Raw Story is a somewhat popular click bait site for smug liberal millennials who seek constant reinforcement for their juvenile, therapeutic “political” ideology. It is a fellow traveler of such click bait dumpsters as Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and Salon. It exists purely to attack the phantom enemies of the leftist establishment, specifically Republicans and conservative Christians. A daily sampling of the leading headlines on Raw Story reveal their obsession with casting conservatives and Christians (one and the same in their minds) as vicious bigots out to persecute homosexuals and Muslims and impose some sort of theocracy on America (this absurd conspiracy theory is a staple of the establishment left).

Recently Raw Story published a story about an obscure evangelical Christian preacher, Rick Wiles, who expressed sentiments that the Ebola virus might by God’s way of ridding America of homosexuals and atheists. The notion is of course absurd, but no serious person has likely heard of the preacher, much less given any sort of regard to his silly fantasies.


Image courtesy of The Daily Stormer.

A Brief History of Political Marginalization

by Colin Liddell

Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer has honoured me with a lengthy and detailed reply to my article about his article about RamZPaul’s vlog on Robert Ransdell’s quixotic senate campaign. This is all well and as it should be: people who purportedly care about the future of the White race and nationalism airing their differences in public and having what is known as a healthy debate.

But it is revealing that the image chosen to accompany this reply is a publicity shot of Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper, perhaps the most famous on-screen example of a self-destructive White Nationalism, living in the past and associating itself with the reviled symbolism of the Third Reich.

While The Daily Stormer has a certain populist appeal within the ghetto of hard-line White Nationalists, which can be likened to the initial popularity of Russell Crowe’s character amongst his gang mates in that movie, Anglin’s professed purpose of mass conversion and moving the Overton window seems a clear pipe dream. Now why is that?


The Left and Collective Responsibility

One of the more sophisticated arguments leftists employ in order to morally browbeat “privileged” groups into embracing their agenda is the notion that “silence is consent.” Famous black civil rights activist Martin Luther King on several occasions made statements to the effect that those who remain neutral during times of conflict and oppression have chosen the side of the oppressor. In one of his classic works “Letter From a Birmingham Jail,” King does not mince words when denouncing white moderates who were insufficiently devoted to the cause of black freedom:
“I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. First, I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro’s great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to “order” than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: “I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action”; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man’s freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a “more convenient season.” Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection.”


Let me explain a painful realism for the herd out there: all of our policy since 1789 has been based on the idea that society owes each of you survival. In other words, because you are human, society should provide you with a job, income, safe housing, and so on.

Liberal politics arose from weaponizing this supposed obligation. If everyone is owed, anyone who opposes giving everything to everyone is automatically bad. This kicked off 200 years of wars against those who wanted to keep what they had and not distribute it to the collective.


That comic opera political website The Daily Stormer has just launched another of its trademark frothing-at-the-mouth attacks, this time on noted nationalist vlogger RamZPaul.

The reason? Because Paul had called attention to the senate campaign of Robert Ransdell in Kentucky, a candidate who strikes macho poses and makes emotive speeches reminiscent of old newsreels of Hitler, with constant references to “Black savages” and “the Jews.” The two positions in this case, that of RamZPaul and Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, are of course well known to those of us on the alternative right.


If at first you don't secede...
After a long and eventful Summer, Andy and Colin return with the Alternative Right Podcast. Under discussion are the Scottish Referendum, the mass sexual grooming of children in Rotherham, Putin's very real but low-key war in the Ukraine, and Obama's no-boots-on-the-ground Potemkin war in the Middle East against villains from central casting.


It has often been remarked that the real losers of the sexual revolution are the so-called “beta males.” After all, prior to the time when the marital covenant became so thoroughly denigrated and devalued as it is now, “betas” actually wielded a kind of clout.

Back when young women were still encouraged by the culture to marry decent men, instead of being pushed to pursue Eat Pray Love-esque escapades with sexy strangers, the better to “find themselves” and so earn their ticket of supposed feminine “authenticity,” it actually paid for guys to be good, solid providers with sweet natures and decent temperaments.

