by Hewitt E. Moore

CNN, FOX News, NBC and Facebook have all concluded that Trump's paid political advertisement about illegal immigration is too offensive to air (Facebook blocked the ad from being distributed on their network).

The ad centered on the Honduran horde that's marching toward the US border to apply for asylum from poverty. And it mentioned Luis Bracamontes (an illegal immigrant convicted of killing two cops) as an example of a potential risk that comes with illegal immigration. Which is completely rational from a logical perspective: if a person is willing to break the law to enter a country, why would they be expected to abide by the laws once they're in the country?

The ad informed Americans that if they don't want 7,000 Hondurans to invade their southern border, they should vote Republican. The commercial ends with the slogan, “Stop the Caravan. Vote Republican.”

Here's the 30-second commercial. If you haven't watched it, watch it.

What exactly is so offensive about the ad that the mainstream media feels the moral obligation to censor it from the public's eye? Is it the insinuation that all illegal immigrants are criminals? Because technically they are.

Here's their responses:
NBC's cited the “the sensitive nature of the ad.” 
FOX didn't provide an exact reason. They just said “upon further review” they pulled the ad. 
Facebook said the video contained “sensational content,” which violated Facebook's advertising policy. 
As for CNN, I'll let them speak for themselves:
"CNN has made it abundantly clear in its editorial coverage that this ad is racist." 
When a reporter asked Trump about claims that the ad was offensive, he replied in typical Trump fashion:

And let's not forget the Left's obsession with Russian collusion after the election. But, what's the difference between Russia influencing American politics with Facebook bots, and the mainstream media influencing politics with censorship?

Speaking of Russia. Let's analyze this from an alternative perspective:

What if there was a caravan of 7,000 Russians (i.e., White people, and potential Republicans) marching toward the Canadian border to apply for asylum? Would the Leftist narrative change? Of course it would.

Let's be honest. The Left claims to be anti-racist. But they're really just anti-White.

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