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Tuesday, 29 January 2019


by Matt Parrott

RE: "A Critique of White Nationalism," by André Wang-Lin

A few hours ago, President Trump capitulated on the government shutdown, handing Schulosi and the open borders lobby a historic victory. He did so after it became clear that the GOP leadership were planning to override him. A few days before that, Rep. Steve King was stripped of all of his committee assignments by the GOP for speaking up on behalf of "Western Civilization."

At every turn, it's the GOP which proves to be our true opposition, with the Democrats and the Jewish community cashing in on the concessions, compromises, and capitulations of the nominal "white guy party." Alex Linder explained this in his essay, "Attack the Conservatives":
"The rise of nationalism is almost a mathematical function of the decline of conservatism." 
George Lincoln Rockwell put it even more pointedly:
"To hell with the right wing!"
I have lived this myself. Back in 2010, I orchestrated a statewide robocall campaign, set up a plausibly deniable front group, and hustled the hell out of dozens of state legislators to pass Senate Bill 590, an illegal immigration bill. It took a tremendous amount of effort to get the GOP majority to even bring it to a vote. They didn't want to. Then after it passed, the GOP governor, Mitch Daniels, vetoed it. I pumped thousands of my own money into an even greater putsch to override the veto. And we achieved it; then the Secretary of State, also GOP, declared it unconstitutional and shelved it.

I started out where Andrew Anglin is at now, precisely because "the movement" recommended such an approach. Unlike Anglin, I actually took it seriously. His site's banner is currently an appeal to call up McCarthy and whine about their treatment of Steve King, over a week after the decisions were made, targeting the wrong person. When I was trying to do it, I read George Washington Plunkitt's classic, "Plunkitt of Tammany Hall," an excellent introduction to the hyper-social graft racket behind American politics. I am more knowledgeable and successful at GOP infiltration than these fools, and TradWorker achieved more GOP infiltration, as a side project, than JazzHands could hope for.

I still actually recommend that book for the neophyte political activist, as its lessons go beyond "GOP infiltration."

The problem with Anglin is that he's a polemicist and not a thinker. For him, he wins the argument if he can prove my ex-wife cheated on me. He's got his rhetorical opponent cornered if he can frame him as "old and lame" while framing himself as the exciting new alternative. Everything he's offering has an incredibly rich history of failure in the movement, a history Anglin never bothered to educate himself on before leveraging his infotainment hub to dictate the direction of the movement.

Anglin has attacked the movement even more than the ADL and SPLC have, spending more time sifting through event photos for unflattering shots than all of the Left combined. This is because Anglin is also a conservative, and he sees radicals as a threat to his audience and platform, just as the GOP sees him as a threat to their own audience and platform. Ben Shapiro lovingly teases AOC, while he viciously crucifies Steve King and Donald Trump as disgusting trash. Anglin lovingly teases Ben Shapiro, while he viciously crucifies myself, Patrick Little, and the rest of the "WigNat" dissidents as disgusting trash, in an infinite regress.

I'm going to glide over Anglin himself, ...focusing on Anglinism. I'm going to glide right over his ill-fated attempt to troll Richard Spencer by instigating an illegal harassment campaign against his mom's adversary. I'm going to glide right over his giving his dad most of the money he crowdfunded to defend himself in an unwinnable lawsuit. I'm going to glide right over the comedically anti-social Weev's psychotic fedposting about killing babies, his likely Jewish heritage, his deep connections with the radical left, and friendship with and support for Jeremy Hammond and other antifa activists.

For the purposes of this essay, I'm going to take Anglin seriously--not because I do, but because you do.

Persuasion vs. Conversion

The first and foremost theoretical error of Mr. Anglin, and American Nationalism in general, is the erroneous application of corporate marketing tactics to our struggle. When trying to convince a man to choose one brand of deodorant or politician, there's a well-established science to subtly nudge people to choose one otherwise indistinguishable thing over another. I wear Old Spice deodorant for a bunch of vague optical and influence reasons I barely understand. I identify it with being a serious man, in opposition to Axe and other deodorants which are the exact same thing, chemically--but associated with a bunch of mental images and cultural affiliations I do not identify with.

The upcoming Democratic primaries will be a corporate marketing bonanza, with dozens of essentially identical neoliberal party hacks struggling and striving to achieve superior optics and associations. Some will screw up and appear out of touch with "youth," others will try to reach out to this or that community and make some subtle mistake that reveals they're not as "cool" as the other one. The one with the best optics, who most effectively leverages contemporary corporate marketing strategies, will achieve the DNC nomination.

