Back in 2016 the Alt-Right was still a potent movement with a wide and growing appeal, as testified by this presentation by RamZPaul at the American Renaissance conference.

Unfortunately, Richard Spencer's channelling of Nazi symbolism at the NPI conference later that year and his "alliance" with TRS and the Daily Stormer allowed the Left to successfully turn the "Alt-Right" into a caricature of Hollywood Naziism, making the movement toxic in the sense of becoming a movement that nobody could join without a trust fund.

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  1. The problem was that most of the leading figures were absolute cunts and the followers clapping like seals for them were mouth breathing retards with no grasp of reality outside of their tiny internet clubhouses.

    I feel the years following 2016 and how they all crashed and burned and dragged the whole ship down to the bottom with them backs this opinion up well. Sadly too many of these people continue to cling on with their channels, fundraising, and weird groups with many of the same simpletons still acting as paypigs and cheerleaders as if all was well somehow, unable to accept any criticism of their internet daddies.


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