David Cole: Republican Party Animal
by Colin Liddell

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Born in 1968, David Cole became famous initially in the 1990s when, following the fall of the Iron Curtain, it became possible to challenge certain parts of the Holocaust narrative by accessing Soviet Bloc records and visiting historical sites. Because of this, Cole was incorrectly labelled as a "Holocaust denier" when in fact he was a data-driven Holocaust revisionist. Cole's work presented a particular challenge because he was Jewish himself. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to think of a more characteristically Jewish person than the wisecracking, often self-deprecating Cole.

Through his work, including visits to Auschwitz, he came to the conclusion that it was not an extermination camp, and that most of "evidence" that it was one was fabricated by the Communist authorities who ruled over Poland for several decades during the Cold War. Instead Cole believes that most of the active work of the Jewish genocide was carried out by mobile SS Einsatzgruppen ("task forces") suppressing dissent in German occupied territories.

What should have been a scholarly debate, however, soon led to violent attacks and death threats against Cole by terrorist groups like the Jewish Defence League, leading him to falsely recant his views. 

In 1998 Cole changed his name to David Stein and eventually began a new life as a GOP insider in Hollywood. However in 2013 he was outed by an ex-girlfriend and was again subjected to unwarranted attacks, and was kicked out of the "Friends of Abe," a Hollywood GOP group that he was extremely active in. This effectively aligned him with the then "Big Tent" Alt-Right, and led to Cole getting a writing gig at Taki's Magazine. As the Alt-Right became increasingly Jew-obsessed, Cole, like many others, distanced himself from the movement. He also was an early Trump skeptic. In fact, apart from his views on the Holocaust, which place him firmly in dissident territory, Cole is merely a Libertarian Conservative.  

In the aftermath of his "outing," he published his view of his story in a witty and well-written book Republican Party Animal: The "Bad Boy of Holocaust History" Blows the Lid Off Hollywood's Secret Right-Wing Underground (recommended). From around 2016 or possibly 2017, he also participated in the Savage Hippie Podcast, along with co-hosts Edwin Oslan, a fellow Jew, and Ann Sterzinger, a novelist. Cole and Oslan later fell out after Oslan moved to Los Angeles, leading to the end of an enjoyable show.

In 2020, following Jim Goad's departure from Taki's Mag, Cole was promoted to a more active role, writing "The Week That Perished" column in addition to his own weekly column. According to Cole, most of the people who distanced themselves from him in 2013 are now reconciled with him.


Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders. although he has not identified as Alt-Right since 2018.

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