The Anglo-Irish poet W.B. Yeats said it best:
Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world
This is more or less where America is now, after the inconclusive midterm elections, where both Trumpians and the far-Left did well, while centrists and cuckservatives were squeezed.

A stronger showing by the GOP would have laid the groundwork for a new consensus to emerge, one where Trump and a stronger GOP got on with strengthening America's economy and sorting out its social problems, like the opioid crisis and the distortions caused by Big Tech, while the Dems dropped their attempts to gin up hysteria at every turn and instead did a bit of soul searching about why they had lost the White working class voter demographic.

Instead of that, we got exactly the result that is best guaranteed to keep the pipes of hysteria and polarization shrieking at full volume.

With control of the House, but not the Senate, the Dems now have a stage for their impeachment theatrics, something that the mainstream media will fully support them in. Meanwhile, the GOP is tighter and more Trump loyal than before. With firmer control of the Senate, they will be able to ensure that these impeachment attacks will be merely propagandistic.

The other thing that will come out of Democrat control of the House is legislation gridlock. Deals may occasionally be done, but these will be messy and weaponised for maximum propaganda effect. Following Obama's precedent, Trump will start issuing more and more executive orders, pushing things to the point when the Supreme Court will have to step in. Then we'll find out just how grateful Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are for their appointments.

The constant screeching of the Dems and the MSM is designed to spook the more cuckish members of the Right away from the pack. So, there will always be the possibility of the Supreme Court or some of the cuckservatives in the GOP, like the newly-minted Senator from Utah, letting Trump down.

This is the unhealthy political environment for the next two years, and it remains to be seen how this will impact on the voters. The constant pandemonium could lead to people either blaming Trump as being "divisive" and for using "inflammatory" rhetoric. The Left and their organs have already been bashing away at this, and hope by constant repetition to drive the meme home.

But the other possibility is that core Americans won't buy this, and instead will see the Left as the aggressors. With more women, more Muslims, and more out-and-out Socialists in their front line, the Dems may come across as even more deranged than they have been, putting enormous strains on their compliant media to spin them in a positive light.

Don't underestimate the effect that this jabbering away on the TV screen night-after-night will have on core Americans:

Now a typical Democrat Congresswoman.

Or this:

Lesbian, veteran, Red Indian, and Congressperson.

Not to mention this:

Belligerent ignorance.

I mean, there may be some novelty appeal at first, but that will soon wear off.

Instead of blaming Trump for the deteriorating political mood, core American voters could very well start to see the Dems and their pals in the media as the "divisive" and "inflammatory" ones, while viewing the President as simply a decent moderate trying to do the right thing, which is kind of what he is...unfortunately.

While this bill or that bill might make it through Congress in the next couple of years, far more important than any any petty political successes or failures for Trump will be the metapolitical and mass psychological realms. States and districts can flip, but that is a triviality compared to the inner consciousness of a people flipping.

It is almost an iron law that multicultural and multiracial democracies always resolve themselves into tribal headcounts. It seems that with the 2018 Midterms, America has now created the perfect conditions for exactly this kind of sea change to happen.

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