A cheerleader for Tel Aviv's
professional basketball team.

The “JQ,” or “Jewish question,” is a contentious issue in Alt-right-land. I have made my own thoughts known on this matter elsewhere (see here and here), but to summarize: I acknowledge the existence of highly disproportionate Jewish influence in the media, government, and various levels of the entertainment industry, as well as many other notable societal institutions. I chafe against the notion that it’s crass bigotry to observe that Jews do indeed often tend to be rich and powerful people, or to note that Jewish interest groups are quite frequently heavy-handed, obnoxious, and dishonest in their tactics and rhetoric.

Moreover, I fully support freedom of speech when it comes to Holocaust revisionism, and I greatly deprecate the efforts of snitches, scolds and busybodies to ruin the lives and livelihoods of ideological dissenters, whether their dissent stems from questioning the historicity of the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, or the presumed vs. actual final tally of Shoah casualties (i.e., 6 million or less), or anything else.

By the standards of "polite" postmodern society and superstitious contemporary taboos, I am already damning myself as an anti-Semite, or at least an anti-Semite fellow traveler, for publicly espousing the positions mentioned above. However, to many frequenters of this site, I am “soft on Jews” because those hooknosed hebes fail to give me a fatal case of the “hebe-jeebes”; in their minds, I must be a craven kike-cuck since I decline to view the Kosherites as a categorically evil species that must be ruthlessly rooted out in order for Western civilization to be saved from the ashes; moreover, I deserve naught but contempt for refusing to extol the virtues of Hitler’s gang in their quest for a final solution, and for not signing on to the campaign to whitewash National Socialist atrocities against yid and goy alike.

In They Live, Rowdy Roddy Piper (RIP) memorably declares that “the middle of the road is the worst place to drive,” and here that wry wrestler’s metaphor could not possibly be more apt: polite mainstream society declares the likes of me anathema for my alleged appalling Jew-hatred, while the self-styled “edgelords” at large dismiss me for my alleged insufferable Jew-worship.

The first group can’t see past the simply “inexcusable” content of the first paragraph above; with thin-lipped grimaces and passive aggressive exclamations of “Wow, just wow!” they greet my assertions with ostentatious displays of priggish denunciation, cutting me absolutely no slack for the seemingly exculpatory content of the second paragraph above.

The exact opposite circumstance, of course, applies to the second group, who for their part sneer at my absence of aversion to what they take to be the utterly wicked core of kike-dom, while only grudgingly giving me credit for being willing to fearlessly discuss certain delicate JQ-issues, albeit always with an explicit accompanying refusal to demonize Jews collectively.


This entire dreary preamble is necessitated by the rather light and amusing, yet also profoundly illuminating account of a cultural clash in the heart of the modern state of Israel. Though the story is five years old, one presumes that it speaks to realities still very much contemporary to the Zionist entity today, (oy to the vey!).

The proverbial sticky wicket in this account applies to the same familiar “culture war” that still rages in the West, particularly America, between secular liberals and religious conservatives; indeed, here it finds expression in two very American institutions of sport and spectatorship: namely, basketball and cheerleading. It seems that the Israeli professional basketball league (the composition of which, amusingly, seems largely composed of expatriate black Americans) recently mandated that all teams must have a cheer squad, which has caused something of a stir in largely Orthodox milieu like Jerusalem. Under intense pressure from community leaders, the local Holy City pompom gals have adopted a “formal and respectful,” (i.e., determinedly un-sexy) style of cheer, specifically tailored to the sensitivities of the locals, as discussed in this fascinating video:

In cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, however, the squad of nubile Shebrews closely resembles that of any NBA dance team in America: skimpy, form-fitting outfits featuring lots of exposed leg and cleavage, and dance routines full of copious floor-humping and frenzied gyrations:

The fact that such a conspicuous clash of sensibilities exists among Jews highlights a phenomenon that neither anti-Judaics nor philo-Semites are eager to broadcast, since both are more inclined to see a united front of determined kosher resolve, out to crush the enemy, Rachel Corrie-style. (To the antis, this perceived ruthlessness is denounced as a pernicious calamity; for the philos it is rendered as a sure indication of divine righteousness, as when Moses’s staff enabled the Israelites to prevail in battle, or when Joshua put the unfortunate Caananites “to the edge of the sword” to gain possession of the Holy Land).

But the very ubiquity of intense internecine squabbling among members of the Chosen nation, not to mention the irony of its manifestation here in what could be called a “cultural appropriation” context (i.e., neither basketball nor cheerleading are institutions native to the traditions of Jewry), should give both Jewish supremacists and hebe-haters pause.

Culture clash! the sexy Tel Aviv Shebrews...

vs. the comparatively chaste Jerusalem squad. 
As with the astronomically high rate of mixed marriage among Jews (reckoned by some sources to be around 70 percent among non-Orthodox), this rift between what could be called “blue state” Tel Aviv and “red state” Jerusalem reveals a significant rupture within a kingdom that, for all of its power and influence, proves to be largely united against itself. Like most Western nations, Israel—and by extension, Ashkenazim Jewry—is awash in hedonism and fitfully distracted by “bread and circuses”—as can be seen in the modern-day pastime on display here: that is, watching schwartzes play a foreign sport, in between ogling pretty girls in spandex dancing like brazen shiksas.

In short, Israeli culture has in many places degraded beyond recognition, a manner of decline that perfectly mirrors that of the rest of the Western world. Far from being the true architects of general cultural breakdown, as is often alleged, Jews are in fact the most conspicuous victims of this breakdown, undermined as they are in many instances by their own spiral into decadence. Misidentified by some as the cause of our fall from former glory, they are in fact a bellwether of our spiritual health, or lack thereof.

To put it another way, as Jews go, so goes the West.

Andy Nowicki, assistant editor of Alternative Right, is the author of eight books, including Under the Nihil, The Columbine Pilgrim, Considering Suicide, and Beauty and the Least. He occasionally updates his blog when the spirit moves him to do so. Visit his Soundcloud page.

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