During such times, men of this sort were quite sought-after commodities, in fact. Prospective wives could, after all, do a lot worse than to pledge troth to a solid, respectable man, even if truth be told he was no Gable or Grant in the looks department, didn’t ooze irresistible tough-guy charisma like Bogart, and didn’t possess the world-conquering ambition of Hitler or Stalin. Even if your "beta" hubby was a bit of a dullard, he at least took care of you, provided for you, and saw to the health and well-being of your children; these matters certainly weren’t small potatoes, and weren’t viewed as such. A good man, everyone agreed, was good to find.


Francis Fukuyama in Tbilisi, Georgia

Recently I had a chance to attend an open lecture of the world renowned political theoretician, Francis Fukuyama, who, as a member of a delegation from Stanford University, gave a number of public lectures in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, on the topic of the future of democracy in the 21st century.

Being a citizen of a pro-Western democratic country like Georgia, it was not a surprise to discover that his public lectures were hosted by the country’s Neo-Liberal think-tanks such as Ilia and Free Universities, which promote influential thinkers and activists, who used to back the former ruling National Movement Party’s neoliberal reforms, and which oppose the current Georgian Dream coalition government. Given the fact that the majority of the Georgian, pro-Western intellectual elite support National Movement’s value system, the visit of Fukuyama presented an opportunity for this camp to reaffirm their political influence and once again prove to the Georgian public, which is largely hostile toward them, that their worldview retains credibility and competitiveness.


You’ll have heard by now that the referendum on Scottish independence has resulted in a defeat for the YES campaign, with NO getting 55% of the vote to YES's 45%. You might also have picked up the message – piped in with the soothing background music – that everything is now back to normal.

But, two things: the campaign for Scottish independence has not been defeated and all is definitely not back to normal. Yes, the battle fought at the ballot boxes on the 18th of September resulted in an apparent decision in favour of NO and the status quo, but this was a Pyrrhic victory. The NO campaign may be straddling the winner’s podium, like a victorious redcoat after the battle of Culloden, but its guts are hanging round its ankles in the manner of an Anglo-Norman knight after the battle of Bannockburn.


por Allan C. Park

Investigadores europeos han demostrado que los instigadores de la gran empresa multicultural luchan contra la naturaleza. El New York Times informó sobre un estudio holandés que determinó científicamente que el etnocentrismo (la preferencia por el “grupo propio”) es natural, tanto química como biológicamente.


Scotland punching above its weight.

In history timing is everything. When Scotland was forced by mosquitoes to throw in its lot with England, the timing couldn’t have been better. At the time, the power of the previously great Spanish Empire was depleted; and French power, although a threat for another hundred years or so, had been held in check by the alliance of Europe’s then beta powers (England, Austria, and Holland).

Although Scotland was small in population terms, adding the country and its hardy, adventurous, and canny people to the stolid, dependable English mass created an entity that was big enough and talented enough to get its nose in front. Among other possible alpha nations, Russia, of course, at that time, was too backward, and Germany still had a long road to go to achieve unification.



Anyone who has seriously tried to practise any sort of virtue, however meagre, will know the necessity of making a habit of it – not just “knowing” it theoretically, but engraving it into his very being by constant repetition, so that he becomes what he repeatedly does. Because of this necessity for constant repetition, virtue cannot be left to the “important things” alone, but must permeate the insignificant and trivial ones as well. This is why the Hagakure contains the advice that “small matters should be taken seriously”; and this is perhaps also the reason behind the more arbitrary and petty aspects of religious and traditional codes.

In any case, it is a concept sorely neglected in the present day, as relativism provides the ultimate excuse to force all forms of virtue to bend and flex in the wind of particular circumstances and situations. But someone who cannot practise virtue inflexibly and habitually is very rarely able to practise it at all. Contrary to the belief of almost all of our contemporaries, someone who is accustomed to telling thousands of gentle lies and half-truths in everyday life cannot simply put down his habit of dishonesty to think about “important things” like life, the world, and himself; and this is similar to the truth that, despite much fantasising to the contrary, someone who is accustomed to avoiding confrontation in small matters of honour will rarely be able to draw his courage from its rusty scabbard on an occasion when he really needs it.


by Colin Liddell

The sudden enthusiasm of the Obama regime for a war against the Islamic State (IS) is interesting because it seems so out of character. The timing is particularly interesting because up until recent weeks the US government had been doing all it could to back out of the Middle East. It is also well known that IS and its predecessors (ISIS and ISIL) had been butchering and raping with impunity, and, either directly or indirectly, had been supported by the US and its allies.


