by Richard Wolstencroft

Let's talk about Libertarianism and one of its charismatic figures, Jeffrey Tucker from the American Institute for Economic Research. I am Facebook friends with the bow-tie-wearing don, and I have been studying his ideas and his views as they present themselves to my enquiring, inquisitive mind.

I want to examine these things from a New Right perspective. Naturally, like many Right Wingers, I see something truly appealing in some aspects of economic and social Libertarianism. Tucker is a true master of such theories and at explicating that world view and its various sub genres, including his pro-Bitcoin, anarchist take on things.

He has opened my eyes and even tempted me a few times, like the Serpent offering the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge to Eve, towards his world view. I think in many ways Economic Libertarianism is the rarefied philosophical essence of Capitalism. As we are in the age of hyper-Capitalism—or even "late period" Capitalism, as the Hegelian Communist Slavoj Zizek calls it in his arch Marxist way—Tucker's views are worthy of serious thought and attention from the Affirmative Right.

I would like to preface this also by saying that this article, while it may take issue with Libertarianism and Tucker, is not meant to be disrespectful in any way. It's just about the ideas.

Let's start with some of his views and critiques first. In the past Tucker has been openly and loudly suspicious of the Dissident Right and in particular the old Alt-Right as a possible harbinger for Right-wing Collectivism. Perhaps rightly so, I will admit.

Both Richard Spencer and Steve Bannon have signalled Right-wing Socialist and collectivist ideas at times. And who am I to speak? I have done it too. So, Tucker clearly has a point in attributing a collectivist element to the Dissident Right.

There is something of a schism in the broader Right, between those tempted by such Right Wing collectivism as the new thing and those old Righters and Conservatives for whom the word Socialism is akin to saying, "Commie bastard," or something similar. America has been steeped in anti-Socialist rhetoric for literally decades during the cold war, so this is perhaps not surprising. Many recoil in horror at the mere word Socialism as if it were a poisonous snake.

Tucker recently published his new book Right-Wing Collectivism: The Other Threat to Liberty, which I can recommend to you all. Here he hauls the New and Alt Right over the coals. Yes, we are the "Commie Bastards" from the Right, the enemies of freedom and liberty, apparently. To put it in a nutshell we are to be shunned.

Tucker's bugbear in many of his writings is simply collectivism. It is the enemy, the other, the shadow that throws his light into relief. He hates it with a passion. It, not money, is the root of all evil in his books, both literally and metaphorically.

Well, Jeff, I'm sorry to disappoint you and burst your bubble, bro, but I am here to deliver some bad news. You yourself are the "arch collectivist" because Economic Libertarianism is nothing less than Plutocratic Collectivism. Yes, Mr Tucker, look in the mirror—you are the very same Enemy of Liberty and Freedom that you claim to oppose.

But how can Libertarianism be Collectivist, the naive ask? After all, it seems to be ideologically opposed. But follow me. Who can really enjoy the benefits of both economic and social Libertarianism? Who can best taste the fruits of the Paradise of latter-day global Capitalism than the mega wealthy?

The global elite, denizens of the International Zones of high trade and finance, the Jet Set. etc.—this class is positioned to suck the world dry of, well, everything. They are the spiritual and economic vampires of our age, and sometimes some are even real vampires, if certain stories about blood transfusions of young blood are to be believed. You get the idea?

Some of us less financially blessed mortals can occasionally taste a little bit of the honey dew of Paradise, depending on our looks, talent, finances, and abilities, of course. But it is the Plutocratic Elite, the Oligarchs who can most enjoy and fully exploit it all. Only they are capable of fully embracing the "ninth degree" of extreme liberty—which may manifest itself in the extreme libertine or psychopath, which clearly many have become based on what we know of Hollywood or suspect of Pizzagate. Indeed, the psychopath is the perfect metaphor for today's Globalist intermediary and the elite class. Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho" is a mirror of this.

But—and this is my main point—the Globalist Capitalist elite, the mega-elite, the plutocrats and oligarchs are nothing less than a very real and powerful collectivism in the world. In fact,  "collecting" all the world's money for themselves reminds us of how collectivist they really are. In true collectivist style they team up together to enslave us all. In fact they leave the Leftist and Rightist Collectivists in their wake, and, boy, do they collect!

Their enabling philosophy is that of Libertarianism, as it is they who benefit most from its notions of extreme liberty. It is my view, then, that whether Mr. Tucker knows it or not, he represents this highly organised Plutocratic Elite, this collectivist cabal.

