town" in the Third Reich. This is not how loathed minorities survive.