by Duns Scotus

People are genuinely surprised by the deplatforming of Alex Jones. This is simply because it doesn't make sense.

Even the deplaforming of made sense on a kind of stretched logic:

Spencer was connected to Enoch, who was in bed with Anglin, and all those (((Hollywood Nazi))) memes ultimately had an obvious purpose, as Colin Liddell contends, namely to trigger Big Tech into breaking its censorship cherry. Not only that, but one year ago today, the deplaformers even managed to provide their cause with a "holy martyr" in the form of Heather Heyer, a fat woman killed by a heart attack, when a participant of Unite the Right panic drove into a crowd of Leftists.

Jones, by contrast, has none of that evil "Nazi" glamour or blood smeared on his hands by the obvious attempt to create a bloodbath that Charlottesville was. Deplatforming him just looks heavy handed. Whatever his demerits, the guy has just become a well-loved walking, talking, living meme—part of America's mental furniture.

The reason given for attempting to erase him—supposed "hate speech" but without examples—is clearly bullshit, as Jones always took care not to cross the red lines. As an ex-professional wrestler, he knew exactly how to pull off his edgy act without breaking any real taboo bones. Plus what happened to the First Amendment!

This shuttering looks suspicious in the sense that there must be a large, unstated reason for it—a bit like a giant, invisible planet clearly distorting the trajectories of the other planets—otherwise it simply wouldn't have happened.

My theory is that this can only be linked to the rise of the QAnon movement, which is essentially the latest viral upsurge of rebellion against the status quo. Jones's InfoWars was the biggest media site ready to listen to QAnon and give it sub-mainstream exposure.

For those still unclear about what QAnon is, here is a quick summary from CNET:
In October 2017, a user going by the name "Q" began posting to 4chan's /pol/ message board. You may know /pol/ as a far-right board, famous mostly as an online swap meet for Pepe memes. But /pol/ -- and related communities on 8chan, Reddit and Twitter -- can be incubators for the most extreme theories that reach conspiracy theorist sites like Infowars. Those communities have long been launchpads for neo-Nazis, white nationalists, incels and other groups to share their messages.

Q claimed to possess insight into the inner workings of the American government, particularly agencies tied to the so-called Deep State. He or she warned of the "Calm Before the Storm." That message kicked off a conspiratorial hydra, which has since come to tie in everything from Trump, North Korea, Pizzagate, the Alabama Crimson Tide football team and Tom Hanks. The "anon" portion of QAnon is a reference to 4chan and 8chan users referring to anonymous users as "anon."
And just like Alex Jones and InfoWars, QAnon is being subjected to the same sort of coordinated corporate barrage, as reported by Gateway Pundit:
Over the last week the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN. NBC News, CBS News, Bloomberg, The New Yorker, Vox, and the Daily Beast have all written a plethora of over 20 articles on the Qanon Movement all using highly similar talking points to marginalize the movement.

Instead it’s just pushing it into the cultural mainstream– the Streisand Effect. The liberal mainstream media will never learn.

The Washington Post published three articles in the last four days. Crazytown– clearly the mainstream media and their deepstate handlers see the movement as a threat coming up to the midterms.

Such a coordinated major media barrage of negative coverage hasn’t been seen since Wikileaks published The Podesta Emails.
There seems to be a deep connection between InfoWars and QAnon, even if it's just in the way that both are being treated by the would-be Neo-Gatekeeper media. But as the Gateway Pundit piece points out, these imperatives to "not visualise the elephant" are just making us see more elephants.

So what does this mean?

There are two possibilities:
  1. QAnon includes genuine data about our nefarious elites, which the Establishment is desperately but incompetently trying to shut down. In order to do this, they are willing only to reveal a part of their power level—i.e. shuttering the biggest Alt-media site going—rather than going to the extreme of shutting down the actual anonymous message boards like Reddit and 4Chan. etc.
  2. QAnon is essentially fake but the Establishment actually wants it to be widely believed. The logic here is that nothing is better guaranteed to boost QAnon among its "natural audience" than shutting down a site like InfoWars and purposely creating a Streisand Effect by attacking QAnon itself in such an obviously coordinated way.
The first option is sufficient in itself to explain what is going on, because you don't need anything more to complete the picture. The second option is more troubling, because it implies a missing piece and can't explain why a large part of our elites would actually want us to think they are Deep State, paedophile, anti-free-speech scumbags.