Part of the center of Seattle has been seized and fenced off from the rest of the city by a group of Leftist, anti-Police anarchists who have declared independence until various demands are met, including disbanding the city's police force.

A full list of the demands of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), as they have styled themselves, can be found here.

Yes, for the first time since 1861 part of the territory of the USA is seceding. This is a seven block area smack bang in the administrative center of Seattle the largest city in Washington State.  

Even weirder the mainstream media is not even reporting much on it, while the governor of the state and the city authorities are pretending not even to know about it. 

Hard to believe really, when the area affected is this big:

Also, how can the governor and mayor shut out from their minds the manned antifa roadblocks that literally declare the area's independence from the United States?

What we are seeing here is an actual insurrection, but so strong is the anarcho-tyranny that now dominates the Democratic Party that any group that uses "woke" issues and triggered, emotionally deranged people as a shield, can do whatever the fuck it wants. 

The Democratic strategy to win in 2020 is now clear. The plan is to unleash as much chaos as possible in the hope that voters will somehow blame it on Trump, while presenting their own uninspiring and clearly senile candidate Joe Biden as a depolarizing and safe "Old King Log" figure, someone who can calm down the angry BLM mobs and the antifa terrorists. 

In the meantime, these gangs have been given a green light to tear down statues, block roads, vandalize buildings, loot stores, commit arson, brutally attack patriots, and take over whole city blocks. 

The Democrats are effectively staging a coup d'état, one that aims to use disruption tactics and media gaslighting to push the voters into rejecting Trump in November. 

Will it work? Well, that depends on what Trump does and also on what other cards the Left has up its sleeve. 

Near to the election we are sure to get a spate of judgments against Alt-Right figures in the Charlottesville case. The media will then work overtime to link these disgraced Alt-Right figures with Trump in an attempt to "Nazify" his image with voters. 

The aim of the Left and the Deep State is to make a Trump second term look unacceptably chaotic to normies and low-information voters, and then present them with a "safe choice" in the person of a fumbling, harmless old man.

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud, hatch out" (I, Claudius)
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