Friday, 30 October 2020


Mahathir Fucker!
by Colin Liddell 

There is a specter haunting the World. It is the specter of Logic! It's latest effusion is this stellar comment on the simmering culture war in France by Mahathir Mohamad a former Prime Minister of Malaysia:

“Macron is not showing that he is civilised. He is very primitive in blaming the religion of Islam and Muslims for the killing of the insulting school teacher...But irrespective of the religion professed, angry people kill. The French in the course of their history have killed millions of people. Many were Muslims. Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past. But by and large the Muslims have not applied the ‘eye for an eye’ law. Muslims don’t. The French shouldn’t. Instead the French should teach their people to respect other people’s feelings.”

You can see what Mahathir is up to here. He wants Macron to calm the fuck down and just take the occasional beheading and creeping feeling of always walking on eggshells whenever anything Muslim is mentioned. This is the "part and parcel" approach pioneered by such people as Sadiq Khan the Mayor of the conquered kufar city glittering multicultural metropolis of London. 

But of course it's the part about Muslims -- any Muslims -- having a right to kill millions of French people -- any French people -- that leaps off the page and has been picked up by media (possibly because the 'damage control' memos from above have not been passed down yet).

A mere two months ago I commented on the role being played by BLM in the American equation. There are similarities with the point that Mahathir is making. I wrote:

The absurd premises of "total equality" and even total equivalence, long buried in the dark foundations of our society were exhumed and revealed to the relentless light of logic and insanity (often two sides of the same coin) that was generated by our now essentially gateless internet culture.

"If we're all equal, why are Whites still much richer than Blacks, and why is there so much Black crime?" the innocents asked with the shining eyes of the truly ignorant.

"If women and men are equivalent, why are men bigger and have dicks?" they then attempted.

It was better that such questions, which flowed directly from the insane premises of our societal ideology, were not asked, and under the old gatekeeper media they were kept on a relatively tight rein. But like an uncomprehending child asking "How do all the little people fit in the TV?" they were—again and again—provoking history and HBD lessons from the less naive that were nevertheless powerless to answer them in a society that still insisted on its sacred taboos.

Likewise if you accept the premise on which multicultural France is based, namely the idea that the indigenous French people are no more "special" or worthy of consideration than Muslims, who may or may not be living in France and be its citizens, then, yes, Mahathir has a point, especially as, according to this view, dead Muslims in the past, have as much "moral weight" as present-day living French people.

In the same way that BLM can constantly point to "bad things" in the past to gain moral attention for their demands, so Muslims can guilt trip modern multicultural France to put up with a few beheadings and the erosion of the French love of insulting people and "farting in their general direction" by bringing up French colonialism or the crusades. 

Yes, France, you once killed Muslims, so why are you kicking up such a fuss about one or two beheadings?

This critque is quite logical if you accept the essentially globalist premise on which it is based. Great logicians like Mahathir Mohamed help us to see this. 

Of course, if you operate on a different premise that France is a country specifically for French people (i.e. indigenous Frenchies who partake of the characteristic French racial characteristics and have roots in its culture and history going back centuries) and that French people should have greater rights in their own country (i.e. nationalism), then you come to a whole set of different logical conclusions about what to do with mosques, religions, and recent arrivals who may be mixed up in the occasional beheading of French people or attempts to create a climate of fear about certain "taboo" topics. 

The exact same is true in America if we question the premises of "group communism," i.e. the insane notion that all racial and gender groups are absolutely and essentially equal, and that any and all inequalities of outcome can only be attributable to racism, sexism, and other made-up words.

The real problem is that we have built the modern West on the swampy foundations and false premises of flawed ideology. Our ability to fudge the issues and avoid logic is what has allowed us to get away with this doomed building code in the past. But the logicians among us, like BLM and Mahathir Mohamad are thankfully bringing us closer to the truth. It is not their logic that is false -- it is sound -- but our premises that are. 

Uprooting these will be a project much bigger than someone like Donald Trump or Emmanuel Macron will ever be capable of. 


Colin Liddell is the Chief Editor of Affirmative Right and the author of Interviews & Obituaries, a collection of encounters with the dead and the famous. Support his work by buying it here. He is also featured in Arktos's collection A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of Its Members and Leaders.

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