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Tuesday, 3 December 2019


by Colin Liddell

What happened in the West was simple: Men started hating women, and women started hating children. In other words the natural order, which underpinned our hi-tech society, disintegrated.

Women are no longer prepared to sacrifice themselves for children—even the two or three needed to keep things on an even keel—and men are no longer willing to sacrifice themselves for such women, especially when the divorce courts will gut them financially. MGTOW is the zeitgeist and incel the ambience.

Of course, the Left have nice names for what is essentially a genocidal process—"female empowerment" and "pro-choice" spring to mind. Yes, you go, girl! ...Straight to the graveyard of your race and civilisation!

The poison of feminism doesn't just affect blue haired cat lady freaks, who refuse to shave their shaggy armpits because it's "natural"—as if they ever cared about anything natural! It cuts across all of society, effecting even sensible, happily married women.

Those healthy women, who have married good, reliable men who are more than capable of fully supporting them, and who could quite comfortably pump out four or five kids, are choosing instead to have two or three, because dress size and stretch marks issues, "lifestyle balance," or some article in Cosmo. While those who could have had two or three are having zero or one.

The end result is a massive, self-inflicted genocide that no-one is talking about except the Dissident Right.

For many years it was mainly Europe and Japan that were affected. But now it is also America. The weakened Christian conservative culture of the country has been cucked for years, being spoon-fed one degeneracy after another by the Left, while meekly retreating into itself and finding scant solace in a misplaced love for Israel, which has set itself the absurd objective of outbreeding the Islamic world.

The forces of "progressivism" (a nice name for social cancer) are borne, like poisoned spores, on every cultural wind; while social media has only made things worse—wiring women to a world that constantly feeds them lies of male oppression and having kids "later" or never.

This weakening of the Christian conservative core of the nation continues to dig deep into the national birth figures. Here is the data for 2018:
The United States is confronted by its lowest number of births in 32 years, according to provisional data released by the National Center for Health Statistics.

The total fertility rate (which represents the number of births per woman), is steadily decreasing, and remains under its replacement level of 2.1 per 1,000, where it has been since 2009. However, all states are not equal when it comes to the diversity of their new generation of toddlers.

One way to look at the matter is to dive into national statistics.

According to NCHS data, a total of 3,788,235 babies were born in the United States in 2018. The Census Bureau estimated the population of the United States to be 327,167,434 in 2018, meaning that the birth rate for that year was of 11.58 babies per 1,000.

That is a new low, too. It’s a 2% decline from 2017.
That's a total fertility rate per woman of less than 1.8 children—or generation-to-generation drop in population in excess of one ninth!

The break down for the racial and ethnic groups is as follows:

WHITE ALONE 1,953,054 (51.6%)
BLACK ALONE 551,450 (14.6%)
ASIAN ALONE 241,201 (6.4%)
HISPANIC 886,375 (23.4%)

Last year the number of births was higher but also falling:
"The 3.85 million US births in 2017 were the fewest since 1987, as American women under 40 continued to delay childbearing. Births in the United States have plunged to record lows not seen in decades, marking a profound cultural shift that could have ramifications for the future economy, experts said Thursday.
Basically the USA, which is already loosing a ninth of its population every generation without immigration, is seeing a year-on-year drop in the total number of births of around 2% per year, even with a population growing from immigration and immigrants contributing to the birth statistics. In short America under the heel of feminism has the demographics of a death camp.

"Profound cultural shift"
As people are still generally affluent, the reason is mainly cultural. Society is steeped in an increasingly hysterical and toxic psychic atmosphere that is polluted with false values, twisted data, and distorted memes: "individualism," "equality," "male oppression," etc. This is economically and politically backed up by big business and the state for its own reasons.

Outside the Dissident Right no one even sees this as the existential crisis it obviously is.

When America was threatened by the rise of Communism in the 1940s and 50s, the society galvanised itself and mobilised against the threat, changing itself in fundamental ways. Against the much bigger threat it now faces, however, it does the equivalent of putting its hands in its pockets and whistling a cheerful tune.

If pushed, its leaders would probably say something along the lines of:
"It's nothing to worry about, plus we can always top up the population with immigrants, after all that is the American Way."
What are they really saying here? Let me paraphrase further in the direction of clarity:
"We are parasites with no identity who can keep this ever-shifting entity alive by sucking the lifeblood of other nations."
But even this doesn't quite cut it, as you have to consider the effect that this entity—America—has on the incomers themselves, loathed though they may be by some. A further clarifying paraphrase is needed:
"We are essentially a death camp and the immigration trains need to be kept running to keep the smoke billowing from our mighty towers."
Those migrants from poor countries who see America as a land of hope and growth are deceiving themselves. It is a Cultural Marxist death zone like the rest of the West. Even the most tribal will be broken down by the toxins of Cultural Marxism and see their women converted into over-entitled, self-serving, purple-haired denizens of a demographic Treblinka, while their men look on from resentful, wank-darkened eyes.

We have even seen this with the falling number of Jews, and now the same toxins have trickled down to the country's non-Whites, as we can see in this disgustingly titled article from Reason magazine last year, "Hooray! U.S. Fertility Rate Falls to 40-Year Low":
Between 2008 and 2016, the [pro-natalist Institute for Family Studies] reports, the fertility rate dropped from 2.15 to 1.89 among black women, from 2.85 to 2.1 among Hispanic women, and from 1.95 to 1.72 among non-Hispanic white women.
What is noticeable here is that the fertility of non-Whites is actually dropping at a faster rate than Whites. In fact, it might even be speculated that ultimately non-White populations could be less immune to the toxins of cultural Marxism and Feminism than even White women.

But White nationalists should not be too quick to break out the champagne, as it is laced with cyanide. White fertility rates are still falling and are already deep in negative, non-replacement territory, whereas the populations that will be sucked in by the vacuity of the Western demographic death camp will not be White.

Until a potent anti-genocidal impetus against these downward trends can be forged, the conclusion has to be that Feminism has killed America, and that what succeeds it remains to be seen.

Will a Mormon Empire emerge from the crater, a Muslim Caliphate, or a Chinese colony? Perhaps all three, perhaps none of these. Or will America wake up and become a society with the agency to survive?

Only the Dissident Right could lead such a salvation, but we are trodden down in the mud. Our movement is infiltrated by agent provocateurs who seek to subvert and stigmatise our message and set us fighting amongst ourselves. Meanwhile our content is deplatformed, banned, and shadow-banned by the screeching self-mutilators who dominate the now dying West.

The very thing we feel impelled to save because we are of it, also repels us with its madness and self-destructive urges. The sickness has many aspects. The cure is yet to be discovered.

Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's new collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.

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