When I first saw the preview for Unbroken a few months ago, I was intrigued and a bit mystified, as I reported in an earlier piece. Having now seen the movie, I am still intrigued, and remain mystified. With the Christmas day release of this film, I am convinced that something must be afoot; I just can’t quite figure out what.


Andy and Colin are joined by Richard Spencer of Radix Journal and NPI and Michael Enoch of the The Right Stuff and the satirical Daily Shoah podcast to look back on 2014, the year of the non-story posing as the real story and the real story posing as the non-story. 

While America's SJW-driven media pushed hollow narratives of police brutality against "dindu nuffins" and "rape culture," the Ukraine saw a proxy war breaking out between Russia and America, with both parties claiming they too "dindu nuffin."


In my most recent VDare piece, in which I argued that the Alternative Right needs to move beyond being a culture of critique, and devote more energy to formulating an appealing and intellectually coherent ideal, in passing, I criticized Steve Sailer’s Citizenism as unfit for this role.

I wrote that Sailer was “emblematic of this gap in the [thought of the] Dissident Right [between the quality of our criticisms of Egalitarian Universalism and the inadequacy of the alternatives to it that we have thus far offered].” So here, I’d like to very briefly outline my reasons in a bit more detail.


Tommy Robinson, British political prisoner and ex-leader of the English Defence League, giving an impassioned speech at the Oxford Union in November, 2014. He talks about Muslim-inspired rape, violence, and terrorism in his home town of Luton, and the facilitating role that the British police and legal system have played in the process.


Tomorrow...more White roles will be given to Blacks.
by Colin Liddell

It’s a familiar narrative by now in the multicultural West – the Blackification of former White characters and cultural icons in movies.

Often it is just floated as a possibility – as it was with James Bond a couple of years back – in order to raise the media profile of a coming release and save money on advertising. But sometimes it actually happens, as with Annie, a recent release from the troubled Sony Pictures, which casts Black “actresslette” Quvenzhané Wallis in the role of the red-haired feisty orphan girl (the red hair had to go and the freckles became a whole lot bigger!).


Andy and Colin were recently interviewed by Henrik Palmgren, the host and Editor-in-Chief of Red Ice Radio, a major independent radio program and news website based in Sweden with a compelling fascination with unconventional truth. 

You can listen to the first hour of the show here.

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Matt Parrott joins Andy and Colin to talk about the Sony Pictures hack that has temporarily lifted the lid on a major Hollywood studio.

They speculate on who is behind the hack, how much dirt is still to be released, and whether the movie at the center of the story, The Interview,  will eventually become a long-running and highly successful franchise.


The herd hates it when people break away. If it has a single idea, hidden behind the rationalizations it gives for its power, the herd follows one code above all else: everyone must be included. Everyone must get along. All are part of the group.

A common argument made against any dissidence from this totalitarian standard is “But we all bleed red.” Notwithstanding the fact that this is nonsense — all mammals bleed red — it violates the most fundamental human right, which is that of exclusion. We have nothing approximating “freedom” or “liberty” until we can keep others out of what we create.


Fresh from the fappening.

In Mockingjay Part 1, the latest cinematic installment of the futuristic sci-fi dystopian Hunger Games saga, civil unrest in the kingdom of Panem has flamed into full-fledged civil war. Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence, duly topful here, unlike in her now quite ubiquitously-ogled homemade modeling portfolio) has been rescued from peril by leaders of a resistance movement intent upon deposing the cruel and ruthless President Coriolanus Snow (a scowling, smirking Donald Sutherland) and his regime of oppression and terror.

