"They" shall not be forgotten
by Duns Scotus

A lot of you will be upset at the scenes that are unfolding across the West.

Mobs of feral Blacks and self-loathing Whites are openly shitting on their host countries.

A particular low point was the recent attempt in London by what looked like a plump, welfare-fed Somalian youth to set fire to the flags on the Cenotaph, a "mere" monument to millions of British dead who sacrificed their lives in situations of appalling suffering to protect a country that most of them would now look upon with horror.

Yes, I understand the urge to get angry and the feeling of violent rage welling up within you. I too came to the Dissident Right because the normie right did nothing to address my "anger issues."

The statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century businessman and "city worthy" was pulled down in Bristol because he had some involvement in the slave trade.

Yes, like me, you can see where this is leading.

What about Jefferson, what about Washington? Locke too had investments in slavery. How many more years before America's capital is renamed BlackLivesMatter, MartinLutherKingBerg, or Wakanda to placate the baying mob?

Also, while you're at it, just destroy the entire city of Bristol, as it would probably just be a village without its rich history of slavery, piracy, and colonialism.

In fact, following Leftist logic to its insane end, why not pull down all the statues of any politician pre-Obama on the basis that none of them believed in the "sanctity" of same sex marriage—the bigots!

Yes, I understand the urge to get angry at this and the feeling of bitter rage welling up within you.

But don't give in to it. Being in the Dissident Right means that you have already recognised the fundamental fact of the our civilisation's corruption, disease, and decline, and have embarked on a quest to find the radical means to revive it. In short, we were already at this point long ago. What we are seeing is nothing new to us. But it is new—breathtakingly so—to others, to those we sometimes refer to as "normies."

In fact, the brutal truth is that the worse this open defecation on Western civilisation by the Left and their anarchic allies gets, the better.

This is because the main barrier to a radical revival of the West is the vast class of normies who complacently assume that we can just keep going along the present road, the road that leads inevitably to the shit-stained pit of Third Worldism.

We've probably all had that experience where we've tried to redpill the wrong person or someone who wasn't ready yet, and taken the cheap moral shots they've naively dealt us when they normie-signalled about how "hateful" our message was or how everything would be A-OK if we could all just "get along" and stop doing "identity politics" and judge people "as individuals" yadda, yadda, yadda...

The simple fact is that no matter the amount of skill and refinement put into them, words lack eloquence.

This seems to me a phenomenon of the present age and part of the disease of Western modernity. A winning argument, a demonstration of higher IQ, or greater mastery of the facts does not have the desired effect because we live in an age of rampant petty egoism, fostered by the navel-gazing medium of social media. To win an argument now means to make a resentful enemy rather than a convert. So, yes, words lack eloquence and conviction, so that many in the Dissident Right are effectively transformed into Cassandras—to forever call the shots with unerring accuracy but to be given no credence.

So, what gets the message out? The simple answer is exactly what is happening now.

Of course we are not witnessing a Leftist revolution. In fact, the Left is in cahoots with woke corporate capital. Society and the economy are still stable, although Minneapolis's property prices could take a hit when they replace their police department with an experiment in BlackLivesMatter-curated community policing.

Don't take the bait. Sit and wait.
But the Left is choosing to attack the West symbolically and in a way that looks chaotic and revolutionary. The underclass with its potential for impotent rage and violence has been unleashed.

None of this will overthrow the very real power structures and wealth hierarchies that underpin the poisoned West, but it has the power to wake up and redpill the fearful and non-comprehending normie.

The more statues that are toppled, the more symbols that are defaced by rampaging Leftist and Third Worldist mobs, and the more videos of pointless hate crimes against innocent Whites that clog up social media, the better in terms in getting the message out that our society is ultimately in dire need of a radical renewal, one that can only come from the Dissident Right.

In fact, the less we do and the less we promote the backlash, the more the poisons and acids of Leftism will eat into the complacency of the normie masses and force them into being the backlash, which is exactly what we want.

Worse really is better when the Left is acting in this disgusting and revolting way. In fact, we can't lose from this situation, as long as we avoid lashing out ourselves.

Yes, the counterintuitive fact of the present-day clown world universe that we live in is that BLM and antifa are our "greatest allies." Until later, on which point the less said the better.

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