What Tucker is blind to, crucially, is the historical dimension. Historicism is often confusing to economists and libertarians because it often falls outside their materialist purview and has a ring of the metaphysical about it. America, in historical terms is a virtual plutocracy. Both radical Leftists like Noam Chomsky and Yanis Varoufakis and radical rightists like Alain De Benoist would agree on that. It is ruled over by a mega wealthy oligarch class and massive corporations who make America, and the world, into a giant corporate enterprise. It makes wage slaves out of most of us in the West and condemns the Third World to abject misery in perpetuity. Some Liberty!

The sweat shop slaves of the Third World—and even our lower working classes—that is their true gift to us. While Tucker and his even richer friends and associates count their Bitcoin, examine their stock portfolios, and play with their other goodies and baubles, what does this hold for the rest of us?

I am going full Uncle Joe Stalin here, quoting the man:
"When I am gone the Capitalists will drown you all like a sack of blind kittens."
Sounds about right to me. This is what is in play at the moment. We are all blind kittens in a sack—and the Globalist Elite have been looking for a deep river—and I think they've found it in Islamic Migration to The West. And so in we go. Bye, bye kittens! Glug, glug!

This is where the importance of our movement comes in. Unlike the Dissident Left, the Dissident Right is not materialist at its essence. It's not as financially motivated and is philosophically decoupled from contemporary liberal economic theory. This explains its potent danger to the "shitstem" and the obvious hysteria with which it is greeted. This is also why economists don't understand it so well.

Its essence is romantic, poetic, sometimes nihilistic, usually positive and promethean. But it also displays what the French call Resentiment and what the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk refers to as "rage," which he sees stored socio-culturally in "metaphysical revenge banks," often in the form of religions. But as these decline we enter a time of more nebulous hysteria, where the dry rules of economics are permanently compromised. 

The Rage Bank has obvious affinities in with the Alt-Right meme of "When the Saxon began to hate"  While Tucker has his Bitcoin the Dissident Right has its Sloterdijkean Rage Banks. Which of these do you think will ultimately move the World?

This quote from a speech by the economist and geopolitical analyst Peter Koenig on the Globalist evil running the world, sums it all up. Interestingly enough, it was delivered in the "navel of the world" the ancient Greek city of Delphi, home of a thousand oracles:

"Neoliberalism is the killer plague of the 21st century. Neoliberalism is economic fascism. It is a criminal doctrine. Globalised neoliberalism privatises public goods for private profit. Neoliberalism led by Washington with the shameful complicity of Europe has in the last fifteen years killed between 12 and 15 million people by wars, famine, deprived health services...forced refugees. Today a small world elite of corporate and Wall Street CEOs and selected politicians call the shots."

So that's the lay of the land, right there folks. So, what do we to avoid misery, conflict, and bloodshed? How do we manage the Rage Banks?

My personal view is that we need a synthesis of Left and Right, not in the mistaken sense of the so-called and quite erroneous Horseshoe Theory, but by an admixture of milder forms of Socialism with Libertarian ideals, mediated through robust Nationalist and traditionalist ideas.

We should help the working class a bit more with tariffs that secure local jobs, limit immigration and control borders—something that will benefit the local working class of all races and ethnicities.

Even better, we should help the middle class who keep this whole shitshow going—and they do—with a greater emphasis on helping them live more rounded and balanced lives. In short, more leisure and play time. The true engines who  build and maintain the economy are, and always have been, the working and middle classes, not the upper class, with its vampiric collectivism that remains unacknowledged by the likes of Tucker. The only thing that trickles down from a vampire is the lifeblood of its victims.

The bottom line is that things will only improve if we, in the middle and working class, are empowered again.

So look out! What you mega capitalists—with your various organs, shills, and dupes—face is a world of poor and angry people of the Left and Right, i.e. 90% of the Population in the West. And that is just in the West! Forget The Rest, who are even worse off, say, by a tune of 1000 times. They too are ready for blood, and meanwhile the Globalists have been doing all in their power to bring exactly these people to the West. Yes, there will certainly be blood. There already has been. There will be a lot more.

Instinctively, we all know, both on the Left and the Right, that the Super Elite are the real problem. In the last couple of years we have seen clear signs of the uprising. So beware Jeff and your Libertarian pals. The collectivism of the globalists is going to face its own collectivist challenge. This is why the character of Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises" resonates so much. You have all felt in charge until now, right? But when Bane rests his hand on your shoulder and says, "Do you feel in charge?" then you will know the truth of the matter. Let me assure you. As soon as "We, the People," lean on you, basically, you're fucked and you know it. So, it's in your own self interest to have a listen to what I say here.

