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Soccer players in England's Premier League, which resumed yesterday after a 100-day coronavirus lay-off, have all been forced to "take a knee" to show their universal support for the radical Leftist organisation Black Lives Matter. This is regardless of whether they support it or not.

As reported by the NBC:
Black Lives Matter support dominated the Premier League restart as powerful and poignant moments saw players, coaches and officials stand as one against racism.

Today was an extremely powerful day in Premier League history.

The eyes of the world watched on and the message was clear: The Premier League stands as one in the fight against racism and inequality.

100 days since the last time a whistle blew in the PL, the first whistle back saw all 22 players on the pitch simultaneously take a knee, while staff on the bench and the referees also showed their support for the Black Lives Matter movement and to honor George Floyd. That happened in both Aston Villa v Sheffield United and Man City v Arsenal.

All 20 clubs will show their support to the Black Lives Matter in the opening 12 games of the restart by wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the back of shirts instead of player names, while a badge of support will be on every jersey for the rest of the 2019-20 season.
Yes, 100% of the players. Total conformity.

Does that remind you of anything, as I can't seem to stop thinking of scenes like this...


...or this...

Really, 100% conformity, just like a North Korean election or a plebiscite in some other totalitarian state.

Forget completely about individual rights and preferences. You all have to do it.

Also, this whole BLM thing has nothing to do with the UK. Floyd was killed or died (whichever you prefer), in a completely different country from the UK and with a completely different history of race relations.

But 100% have to bend the knee thousands of mile away.

Even in America, where this BLM bullshit is being gas-lit by an orchestrated mass media, support for BLM is lukewarm to say the least. Don't believe me? Check the polls. Here is one from Pew Research with a sampling date of June 4-10 (note the Asian figures are obviously cooked):

As you can only 38% strongly support BLM, while 33% don't support it at all.

This, remember, is  at a time of maximum hysteria and media gas-lighting, when people are aware that to be seen to NOT support BLM can have dire consequences. You might get fired or make people around you hysterical.

Or else you could even get stomped to death.

And we also know the police are not going to work too hard to save you, as they might end up being railroaded on a fake murder charge.

This means that most of the 29% of people who say they "somewhat support" BLM are probably playing it safe, and just wish it would go away. "Somewhat support" is thus clearly code for "I hate it too but don't want any trouble."

When we just look just at Whites, only 31% can be said to support BLM, while almost 70% hate it in some form.

But what does BLM actually stand for?

According to the Leftist-controlled Wikipedia:
In 2016, Black Lives Matter and a coalition of 60 organizations affiliated with BLM called for decarceration in the United States, reparations for slavery in the United States, an end to mass surveillance, investment in public education, not incarceration, and community control of the police: empowering residents in communities of color to hire and fire police officers and issue subpoenas, decide disciplinary consequences and exercise control over city funding of police.
How many Americans—or footballers in the UK—if polled directly would support all or even any of these demands? Let's just look at one, reparations for slavery.

An AP-NORC poll from last year found that only 29% of Americans say the government should pay cash reparations, with only 15% of Whites agreeing. The big difference in numbers there is because blacks, unsurprisingly, are heavily in favour of receiving free money.

I would also guess that most of that 15% of Whites would only be for a rather small token payment, rather than the large amounts demanded by radical groups like BLM.

But even if you think the people who claim to "somewhat support" BLM actually support it, and that all those people support all of its clearly insane policies, there is still a very large group of people who obviously don't. And this must be the same for soccer players. So, to make 100% of players bend the knee in support of a political agenda they simply don't support is a clear infringement of their human rights.

Just because they are millionaires who get paid a fortune for kicking a piece of leather around a field, doesn't mean they don't have human rights too.

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