NOTE: This dispassionately impartial review of Colin Liddell's first book was originally published at our sister site Trad News

In an astounding act of literary excellence, Colin Liddell, known to many as one of the founders of the Alt-Right, and now the leader of the Affirmative Right, has just published his first book.

Instead of being a load of tedious blackpill essays about how the Jews run everything or simpering visions of how perfect the future White ethnostate will be or a lot of try-hard philosophical jargon that the writer pretends to understand—as too many books in the Dissident Right unfortunately are—Liddell's subject matter is OBJECTIVELY INTERESTING and FRESH, featuring a lot of fun interviews with—and cynical obituaries about—a lot of people that everyone actually knows.

The book is literally star-studded, and shows Liddell's legendary writing and interviewing prowess at its best in head-to-heads with the likes of Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden front man Bruce Dickinson, and even the leader of the Japanese Communist Party. Filling the incisive obituary slots are key political and cultural figures, like Margaret Thatcher, David Bowie, and Nelson Mandela. In the last of these Liddell really takes off the gloves (my eyes needed an eye bath after that one!).

As he truthfully writes in the short and highly readable introduction:
There are already too many words in the world, so my sincere apologies for inflicting yet 40,000 more on the public.

My plea in this case is that many of the words contained here are those of famous people, while others are mine, but about famous people.

While not exactly an ideal excuse for contributing to "The Great Wordflation," as I have called it in one of my essays (not included here), this is at least, I hope, an inducement to read what is contained here, as the effortless act of reading is what is important here.
Priced very reasonably at $9.77 in the US and £6.81 in the UK for 128 quality pages, we highly recommend this book to our many readers. Also check out the astounding cover design. That, my friends, I assure you, will be a collectors item.

Because of their great rarity, Liddell's published works have extremely HIGH APPRECIATION VALUE. For example, the first issue of Radix Journal (2012), dominated by his seminal essay "The Anti-Civilisation of the West," originally sold for around $20. But now it has a book value of $795 :00 on Amazon!!!

So, not only is this book an aesthetically-designed fun read with hard-hitting intellectual content, but it is also a better investment than Bitcoin was a couple of years ago.