This will not be a movement of petty greed, although expect a few valuables to change hands. It will be one of revenge, to overthrow the current elite and reassert the health of the system. Trump was merely "Round 1," a shot fired across the bow of your luxurious cruise liner. What's next will be a lot less pretty. I'll spare you the details here.

So, economic Libertarians, for your own good and survival, you have to address the issue of economic distortion—I won't use the meaningless terms of the Left, like "inequality" and "social injustice." Yes, tax relief is important, but so is building a fairer and healthier system of economics, based around Socialist and Nationalist ideas of the Right and Left. Sure, there is room for a synthesis of some Libertarian positions and ideas to be included in the mix, but only if subservient to the greater good. It make take some time and a few twists in the road, but this Radical Centrism is where we are headed.

This can definitely work. Look at Down Under, my home, the best nation on Earth—Australia. We are doing just fine and have a lavish Social Welfare system down here that would make Bernie Sanders green with envy.

I get the appeal of Capitalism and Libertarianism, don't get me wrong. It has value. I was rather Libertarian in the 90s, in my more entrepreneurial phase. I ran nightclubs. I got it, and I was good at it. I made good money through hard work and endeavour. But in 97, I fell ill with a liver abscess. I had no health insurance, as I thought I would live forever and was indestructible—even though I partied like it was 1999 a fair bit. Finally a gastro doctor worked out why I was so ill and checked me in to the Alfred Hospital, in the nick of time.

The Alfred is the best public hospital in Melbourne, in a classy, good suburb, South Yarra. They saved my life. I came out looking like a concentration camp survivor, but I was alive. I weighed hardly anything, 70kg or so. But I put the weight back on—a bit too much! But I am jolly again: clean liver tests, happy, thriving, and, most importantly, alive.

This experience made me reexamine my views. It would have cost me around 200 grand for the operation and the two weeks in hospital to recover. But because it was socialised medicine, I didn't even get a bill when I checked out. Even my post-op meds and pain killers were free, supplied by the hospital pharmacy on discharge.

I then cleaned up my life a bit. Taking it as a wake-up call and went on to study political philosophy at La Trobe University. I studied Right Wing and Fascist political philosophy. I invented my own new theory of fascism and the New Right, that I called Transcendental Fascism. Which is a bit like the best of the Alt-Right used to be. The paper is on archive at La Trobe University, and was submitted in my Honours year in 2003. I was there for four years and had a life changing time. Again all of this was totally free, and a truly wonderful experience. A lot of Right-wingers in America do not know what they are missing out on. I would love to see you all get access to his stuff, top notch university study and quality health care. What those two simple things can mean to any life!

Trump even admits he wants something along the lines of our Australian  Universal Health care model, as he's smart, compassionate, and pragmatic. Even Bernie said Trump was right to admire Australia's system.

So, in summing up, Libertarianism is often a thinly-disguised excuse for Plutocratic Collectivism. Trust me, Plutocrats do not need any more help collectivising or collecting.

I have read most of the key Marxists and I appreciate their critique of political economy, just not their solutions. We on the New Right have the better ones, and we also have the Zeitgeist.

The full problem with consumerism is not the consumers and that they consume things, but the spiritual nihilism of materialism, shown for example in the work of Bret Easton Ellis, or the mass of pollution it makes on the march down the Road to Nowhere: oceans flooded in plastic, masses of rubbish and rubbish people, etc. The main problem with consumerism is the Global Elite. Could this be a major addendum to Marxist Theory—"The Globalist Elite" by myself, Alex Jones, and others in the New Right? This is what is consuming us.

So why don't Left and Right Collectivists unite against Plutocratic Collectivists? Run for the hills, Tucker and Co., with your Bitcoin wallets in hand. The other collectivists are coming and you are on the menu.


  1. Karl Schmitt, the German thinker, yes, the guy with the "concept of the political", said somewhere, maybe in "The Concept of the Political", I quote from memory: "What reason would a Liberal (read: Libertarian) have to fight for his country (and not flee to Argentina)"?

    There is a Right reason to help the working class: they are our soldiers...