The remarkable rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which is now a liberal-left party led largely by 1968 leftists, masks the ethno-nationalist roots of the party and the broader ethno-nationalist undercurrent of the Scottish Nationalist movement as a whole. In this article, we intend to explore some of the personalties that made up this early movement, their activities and detail some of their ideas that influenced the early SNP and which would make the likes of Alex Salmond, the current leader of the SNP, cringe in embarrassment, even though they make up a substantial section of the SNP's early history and political direction.


You're all familiar with the usual Liberal gumph about the problems of Blacks in modern Western societies being entirely down to the racist traumas they suffered under slavery and segregation centuries ago.

A hundred years from now, future Black dysfunction might well be put down to the nightmares their forbears suffered under the horrors of "White privilege" and the occasional "unkind word." But when it comes to the much greater traumas they suffer day-in-day-out at the hands of other Blacks that is irrelevant and quickly forgotten.


The essence of Greek comedies, like most good comedies, consisted of a straight man and a buffoon. The straight man, or ironist, understates his own abilities, eliciting a knowing chuckle from the audience in on the joke. The buffoon, or alazon, overstates his own talents to the point of absurdity. The alazon’s self-deceptive boastfulness, and his inability to see what is going on in front of his face, assures victory to the ironist. He does not even understand the ironist's sly jokes.


by Nick Land

Tribal politics excites the autobiographical impulse, which I’ll pander to for just a moment (without pretending to any particular excitement). My immediate ancestry is a quarter Scottish, and — here’s the thing — those grandparents were Wallaces. Seriously, they were these guys.

…but it’s my remaining three-quarters of mongrelized Brit that is leading this post to its destination. In particular, the 37.5% of English blood coursing through my veins is the part murmuring most enthusiastically for Scotland to vote ‘Yes!’ to departure this week.


Back in 1983 at a meeting of the National Association of Evangelicals in Orlando, Florida, US President Ronald Reagan made his famous “Empire of Evil” speech. Considering its content and its audience, it was a clever and effective speech, and it hit the Russians harder than they realized at the time. In fact it sucker punched them.

The reason for its unexpected impact is that during the long-running stand-off between Russia and the West, dating back to “The Great Game” of the 19th-century, when Britain had played the main Occidental role, Russia had been perpetually playing “catch up.” This was, of course, in the natural state of things, as sea powers tend to be more mercurial and innovative than land powers.

As the West industrialized, so Russia had to industrialize; as the West moved into East Asia, so Russia had to make similar efforts; as the West developed (organically) a materialistic, democratic, scientific ethos, so Russia had to (ideologically) impose one. Western advances in weapons and technology were also matched, so that by the 1960s and 70s, Russia started to feel that maybe there was the chance of the roles being reversed and the West forced into the catch up position.


Typical New Yorkers
"They call it a 'jizzberg' because the active ingredient is human semen," said Anton Jones, lead engineer on the repair project. "It's miles and miles of ejaculate, kleenex, lotion, and torn up love poetry blocking the pipes, which causes a backup when it rains hard."
Masturbation is inversely related to human fertility, so this report that New York's sewers are being clogged by a "jizzberg the length of Long Island" should ring alarm bells about the survival prospects of modern urban Western man – just as London's notorious fatberg, which has a more established news pedigree, should raise concern about the dietary habits of sedentary Londoners.

But while London's Fatberg is merely grotesque, nothing captures the moral depravity and existential horror of what the West has become as successfully as jizzberg, a giant globule of clotted-up cum blocking up the rat-infested sewers of "the city that never sleeps." This is what modernity represents – the coagulation of humanity, all races, all sexual practices – those involving males, anyway – in one undifferentiated amoral, stomach-churning mass. Even if this story turns out to be part of the "bullshitberg" of the internet, it is nevertheless a perfect symbol of our modern world.


Robin Williams in Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet" (1996)

The materialist conception of reality posits as self-evident the non-existence of the human soul. To materialists, a living being is a meat puppet controlled by no hidden hand; it merely flops about pitifully on its arbitrarily-constructed stage, until such time when events conspire to cause its demise.

