by Daniel Barge

I used to think that only a few people in the Dissident Right were Jews—say about 50%, LOL. But after recent events, I have come to the conclusion that we are all "Jews" now.

Do I mean that we can be killed by cruel people super-gluing nickels to the sidewalk, and other clearly untrue and offensive memes? Of course not. I don't mean literally Jewish, but metaphorically. This is because we are entering a period when nationalists and White people who love their countries and cherish their racial and ethnic identities will be increasingly persecuted. As a consequence we will be forced to operate in a state of "crypsis" just like the Jews did in the past and even to a certain extent today.

Here's the Wikipedia definition of that most necessary word:
"In ecology, crypsis is the ability of an animal to avoid observation or detection by other animals. It may be a predation strategy or an antipredator adaptation. Methods include camouflage, nocturnality, subterranean lifestyle and mimicry."
As is well known, the Jews managed to maintain their identity for thousands of years by these means, always being careful not to use too much crypsis for fear of losing their collective soul (along with the external pressures that helped to maintain their group cohesion). The fact that they deeply disagreed with, and even deeply disrespected, the Christian order of the societies they lived within was kept as much in the shadows as possible—although on occasion it clearly got out.

The Golem, a cryptic weapon.
The ongoing Black Lives Matter hysteria that we see sweeping the West and especially the Anglophone world is truly illuminating. The Left—and by the Left I mean a group of reptilian billionaires with shares in sweatshops around the World and their work-for-free, low-IQ underlings—is pushing very hard to make normal society toxic not only for anyone openly nationalistic but also for anyone patriotic, traditionalist, or simply not apologetic for being White.

I would have expected more of a backlash to what looks like extreme Leftist over-extension, but, really, there has been none. The GOP and the Tory party in the UK appear to be in a race with the Left to be more "woke" than each other, and this has left Trump looking extremely weak, a weakness that he has done a lot to create himself by failing to strike at the Left's metapolitical power in the media, academia, the Deep State, and Big Tech. Just today I heard VDare may be driven to the Dark Web.

So, what is really going on here? Why is the entire establishment—including every corporation—suddenly marching in lockstep with the BLM narrative that all White people are born with the original sin of racism and must spend their lives seeking redemption?

Is it some sort of weird transmutation of Christianity as some think? No, the establishment only acts in this deeply concerted way for strongly political reasons.

To explain what I mean, almost everybody in the Dissident Right has a sense that there is no real reason for our existing multicultural states, whether they be Canada, the USA, Australia, the UK, or one of the Western European states to exist. We often say they "don't work," but this is actually untrue. They do work—unfortunately. But what we mean is that they feel incredibly wrong, discordant, and unpleasant.

This is not just the case for Dissident Righters, it is also the case for everyone else unlucky enough to live in them. The amount of triggering in our societies is sky-rocketing. By the logic of our collective gut these societies should fall apart and be reorganised along the lines dictated by freedom of association, into distinct states where people actually feel comfortable, rooted, and invested in their long-term futures.

But such a series of disintegrations would destroy empires, with our elites losing the global power they now exert. An America divided into the six or seven distinct polities it is straining to become deep in its marrow, would no longer be a superpower and its currency would no longer be the licence to create vast, instantaneous wealth that its now is. The forced unity of the country is the only thing that protects these "assets."

All massive states have a similar problem. They can't help being diverse and inherently disunited, but they have to prevent this central fact leading to its natural consequence. If the Chinese didn't place Uighurs in concentration camps or "socially engineer" Tibet to make it more Han, they would end up losing half their territory.

Back in 2014, it was clear that the UK pulled out all the stops in order to to prevent the Scottish people voting for independence. It was almost touching, but it was clearly driven by the British establishment's realisation that a UK without Scotland would look even smaller, weaker, and less important than it already does. A lot less!

In the multicultural West we are constantly bombarded with the mantra "Diversity is our strength," evoking Orwell's slogans from 1984. The reality is that Diversity is the one thing that must be constantly guarded against.

