Friday, 20 September 2019


Trying to fill the vacuum of Canadian anti-identity.
by Duns Scotus

People don't just get to be Prime Minister of a country because they show up at the right time and place, or because their mother's husband was once PM (although both of those factors may on occasion help). Usually what is required is that the person involved strikes a certain deep chord with something in the nation's psyche.

Someone like Trump, for example, could only ever be elected in a country like America (although I could see an Aussie version kind of doing the same thing with a bit of tweaking and a change of accent). This is exactly why someone like Justin Trudeau got elected leader of Canada (or "America's Hat," as it is also known).

Trudeau doesn't really have much else going for him. When he got the thumbs up from Liberal Party apparatchiks and then the Canadian voters, he had youth and slightly above average good looks on his side. But basically he was an idiot or a male bimbo.

But what he did have was a kind of Canadian vacuousness about him. My sense is that this was the very thing that perversely appealed to voters. Indeed, if it wasn't this, I am hard pressed to see what else they could see in him, as this vacuousness surrounds Trudeau in the same way that bent light surrounds a Black Hole.

The most obvious example of this is in Trudeau's penchant for dressing up in funny, non-White ethnic costumes. Right now this is in the news because—sacré bleu!—the PM once put on blackface, which for some never adequately explained reason is about as bad as eating a baby or worse!

But this is hardly the first time the news has commented on the former substitute drama teacher's cosplay proclivities. Only last year we were hearing about his "Bollywood wardrobe," which was partially explained at the time as a crass attempt to suck up to a key Canadian voter demographic.

The reality is that in all these cases of Trudeau dressing up his sole reason is that he simply loves doing it. Just look at his face when he is in costume.

About to orgasm
But what do we call a love that goes in every other direction but one?

Yes, a hatred.

Underneath Trudeau's love of the Other (in all its plurality) is an undying disgust, hatred, and loathing of his own White Canadian people. This is the vacuousness at the heart of Trudeau, and it is this void that perversely resonates with a sizeable proportion of White Canadians, who, it seems, have an anti-identity much more than an identity.

In fact this phenomenon of an anti-identity is built into the political, cultural, and social history of Canada, which, in its formative stage, could not afford to be "too French" or "too English" without instantly disappearing as a political prospect. Indeed, this is why the early history of Canada was so dominated by people of an ethnicity perfectly pitched to keep the inherent Anglo-French conflict in abeyance.

Here is a list of the first eleven PMs of Canada and their ethnicities to clear up any confusion about what I mean.

  • Sir John A. Macdonald (1867-73) (1878-91) Scottish 19 years
  • Alexander MacKenzie (1873-78) Scottish 5 years
  • Sir John Abbott (1891-92) English 1 year
  • Sir John Thompson (1892-94) Scottish Canadian 2 years
  • Sir Mackenzie Bowell (1894-96) English 2 years
  • Sir Charles Tupper (1896) English Canadian <1 year
  • Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1896-1911) French Canadian 15 years
  • Sir Robert Laird Borden (1911-20) New England Canadian 9 years
  • Arthur Meighen (1920-21) (1926) Irish Canadian <2 years
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King (1921-26) (1926-1930) (1935-48) Scottish Canadian 22 years
  • R.B. Bennet (1930-35) New England Canadian 5 years

I make that 48 years out the 81 years covered, compared to just 3 years for English and 15 years for French ethnicity. Remarkable! Scots are talented, but not that talented. The fact is they served a very real utility because of what they were—i.e. neither French nor English.

Is nothing sacred?
Scots, of course, have their own ethnic identity which can, at times, be extremely intense, but in the context of the British empire and the wider world they have often played a more rootless, globalist role, keeping their own ethnic identity on the down low. In this sense, they have sometimes played a role not entirely distinct from that which the Jews are often accused of playing, but without picking up the same amount of blame. The truth is this is quite a common experience for any smaller White ethnicity caught up in the demographic maelstrom that has been the global Anglosphere.

So, to sum up, the Scottish ethnicity played a key strategic role in preventing Canada crystallising into its main English and French ethnic ingredients, something it was largely successful in.

But another important factor in Canada's anti-identity has of course been its anti-Americanism. As the two countries are practically identical in terms of being mainly fusions of White immigrant ethnicities, it would be entirely natural for both nations to have merged together at some point in their histories. In order to continue existing, as Canada has done, it has been essential for it to develop a strain of anti-Americanism, This has inevitably had an element of self-loathing about it, as Canadians are in every essential way, no different from Americans.

From this we can see that to "be Canadian" is to be less than nothing, in fact, it is to be a negative, to despise inherent ethnic elements as being divisive, while possibly keeping a private shrine to them. It is to oppose the kind of conglomerate Whiteness that America has represented for nearly all its history, even if this is exactly the same conglomerate Whiteness that Canadians also passed through.

Laughable as Trudeau's constant ethnic larping and pandering to each and every non-White group is, in the context of Canada's anti-identity it all makes a kind of insane, moronic sense.

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