In the materialistic conception, a creature like man simply has no enduring imperative beyond a desperate—and ultimately futile- drive for self-preservation. Notions of an afterlife and an eternal destiny are simply delusions he has sold himself to give his paltry existence the illusion of meaning. The very complexity of his consciousness has, in fact, become his curse. The reality of death, meanwhile, can only strike terror into his heart, and he strains miserably to avoid it. Pain, too, is something he cannot abide, for pain is a reminder of his mortality. Pleasure, conversely, is the main distraction that he craves, but it is an ever-fleeting one, which brings increasingly diminishing returns, given the constantly obtruding reminders of his approaching extinction.


Egalitarianism, the scourge against which the modern West seems to have few defences, had its origins in the ancient world, whose people understood it and coped with its dangers and shortcoming a lot better than we did. Like some dormant virus, it lay hidden throughout most of the Middle Ages, to awaken round about the 17th century.

A major reason for its success, after it awoke from its lengthy slumber, was that it managed to infect not only its proponents but also most of its opponents, who were tricked into accepting many of its premises. This includes even the likes of Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679), the philosopher most readily identified with the defence of monarchy and hierarchy in the early modern period.

But one man who wasn’t tricked by egalitarianism on any level was the English political theorist Sir Robert Filmer, who was born in the same year as Hobbes, the famous year of the Spanish Armada, and who died in 1653, in the midst of the English Republic (1649-1660) that was created by the overthrow and execution of the King.


The Communist Manifesto
By Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
Point Blank Classics, 80 Pages

Reviewed by  Matt Forney

Ah yes, the original. The big kahuna. The pamphlet that killed hundreds of millions of people, drove half the world’s countries to economic ruin, and forms the foundation of the ideology rotting America from within. The turd at the bottom of the planet’s biggest pile of bullshit.

Okay, that’s a little too harsh.

The Communist Manifesto is worth reading just because; as a foundational document of our modern world, you need to understand it in order to understand America. The other shocking thing I noticed about re-reading the book is that Marx, as wrong as he was, had a far better grip on reality then the hysterical crybabies who make up the modern left. Indeed, reading the Manifesto lets you better understand the psychopathology of leftists.


For those of us on the alternative or far right, there is a divisive hurdle we must address soberly: the crisis of faith.

It must be examined from all perspectives, in a broad-minded way that can be applied functionally, absorbing as many different groups and opinions as possible, while creating a broad acceptance for any ideology that is ethnically fortifying.

To begin with, we must own that the religion issue is a three part question.


In deference to our credo of promoting Alt Right Art, the arts and entertainment staff at Alternative Right is taking the unprecedented step of making a poignant plea to its its readership: Please, when you have a spare half-hour in the next few days, watch the pilot of Whit Stillman's new scintillating, wry, amusing and shimmeringly intelligent Amazon sitcom, "The Cosmopolitans." (Link to the ep below.)

If you like what you see (and surely you will, if you have taste, as surely you do), then vote the show "up." Apparently, like other new pilots that Amazon is funding, the future of "The Cosmopolitans" as a series depends upon the registered interest of viewers.

Whit Stillman, the writer and director of the series, is an unbridled aesthetic reactionary and cultural conservative who treats his predominantly white, professional, hyper-articulate, ultra-literate, uber-refined (if often comically befuddled) characters with great sympathy, compassion and respect. His stories are  modern-day comedies of manners that recall a more civilized era, while also often serving as a pointed commentary on the generally sorry state of present affairs.

Of course, none of this would particularly matter if Stillman weren't also an incredibly witty writer of dialogue and a masterful creator of characters, which he is. And episode one of "The Cosmopolitans" proves Whit's worth yet again.

For a primer on the Stillman oeuvre please see Andy Nowicki's article at Counter-Currents, The Discrete Wit of Whit Stillman.

All hail the latest edition to the Stillman canon! UHB (that is, urban haute bourgeoisie.) forever!


Things are hotting up in the Ukraine. After earlier gains by the Ukrainian army, the pro-Russian rebels have successfully counter-attacked. They have reportedly recaptured Lugansk airport, and have even opened a new front further South near the Sea of Azov, where the city of Mariupol seems to be threatened.

Of course what has happened is that, following earlier setbacks for the rebels, Putin has slowly turned up the dial of Russian military support, either in the shape of more or better weapons or "special volunteers" – probably both. It's not unlikely that a stray column of tanks may have crossed the border as well.

The pattern the war has been developing in recent month reveals very clearly the kind of game Putin is playing, and also how it is likely to play out.