This story is on mass media life support.
by Tony Martel 

I didn’t know George Floyd. I’ve never met or spoken to him. I wasn’t even aware he was alive until the media told me he was dead. So not a tear was shed or a minute of sleep lost when I heard the news. To put it bluntly, I don’t care that he’s dead.

Neither does anyone else. Only his local community of friends and family knew him and therefore experienced a legitimate loss. He’s just a viral video to everyone else. All that’s occurred since his death would have gone down exactly the same if it was Anyone Else from Anywheresville, USA.

George Floyd is not a martyr, he’s an excuse. An excuse for people to do exactly what they wanted: loot, riot, virtue signal, attack the police and president, etc.

What about the peaceful protests standing against police brutality? Surely they care about George? Nope. Again, he could have been anyone else and they would have protested. Others have discussed the long list of white victim to police brutality. Yet no one bothered to march for their justice. These protests aren’t anti-police brutality, they’re anti-white. Cops kill a white person? No one cares. Cops kill a black person? The entire country must burn for its "white supremacy."

And don’t give me the nonsense about how they’re standing up for black lives. You never hear nightly chants of, “No justice! No peace!” outside the overcrowded morgues filled by black-on-black crime. Black lives don’t seem to matter when other blacks take them. Only white involvement gives them any significance.

What we are seeing with these protests is the results of the multigenerational Pavlovian experiments by the anti-white establishment. They’ve conditioned blacks to hysterically explode at the slightest provocation. At the same time, whites have been trained to pathetically grovel when such offences happen. The media rang the race-baiting bell and everyone dutifully did what was expected of them.

So no, I don’t support or stand with the peaceful protesters.

The media finally got its Great White Defendant. This is the third time in as many months.

The Central Park Karen went nowhere, as dealing with nagging women is an annoying part of modern life, like traffic jams. The Arbery outrage fizzled out as it was an obvious case of self-defense. But third time was the charm. Ring the bell enough and the dogs will respond.

I refuse to bark and wag my tail on command. Especially over someone I didn’t know. I also refuse to use that person as a justification to enrich myself financially, politically, and socially as the looters, rioters, and virtue signallers are doing.

I don’t care about George Floyd and neither do you. The difference between us is that I openly admit it. May his loved ones find peace after their loss, and may George himself rest in peace. But for me, he means in death exactly as he did in life: nothing.

Tony Martel is the author of Awesomely White (buy it here)

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