Normie as fuck!
by Daniel Barge

It's a thankless task being a White nationalist. You become one because you realize that a large chunk of your identity—the part that actually stops you dying when you die as an individual—is being neglected.

You naively think that you are doing your people a favor, which you are, and that they will be grateful, which they are not. In fact, they are so ungrateful that they try to ruin your life if you are not careful.

Groups that you join to push the cause are no better. They are dominated by telegenic idiots who often turn out to be gay, of a secret ethnicity, or simply insane. Meanwhile a considerable portion of the membership seems dedicated to linking arms with you and walking off a cliff with all sorts of stupid and self-defeating Nazi schtick. Then there is the shill problem that never goes away. Meanwhile the normie masses, not surprisingly, continue to be disgusted by you.

Really, in the Anglosphere being a nationalist is about as meaningful and useful as using your forehead to break rocks in a quarry. The question "Why bother?" continually springs to mind. To be a nationalist in 2020 is to live, breathe, eat, and shit the blackpill 24-7.

Yes, nationalism, as a movement, has totally failed in achieving even an iota of its goals in all the decades since WWII. All it has done is waste time, energy, money, and lives. Every few years something "new" comes alongNeoreaction, the Alt-Right, the Groyper movement, etc., but it always turns out the same. Some of the "punky" energy gets co-opted by corporate machine politics, while the rest swills around harmlessly on the internet like so much masturbation, impotently dissipating itself.

What has underlined the total pointlessness of nationalism, however, has not been its pathetic track record, but instead the recent achievements of Black Lives Matter, which of course is mainly a corporate project now.

First of all, the rise and apparent dominance of this movement is proof of how ineffectual decades of White nationalism have been. But beyond this, in its effects, BLM is completely outstripping White nationalism in red-pilling the normies. Some serious polls have to be done on this, of course, but the sea change in attitudes is becoming palpable.

Who knew it was that simple?

Instead of getting into a tense, little White-on-White stand-off on social media with some Liberal or Cuckservative White who is going to bask in a false sense of moral superiority over you because you said the "bad thing," you simply do nothing and wait for the inherent contradictions of Western society to make the Black kids angry and assertive.

The more that reassuring, old statues of classical liberals and freemasons are pulled down, the more that innocent motorists are attacked as they go about their business, the more that Black mobs march through ritzy White suburbs with Haiti in their eyes, the more the inevitable redpills drop—one by one, then a million in a day, until the whole nation is raining with them.

I could be wrong—in which case please come now great meteor—but this seems to be what is happening.

As Duns Scotus wrote recently in these pages:
The less we do and the less we promote the backlash, the more the poisons and acids of Leftism will eat into the complacency of the normie masses and force them into being the backlash...
Yes, less sometimes really is more, and, when you've run so far ahead with your insights, ideas, and simple comprehension of the obvious, it is sometimes necessary to pause to let the rest of the field catch you up. Sometimes the best thing Cassandra can do is to shut up and let the normies hear the truth in their own way.

Despicable hate-filled scum that they are, Black Lives Matter are nevertheless our "allies" in the noble work of tearing apart the fake society of the West. In fact, they don't really need our help. They are quite capable of doing all the work themselves, while we sit back and look on.

BLM hard at work in the red pill fields.

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