Assassination and British politics are not normally two things that go hand-in-hand. Although it is quite clear that this could change in the future, as the country comes to increasingly resemble Iraq or Somalia through the "enrichening" process that is currently under way. For this reason, one has to be very skeptical about the recent supposed assassination of the EU-supporting British Labour MP Jo Cox.

Ms. Cox was stabbed and shot to death by a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient named Tommy Mair, who very allegedly shouted “Britain first!” – also the name of a small but very active nationalist party. How very, very convenient!

Apart from a few politicians killed by Irish nationalists and the IRA, political assassination is a desert in the UK, stretching back to the killing of the Prime Minister Spencer Perceval during the the Napoleonic wars.

In other words, Britain, a country with practically no tradition of political assassination, has its first non-Irish related political assassination in over 200 years (let me know if I missed anybody out) just a few days before an earth-shaking vote that would have taken Britain out of the EU – and still could.

What makes this killing even more suspicious are the facts that the OUT vote recently overtook the IN vote and that the difference is narrow enough to be influenced by an act like this, especially if the media spin it in the right way, along the lines that OUT is "stoking up racism and hate," obviously a factor with the soft, wobbly undecided voters who could swing it either way.

Was this 'useful idiot' even more useful than she knew?
Another fact that points to a possible conspiracy is the fact that the victim was a relatively presentable and well-liked woman MP with few obvious negative points – apart, of course, from her support for the EU, globalism, multiculturalism, and the gradual genocide of the native British peoples, negatives which she of course shares with most of the ruling elite. In fact, in terms of likeability and ability to evoke generic sympathy, I'd say she is in the top 5% of MPs, a very high "emotional quotient."

If it is an assassination designed to make Brexit look bad, then a lot also hinges on the choice of assassin. From what we have been told so far, the killer Tommy Mair is being presented as an addle-brained loner and loser with nationalist leanings, and reports of the actual event sound rather confused. But Mair, as someone who has undergone various forms of mind-altering treatments for mental problems, is also exactly the kind of individual who would be susceptible to being brainwashed to act as a Manchurian candidate.

With his house and online record now in the hands of the anti-terrorist police and special branch, it should be easy to "find" additional evidence that he was radicalized by British nationalism and/or the Brexit campaign, as required. In fact, if such evidence is produced, it would be a major pointer to the fact that this was in fact a false flag attack designed to sway the result of the referendum.

When faced with cases like this, most sensible people’s natural inclination is to apply Occam’s razor and simply dismiss it as merely a random act of violence, but we live in an age when paranoia, even when technically wrong, still cuts closer to the underlying truths than the most strenuous rationalist approach.

The high emotional quotient of the candidate, the obvious attempt to shoehorn in a British nationalist narrative, and especially the rarity, timing, and utility of the event for globalists mean that there is plenty of room to see this as a false flag attack, arranged by a conspiracy aiming to keep UK voters in line with the globalist agenda.

Likelihood of conspiracy 50/50

Jo Cox's last speech  a globalist "invade-the-world-invite-the-world" masterpiece. 

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