As a matter of anthropological study, I have compiled a brief summary of the types of white leftists one generally encounters today. While many other types may exist, I believe they can largely be described as versions or admixtures of these basic types.

In physical characteristics these types differ, however they tend to share certain bovine facial expressions, an earnest vapidity about the eyes. They are quick to anger (triggered) and generally unable to cope with truths that are socially awkward. I have tried to list them in order of danger, from least to greatest, with my choice of the seemingly banal 'incidental Marxist' as most dangerous due to his prevalence, and being largely unaware he is espousing Marxist ideas at all.

The categories are:

These are frail urban males who have trained themselves to think like women. Identifiable by thin limbs (and tight trousers), pot bellies, downy beards, checkered shirts and wool hats. Physically and mentally weak, they follow and support insane but attractive young women in every branch of leftism in the vain and fruitless hopes of bedding (or even just impressing) them. Failed creatures from start to finish, often the product of a single mother upbringing, there is some faint hope a few will grow out of this phase in adulthood.

A direct result of modernist miseducation, as a group they are often a lethal combination of naivety, wild emotions, faux-rebelliousness against exceedingly “safe” targets (i.e. racists, sexists, homophobes, et al), bad taste, and endless pecking-order envy. Superficial right to their extremely cute cores, they are a force in this modern world well beyond what nature intended – empowered by our militant non-judgementalism and fired up against any opinion that sounds adroit or masculine. They are often seen mugging a 'perfect victim face' on youtube videos where they have invented a new way to blame society for some everyday commonplace grievance.

These are bland and unoriginal individuals, simply ‘going with the flow’ of conformist thought and pop culture trends. Easily angered, confused by ideas that don't have manifest social impact, they tend to be obsessed with trivialities, status, and materialism. Guilty not of leftist idealism so much as a simple lack of imagination, conformists will adapt to any societal model, providing it is culturally ascendant and expresses perceived majority opinion. There are a shocking number of people in this sad but not hopeless category.

Often older, hippyish gentlemen who nonetheless actually possess a solid work ethic, they tend to be potentially worthwhile individuals. Their main character flaw, however, is that they are completely obsessed with class envy at every level of their lives. Hatred of anything that strikes them as 'hoity toity' or 'silver spoonish' drives them to leftist extremes, often with endless talk of 'the people' and what has or hasn't been done in their name. 'Snooty' high culture, signs of wealth or prosperity in general, and anything that suggests the realities of 'inequality' will drive them into ever increasing rages. Sometimes they can drift into the antifa category, sometimes into a victim-oriented welfare class. They tend to like folk music and will often be physically involved in community activism, such as building shelters for Calais jungle migrants or volunteering at methodone clinics. Overall they are high trust, morally sound people who are simply misguided or consumed by embitterment against their social betters. Ironically, they are the most likely to be absolute tyrants should they for any reason make their way up the social ladder to positions of actual power.

These pseudo-intellectualist kids who get hopping mad on social media about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘transphobia’ and other innanities, then join an allowed campus echo chamber of fellow victim-goats bleating angrily about inequality. Very close to antifa, though specifically communist and not broadly anarchist. They tend to be sober dressers, mildly overweight white guys or mulatto women with dreadlocks and trendy glasses.

Not all homosexuals are leftists, but those that are tend to be extreme social justice warriors who's working framework of the world is one of joining a victim group to work against 'oppression.' Male homosexuals are often devoutly debauched, while lesbians are less into sex. Homosexuals who are also equal parts 'college communists' and 'feminists,' can be seen encouraging certain suicidal leftisms that will result in the destruction of their chosen identity group, such as mass immigration of Islamic militants.

Many homosexuals today I believe are in it as a 'lifestyle choice' and not due to childhood molestation or hormone imbalance as might be classically the case, and as with other forms of leftism they may find themselves stuck on this track due to emotional investment. It's not an easy course to renege on. This emotional investment then seems an invaluable loss, which forces a further retreat from reality as life experience affects their subconscious with suggestions that the whole 'sexual revolution' and attention-seeking oppressed identity group joining was really a bit of juvenile hysteria. But oops, too late, now you're married to another woman/man!

This pack of Trotskyite punk rockers is invariably composed of youthful anarchists who are angry at the world, probably due to experiences with broken homes, impoverished single parent upbringings, bullying or other youthful trauma, all of which has resulted in a generalized rage that they target at civilization itself. Usually sexually ambiguous, often undistinguishable from street urchins, they are undoubtedly by and large from ethnically white enclaves without any mature understanding of the realities of race or gender. Rarely older than thirty five and physically dangerous, they are the blunt weapon of the left, spiteful ignorance forged into a sword.

An extension of the ‘young girls’ category, frozen in a state of immaturity. Now officially in the outhouse of history, feminists today are among the most genuinely insane bizarros ever to walk the face of the earth. Reacting with extreme anger to literally anything they don't understand, or that may broadly be perceived as 'hateful,' they are like an indulged perpetual baby of irrationality and vitriol. The only known cure for women who traipse down this garden path is a radical re-education, sudden and extreme life trauma, or in some cases having children. One of the largest and most mortally terrifying groups on the list, feminism will prove to have a relatively short enough overall lifespan, as it can only last until an actual and alien patriarchy takes over from the weak, childless, and irrational societal void they create.

This final group are people of both genders (mostly male, the female of this group can also be feminists) whose actions and lives are wholly Cultural Marxist without their being aware of it. They are in some ways a mild-seeming combination of all the above, but moreso the conformist and the beta leftist. They are typified in somebody who gets easily scared by outsider views, and has a strong tendency to cuck themselves with social signaling in weak attempts at impressing their victim-overlords.

Incidental Marxists can seem outwardly intelligent or book-smart, but tend to have the bad taste of the conformist. Usually found working in white-collar jobs, and engaging in idiotic businessspeak. Meaningful culture or history is understood superficially, as something outside their own lives and thereby unreal. They are extremely worried about 'the fascists' and 'the white supremacists' and tend to live a dream where it is permanently 1995 and you can still blame white men for everything bad without any real-world repercussions. Any evidence that 1995 ended 21 years ago is quickly disregarded as right wing propaganda. A great amount of liberal news outlets directly cater to people wanting to maintain this particular illusion.

These Incidental Marxists may have children, but they will never take as much pride in their kids as will in their superficial friendships with minorities and gay couples. Anybody who expresses views to the right of them they equate as American born-again Baptists who want to teach creationism in schools, and no amount of arguing will convince them otherwise.

There may be some very definite types I have not categorized; if so, I would be pleased to hear of what they might be. Where possible, attempts should be made to save these creatures from a lifetime of self-hate and bring them around to correct thinking. Success rates are currently low, but rising.


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