For the first time, however, we see that the resistance is hardly a ragtag, insignificant, or underfunded outfit. In fact, led by ambitious District 13 President Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) and her right-hand man Plutarch Heavensbee (the late, great Phillip Seymour Hoffman), the rebels dwell in a massive, state-of-the-art underground facility, and have access to a sophisticated apparatus of weaponry. If they aren't nearly as powerful as the military forces which serve the Capitol and faithfully execute Snow's murderous orders, neither are they Ewokian spear-bearing nomads hanging out in the woods, living in thatched huts and fashioning slingshots out of tree branches. While certainly outnumbered and outgunned, this rebellion is nevertheless poised to create considerable mischief and raise unholy hell.


Putin – Dr. Evil or Mini-Me?

Things either have logical coherence or they don’t. If they do, then there is a high chance that every component element is sound and true, each validated by the other. If they don’t have logical coherence, then obviously something is false and wrong, and we can begin the search for the flawed or broken element.

For a long time, those on the alternative right have tried to view Putin as some kind of saviour, as a force for traditionalism and a much-needed opponent to a globalist West run amok. But who is there among us who has not had his doubts? We all have, and those who haven’t can be dismissed as idiots or unthinking Slavophiles.


"In the end they will lay their freedom at our feet."

In his classic, prophetic novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, American science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick depicted a future dystopia where the only way to determine the difference between humans and rogue, bio-engineered androids was empathy: the latter were incapable of experiencing and thus demonstrating it.


Man Haron Monis, exhibiting the early signs of insanity.

The premise of the satirical movie Idiocracy was that modernity, by making the world safe for idiots, would create a dysgenic system leading to a world of morons. We are obviously well on the way.

With various fail-safe systems and procedures now in place, we see the effects of this all around us. Any idiot can get in a car and drive any way he wants and the airbag will save him, and if that doesn’t the paramedics will. These idiots are no longer going to die. They will have to be killed or at least neutered.


Editor's note: the following harrowing tale is reprinted with permission from www.heretical.com. It is the first person account of Simon Sheppard, a British dissident who was arrested and imprisoned for speaking his mind on a controversial subject. For the record, I don’t in the least care whether he is right or wrong in his beliefs. The point is that the man actually sat in a jail cell for the "crime" of promulgating a non-mainstream take on a historical event. He is, in short, a political prisoner, if ever there was one, and hardly the only one of his kind in the West (i.e., that region of the world which, until recently, had commonly and altogether un-ironcially been referred to as the "free world"). A.Nowicki


Democracy in a post-democratic age.

The peoples of Europe have been involved in a massive shell and pea game. I’m not quite sure when exactly the switch was made, but it was definitely made sometime, because when the shells stopped moving and we took our pick, there was no pea to be seen. The democracy we thought we were getting had dematerialized into rules, regulations, dictates from Brussels, "human rights" legislation, mind-control from the media, and supranational bodies telling us what to do all the time about everything!

“Where is our democracy?” we feebly ask, confused that, having jumped through the hoops and done the little dance with the ballot papers and boxes, we are still not getting it. Instead we get what they decide to give us. We get what we don’t want – exactly what we don't want. Then, when we complain, we are shown our signatures on the order form. "Yup, that's us," we meekly concur, scratching our heads. "I guess we did vote for that after all, but...but..." No buts. Welcome to post-democracy.


Orwellian corporate slogan, Odaiba, Tokyo.

Recently I ventured on foot across the ominously named "Rainbow Bridge," which spans Tokyo Bay, to visit the artificially created land of Odaiba.

When Tokyo holds the Olympics in 2020, this is the area that will host the athletes' village as well as many of the other facilities and venues. (The main stadium will be in a more centrally located area.)

I say ominously-named, because "rainbow," rather than pleasant associations of sunshine after rain or pots of gold left by leprechauns, now has more disturbing ideological connotations; whether it is the "Rainbow Nation" of South Africa, with its genocidal tendencies, or the rainbow flag used to promote the deconstruction of gender roles in the West and the promotion of mass, multi-partner ass-fuckery.

But while Japan keeps a tight watch on its borders – at least for now – the nation and its culture occasionally pay lip service to the globalized Western (ab)norms now symbolized by the borderless gradations of the chromatic spectrum.


