Film maker and Affirmative Right contributor Richard Wolstencroft joins Andy Nowicki and Colin Liddell to discuss "Joker," the film that everyone is talking about. 

Why has this story, ostensibly that of an "incel loser" clown, struck such a deep chord? Is it the ambiguity of the "unreliable narrator" forcing us to create our own compelling Rorschach pictures of what we see, or is it because we really are living in Clown World?

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Running Order

00:00  Intro – Typhoon Hagibis
03:42  Where did you see Joker?
09:40  Is it a Dissident Right film?
11:35  The theme of the absent father
14:20  The response to the film represents America’s culture wars
17:40  Nobody is really in charge
19:28  Personal memories of "Gotham"
22:10  Super rats and spiritual desolation
24:25  Is Thomas Wayne a Trump figure?
26:15  Similarities with Hong Kong
29:00  Ambiguities in the movie
35:10  Is it an incel movie?
36:30 The Alt-Right’s problem with the movie
39:25  Joaquin Phoenix’s astounding performance
42:20  Todd Philips stokes the fires of controversy
46:10  Cathartic and karmic violence
49:35  What does the final scene mean?
53:40  Outro music by Colin Liddell

Show Notes

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Michael Moore's Joker review
Richard Wolstencroft's "Elite Replacement Theory"
Joaquin Phoenix "quits" acting