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The natural order
by Antonius Aquinas

After Brexit, there has been a growing number of voices within the European Union and among various nationalistic groups, arguing that English should be replaced as the official language since now only Ireland and Malta retain English.

The loudest quarter calling for a change has come from the French who, not surprisingly, want their own tongue to become the lingua franca of the EU. Eric Zemmour, a French conservative commentator, asserts, “I think this is the time to launch a counter-offensive in favour of French, to recall that French was the original language of EU institutions.”

A return to French, however, has its difficulties with other nationalist groups particularly those from the EU’s dominant economic power, Germany.

An interesting and most logical solution to the seemingly intractable problem has been suggested by an article in the magazine Le Figaro, which calls for a return to Latin as the EU’s lingua franca. 

Why Latin?

A return to Latin makes the most sense, since the Romance languages of the EU nations – Italy, France, Spain – developed out of Latin, and the Germanic tongues contain a large amount of Latin words in their vocabularies. It would thus be relatively easy to bring back Latin as an international language. 

Latin has a long and successful history stretching back to Antiquity as the language of law, commerce, science, and religion. Latin fostered social cohesion among ethnic groups and cultures, while it facilitated the exchange of ideas and customs. 

While Latin is par excellence a lingua franca, an international monetary system based on gold would accomplish many of the same benefits for the economies of Europe (and for that matter the world) that Latin has done for communications and interrelations. Many of the same arguments which have been applied to Latin can be used for a metallic monetary order. 

Why gold?

A one-world commodity standard allows for integration and the extension of the division of labor since all prices are expressed in terms of gold/silver. Costs, too, would be calculated in terms of one general medium of exchange which makes economies more efficient. National currencies, fully backed and redeemed in gold, would do away with the cumbersome exchange ratios which currently exist. 

Just as important, a monetary order based on a gold standard would make it extremely difficult for governments and central banks to inflate the currencies which ultimately leads to the dreaded boom and bust cycle. The inability to create “money out of thin air” would reduce governments’ debt-creation powers since central banks could no longer monetize debt by simply printing money and expanding credit.

With an inexhaustible supply of paper money that can fund and underwrite any state project, government power and control over the economy and social life has grown exponentially since the gold standard was eliminated. A world on a gold standard would reduce state power. The vast social engineering schemes and war-making capacity have been made possible through unrestrained money printing and debt creation. 

If the nations of Europe would adopt a gold standard, it would attract foreign capital since creditors would be assured that their investments would not be debased through inflation. Domestic savings, too, would sizeably increase which would generate an authentic economic boom based on wealth generated not by money printing, but through the abstention of consumption – savings. 

Gold and Latin are both “natural” mediums which do not require state largesse and involvement for their use. Artificial monolithic political constructs like the EU and monetary institutions like the IMF and World Bank, which are nothing less than engines of inflation, are unnecessary under a monetary order based on gold. 

It would be difficult to deny that gold and Latin did not possess Providential qualities. The amount of gold in the world and its inherent qualities have made it the “perfect” medium of exchange. Its supply is not too plentiful nor too scarce while its qualities – durable, portable, divisible – satisfy all the qualities that a money requires. 

The fact that Rome and its language arose, creating the greatest empire to have ever existed, which also paved the way for the spread of Christianity and the development of European civilization, is not by happenstance. Latin bounded Rome and its provinces together, no matter how far apart geographically and culturally. Some authors have noted that the appearance of the Savior came at the time of the Pax Romana – “the Roman Peace” – which provided the perfect conditions to accomplish His mission.

While modern man vainly seeks to create unity through the dictates of the State, with its countless laws and regulatory agencies to enforce them, there exists institutions and gifts of nature, which, if used, can provide a natural universality. For a just social order to be attained, the most sublime human language must once again return to its place of prominence, while the most honest and efficient money ever used must again become the world’s general medium of exchange. 

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  1. Gold bugs love the yellow stuff (Gold is up - buy gold! Gold is down - buy gold!) but it is a terrible choice of currency in the modern age. Bill Still and others have repeatedly demolished this concept and offered many better ones each time.

    The benefits you suggest for gold can be had without it and in fact have happened under system that used precious metals anyway. Do you think no one has ever borrowed money, gone into debt or done fractional reserve lending under precious metal systems?

    You'll also face the inevitable reality of being stuck with "electronic gold" or "paper gold" if you try to buy in, which is what most people have now when they invest in it. There's far more paper or electronic gold around. If you want to buy something online will you be shipping a tiny gold coin to them and waiting for them to sign off and then send your item or will you rely on hidden behind the scenes transfers of electronic numbers...much as we have already?

    As soon as you go off demanding physical gold shipments and transfers for everything you're just repeating the fallacies of the past and putting a coat of gold paint on what we have now and it will be business as usual.

    Let us also not forget that if we switched today with a click of a finger to a gold standard the gold and therefore YOUR NATION'S CURRENCY would all be owned and held by people around the world and in hostile nations who don't like you or your ideas and have no loyalties to your nations. Does Affirmative Right or anyone remotely sympathetic to that spectrum have ownership of all the gold mines to supply the future currency? The gold market has even been cornered in the past, an example of this has been given before by Bill Still in his documentary work and videos on monetary reform. Gold is just another commodity and you could easily use silver (which at least is harder to control) or many other similar options instead if you were determined for this brand of monetary masochism.

    I used to think gold was a solution years ago but then I grew up. It doesn't matter what your money is, all the matters is who controls the quantity and it is good for the payment of taxes. If you can't trust your government with paper money because you think they'll "print" it into hyperinflation then what's the difference with what they do now which IS NOT printing to hyperinflation but rather BORROWING money endlessly? Almost all the Western powers borrow money from banks rather than print (or digital equivalents) and have done for generations. Debt also exists with or without gold coinage and has done for millenia. Thefore the issue is debt and borrowing and lack of sound government and accountability, not the medium of monetary exchange.

    The tally stick worked in England for commercy for centuries. It was good enough to even pay for the founding of banks themselves that still exist today. With modern electronic systems it's far easier to do and track and private indivudals have already given examples of it. The very fact this site has a donation button for Bitcoin and not begging for gold dust sent in envelopes should say it all.

    Honestly the addition of gold to the argument here just undermines the Latin argument and makes me fear it may also seem retarded to people who know more about that part of the subject than I, despite the cultural attractiveness of it and the fact I like the idea of people having such a strong connection to their roots and an ability to speak and think like their ancestors did.

  2. I will not be speaking what amounts to ancient hispanic any time soon,

    English is a proud germanic tongue and I like it!

    Also the roman popes are not a part of natural order. They are in fact a boil on the ass of natural order.

    And I think Christ will indeed smack their fat behinds when He returns. No matter that they will in fact enjoy this in the most sinful way.


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