Powell: Not one of our stupid,
selfish, short-sighted elites. 
In fact, this is the central political fact of the multicultural West. If we had had wise elites and they had been privy to this insight 70 or 80 years ago, they would have protected and enhanced racial, ethnic, and cultural unity. But our elites were stupid, selfish, and short-sighted, so, through "female empowerment" (code for cheap labour) and mass immigration (also code for cheap labour), they allowed diversity to develop unhindered. Then, when that showed signs of splitting apart their empires, they developed anti-racism.

At first they had to apply it gently, as the culture had not yet been "terraformed" enough to accommodate this radical new strand, but from the 1990s onwards they were able to step up the pace, so that our culture and media now have something distinctly North Korean about them, although in place of Juche autarky the  message is open globalism and enforced multiculturalism.

This is what we are seeing with the BLM riots and the "Cultural Revolution" of statues toppling and comedians apologising for playing "different races" while we are paradoxically assured there is just "one race, the human race." Anyone prominent trying to get clever with such blatant contradictions knows that it would be a career-ending move to point them out, so they take the placards written by the Revolutionary Guards and meekly place them around their necks.

Little Britain comedians/ hate criminals
And it is not just the prominent. These standards trickle down and are imposed on anyone with a social media account or an opinion they dare to say aloud to anyone they don't know or trust. The state has a wide array of tools to impose its tyranny—this site for example has been shut down for months at a time, kicked off social media platforms, and demonetized in numerous ways. As this is an election year in the USA, there is a pretty good chance that it will be kicked off again.

There is of course no recourse to be had through democracy. The two-party systems that dominate the Anglosphere starve out any genuine representation, as any electoral rebellion must start small and immediately runs into the barrier that small parties can't win any seats in representative bodies. And this is even without talking about how small parties have been subverted, infiltrated, and sabotaged in the past.

The present system is founded on anti-democracy and creating societies that practically all people hate. The glue that holds this disgusting mess together is anti-racism, a concoction that has been brewing for decades and is now being smeared onto the growing cracks of our society at a manic rate.

We didn't decide overnight that having a racial or ethnic element to our identity and interests was totally evil, because that would have been as absurd as being woken up to be told that breathing was now Satanic. No, instead this perfectly normal way of feeling about our group identities was slowly but relentlessly attacked by terraforming our culture over decades and then gaslighting the masses.

Being nationalist in 2020 is no more inherently evil than being Jewish in 1320. But just as the Catholic Church, debt-ridden aristocrats, and peasant mobs created a culture of Jew hatred to make up for the deficiencies of an economically inefficient medieval society, so the present age creates a culture of anti-racism to make up for its structural weaknesses and lack of a unifying spirit.

Medieval Europe could have made Jew hatred superfluous by changing its economic outlook and making religion less of an identitarian issue. But by then it was already too invested in its hatred of Jews. In the same way, today the Multicultural West could still solve its lack of unity and fend off the spectre of ultimate collapse into anarchy by implementing various common sense measures designed to reestablish healthy demographics and identity (e.g. repatriation, partial secession, a common culture, higher birthrates, a positive historical outlook, etc.).

But we now know it won't.

The great project of anti-racism that was pushed into existence by a metapolitical "arms race" with the Soviet Union during the Cold War period has, like a cultural Manhattan Project, taken up too many cultural resources already and must now be dropped repeatedly on nationalist Hiroshimas. The system is too invested in it, and, in its short-sighted way, sees rampant "nat-phobia" as the easiest way to prevent the mess it is festering in collapsing.

This means that we are stuck with ever-increasing extremes of anti-racism, which in turn means that nationalists will have to develop all the traits and habits of Medieval Jews, such as secrecy, blending in, coded language, conflict avoidance, reverence for symbols, apparent deference to the system, combined with a deep resentment of it, mobility, flexibility, secret networking, and, most of all, a sense of stoic endurance for a distant dream. The real struggle will be to retain a nationalist soul and a sense of each other in the tyrannical years that lie ahead.

Looking at nationalists today, they seem ill-adapted for the metapolitical shitstorm that is now hitting them. But, hey, maybe that's just the shills in our movement.

Our future
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