There has been a lot of competition for the much-coveted Alternative Right Idiot of the Month Award recently, with special efforts being made by white, liberal, anti-police-brutality protesters, keen to show solidarity with the "Black Community" but somehow getting roughed up in the process. 


The most important nationalist party to emerge from the wreckage of the BNP is probably the British Democratic Party, which was founded two years ago. This video from their recent AGM, features speeches by the party’s President Andrew Brons and some other members. Brons talks about the results of the party’s efforts to build pockets of support while maintaining a low profile.

Well worth watching is Jim Lewthwaite’s excellent speech (from 7:00). He discourses on how the rise of UKIP has helped to legitimize nationalist agendas that it cannot fulfill, and how the BDP can capitalize on this.

An important concept mentioned by Lewthwaite is recapturing the word “internationalist” from the Left by correctly defining it as a dialogue between nationalists from different countries, rather than the anti-nationalism or supra-nationalism that it mistakenly connotes today.


NOTE: The writers of this article, Roman Bernard, was a mysterious Frenchman, who appeared in the Alternative Right sometime in 2012 or 2013 and disappeared a couple of years later. Some of his actions, positions, and behaviour seemed suspicious to me at the time. Colin Liddell  

Why we should keep looking to the Stars.

by Roman Bernard

Affirmative Right recently published a response to my Radix review of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. Written by Eugene Westerly, its very title, Space: the Final Capitulation suggested that the writer had not read my take on Elysium before writing his piece. Originally titled Elysium: an Allegory of White Flight, this review was first published in August 2013 at Alternative Right, and more recently at Radix after Richard Spencer and I had recorded our podcast on Interstellar (no longer available online).

My Elysium piece insisted on the dangers of using outer space as an escape to the problems facing us down here. I could have simply posted the link in the comments section, but while reading Eugene's article, I found that more explanations were in order, on the subject of White flight as well as others.



With the University of Virginia frathouse gang rape story officially unraveling, we see yet another iteration of what has become a new American tradition: the campus hate crime hoax.

Technically, I know that rape is not a "hate crime" (a dubious designation in itself), but this case was already being predictably treated as such by prominent feminists and entrenched academic activists, who generally like to bray about "toxic masculinity" and "rape culture" whenever possible.

As with the Duke lacrosse case several years ago, the pieces were all in place here: the alleged rapists were rich, Southern white frat boys, a group which checks off all boxes in the Cult-Marx manual of easy vilification of the so-called "privileged." In the wake of one girl's lurid and generally incredible (and, as we now are finding, thoroughly non-credible) account of events concerning said incorrigible racist-sexist-homophobic-Southern-preppy-whitebread ritualistic rapists, on a campus moreover condemned in a breathlessly credulous Rolling Stone article as "overwhelmingly blond" (boo! hiss!), a massive reeducation campaign had been readied, the better to indoctrinate anyone with the temerity to hold out against the mandated ruling ideologies, which after all require supine allegiance at the cost of one's livelihood, reputation, and future. Our rulers are jealous gods, indeed.


Dr. James Watson, the brilliant scientist who helped pioneer the field of genetics, signed up for yet another round of attacks and denunciations by the political police when he decided to sell his Nobel Prize earlier this month in light of the fact that, as he put it, “No one wants to admit that I exist.” His “mistake,” one he cravenly attempted to apologize for, to no avail, was being frank during an interview about the scientific realities of meaningful racial differences.


Ann Sterzinger domina-editrix of Takimag.com

Andy converses with Ann Sterzinger, the "editrix" of Takimag, about her newfound quest to help worthy writers both via her Takimag gig and with her fledgling indie publishing house, Hopeless Books.


Jesus for Jews.