That's system politics.

We're not doing system politics; we're doing radical politics.

We're not capable of persuading "normies" to our position because there are a range of taboos and sociocultural boundaries in place against our position, one which belongs in a paradigm entirely separate from conventional American politics. It's as if we're trying to market a deodorant that will cause you to smell bad. Your girlfriend will dump you, your employer will fire you. The supermarket won't stock it and you can't even sell it online because MasterCard will cancel the transaction.

I'm going to hyperextend my analogy to the hippie and crunchy movement. I've dated a couple girls who absolutely refuse to wear deodorant, and it's instructive how their decision came about. These women developed a hostility to mainstream, corporate standards of beauty and hygiene. They would carry on about the toxic chemicals we're rubbing on our bodies, go on about how tap water is making the frogs gay, and opine about the critical role of natural pheromones in human sexuality.

Not wearing deodorant fits like a glove into a radical, alternative shift in their worldview, at least on the subject of health and beauty care. You can't walk up to a woman fully indoctrinated in the multinational corporate worldview and tell her to stop wearing deodorant. Such a woman would see the decision as deviant, gross, and dissonant with her self-perception. She's a woman who's excelling at the conventional game of looking and smelling like her peers. You may be able to convince her to change brands with a pitch on optics and the right pricing or peer pressure, but you're going to fail miserably at getting her to go natty unless you first convert her to a completely different framework, a new subculture and set of standards and ideals.

This is what Anglin's referring to when he goes on about "scientific marketing strategies." He thinks there's some way to pitch white identity as a persuasion tactic. He thinks we can sneak white identity into the conventional conservative paradigm. For him, converting people is "cult technique." You can't spell culture without cult, and the Hare Krishnas at the airport truly do have more useful advice than Ricky Vaughn on how to expand our audience. Our target audience is profoundly alienated, frustrated, and isolated--ripe for a radical reconsideration of their fundamental principles.

Anglin and Identity Evropa are working a terrible strategy, leading with identity rather than leading with the radical shift in worldview. This is why Tucker Carlson has achieved far more for us than we have for ourselves, without ever even confirming identity. That's because he's pushing the fundamental shift in worldview that precedes white identity. He's convincing white folks to become anti-corporate, anti-elitist, anti-capitalist, and centered on what's best for their family and folk. Carlson is nudging people into a greenhouse where white identity can grow, rather than trying to devise some hydroponic contraption to get white identity to survive in the harsh, arid realm of conventional GOP conservatism.

I'm not arguing for an actual religious cult, mind you. I have always dressed and spoken in a rather normal, unaffected manner. It was only in the last year of TradWorker, after I had been pushed out of core leadership on account of a failed coup attempt, that all the armbands and History Channel silliness shifted to the center of our messaging. Even then, I felt that it was not the disaster Anglin pretended it was. Once somebody adopted TradWorker's worldview and principles, one doesn't really give a damn what mainstream conservatives like Anglin think about their ironic stahlhelm.

Humans are Monkeys

Politics is tribal and territorial because humans are tribal and territorial. Confrontational street activism isn't an exhibitionist self-indulgence, but a necessary centerpiece of our work, ...gradually building the capacity to dominate public space. Political work is, writ large, an attempt to control public spaces. If, as Anglin and others demand, we forfeit the public square entirely to the antifa radicals without a fight, we become apolitical. Nobody cares what we think or have to say because we've chosen to be irrelevant. We become "intellectual dark web" f*gg*ts.

Charlottesville was a mistake because it was too deep into enemy territory, but the mistake wasn't street activism. In Pikeville, we had several locals join us, both before, during, and after the event. At the end of the event, even the locals who came out to oppose us turned on the antifa, chasing them back into their charter buses with "Blue Lives Matter!" chants. Suburban bourgeois white kids might have cringed at how rural and folkish it was, but starting in the heart of the Trump belt and building out makes much more sense than "political streaking" with stickers and flash demos in Berkeley and Portland.

The first iconic visual of fascism is the fasces, of strength in number. And we must strive to achieve a united front. Anglin insists that our most important work is identifying and isolating "anti-social" people, kicking off a circular firing squad which includes rabidly attacking the public activism of projects he's not aligned with. This is disqualifyingly stupid, and would be so even if he and his cohort weren't even more degenerate, aesthetically unpleasing, and trashy than the people he's targeting.