  2. The problem I see with this article is that it assumes that all (or most) rich people (the "plutocratic collectivists") simply have their wealth given to them. Some clearly do, just as some Democrat-voting leftists do, but many do not start out wealthy but create something that makes them wealthy. Some examples, past and present: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and all the names behind America's industrial trailblazers. It's easy, however, to point to this one here or that one there, and spotlight them as not inheriting their wealth, and therefore, based on that, "tear the whole plutocratic collectivist system down".

    But most rich people do earn their money. Michael Jackson, for example, became very rich with his music, as other negroes have as well, mainly in pro-sports but also in the entertainment field. But also, many whites as well. You don't have to like them - I don't like most of them. But these people became part of the "plutocratic collectivist" club because they CREATED something, something that many people wanted. In traditionalist leftist collectivism, however, the productive (middle) class are taxed to support hordes of worthless ghetto negroes and greasy barrio spics in what is euphemistically called "wealth transfer" - something a sane man would call state-sanctioned robbery.

    The point is this: white nationalism should not associate the word "socialism" (as in National Socialism) with its brand. It should be a free enterprise driven, pro-white, ethnostate type of white nationalism. Now, to illustrate that I have given this matter some thought, I recommend two books of mine, the first one a novel that dramatizes how the poor, homeless, and functionally useless should be dealt with: "The Towers of Eden" (amazon) and the second a non-fiction book: "Beyond This Horizon - A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow" (amazon) which examines some of these issues. A white ethnostate based on a free enterprise system (not the capitalist/socialist one we have now) is the best WN society we can forge, and is our most viable pathway to victory.

    Would government internment camps for the homeless, chronically-unemployed, and socially derelict ever be a viable option, if it were humane? You decide, after reading "The Towers of Eden" - an amazon novel

    "Beyond This Horizon - A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow" - an inside look at the white nationalist movement, its objectives, its leaders, and its future

  3. Capitalism is old, worn and in its last stages!

    These libertarian nerds really have nothing left, but the sorry cult of the "free market" and stale nostalgia for the rising power of the money-class in the 17-1800s.

    Globalism, being the last great capitalist enterprise, has failed and will take this entire Western way of life with it to the grave.

    Civilizations come and go and liberal-capitalist Westernism is fast coming to an end.

    The future is pro-nation socialism!

    No, not totalitarian globalist marxist socialism built on materialism and humanism, but a socialism forever free from the dusty restricting chains of miserly rationalist-terrorist masonic jacobinism.

  4. No when I say wealthy - I don't mean Millionaires. I have Millionaire pals who earned their Millions through hard work and effort - I'd even give more tax cuts as they are dynamic and Jeff Tucker would pat my back. I am NOT saying take the sweat off the brow of someone who accomplished something. I am talking the MEGA Wealthy - Biollaires, Oligarchs, Plutocrats - SOROS - Multi Billionaires, esp crook ones like him - and above where ever the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are - Trillions. Let's Invade the Caymen Islands and Dutch Antilles - that would be short and profitable - why PROTECT Trillions in stolen loot? - from that alone you could fund TEN Bernie Sanders and 20 Walls - so we will, even just a bit - go after illegally stashed funds. Leave them a few BILLION each, they'll LIVE - invent same nationalization policy for the Mega Wealthy - a maximum wage - with Tariff and Fuck Off consequences ifbthey hide and not give to The Nation and The People - 100 Million and above say - i.e NO one you know. Leave them half even and you still have a Trillion dollar war chest. Do other nationalist things to help poor and middle class locals - Marxists and Bernie Bros' and Corbyn rebels will belated;y back us - we will have over 50% of vote in ANY country. Maybe 60 to 70% p winning - Richard W

  5. I am interested in a Dialetic with the New Nationalism and Economic Libertarianism - there is a half way - where both can be happy. We will redeem the Materialists with Historical Purpose and Nation and they keep wheels of industry flowing and oiled while we make the Nationalist adjustment. Trump has started this genius and forward looking project. - RW

  6. Mincius is correct - remember Futurists were from Mussolini's circle - Marinetti - THIS is THE FUTURE - and that El Duce started as a Socialist, but went Right Wing Socialist - the correct mixture. He got carried away and made mistakes - leran them - do NOT get carried away. Be stoic and logical. Show kindness and strength. His economy was strong until war - Capitalists florished with his strong Nationalism. Indeed hand in love. Same his Naught friend in the 1930's. I heard from Jeff Tucker he does not mind the critique and he might pen a response in his networks - the Conversation has begun. - RW

  7. There are only tow ways to defeat materialism, religion and/or high culture.


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