It’s hardly a secret that in the eyes of most liberals and leftists, white Christians are the embodiment of evil. From the usual tired rhetoric about “privilege” to ominous warnings about the extreme danger posed by the religious right, one could be forgiven for thinking that we’re on the verge of being lorded over by Pat Robertson. Analysts of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel often highlight the role of Christian Zionists in strengthening the alliance between the two nations. Regardless of the specific issue at hand, we’re frequently being told that the Christian Right enjoys too much influence and that they’re perpetually up to no good. However, when analyzing the evidence, there is very little to substantiate the assertion that white Christian power is running amok in the United States.


[TRIGGER WARNING: Whitesplaining]

With the amount of police shootings liberals are complaining about these days you’d think that a black man can’t walk outside without getting brutally massacred by cop. In fact, that’s what some liberals are actually saying. But even if you’re black, it’s actually really easy not to get shot by the police. Furthermore, there are steps YOU, as a black man, can take to not only avoid getting shot by the police, but to avoid negative police interaction PERIOD!

At this point, you’re probably asking “But Bob, HOW do I not get shot by the police?” Let me start with my credentials. I have a quarter century’s experience in not getting shot by the police. For years, I’ve been able to not only avoid getting shot by police, but I’ve been able to generally avoid negative police interaction period. Now, you may be on the verge of a pavlovian response, ready to scream “WHITE PRIVILEGE” as your liberal slaveowners have told you to scream–before you do, let me tell you that yes, I did utilize White Privilege, and you can too. I’ll get to that.


This article is an expanded and updated version of an article published in November 2012 at Alternative Right. This new version has also been published in English at the Council of European Canadians and in French at Les 4 Vérités.

by Falko Baumgartner

Geographically one finds France in Europe, but demographically the country is swiftly drifting towards Africa as recent data indicates. France, unlike America, does not hold censuses on ethnicity, but follows instead its ideal of the color-blind republic. This, obviously, does not change one bit the ethnic reality on the ground, but it certainly helps to keep its citizens in the dark about it. Little in the way of official figures exists on the size of the immigrant population and the native French — until now. Pertinent material has come from quite an unexpected source, medicine, and it has all the hallmarks of allowing us an adequately precise and unbiased look into the strong growth of the non-White population in France.


Space: consolation for the loser.

by Eugene Westerly

I frequently see articles from race realists and others expressing faith in some kind of futuristic, pro-technology solution to the problems of the present. Such solutions are usually dependent on assumptions of uninterrupted technical innovation, driven by large and successful industries and markets, over a lengthy period of time. These are the unquestioned assumptions of these futuristic solutions, but extract fossil fuels from the equation and even the beginning of such a scenario is infeasible.

Roman Bernard's recent film review, Interstellar: Finding A New Telos is a fine piece of writing, but provides an excellent example of the sort of blind assumptions that undergird all techno-futurist thinking. Even scientists make these assumptions. They may in fact be among the worst offenders. So Bernard is in good company.

This article will focus on the likelihood that ours is not a technological future, that our destiny – at least in a time scale meaningful to humans – is not in the stars, but that we are essentially stranded on Earth, and it is this, our home and only "destination," for which we must fight without hope of redemption by a form of interstellar White flight.


"Yellow Peril" meme from the early 20th century

Colin is joined by the legendary Matt Forney and Daniel Spaulding, a contributor to
Alternative Right to discuss – and dispense 'fortune cookie' wisdom on  "The Asian Question." Will the 21st century be the Asian (or Chinese) century? Other topics include Confucian values, Asian intelligence and conformity, and demographic trends.


The beginning of the end.

by Keith Preston

When the future history of the former United States of America is written, the pivotal turning point that likely marked the downfall of the USA will be the events of September 11, 2001.

The United States emerged from World War Two as the most powerful nation-state in the world, rivaled only by the second-rate Soviet Union. American hegemony and dominance spread throughout the world as the countries of Western Europe became protectorates of the USA, and the colonies of the former European colonial empires in Asia, Africa, and Latin America became U.S. client states.