Public activism isn't for everybody, and TradWorker always made it very clear what the consequences could be. Everybody who showed up on the street knew what the risks were. We didn't have a single suicide or firing from our hundreds because we didn't lie to our guys about what they were getting themselves into. While several tactical errors were made in Charlottesville which we must learn from, the only truly grave error was Anglin & Co.'s declaring the event an absolute failure and their public call for an unqualified retreat.

Say what you want about the lawsuits and arrests, the combined forces of America's east coast left all joined together in one place to physically destroy us, and were decisively defeated. We only lost Charlottesville after they ran home to their attorneys and politicians, a setback which we could be confronting head on instead of with our backs turned. I'm in touch with several of the guys behind the wire, and they want us to keep fighting out here, both for them and for the cause they're sacrificing for. What Anglin has done to them is unforgivable.


Anglin claims that we have a "general refusal to offer anything to young men who would join the movement." This couldn't have been further from the truth with TradWorker. Our WALNUT initiative and occupational apprenticeship networks were so successful that they've survived the organization's implosion. SEVERAL workshops and small businesses across America have become genuinely profitable by identifying alienated young nationalist men and investing in them to create dox-proof workspaces where they are becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient in a variety of skilled trades.

The WALNUT (white advocacy, leadership, networking, & unity teams) alternative to the Left's grassroots ACORN activism was helping nationalists with applying for welfare benefits, disability claims, and small business loans. While the organization is gone, these ideas have proven successful enough to take on organic lives of their own in the movement without any central organization necessary. This is actual help for these young men, as opposed to Anglin's doubling down on and confirming their self-destructive incel rage.

Far be it from me to give advice on how to pick up the right woman. But what I will say is that there are honest women out there and our young men profit from basic "game" tips on how to approach them, as well as more systemic efforts to get them financially successful enough to qualify themselves to women worth approaching in the first place. Anglin refers to my position as "feminist," because I believe that we should accept our women and be friendly toward them (as supporters, not as leaders or shekel-grubbing webcam activists).

We're trying to help these young men be successful, and I agree with Anglin's premise that such work is critical. We should be offering hope and alternatives to teenage and young adult men, pretending anybody over thirty basically does not exist unless he's already fully woke and ready to contribute. Do they need to be confirmed in their suspicion that all girls are awful? Young women, as a group, are very impressionable, and they can and will become honest women for young men encouraged to become self-sufficient, prosperous, confident, and commanding in nature and tone.


Anglin insists that any position other than infiltrating the GOP is essentially an attempt to overthrow the US government. This goes back to his being a polemicist rather than a thinker. Thomas Jefferson did a lot of landmark work on negro intelligence with his slaves, trying to educate them and taking notes on how it went. What he discovered was that their verbal intelligence deceptively outstripped their problem solving skills. They could talk up a storm, and even memorize an impressive string of big words, but they struggled to grasp the abstractions and relationships between the words they were using.

I'm not proposing that Anglin's an albino negro, but if it looks and quacks like a duck, ...

There's an expansive panorama of politics beyond GOP infiltration. A successful third positionist third party could create a situation where the GOP would need to race further toward our position to secure its voters. For Anglin and other conservatives, this creates the unacceptable risk of "the enemy" (Democrats) winning some elections in the process. Furthermore, crafting a committed subculture will transform mainstream politics. Rather than conforming ourselves to mainstream politics, we can and will conform them to us, just as the radical left routinely does.

While we can clap along with rearguard actions to secure our borders and slow down the demographic pump, white identity absolutely can and will learn to thrive in an "open borders" context. The state I'm sitting in was called "Indiana" on account of all the Indians when my pioneer forefathers rolled up just a few generations ago. We were the migrant open borders crisis then because we were natal, patriarchal, confident, committed, and made the profound sacrifices necessary to achieve control of this public space, one homestead at a time.

Then, as now, political hacks kept coming up with treaties and rules that we demographically steamrolled over just as the Hispanics are doing at our southern border and just as the Israelis are doing in the West Bank. The politics of virility and identity overwhelm conventional political negotiations every single time. Trumpism's only possible victory for us was the landmark victory we've achieved this very day; convincing tens of millions of white men that the claw machine of system politics will power down before delivering the stuffed animal we invested so much time, money, and energy in grabbing.

