Literally dressed as a giant red pill.
by Colin Liddell

One of the new trends in the Dissident Right is a kind of turbo-charged Propertarianism that looks forward (with supposed reluctance) to an inevitable revolution and civil war.

This is promoted by someone in a motorbike helmet called "John Mark" who produces relatively slick, Hi-NRG vids that appear to be immune to the usual shadow-banning that afflicts the Dissident Right. Mark's ideas are loosely based on the work of a libertarian "sex tourist" based in the Ukraine called Curt Doolittle, but Mark's new twist is to talk about the necessity of preparing for a conflict.

According to Mark, Right-wing metapolitics and politics are both bullshit, with the Left having all the advantages in these areas. So it merely remains for the "Winning Right," as he ironically dubs what's left of the Alt-Right, to await the great (and bloody) revolution that will occur when the Left push Right-wingers too far.

In a recent article published with an image of Mussolini and the Black Shirts marching on Rome he writes:
There is a fundamental asymmetry between the right and left in the ability to “get their way” politically. The Left has a huge advantage here. And no amount of exhortation or preaching to rightwingers will change it.

That’s one reason why there’s going to be a civil war. Because the only other solution would be political advocacy, and a) the Right is not as good at it for unchangeable reasons, and b) immigration means it’s too late anyway.
Yes, black pill, black pill, black pill, but don't worry goyim there is always the prospect of redeeming violence.

Screenshot from Curt Doolittle's Propertarianism website

While this new trend in the Dissident Right is causing some excitement and attracting followers and supporters, like Mark Collett, who was recently smirking about his 88th show on YouTube (yes, 88—code for Heil Hitler), many view it with suspicion and some people are even prepared to go further, like YouTuber No White Guilt.

No White Guilt
After politely hearing John Mark's usual line as a fellow guest on Collett's show, No White Guilt came out the very next day and attacked this trend on JF Gariepy's YouTube channel:
Anybody attempting to convince you that you can set some tires on fire and that you can blow up some infrastructure and you are going to be able to overthrow a country is trying to get you locked up in jail for the rest of your life, and, not only that, but harm our movement for white well-being or anything in the 'white positive' sphere...

You are not going to overturn a government by setting tyres on fire, by blowing up a water plant, by blowing up a dam. That comes from an infantile notion of how much resources and how much loss the United States and other Western governments can suffer before they actually have come to a place where they are struggling.

It’s based in this Hollywood notion—and unfortunately I understand where this is coming from, and people have this idea after watching movies their whole lives
that this ragtag bunch can come together against some superpower and overthrow it with some little act here or there.

Folks, what he [Doolittle] is suggesting is called terrorism. That's what he's suggesting and if you commit an act of terrorism you are going to go to prison. You will never see your family again and not only that... but if you commit an act of terrorism in the name of overthrowing the United States, representing something from the 'white positive' sphere, you are going to bring down a hell on all of us that we can scarcely imagine today. I'm talking about wholesale round ups
From what can reasonably be inferred, No White Guilt believes the establishment and the elites are anti-White but have limited power over society and the masses. This means that White nationalists have room to organise and participate in politics, and can do this most effectively by rigorously maintaining the good standing of White nationalists with the mass of the population. However, anything that allows White nationalists to be painted as violent or terroristic simply makes it easier for the establishment to shut them down:
All of those people [i.e. the masses] will find it acceptable to round us up...if they can be made to believe the case that we are going to be responsible for acts of terrorism moving forward because some idiot went out and blew up 10 feet of railroad track.

I've been in the movement for a really long time... and in the old days, we didn't have the internet... all we had was face-to-face meetings and in the old days this government and perhaps outside governments endeavored constantly to insert workers of strife into our midst, and these people would come in and they would watch and they would also make recommendations to commit violent acts...

All of you who are new to this cause you need to hear these words of warning because these are things that were axiomatic in the movement that if anybody came in suggesting violence or illegality of any kin, they were almost assuredly federal agents or state agents or working for some of the foreign entity.
Although I have my doubts that John Mark and Curt Doolittle are directly advocating violence, they do seem to be dogwhistling it. Whatever the specifics of that may be, the general sentiments of No White Guilt's words are sound.

The only things to add are:
  1. Even if someone advocating or dogwhistling violence is not an actual Fed, they may as well be; and people on the Affirmative Right and the wider Dissident Right should treat them accordingly. 
  2. What No White Guilt says about Feds and idiots advocating violence also applies for those people advocating or dogwhistling Naziism, 1488 crap, or otherwise using cheap racial slurs. This too is designed, wittingly or unwittingly, to keep us in our place.
Funnily enough the second of these points would include both Collett and JF themselves. I've already mentioned Collett smirking at the Nazi number 88, but there is also this, read into it what you will:

Pro tip: Always remember to bring your soapbox
 when posing next to your giant Nazi girlfriend.
As for JF, he was recently caught promoting the obvious Neo-Nazi smear that the Jews started WWII—or was he just being as mentally confused as his girlfriend in that case?

All these people, in as much as they follow these negative paths, are the real enemies of the Dissident Right, and no matter how cool, big, funny, clever, or important they may seem—remember they have plenty of money and talent from their backers—they must be treated as the pariahs that they truly are.

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