Sarah did nothing Jeong
by Colin Liddell

It's time somebody said it: Sarah Jeong just wants to be White.

In case somebody reads this article several weeks, months, or years from now, when the story is dead and forgotten—as it surely will be—Sarah Jeong  is the latest addition to the editorial board of that "Enemy of the People" the New York Times,  and is currently in the news because of the new phenomenon of "Twitter mining" that we have seen since the case of James Gunn whose "paedo posts from the past" have come back to haunt him. In the case of Miss Jeong, the Twitter miners have managed to unearth a motherlode of racist anti-White tweets.

Here are some examples:

As usual—in true horseshoe fashion—some on the Left and some on the Right have come to practically the same conclusion—i.e. that Miss Jeong behaved in the way she did because her strong Korean identity brushed up against that of White people or vice versa.

The New York Times, for example, has swallowed her story that she was tweeting "defensively" against bigoted racists and anti-feminists who were unfairly attacking her because she was a "woman of colour." The Times even released a try-hard statement to back her up:

Many on the right, keen to focus on the racial double standard, by which only White people can be "racist," have been striving to paint her as a negative version of the above—a racist Korean bitch who just hates white people (possibly because she got dumped by a White boyfriend, LOL).

This second explanation is the one that, on first appearances, seems to fit closest with the facts. However, neither of these basically similar explanations ring true for me. As RamZPaul said in his video on the subject, very few East Asians hate White people. As someone who lives in Asia and has to put up with constant adulation of my Whiteness on an almost hourly basis, this is the perspective that makes most sense to me.

East Asians love Whiteness, seeing it not so much as a race but as an essence, a glow of all that's good and pure. Indeed, in their cosmological system, "Whiteness" is identified with "Yang" the positive energy of the universe.

Here is the Korean flag (Jeong is of Korean race and ethnicity):

Notice how "Yang," represented here by the colour red, is on top.

Also, Koreans excel at that most intense and concentrated form of Whiteness, classical music. Here is an example of that if you needed one.

In short, Koreans, like Japanese and a growing percentage of Chinese, are more White and bourgeois than White people themselves, who, as we well know, have started to increasingly identify with the Black underclass:

This "Will to Whiteness" that Koreans have takes many forms, all of them extreme, because that too is definitely part of the Korean character. And we see the same thing, refracted slightly differently, among ethnic Koreans in America.

I wrote about this in my 2012 article, "Why Asians Vote Democrat?" in which I dismissed the loosely plausible and comforting reasons that it was because they just liked big government or were still butthurt over "microaggressions,"  and instead focused on the much stronger and simpler psychological reasons:
"A common explanation given as to why Asians vote against the Republican Party is resentment over petty racism and stereotypes. In other words, it is speculated that just like Jews and Blacks, Asians also have a strong animus against White America, but one that isn't based on slavery, lynchings, and centuries of anti-Semitism in Europe, but rather on 'micro-aggressions.' But the reality is that Asians are very favourably disposed to White America in terms of culture and social association. Intermarriage rates between Asians and Whites are higher than between other racial groups and there are many other affinities. Indeed, rather than racial animosity or incompatibility, it is the ease with which Asians can associate with certain types or Whites that is the real basis of their voting habits.

One of the key elements of the Asian mind that I have become aware of, after many years living in Japan, is its suggestibility and deference to what it sees as the dominant view. This is often based on politeness, a non-confrontational attitude, and a desire to please. One formulation of this characteristic is high self-monitoring behaviour."
In short, what is key here is the wish by Asian people to fit in and accede to the wishes of the dominant personalities around them. In the case of Asians in the United States, the vast majority of them live in States and cities where White liberals are the dominant cultural and political force. It is therefore not surprising, given the fundamentally conformist Asian nature, that they take their cues from that group.

Now, ironically, while East Asians tend towards a state of deference or even adulation towards Whites, the one group that has the most insane and deep-rooted hatred for Whites are Whites themselves i.e. Leftist and liberal Whites, including many Jews. It is only sensible to surmise from this that, if a bright, impressionable keen-to-please Asian American lady like Sarah Jeong is placed in such an environment, she would be highly likely to imbibe the characteristics and prejudices of those around her, namely Leftist, self-hating Whites.

Jeong's racist anti-White tweets are evidence of both her lack of a Korean identity (she doesn't have one, she is just channelling that of the Whites who happen to be around her) and also the psychological characteristics common to many East Asians and developed over millennia, which make them especially susceptible to this kind of brainwashing.

Did I mention "Korean" and "brainwashing" in the same sentence? Funny how that happens!

Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the famous and the dead. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.