If you're still joining Anglin in seeing your GOP congressman as a wayward ally rather than an implacable opponent, keep putting more quarters in and making more phone calls to congress. The rest of the movement has seen the strategy for what it is. Counter-intuitively, our movement insisting on supporting Trump and the GOP is the real fedposting, since it's so blackpilling and hopeless that it leads intelligent individuals like Robert Bowers and Dylann Roof to acts of desperation.

Both Bowers and Roof explicitly stated, right before their actions, that the movement was wasting its time on pointless system politics. While I disagree with their actions, believing that such direct action is not helpful at this stage (and may never be), I do agree with them that the movement is not pursuing useful strategies. I have never promoted violence or insurrection, while Anglin and his inner circle have routinely done that, all the way down to challenging folks to pitchfork babies for the cause.

The path forward is to create an autonomous and robust counter-culture that selects smart and targeted opportunities for pushing back against this system and digging into its outrages and internal contradictions. It needn't be a "cult," but most certainly a subculture with its own style, lexicon, jokes, and women. That will actually resolve the alienation and desperation crisis of our young males, while creating small spaces where defiantly white families and social spaces can develop and grow organically.

As part and parcel of their politics of personal destruction, Anglin and Weev have publicly, baselessly, claimed that I am a fed, an intelligence asset. It's the first thing that comes up on my google search, even above the slapstick comedy personal problems. In intelligence nomenclature, this is referred to as "badjacketing," and it works. I recently attempted to attend a small private event and over a dozen people canceled upon hearing that a fed would be there. This was terrible for the host and the rest of the attendees, and I tried to back out, but the damage was done. That's the point of the charge, people do the math and decide that it's not worth the risk that Weev might be correct.

There's no evidence for it whatsoever, and there doesn't need to be. Weev and Anglin targeted myself and my work because I refused to tag along with their bad ideas. They've built a large, formidable network of "American Nationalists" who've all found themselves at an impasse on account of perfectly avoidable strategic errors. They're beholden to an impotent president who openly denounces them, an impotent political party that openly despises them, and a greater conservative movement that openly joins the left in deplatforming them at every turn.

And now he has the nerve to kick off a series of essays about strategy, spoken in the voice of a man who hasn't utterly humiliated, discredited, and defeated everybody who's taken his previous advice.

Utter Humorlessness

Anglin insists that he's the only one who gets jokes. I concede that he's done a great job of recycling the imageboard community's creative product as his own. He's a first-rate curator of anonymous memes and jokes lifted from the chans. It's more than a little bit shitty of him to go against the ethic of the community in taking credit for anon's work, but if they don't seem to mind, I don't mind. Nobody can dispute his industriousness and polemical output.

But we're where we're at as a movement because we allowed our comedians to be our commanders. They certainly are critical stakeholders and should enjoy privileged roles in the movement's broad conversation about strategy, tactics, and vision. But what we've learned in the past few years is that if you listen to them and only them, as has been the case for the majority of the movement lately, you'll end up sitting alone at a local GOP mixer looking up funny jokes on your phone that you can't share with anybody else there or you'll be picked up and thrown out of the room.

America's laughing at Trump and his followers--American Nationalists--tonight because they've spectacularly failed. The left has learned how to meme, and are sharing viral memes about Based Pelosi defeating Donald at his own bargaining brinksmanship. By following Anglin's advice, you've become the punchline. And you can be assured that the GOP hack manning McCarthy's phone bank is laughing at each and every Stormer reader calling in to complain about their treatment of Steve King.

Humor is great. I like jokes, too. But there's a reason Anglin's jokes are less funny than they were two years ago. And the reason is because he used to be attacking the system from a position of strength and confidence. Laughter is the ultimate form of social domination, and it lost its edge when Anglin did the great pivot after Charlottesville, explaining that we must be subservient to the GOP and chronically insecure about our own movement. Through being bad at strategy, he managed to lose his own sense of humor.

It's why he's feverishly writing Parrott-style effortposts about strategy instead of mocking his enemies with jokes from a position of strength. He's forfeited that position, deliberately and on purpose. While TRS and others are waking up, hitting the brakes, and trying to change course, Anglin thinks he can write more polemical essays to motivate his men to stay this awful course. They'll be long on jokes, insults, attacks, and broad attempts to frame things in sweeping visual terms. He writes in the same predictable style against his movement critics as he does against the Jewish oligarchs. But he'll not bring any new ideas to the table or offer his followers a way out of the trap he's led them all into.

For everybody's sake, he needs to shut up with his crackpot strategy lectures and stick with making jokes against our enemies, ...namely the GOP.

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